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The car came out of nowhere. At least that’s what it seemed like. The lights had turned to green, Tony had started to move off and we were half-way across when there was this almighty crash and the car was spun around in a circle. When the world stopped spinning, and my brain started working again, I realized we’d been hit – and hard – by someone running a red light.

The engine had stopped in the melee, and there was a sudden, profound silence, punctuated by Tony’s muffled curses.

“Hey, man. You okay?” I said, realizing that I seemed to be unhurt, but then we’d been hit on the driver’s side, and Tony was driving, not me.

“I’m not sure,” Tony said, and I turned to him, alarmed, startled to see his face all bloody, blood which later turned out to be from a mostly superficial cut on his scalp, but the bodywork of the car on his side had been caved in, the safety glass of the side windshield – and the main windshield, come to that – had disintegrated, and it looked like his leg was trapped. He reached down, and I saw his face whiten, his gasp clearly audible, before he turned to me, “I think my leg’s been broken,” he said, strain – pain – in his voice.

The world outside had come to life, and someone loomed up, a passer-by, maybe another driver, looking worried.

“Are you guys okay?”

“I am, I think my friend has a broken leg,” I said.

“I called the police, and the ambulance service,” said the stranger.

“What happened to the other car?”

“It’s in the ditch just past the intersection.”

“What about the driver?”

“I think he’s drunk,” said the stranger, a disgusted tone in his voice.

“At ten in the morning?” I said, startled.

“Yeah, I know. Can you get out?”

I tried my door, and with a lot of shoving, and with the other guy pulling, got it open. Out of the car, I looked around. There were quite a few people around, and several cars behind us had stopped, with people showing the unmistakable, avid curiosity of those not involved. I moved around to Tony’s side of the car and winced. Side protection or not, the other car had hit us just forward of the pillar between front and rear doors, and the driver’s side door was a crumpled mess of metal. I heaved on the handle. Nothing. Tony glanced up at me and gave me a wry smile. And passed out. Alarmed, I felt for his pulse. Strong and steady, and I relaxed.

“Passed out?” said the stranger.

“Yeah. His pulse is steady.”

“Possibly for the best. There’s nothing anyone can do until someone brings some cutting gear.” He reached into his pocket, took out his wallet, and passed me a business card. “You’d better take that, in case you need a witness. I was right behind you, and you didn’t move until the green.” He gave me a wry smile. “Several seconds after the green, in fact. I was just about to hit the horn and wake you up. If you’d gone immediately the light was green, that idiot would have hit me, instead.”

“We were discussing the game,” I said, matching his smile. “Tony’s brother was playing.” I pointed. “That’s Tony.”

We could hear sirens getting closer, and a few moments later the junction was busy with uniforms. There was confusion for a few minutes until cutting gear was organized, but about half an hour after we’d been hit, Tony was in Emergency being treated for his injuries. I sat, helpless, and waited. It was about forty minutes later when a tired doctor came over to me.

“Are you Andrew Gillespie?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“I’m Doctor Collins. Are you a relative of Mr. Larsen?”

“No, just a friend.”

“Is there anyone who should be informed?”

“Tony’s parents are in Australia, on holiday. We’re staying with his aunt for a week or two, a break from college.”

“Perhaps she should be told?”

“Of course, I’ll do it straight away. But first, how is he? So I can let her know?”

He nodded. “Superficial cuts, messy, but unlikely to leave any significant scarring; I’m pretty sure they’re all from the broken windshields. He has a cracked rib, and a broken leg. It’s a bad break, two places, and we’re going to need to keep him in for a little while, to make sure it starts to heal properly.”

“Nothing life-threatening?”

The doctor gave me a tired smile. “Nothing as bad as that, but he won’t be running for a while. You’ll make that call?”

“Straight away.”

“If his aunt wants to ask any questions, check at the nursing station.” He pointed. “They’ll know where I am.” He nodded, gave me another tired smile and went off to his next emergency. I finally remembered the phone in my pocket, and went out into the fresh summer morning to ring Tony’s aunt. His aunt Lucy. His aunt Lucy who had peopled my dreams ever since I’d met her a week earlier. His aunt Lucy whose imagined nakedness had occupied my mind every time I’d masturbated, something which had happened a lot since Tony and I had arrived to stay with her. There was no doubt in me at all, that Lucy McKeen, thirty-something, divorced, and living alone in a lovely house, with its own indoor swimming beylikdüzü otele gelen escort pool in a converted barn, was a very desirable woman. Very. Chances of anything happening between us? Her in her thirties, and me just beginning college? Somewhere between infinitesimal and zero was my best guess.

She answered after a short delay, slightly breathless. “Hello?”

“Um, Lucy. Hi, it’s Andrew, Andrew Gillespie.”

“Oh, hi, Andy. Sorry, I was in the pool. Something up?” There was no alarm in her tone, and I guessed she thought we’d run out of gas, or something.

“Um, yes, I’m afraid there is. We’ve been in an accident. Tony’s leg has been broken.”

There was a gasp, and then her urgent, but calm, not panicking, tone. “Where is he, and where are you?”

“He’s in St. Agnes’. We’re in emergency. I’m in the waiting room.”

“Stay put. I’ll be there just as soon as I can. Okay?”

“Yes,” I said. I started to say something else, but the line was dead. I shrugged and went back inside to wait. It didn’t take her long to reach the hospital, and I stood as she hurried through the door. She came straight to me.

“How is he?”

I smiled. “Sedated, I think. The doctor said it was a bad break, but there’s nothing life-threatening. He has a few cuts, from flying glass, and a cracked rib, as well.”

“Who’s the doctor? Can I speak to him?” She paused, giving me a half-smile. “Or is it a her?

“It’s a he. Doctor Collins. He said to ask at the nurses’ station over there.”

“Right,” she said, and she was away. I watched the neat tick-tock of her ass as she moved away, in absorbed admiration of the poetry in motion of a good-looking woman.

It was another twenty minutes before I even spoke to her again, but she’d seen the doctor, seen Tony, organized contact numbers, and was on top of the situation in her usual efficient way. The hospital had told us that Tony wouldn’t be really awake until the evening and we should come back then, and it was only when we reached her car to go back home that she faltered. She held her car keys out to me, and her hand was trembling.

“Will you drive, Andy? Suddenly, I’m shaking.”

“Reaction, probably,” I said, and she gave me a hesitant smile.

“Reaction, definitely.” She sighed, then drew a deep breath. “I was worried.”

“Of course you were, Tony’s your nephew.”

“Yes, but it wasn’t just Tony, Andy. You as well.” I glanced at her, but there was only honest concern on her face that I could see. We’d reached her car by then and I opened the door for her, then took my place behind the wheel.

“What actually happened, Andy?” she said as we fastened our seat belts.

“We were at a red light, at the Lake Road junction?”

“Yes, I know where you mean. And?”

“The lights changed to green, Tony started off, and this idiot ran the red light and hit us square on the driver’s side. Next thing I knew, we’d been spun completely round, the engine had stopped and there was this awful silence, until Tony groaned.”


“Yes. Plenty. The car behind, the driver gave me his business card. We were a bit slow moving off when the lights changed, and he said if we’d been off the line quicker it would have been him that got hit. I think he’s happy to be a witness, if necessary.”

“What about the other driver?”

“He couldn’t stand when the police took him away, he was so drunk.”

Lucy nodded. “That explains things.” She was quiet after that, sitting back with her eyes closed. I took surreptitious glances at her as I drove, and there was no doubt in my mind that Lucy McKeen was one of the loveliest women I had ever encountered. I could still remember the instant desire – okay, I’ll be honest, lust – I’d felt when I first saw her in her bikini. Quite modest compared to some I’d seen, but she was still an instant erection inducer, and it was only by diving into the pool and forcing myself to cool down that I’d been able to face her.

“We’re here,” I said as I turned into her driveway.

“Just leave the car at the door, as we’ll need it later, to go and see Tony.”

A couple of minutes later, I followed her into the house. I closed the door behind us and Lucy turned to me, her face crumpling as she burst into tears, reaching blindly for me. I took her in my arms, just holding her as she cried, but even just holding her was too much for my hormones and I could feel my erection building. I tried to hold myself away from Lucy, and I think at first I succeeded, but as she brought herself under control, she hugged me, just as a thank-you, I think, but there was no way she could miss what she was pressing against. She looked up at me, startled, and I flushed. There was a curious look on her face as she dashed away her tears with the back of her hand.

“Is that for me?” she said, her voice very soft.

I could feel my flush deepen. “Oh, god, I’m sorry,” I said, “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Incredibly, she smiled, shaking her head. beylikdüzü rus escort “I’m not offended, Andy. An honest-to-god erection is a compliment to a woman.” She tilted her head, a half-smile curving her lips. “But why me?”

“Why you?” I said, flushing even more as I heard my voice cracking. “Because you’re a warm, and lovely, and – and – and – sexy woman, and you turn me on!”

“I do?” she said, her voice still soft. She laughed, soft, warm. “You know something?”

“What?” I managed to say.

“I’m also – how old are you, Andy?”

“Nineteen. Twenty next month.”

“I’m also twelve years older than you. Know something else?”

I shook my head.

Putting her arms around my neck, she drew my head down and kissed me, quick and soft. “You, young man, are a virile young male who turns me on.”

I stared at her. In shock, I think, but she nodded. “It’s true, Andy. I’ve been fantasizing about you, too.” She laughed, smiling at me. “Ever since I saw the bulge in your swim shorts at the pool. In case you’re wondering, that fantasy involves us both being naked and indulging in some hot and sweaty fucking.”

Startled – hell, no, shocked – I tried to speak, swallowed the sudden huge lump in my throat, and tried again. “Funny, so does mine.” I looked away for a moment, then back at her. “Why me?” I almost laughed at repeating her words.

She smiled, and I think she was fighting a laugh of her own. “Why you? I don’t really know, Andy, except that you’re intelligent, polite, friendly, good-looking and, well, I don’t really know what. Heck, maybe it’s because I like the way you smell.”

I stared at her. “The way I smell? You’re joking!”

She shook her head, smiling. “True, Andy.” She sobered. “Like I said, who knows what attracts people to each other, because I certainly don’t. I do know that I masturbated before I could get to sleep last night, and it was you that I was thinking about.”

I gave her a rueful smile. “So did I, thinking about you.”

Lucy laughed. “We’re a pair, aren’t we.” She cocked her head. “So, do you want your fantasy to come true?” she asked softly, and I managed to nod. “I do, too,” she said, then grinned. “Anyway, we have to do something while we’re waiting to visit Tony, and there’s a nice big, double bed upstairs.

“Lucy, Mrs McKeen, are you sure?”

“Oh, yes. Dead certain, Andy,” she said, smiling at me, her eyes warm. “I want to be fucked and you’re elected. And I think you’d better carry on calling me Lucy, don’t you? Yes, of course you do. Come on, bedtime,” she said, taking my hand and leading me up to her bedroom.

The drapes were open, but the view was open country, and she left them open. Turning to me, she began to unbutton her blouse, tugging it from her skirt, opening it, letting it slide down her arms and off, onto the floor. I was rooted to the spot, and I could no more have looked away than I could have flown. She raised her brows and nodded, and belatedly I got the message, kicking off my sneakers and unzipping my jeans. By the time Lucy was down to bra and panties, brief and lacy bra and panties, I was down to my under shorts. Undershoots with a growing bulge in them.

She moved across to me and gave the bulge a friendly squeeze, making me gasp, then twined her arms around my neck, turning her face up for my kiss. A long kiss, a hot kiss, a kiss with a lot of promise in it, from both of us. After an aeon or two she eased herself away, and I noted absently that her breathing had quickened. Quite a lot, in fact. She reached out, taking my hand and putting it between her breasts.

“It fastens at the front,” she said, watching my eyes as I fumbled with the bra catch. I couldn’t hide the pleasure I felt when I finally saw her breasts. Beautiful, they are, full, round, barely a trace of any sag. I think her bra was for decoration as much as for support, because it was lacy, light, and barely covered her nipples. I think I took her by surprise, because I couldn’t resist the sudden urge to lay a quick, light kiss on each nipple, feeling them harden instantly at the touch of my mouth.

I looked up, and she smiled. “Take my panties off,” she said, her voice a throaty invitation, and my prick responded by getting even harder as I went to my knees, my hands going to the waistband, tugging gently, sliding the soaking nylon and cotton down her legs. Her pubic hair was tidied to her bikini line, and I could smell the exciting scent of the female human animal in heat. I looked up and she pulled me up into another hot kiss.

Gently, she broke the kiss, smiling into my eyes. “My turn,” she said, her voice a caress, dropping to her knees before me, reaching for the waistband on my under shorts, tugging them down. She struggled a bit getting the waistband over my erection, and I heard her gasp as she saw it. I’m not huge, but a bit of surreptitious research in the locker room after football had told me I needn’t be ashamed of what I was offering her.

With my shorts at my feet she leaned forward, beylikdüzü türbanlı escort her mouth encircling the purple head of my hot and hard weapon. I couldn’t help a gasp of my own as I felt her warm, wet, talented mouth take me in, and I think she was trying not to giggle.

She took about half of me into her mouth, her lips pursed in an ‘O’ around me, then moved back and forth for a few strokes, before she let me slip from her mouth with a soft ‘pop.’ Standing, she pushed me back until my knees caught the edge of the bed, then pushed a little harder until I fell over backwards onto the bed, shuffling up until my head was on the pillow. She moved quickly, kneeling astride me, moving forward until she was poised above me. There was a soft smile on her face, a smile combining anticipation, pleasure and naked want, and I was staggered to think it was me that was causing that expression. She looked up, into my eyes.

“Done this before, Andy?” she said.

“Not like this,” I managed to say.

“Girl, or woman?”


“Never a woman?”

I shook my head, and she smiled, taking my erection in her hand and guiding it to her opening, lowering herself onto me until an inch or so of me was inside her. She took her hand away and paused, looking up at me, holding my eyes as she lowered herself onto me.

I groaned as I felt her envelop me, feeling the scalding cling of her on me, feeling the friction building and she lifted herself, spreading her juices, lowering herself again. Once more, and her bottom was on my thighs. She squeezed down on me and my eyes closed, my head going back, my breathing quickening. She bent, sucking at my male nipple, letting me feel her teeth, then lowering herself onto me, laying herself the length of me, warm and soft and just a little heavy, for such a slender woman.

“Turn us over,” she said, and with a little help from her, I was on top, smiling down at her, feeling her tight and snug around me, her hands warm on my shoulders. She stretched up and kissed me. “Fuck me, Andy,” she said, and I began to move, pulling back, almost out, then pushing back into her, filling her, then emptying her again.

There was a look of total absorption on her face and I realized it was probably mirrored on my own, because I was totally involved in the wonderful sensation of feeling myself buried in her warmth and wetness. I think Lucy was enjoying it too – fuck, I hoped to hell she was – because her knees came up to grip me, her heels urging me into her. I was trying desperately not to come, but I could feel the pressure building, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

I was panting by then, and she squeezed down on me with her internal muscles. It was too much for me, and with an inarticulate cry, I was driving into her, my hips bucking, as my climax took me over the edge. It was a moment or two before I could manage to speak, and I gave her a wry smile.

“I came too soon.”

“This time, yes, but not next time,” she said, grinning, stretching up to kiss me. “You didn’t think you were going to get away with just the once, did you? Ease out, lover, and we’ll have a shower before we play again.”

I could feel a broad grin on my face, as I eased myself from her, sitting back on my heels. She swung her leg over my head, startling me with a fleeting glimpse of her pussy, and got to her feet, holding out her hand. I took it, standing, and she led me to the shower.

The showering was fun, as we played with each other, washing, stroking, caressing, kissing, being kissed. I was probably having too much fun, but there was no way I was stopping unless I had to, and we had to, because the water cooled. Making a face, Lucy turned off the shower and reached for towels, carefully drying my prick and balls, which she’d washed at least six times on various pretexts. But then, her breasts and pussy were pretty clean, too.

Dry, she glanced at the clock, and my eyes followed hers. Three-forty. Wow! So soon!

“Wanna eat?” she said.

“Only you.”

She flushed. “Eat me?” she whispered. I nodded, smiling. “Yes, please,” she managed to say, and I think I startled her by picking her up, carrying her back into the bedroom and laying her on the bed. There was a flush on her face as she hesitantly spread her legs and I settled myself between them.

I looked up, smiling. “Beautiful,” I said, and she gave me a smile. I bent to her, breathing deeply, relishing the aroma of her, rich, strong, stimulating. I extended my tongue and ran it the length of her slit, from ass to clit, and she gasped, her legs clamping my ears briefly before she let them drop back, her breathing heavy in my ears. I let my tongue get busy, sliding along her slit, spearing into her core, licking at the junction of her thighs. When I let my tongue play with her clit, she gasped and her knees clamped my ears again, easing as my tongue speared into her.

She caught my eye as I drank her juices and I winked. She blew me a kiss and her eyes closed as she abandoned herself to the sensations, her fingers in my hair, moving aimlessly as the heat built in her. My tongue flicked across her clit and she jumped, fingers tightening involuntarily, then as my mouth closed on her clit, sucking, letting her feel my teeth, her knees clamped on my ears, her fingers tight in my hair, her belly rippling, a tight scream of ecstasy strangled in her throat as her climax washed over her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32