Cruising The Slums

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Doggy Style

Authors’s note: This is the complete version of a story that was originally released in two separate parts. (Mf/bdsm/prostitute/anal/scat/Mdom)

Jake Mathers was a sick man. Sick in the head that is. The demented product of an upper class upbringing that saw a few small yet distinct moments in his early childhood that turned him this way, he was now in his mid 40’s and very perverted.

It wasn’t just the fact that he lusted after teenage girls. It was the fact of how he liked to use them. Jake Mathers liked to degrade them and treat them like objects in addition to a host of other filthy and twisted things. As sick as he was, he had a wealth of experience in getting what he wanted. He knew that in order to perform these types of sick fantasies, he had to search outside the realm of the protected environment under which he was raised. Wealthy people tended to have plenty of resources and education. The same could be said for the middle class. However, the place that constantly yielded the best results for his perverse searches lay in the poorer areas of inner cities and rural neighborhoods. These were the areas where violent crime, drugs, and prostitution were rampant and the local police barely had any foot hold whatsoever. They were stuck trying to keep up with the major crimes like murder and drug dealing.

Jake was not interested in the first two problems. He was interested in the third which attracted the least amount of attention – prostitution. This was the answer to all of his perverse prayers. Jake understood these kinds of women. He knew what led them to sell their bodies. Usually it started within these same poor neighborhoods. The women were the product of divorced parents, step fathers, and sexual abuse. This in turn, led to a life of yearning to be accepted due to feelings of low self esteem. Few girls raised under these conditions ever found a way out. Instead, they turned to screwing the first boy that made them laugh, perhaps trying drugs in order to be “one of the crowd,” and ignoring what little education they recieved from the poorly funded schools to avoid such addicting traps. Most of these girls dropped out of school at a very young age learning very little about life and the many traps that awaited them in the outside world. As their drug additions grew, their ambitions began to diminish. Soon, they had reduced themselves to nothing but mindless sex objects searching for their next fix.

Jake had seen it all before. One such case involved the girl he was searching for now as he cruised the main street of a poor inner city setting. Her name was Tina and she had long blonde hair that hung down halfway past her shoulders. She was slender and had beautiful budding breasts. When he first picked her up five years ago, she was 17 and had barely begun her cocain habit. She still possessed a mind of her own for the most part, and only relented to selling herself as a last resort to obtain her fix on a “bad day” when nothing else materialized in the form of money from her mother or her friends. He remembered the day vividly. He had picked her up off the corner and politely introduced himself to her – hiding the hideous interior of his mind at first. When she seemed to relax, he offered her $75.00 to let him fuck her up the ass. She immediately became angry and scolded him for being “A SICK PERV!” and bolted out of his car at the first stop.

For several years, Jake had approached her time and again when he saw her walking the street. Each time he propositioned her, she gave him a dirty look of utter disgust and distain and kept walking. But Jake was persistant and very observant of this snotty little fuck toy. Sure enough, as time passed, Tina’s appearence began to change. Her clothes began to look more and more unclean. She seemed to become more “dirtier” in appearence, and needle marks were beginning to form in exposed places on her arms. It was clear to Jake that she had become more heavily addicted to drugs. After a little more time, he decided to proposition her again. Surely her snotty attitude would give way to her “addictive needs.” It was just a matter of time. She had disappeared for a few months – probably in jail for prostitution, then she resurfaced once again.

As Jake remembered it, it was a Friday evening years later. He had avoided going home from work as a daytime computer analyist and went to the poor section of the city to scout out women with drug addiction. At that point in time, he hadn’t gotten with too many women, but it was then that he sensed that targeting drug addicted girls was the first step in achieving and fullfilling his perverse fantasies. Tina was no exception to this rule. She was the perfect white trash teenybopper that Jake craved.

Sure enough that evening, he saw her on the corner. It was a chilly autumn evening and the stupid cunt had her arms folded tightly around herself to protect her thin, drug infested body from the cold. She was wearing nothing but a trashy looking red cutoff t-shirt and filthy balıkesir escort short shorts that looked like they hadn’t been washed in weeks. Her hair looked slightly matted and freyed as if it hadn’t been washed in quite a while. However, what convinced him to pull over and approach her once again was her obvious desparate demeanor. She was pacing the corner frantically looking at the local traffic going by – hoping for someone – ANYONE to stop and have a “date” with her. She was much thinner than before, and it was clear to Jake that Tina had probably lowered her standards considerably over the past year when it came to “an acceptable date.”

Glancing to his right and his left for local police, he pulled over to the corner where she stood nearly shivering. She recognized him immediately when he rolled down the window, but this time she did not turn away in disgust or contempt. Instead, a look of relief came over her dull, drug hazed eyes. She was a mess and Jake knew it.

“Wanna get out of the cold sweetie?” he asked in a friendly yet smirk tone – a tone which indicated confidence that he now had complete control over the outcome of his upcoming date with this stupid cunt of a girl.

“Sure…(sigh)…thanks!” she climbed in quickly. “It’s fucking cold out an’ all…stupid Reno…fucking asshole said he’d meet me and he just stood me up.” She lied.

Jake knew she was lying to salvage what little was left of her “attractive” reputation in order to earn some equal footing with him. She wanted him to think that she still had plenty of “clients” to choose from and that he was just one of many she “decided” to date.

Jake knew better. Young Tina was still attractive, but she was now in her early 20’s and looked dirty and used. From the looks of her desperation on the street corner, she probably hadn’t had a taker all day.

“So Tina. I assume you remember me.” He said matter of factly.

“Yeah…I guess.” she admitted.

“I’ve been watching you for some time Tina.” Jake continued. “And I know what you’re craving. I know what you need in your stupid veins.”

Jake used the degrading word “stupid” as a test to see how low Tina had really sunk in her desperation. It was clearly a degrading remark that would have sent any inexperienced prostitute out of his car the moment he uttered it in such fashion and context. Tina heard him call her stupid, but she didn’t get angry this time. She just turned her head away from him and nodded slightly in resignation.

Jake pressed his verbal attack. He wanted to be sure of just how desperate Tina had now become.

“You don’t mind if I degrade you Tina? After all, you’ve been very rude to me ever since we’ve met.” Jake smiled planting a firm hand on her white trash thigh.

Tina was silent. She knew she was beaten. No one had picked her up that day and she was now addicted to more than just cocain. She was addicted to crack as well.

“No…I guess not.” she stammered finally.

“Your attitude has improved greatly Tina.” He soothed in an dark voice. “I think you’ll find that your new attitude will gain you much more popularity on the street than the snobby way you used to be wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes…I guess.” She stated rather meekly.

“I think you’ve grown up quite a bit Tina. And I think you know what men really want out of stupid cunt of a girl such as yourself.”

Tina blushed, but remained silent.

“I will date you tonight Tina, but I need to know how much to want to repay me for all the times you used to reject me in the past.”

“Y…yes i…i know…” Tina answered quietly.

“You have such nice breasts Tina. I hope you haven’t educated yourself these past few years. I dislike intelligent women. Why don’t you jiggle your boobies for me honey – show me where your brains REALLY are!”

Tina turned to him and smiled weakly. She wanted desperately to get paid for a date. Right now, Jake was her knight in shining armor – a savior that was keeping her out of the cold and willing to pay her and help her get more drugs. How thoughtless she had been when she was rude to him before. Jake was a nice man to give her another chance, and she wanted desperately to please him. Hopefully, if she was good enough for him, he would make her his “steady date” on the street.

Tina’s old feelings of hatred and distain for this sick man melted away in the brief haze of drugs that had now clouded her mind.

“Good girl Tina…smile and jiggle your stupid young boobies for me sweetheart.” Jake interrupted her thoughts.

Tina gave him her best smile as she turned toward him in his luxurious car and raised her trashy cutoff shirt exposing an old bra that needed to be washed and removed. She quickly unfastened it and let it drip to her lap. Then she smiled again and cupped her bare breasts with her hands. They were very pink and quite succulant. Her nipples were soft, round, and encased in luscious pink arolas.

“Your such a sweet bartın escort young girl Tina.” Jake openly mused as he watched her intently – his thick cock twitching and swelling in his expensive trousers. “You have such sweet tits. I’ll bet you have a nice soft bottom too!”

“Ummmm….yes I do…” Tina purred as seductively as she could given the circumstances.

“I think you would enjoy having things stuck up your little brown bottom wouldn’t you Tina.” Jake pressed on. “Nowadays, I think you’re the kind of girl that would enjoy that – seeing as to how you have become a much more pleasing and pleasant woman.”

“Ummmm…yes….I like having things stuck up my hole…” Tina quivered uttering the words she thought she would never say.

“Very nice Tina. I think you’ve learned a lot about what men really want out of a girl like you. I’m very impressed with your obedience. Now I’m going to take you to a special hotel for our evening together, and I want you to show me a good time – understand?”

“Yes mister….I’ll do anything you want – just make sure you pay me.” she stammered.

“I will pay you. But it will only be $40.00.” Jake explained gently.

“What???” Tina shot back – her mouth agape with sudden surprise. “I’m worth more than that!”

“I hope you understand Tina, you’re not the girl you used to be.” Jake shot back. “Look at you…you’re all washed up, you smell, and you need a bath. You’re damaged goods. You’re lucky I’m offering you as much as I am.”

“I…i guess you’re right…sorry…” replied Tina lowering her head in shame.

“Maybe, if you’re an extra special kind of slut, I’ll pay you a little more.” Jake relented a bit. “But not much more you understand?”

“Yes…i…i understand…” Tina replied.

She didn’t know quite what he meant by ‘a special kind of slut’, but it made little difference. Her chemical dependency had reached peek levels in her veins. She needed a fix – soon! She would do anything for this man – ANYTHING. All he had to do was ask.

Jake drove Tina to a posh hotel on the expensive side of town. This was where he took all of his female victims when he wanted some fun. The hotel clerk knew him on a first name basis and he was always glad to service him with the best room available. Jake always made sure to tip the clerk $50.00. He also tipped the bellboy $25.00. It was an obscene amount to tip a hotel employee, but Jake wanted the best in service and he wanted NO questions asked about the contents within the room – let alone the disgusting odor that would later surface when he was finished with his “cunt” of the evening.

Tina was bewildered by what she saw when she entered the expensive hotel. It was laden with the finest of furniture and lavish drapes. Artistic pictures lined the walls and were encased within solid gold frames. Tina couldn’t even begin to comprehend the meaning of suck high-class art – let alone the rest of her surroundings. Having virtually no education, she could never appreciate such beauty. Jake wasn’t interested in explaining it to her either. Even if he had wanted to, it would have been wasted on her small mind and short attention span. Tina was a mindless dopey kind of girl – the kind of girl that Jake preferred in a woman. Clearly she was only good for one thing. Her mind was now made of soft wet tissue – a play toy easily manipulated and coerced. Jake knew she was trapped by her impoverished conditions and her chemical dependency with crack and cocaine. She was indeed the perfect bimbo.

He lead the willing whore out of the elevator requiring no assistance

from the bell boy this time. He was given a key to suite 412. A perfect sized room for his sick desires.

“Come in Tina dear.” He said ushering her in.

Tina entered another room filled with stupid boring pictures and other expensive stuff she couldn’t understand or appreciate. She was anxious to do what was asked of her. She needed Jake’s money badly.

“Well let’s begin then my sweet little cunt…” Jake began.

Tina turned to face him – showing off her trashy red cutoff shirt and filthy jeans. Clearly she was the only object in the room that didn’t fit in with the high-class surroundings.

“Get down on all fours cunt…show me how sorry you are for treating me with disrespect all of these years.”

Tina did as she was told. Slowly she lowered herself to the carpeted floor and got on her hands and knees.

“Crawl around the room stupid one.” Said Jake sadistically. “Let me see you wiggle your ass while you’re at it.”

Tina felt a bit ashamed. She began to understand what this was leading to – and it certainly wasn’t going to be pleasant. Jake followed closely behind her, occasionally booting her buttocks with his shoe nudging her forward. Tina felt his cold dark hands reach in front of her ripped jeans and unbutton them. She continued to crawl around the room on all fours blushing considerably as she did so.

Once again she felt batıkent escort Jake’s sadistic hands tugging at the back of her pants – pulling them down slightly to expose part of her naked bottom as she crawled around. Jake followed closely behind her pressing his nose against her white trash bottom. It smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned. It was clear to Jake that Tina wasn’t good at wiping herself either. The faint smell of shameful female poop protruded from her sweet little ass. Tina knew she was being smelled and inspected by this rich and powerful man. She was totally obedient toward him, wanting desperately for him to make her his “steady” street date.

Finally Jake told her to hold still. Tina stopped crawling and stayed put on all fours. Her eyes were closed with embarrassment and shame. She felt Jake’s large hands tug at her filthy jeans again – pulling them down completely and exposing her soft sleazy hiney. Jake ran his hands up and down Tina’s soft fleshy bottom. He enjoyed the smell of her shameful white trash posterior. Up and down he ran his hands enjoying the soft feel of her round ass globes. Tine knelt her head in shame as the powerful man continued to caress and molested her ass cheeks. Slowly she felt them parted as Jake wedged his dominant fingers between her smelly crack – probing deeper and deeper until his evil digits began to probe and prod her sweet mindless anus. Soon she felt a finger begin to press harder and harder against her soft smelly pooper. Eventually, her dark crinkly hole began to cave inward – allowing Jake’s menacing finger to push inward and invade her womanly bowels.

Tina felt a surge of pain and she began to wince in sudden discomfort. Her slutty bottom was now completely spread open allowing Jake a clear view of her degrading position. His fat finger was now immersed in her hole almost up to the knuckle. Her dark anal cavity felt warm and inviting to Jake submissive and accepting. Tina clenched her teeth as she felt the invasive finger sink deeper into her soft round bottom.

“This feels good to you doesn’t it Tina…” Jake whispered suggestively in her ear in a tone that clearly outlined the answer he wanted to hear.

Tina knew what he wanted. And, despite the pain, she was more than willing to give it to him.

“Y…yes…yes….i….i. like it….” she whimpered softly.

“Good girl Tina. I think my finger is getting a bit lonely in there. I think it wants some company. You don’t mind if my finger invites some friends inside. I’m sure you like `tea parties’ inside your sweet little bottom don’t you Tina dear…”

“y…yes…yes….i love tea parties…” Tina replied weakly.

With that answer, Jake now understood that she enjoyed this kind of treatment, and so he began to worm his ring finger and pinky inside as well. Tina’s dirty brown hole began to stretch wider and expand allowing more fingers inside to explore and have fun. Jake smirked at the cunt in front of him. She was indeed a good little whore. She enjoyed everything he did to her.

“Good girl sweetie….nice little fuck toy….” He murmured in her ear as he began to wiggle his fingers around inside her warm inviting hole.

Tina let out a soft moan – indicating that she enjoyed this kind of activity.


“You love this kind of treatment don’t you Tina dear…it’s a really fun game isn’t it?”

“Mmmmm….yes….games….i…love games…..” she moaned softly in reply.

“I’ve got another great game I’m sure you will enjoy Tina. It’s called `tie the knot’ and you’re the one getting tied. Don’t you think it will be fun darling?”

“Mmmmm….yes….I wanna play that kinda game….” Whispered Tina softy.

“I’m sure you do Tina. That’s what whores really like.” Said Jake as he pulled his fingers out of her soft dirty bottom. Gently he raised and pressed them against his nose and smelled them – inhaling her shameful womanly aroma.

“Lie face down on the bed Tina. I just have to get a few things out of this bag I brought with me. I’m sure you can’t wait to play this game…”

Tina obeyed like a good little cunt. She crawled seductively to the bed just for Jake. She wiggled her bottom – now that she knew just how much he enjoyed her ass and the warm welcoming hole within.

Jake stared at her whorish body as she crawled like a beaten animal to the bed. Wiggling her ass as best she could to please him. His cock grew stiffer in his pants. She was definitely becoming the perfect woman.

Tina crawled onto the bed – pushing her fleshy bum outward one last time before lying face down on the king size bed. The blanket felt soft and warm against her shirt and stomach. Presently, the tying process began. Jake applied the necessary ropes to Tina’s wrists and ankles first. Rendering her completely helpless. Then he applied more rope to her knees and arms – tying them tightly behind her and rendering them completely useless to her. Finally he inserted a ball gag into her mouth to shut her up.

Tina felt uncomfortable. She could no longer move from the neck down. But that wasn’t all. Jake spent nearly an hour leaving her this way while he went into the bathroom and began attaching something to the underside of the sink pipe.

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