Cuckolding 201: A Gift For The Cuck

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Big Tits

This is the follow up to Cuckolding 101. Reading that first will help with understanding the characters involved.

Mary and I stayed up late on the evening that Michael visited and serviced her. We talked about the anticipation of it all, and how Michael kept us both on edge. We agreed that he had a particular charm and sense of power that suited both of us, and that he seemed to know when to challenge us. Mary called Michael just after noon the next day, asking him if he would visit her again.

When I arrived home around suppertime on Tuesday, Mary met me at the door in a silver sequined, mid-thigh evening dress that showed off her corpulent curves. Her heels made her almost tower over me. My surprised look had her telling me everything in a quick-paced storyline.

“Michael called and he wants me to meet him tonight. Apparently he’s planning a big surprise for both of us this weekend and wants to go over his plans with me.”

“Well, what about me,” I thought, but said nothing. I knew what this really was. Michael wanted to exert his authority over me, probably to test my loyalty to my wife’s pleasure.

When Mary checked her makeup in the mirror, she turned to me and said, “Michael thinks it’s a good idea if I you cage up while I’m gone, so you don’t get too excited about him and I spending time tonight.” I paused there, expecting more information from her as she turned back to the mirror to fix herself. She looked at me through the reflection of the mirror. Then Mary blurted out in a frustrated tone, “What are you waiting for, Bob! I need to take the key with me.”

I left for our bedroom and pulled out the cold, steel coil and ring, and began to remove my pants and jockey shorts. Lying back on the bed allowed me to scrunch my balls and cock through the chromed hoop. The wire pin slipped inside the hoop, and the luggage padlock bound the two pieces together, mashing my small dick into my ball sack. I was now unable to achieve an erection while May was with Michael.

Mary stepped into the room, and saw the resignation in my eyes. She placed a hand on my naked knee as the clasp locked in. “Oh, come on, you know Iwill let you out when I get home, okay?” She reached for her sequined jacket from the closet, turned, and kissed me on the mouth as I zipped my pants up over my cuck cage, my eyes averting hers. She kissed my forehead and said, “I’ll wake you up when I get in, even if you’re asleep.” I gave Mary the key and she attached it to her necklace, proudly fixing its position front and center, midway down her plump cleavage.

She walked out, assured that there was no way I wouldn’t be awake upon her return, with me knowing a very large and capable man was going to be playing with her tonight. Probably for many hours, while I remained home alone. I walked Mary to the door and stood there as she got into her car and backed out of the driveway.

I fidgeted about; tried watching TV, then doing some laundry. I breathed in the aroma from Mary’s soiled underclothes, but that only made me more frustrated as my penis pushed into the coiled restraints. I went back to housework to keep me from thinking about them. Nothing I tried could keep my mind from thinking about Michael’s hard dick in one of Mary’s holes, and almost hearing her grunts and groans as he pleasured her again and again.. Each time I moved, the heavy jewelry binding my genitals would remind me that she was taking dick, and I couldn’t even make myself hard, let alone be there to watch them.

Later, I sat in my recliner, toying with the cage, trying to use a finger or a thumb through one of the slits, in order to gain some kind of arousal. My semi-hard erection strained and bulged in the spaces between the thin steel rings. Only the drip oozing from my pee hole was a reminder of what could be — a long awaited orgasm. I did drift off to sleep at times, but jumped at each noise that came from outside.

Just after midnight, the lights in the driveway told me Mary was back. I held the door open as she approached. She was well dishevelled, her nylons over her arm, her dress half zipped. We kissed lightly at the door, my cock was again awakened and pushing at the iron confines. Mary’s tongue entered my mouth, and I tasted it; the familiar salt and pheromones of that African male. My tongue washed through her mouth, searching for more evidence of her tryst. We moaned together, before Mary broke the kiss. “Upstairs. There’s more.”

My mind raced. The last time, when I saw Michael remove his slimy dick from my wife, I was heady with arousal. Tonight, I had to imagine it all. When we got to the bed, she sat me down and knelt down between my legs, removing the metal key from around her neck. “He fucked me, you know,” she said as the hasp clicked off.

‘I figured he would,” I replied. I worked my parts from the cock ring and played a bit with my cock to revive it. Almost fully aroused, the stumpy prick came to life. Mary took hold of it. Mary batman escort made slow, rhythmic movements with her thumb and first finger making a ring around it, squeezing my shaft up and down. We both watched the gooey dribble of precum ooze out from my sensitive tip, from her stimulation. My hips tried to fuck her ringed hand, as though I might gain some control over her movements, but Mary let go all at once, to kill any chance of me receiving further pleasure.

“Do you want to see?” she teased, and with that Mary stood up and turned around, offering me her half-zipped back. I closed my eyes as I reached for her half-zipped dress, imagining her red, used pussy brimming with his slippery seed.

I pulled the zip all the way down, and her sleeves slipped off her shoulders. Her bare back showed no bra marks, and her white satin thong showed off Mary’s full ass cheeks so well. She allowed the dress to slip to the floor in a pile, and bent herself over the bed, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks wide. Her thong was buried deep between her ass cheeks as I crawled behind her and tried to peek at her slit beneath, expecting it to be drooling with his load. My thumbs hooked the waistband of her damp and smelly thong, and pulled them down over her luscious, wide hips. I kissed my way down her backside, licking at the dimpled skin of each cheek, kissing her fingers as she held herself open for me. Mary’s panties joined her dress on the floor, at her feet.

As I my eyes took in her puckered pink ass , I was instead surprised by the appearance of a gooey substance from her anus. I pulled my cock hard. “Did he fuck you back there, Mary?” The dribble became a thick, mucous glob as she expelled Michael’s semen for me.

“Taste and see, cucky,” was her response. Mary has never let penetrate her anally. She always thought it was a dirty act to put my cock inside her ass. She has never stopped me from using my mouth or fingers on her ass, which I love doing almost as much as going down on her. I gazed at the dollop as it spilled from her, and oozed its way downward to her vaginal lips.

My hands pulled her large curvy ass wider, and I moved to the puckered pink button. As I moved in, a small squirting sound emanated from within, expelling a bubbly foam of semen. A burp of cum spilt out, and my tongue lapped at her lover’s deposit. “Go easy, Baby. I’m pretty sore back there.” My hand jacked myself quickly, while my tongue pressed an pushed at Mary’s ass, tasting his salt and her heady aroma.

A hand appeared between her legs, her fingers playing with her clit as I licked up her anal offerings. My thumb entered her cunt, and my face pressed deeply into her arse, until I heard her whimpers give way to orgasm. Her ass pushed back as her legs trembled from our teasing.

When she finished, Mary rolled over, looking down at my measly cock in my hand, and said, “You haven’t cum yet? What a good boy!” She had me stand, and placed one hand beneath my ball sack rolling each of them in her warm, wet hand, the other used one finger and one thumb to stroke my dicklet. She was sitting now, at the side of the bed, my cock pointed toward her pussy, her not interested in bringing it any nearer.

Mary’s hand cupped my balls, toying with the sensitive pills, while her other hand made quick jerking gestures up and down my 4 inches of useable shaft. I looked at her and she seemed bored, or just waiting for me to do my thing. “Come on, Baby, you got everything you need. Now, cum for Mommy.” I stared at her fingers as they worked me, the inevitable only seconds away. Mary added, “Put your hand out and catch it.”

I wanted to ejaculate all over her, but placed my hand where it would intercept any eruption. I felt the cum, ready to spurt, and just as my cock made its first ejection of fluid, Mary stopped touching me. I looked down in horror, as nothing was touching my cock, but it was too late. The first spurt spewed out, and even though my cock bucked, the rest of my ejaculate only just oozed from my cock tip. Normally, I would get two or three decent spurts, but the lack of contact at the last moment drained the energy and my watery sap dripped sadly down my stubby dick, leaving my hand with only a slight spattering of cum.I looked to Mary as my ruined orgasm slid down my cock and over my balls, and dripped to the carpet below. My gut ached as my moment of enjoyment was shattered so easily.

Mary had a satisfied look on her face as she recognized my reaction to her ruining my climax. It was as if someone emptied my cock of all sensation, yet my sperm just kept going. I didn’t get the exhilaration of ejaculation. My endorphins crashed, and my gut felt punched hard. This was worse than being caged up and not able to cum. My cock began to immediately shrivel, the blood abandoning me, leaving only a small puddle of cum on floor at my feet.

“What? Why?” I asked, incredulously.

“Michael says cucks need to be ready bayburt escort for anything. And, if I don’t want you to enjoy yourself, you should be able to give that to me, like my good little cuckold.” I unconsciously played with what was left of my erection, realizing that this was all I would get tonight. Mary didn’t wait for a response, she just got up and went about her nightly bathroom routine. I wiped off the mess on the floor, washed off the spillage from my soft cock, and got ready for bed. We met and pulled down the sheets together, slipping in and pulling them over us.

“I love you for being you, Cucky,” she said, kissing me softly.

So,” I asked, “Did he tell you what he has planned for us?”

“Do you mean Michael? What does Michael have planned for us this weekend?

“Yes,” I responded, “Did Michael tell you anything?”

Mary shuffled into her comfy sleeping position. She replied, “Michael is taking us to dinner on Friday, and has a special surprise for you back at home, after we eat.”

“Wow, that’s nice of him. Anything else?”

“No, that’s it. We will meet at the Trocadero on Friday night. 6PM. Oh, and he wants you back in your cage until then. You can wait until morning to lock up, but I want the key before you leave for work. He said that you can remove your cage when we leave for dinner on Friday.” She turned out the light, and drifted to a sound sleep. I, on the other hand, couldn’t understand why Michael would be treating us to dinner. I could understand if he wanted Mary there, but why me as well? Did he want to humiliate me in public again? I tried to figure out his angle for a long while, but then fell to a restless sleep, cuddling into Mary’s naked back.

* * *

Friday evening had us dressed up, in the foyer of the Trocadero, one of the best steak houses in town. The maitre’d greeted us, and Mary told him we were with the party for Michael. “I see,” he said, straight faced. He led us to a table in the center of the room, but it only had two chairs.

I asked, “Is Michael not…?” But he interrupted me, pointing at a card, on edge, at the center of the table.

The card was a small envelope with a note inside. It had large, hand-written lettering on the front that read: “TO: MARY AND HER CUCKOLD, BOB”

I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed the note. A mid-forties lady at the table next to us, had watched me open the card, with a broad grin on her face. Before I pulled the note from inside, I noticed her staring at me, playing with her necklace. Looking more closely, I recognized that the bauble on her necklace was a small key. I looked to her date, a feeble-looking man who was eating with his head down. She stared intently and extended her first and baby finger from her closed fist. I knew that sign from some of the cuckold porn I’ve seen. She was showing me the sign of the bulI, making it obvious that she knew I was Mary’s beta male, just like her husband across the table from her. The lady went on with her meal as I played with the flap of the card.

I opened the card and read the message inside.





I looked back to the woman at the next table. She seemed to know exactly what was going on at our table. I showed Mary the card, and she read it without emotion. “What time is he coming to the house, Mary?”

She quickly replied, “Do you mean what time is MICHAEL coming to the house, Dear?”

“Yes, Mary, what time is Michael coming to the house?” I repeated, with some exasperation.

“Oh, Michael will already be there when we get home, Dear.” I looked at her, puzzled.

“You mean, waiting for us to arrive?”

“Yes,” she offered, “I gave him the key on Tuesday when I went over. He said he wanted it for your, or, well, our surprise.” She remained poker-faced while I absorbed this next humiliation.

“So, MICHAEL might even be in our bedroom when we get there?” I asked, shaking my head.

“Oh, yes, I’m sure he will. He said he would already be playing by the time we arrive.” The corners of her mouth gave away her attempt to hold back her enjoyment of the moment.

I ordered two double scotches before our meal arrived, as I was sure I was going to need some liquid courage tonight. Her using the word ‘playing’ made me wonder if he was bringing another person to our home. I was sure that he wouldn’t be ‘playing’ with himself. My mind raced at the scenarios. Another large Black man to use Mary in front of me? More than one man? But, he wouldn’t be playing with a man, or men, would he? I barely remembered what the steak tasted like, and before you know it, dinner was done and Mary was asking if I wanted dessert. “Although,” she added, “I’m sure you will want your dessert later.” She chuckled at her comment. Despite my sweet bebek escort tooth, I couldn’t take another fifteen minutes of waiting to find out what I was in for at home.

I paid the bill and we found ourselves soon after, pulling into the driveway. There were two other cars — Michael’s Lexus and a Mercedes convertible which was parked in my spot. I parked on the street and Mary waited for me to round the front of the car. We walked together to our front door, and our bedroom light above was already lit. When we got to the front door, it was unlocked, and we went inside. Immediately, Michael’s voice boomed from upstairs. Mary asked with a grin, “Are you ready to go up for your surprise, Cucky?”

Michael called down, “Mary, have your husband undress you for me, and tell him to get naked as well.” Mary looked at me, but I needed no help. I unbuttoned and zipped and slid off each article of clothing from Mary, until her plump ass and boobs were fully bare. She waited for me to undress and then we climbed the stairs together.

I was glad that there was no cock cage required tonight. I was so hard already. It would have been excruciating to push my feeble erection against the heavy steel wire, as I awaited my fate in our bedroom. Mary took my hand and we walked up to the noises coming from our bed. When we entered, there were actually three people in various states of undress. I stood still, with Mary, and took in the scene.

Michael was on the bed, naked but for his black socks. He lay on my pillows, his large dark dick fully erect, like he owned the place. On our side of him, in the middle of the bed, was a buxom, heavy blonde woman, with humungous boobs, wearing a bottom-of-the-ass length beige satin slip. On the floor next to our bed was her black and white striped dress and large cream color satin boy short panties lying on top, with her heels just beside them.

Looking back at her, I couldn’t see her face, as her big beautiful ass was pointed our way. I would guess she weighed just over three hundred pounds, most of it ass and hanging boobs, and her flabby vaginal folds wiggled between her pale white thighs. Just below the hemline of her slip, was a jet-black tattoo in the shape of a spade, with a white ‘Q’ in the center of it. She had shoulder-length curly blonde hair and rings on almost all of her fingers. She was kneeling toward Michael, licking one of his dark brown nipples, the clefts of her vulva and ass in full view.

The last figure in the room was a still fully-dressed woman, wearing a pink floral dress with a 50’s style hem, and a closed neckline. She looked thin and maybe only five feet tall, and wore a pink hat, with sequines, tilted so I couldn’t make out her face. Her skin was as white as the blonde, but her hair was dark and unusually long, and it looked like a wig. This girl was bent over the side of the bed, beginning to suck on Michael’s heavy black shaft, taking in his huge cock until her beet red lips touched his pubes. Her neck bulged with the shape of his girthy fullness as the wet cock slipped down her throat each time she impaled herself on it. She still had on her stilettos, and white lycra tights. She ignored our entrance, as though she was focused only on pleasing the imposing man, with her deep oral talents.

Michael tapped the blonde and she turned toward us, smiling. “Hi, guys. Have a seat,” she said, pointing to two chairs near the foot of the bed. I was directed to the one facing the bed, while Mary sat in the other, which was positioned more toward my chair than toward our bed. Michael pushed the cock sucking woman off him and said, “Bob, I bet you could use some of this.” He scooted the woman away from him, and she crawled on her hands and knees toward my chair, settling between my legs. He added, “She has a great mouth, Bob.”

I began to panic. It had been a long time since Mary gave me oral. I am the one who uses my mouth for her pleasure. In the past few months, Mary has mostly jacked me off, or has had me jack myself on my own, in front of her, for my pleasure. I looked at Mary for guidance, but received a blank stare. So, I resisted, saying, “Uh, I mean, she’s beautiful but…” when Michael stopped me with his raised hand.

“This is your special treat tonight, Bob. Enjoy it. You’ll have your fun later.” I looked again toward my wife and she said nothing, eyebrows raised in excitement, as she watched this cute girl moving past her toward me. And with that I settled back and watched this beautiful woman reach for my boy-sized cock. Her face was painted well and her lipstick was already smeared from devouring Michael’s chocolate pole. She gracefully slid one hand beneath my ball sack, her middle fingers slipping along my perineum and tickling my anus.

Her other small hand toyed with my hardening member, ringing her thumb and finger together to jack me ever so slowly. Her mouth moved to my cock. I haven’t had another woman suck me off since before I met Mary, almost twenty years ago. This was very unexpected and so titillating. Her mouth was oh, so soft, her lips and tongue slathered her saliva over my purple cock head. I looked to Mary who had begun masturbating, her legs splayed wide as she slumped in her chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32