Crazy Bi Asian Girlfriend

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Andi was the epitome of crazy resolutely not staying in bed, getting out and trampling all over your life:

“What’s it gonna take to make up, sexy?” I said in my sultriest bedroom voice.

“I should fucking slap you,” Andi said.

“Would that put this latest round of drama to bed? Cause if so, slap away.”

Andi gave it about a half second consideration – she was impulsive as fuck – then slapped my cheek, juuuust enough to make it hurt, the point being to dominate me.

I stoicly took it. “You done?”

Another slap, this time with some emotion in it, if by “emotion” you’re also implying “velocity”.

I gave her the lightest possible tap on the cheek that could be construed as a slap, however symbolic. “That’s enough.”

Her pupils went wide in shock.

Oh, right, of course that turned her on. “You want dom? I’ll show you fucking dom.”

I slung her over my shoulder, not an easy task, what with her being thick as fuck by Asian standards. Didn’t help that she was squirming around and playfully whacking my back with her fists, going for medium drama levels. I kicked open the door to the bedroom. Well, one of two bedrooms, the other bedroom being stuffed full of her creepy antique doll collection and other detritus of a life at full throttle.

“Stop it! Stop it! We’re not making up!”

I rolled my eyes, knowing she couldn’t see my questioning her narrative. I flung her onto the bed on her back and tugged her shorts off, then yanked my shorts and briefs off in one polished motion…

She’s not wearing underwear. Of course. She’s ready to give me a reprieve… or maybe a truce…

I climbed on top, jamming her legs open with my knees and pinning her wrists above her head. Then I gently kissed her, hoping she wouldn’t bite my lip off. She lightly pounded on my back with her fists, but didn’t do anything to end the kiss, letting it linger, then her tongue found mine. antalya escort I felt myself getting hard. I touched her dark pussy with a finger, then slowly slid it inside, so wet she’d have soaked her panties already had she worn any.

“Oh, fuck me,” she said.

“Fuck me, as in ‘Jam it in me?’ Or ‘fuck me as iinnn…’ ” I paused, making sure I hadn’t read consent that wasn’t there, her wet cunt notwithstanding. Don’t want her to call the cops. Again.

“Just fuck me with that big dick.”

I flipped her over onto her belly. She looked over her shoulder at me, wanting it. I tugged her hips up into doggy position. She arched her back and pushed her big sexy booty up more, giving me easier entry.

I fingered her and used her juices to get my rock hard dick wet. “You want me inside?”

She slowly wiggled her hips, her butt jiggling invitingly and gazed at me, bedroom eyes, slightly heavy eyelids where’d you expect an epicanthic fold, light brown irises just shy of hazel, Vietnamese and French fighting for dominance in her face.

I pushed against her puckered hole.

“Aaaahh!” That high pornstar sqeak, clearly not expecting me to try THAT hole.

My shaft bent almost painfully, bucking for entry, her butthole clenched. I gave her a light slap on a butt cheek for resisting, then slid my fingers into the base of her silky black hair and grabbed a handful.

She gasped, wanting it. Her anal ring relaxed.

I slowly pushed my cockhead inside. “Take it! Be my slutty girlfriend.”

She dipped some fingers inside her pussy, then slathered her lube on my shaft. I pulled out and she rubbed more of her lubricant onto the cockhead.

I yanked her hair and positioned myself at her hole again. “Fuck yourself on my dick.”

She looked over her shoulder at me with smoldering eyes, then slowly pushed her big ol’ booty at me, my shaft sinking between antalya escort bayan her lovely fat cheeks.

I soon bottomed out in her, more friction in her rectum than in her silky soft pussy, one hand squeezing her butt, feeling the sexy muscle under the plump ripeness.

I spanked her ass, a bit harder than strictly necessary.

She made a sexy squeaking surprised noise. “Again!”

I obliged, swatting her other booty cheek, then started to slam into her, wanting to be rough and hurt her a bit, make her pay for the last three days of hell, her crying and yelling and just being fucking crazy. Exactly what I’d belatedly learned, that if you date someone who is currently a Drama major in college, you should expect frequent drama.

She started clenching her internal muscles, gripping and loosening on my shaft as it slid in and out, and I felt the rush of cum… three days of pent up frustration and jism backing up and emotional trauma at high volume… sooo ready to explode. I grabbed her softly padded hips with both hands. “Oh, fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum in my ass, baby,” she said in a pornstar voice. Acting. “Give me all your hot sticky cum. Make me your girlfriend! Again…”

I started making that loud guttural growl I get when I’m about to cum, my hips slamming forward to meet her backwards thrust. My heart jackhammered as I shot load after load of cum inside her lovely butt.

She collapsed forward into prone, taking that most submissive position as I lay heavily on top of her, gasping for breath, her curves padding me, her medium brown skin hot against my chest and belly.

When I’d regained my breath, I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “So, you’re my girlfriend again.” Not really a question, but with plausible deniability.

“You’re on probation. Don’t fuck up again, you bastard.”

“I won’t,” I said, knowing escort antalya I probably would. I mean, I was still technically married, and while I resisted the thought, and wanted it to not be true… I knew she was the transitional woman. Look, if you steal a guy away from the hooker-ish Filipina not-quite-girlfriend schoolteacher he’s been surreptitiously fucking for a surprisingly modest amount of money every Sunday, when his wife thinks he’s doing the Mormon church services and then his calling (aka “unpaid labor”) for hours and hours…

You don’t have to be particularly imaginative to contemplate that you might not be the endpoint of his search for a much better relationship than the marriage he is fleeing…

“Toi yeu em,” she whispered – ‘I love you’ in Vietnamese.

I felt my dick unexpectedly stir, so soon after the recent festivities. Fuck, hearing her fluently speak a foreign language… Always. So. Hot.

I narrowed my eyes, frantically trying to remember the Vietnamese reply she’d taught me before the silence, stretching on and on, risked setting off a fresh One Day of Relationship Hell…

Ah. Yes. “Toi cung yeu ban,” I whispered back – ‘I love you too.’ And I meant it. God help me, I meant it. Even as the denial got battered down incident after incident, proof that I wasn’t experiencing just an isolated red flag, I was in a warehouse stuffed full of red flags, which she kept waving in my face, almost daring me to not love her.

“Anh yeu em rat nhieu.” Still whispering.

“Umm, that means…”

“I love you so much.”

“Anh yeu em… rat… nhieu,” I repeated, probably mangling the pronunciation.

She squirmed under me. I took my weight on my arms, letting her roll over until she was laying on her back, her legs wrapped tightly around my lower back like she wanted to never let go…

Her beautiful eyes inches from mine, pupils wide open, searching whether I’d meant “Anh yeu em rat nhieu”, or was just trying out the pronunciation. For possible future use. Possibly with some other Vietnamese girl…

I watched her internal debate unfold, bracing myself for her possibly inflicting physical or emotional trauma, accepting and loving this beautiful moment.

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