Corpravores World Ch. 03

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(12 months later — Last day of the testing)

Finally, the team had all but finalised the trials, the drug had been FDA approved at last. (This took a long time as inspectors had to come in and see that the trials were being effective and run without bias.) Doctor Young had worried that she would be seen was not impartial due to her son being in the trial, but since the family love act in Alabama Passed, it was no longer seen as controversial for mothers and sons to be so close. In fact, it was being considered in several other states such as Florida and Georgia.

Of course, it did not hurt her case that there had been several large bribes to some high-profile republican congress men, not to mention the secrets they did not want coming out. (It was rumoured that Senator Hursh liked his chocolate ice-cream, with a scoop of poop in the middle, not that he would publicly admit it.) Having been spurred by the success they had seen in Alabama, the republicans were willing to take a chance on a more unconventional bill, especially when they could claim it was helping feed the world. It also solved several problems so far as feeding prisoners and various degenerates too.

It was James last day in the testing faculty, and escort bursa there were celebrations all round, his mom had brought him a 6 pack of his favourite beers, and Mike and Sarah were also getting to leave and re-enter the regular world too. (Little did they all know how much it would all change soon after this day) Of course, Jane had been invited too, but she turned Down Doctor Youngs offer. However, she did offer to make James his last breakfast before he left the facility.

That morning James had awoken to Jane knocking on his door. She opened it with her swipe key. “Just so you know, it’s my shit you’ve been eating every night” she said, entering his room, her sexy ass gripped tight by the exercise pants she wore that morning. She turned around facing away from him, placing a Tupper wear jar under where her ass thrust out. She pulled her pants down, revealing she had gone commando that morning “one last look at what you’re missing out on” and she grunted as a massive turd began exiting her asshole. Jane look exquisite as the log began filling the jar below, soon it begun over flowing, this was truly a massive turd. “I ate a huge Mexican meal last night, knowing that this would probably be your last official meal here, I wanted görükle escort to make it a big one.”

Before he knew it she hiked her pants us “I do not forgive you, I did this because your mother offered me extra rations and I was hungry.” He didn’t care, looking down, the Jar was somewhat covered now by the brown of her turd. James begun to dig in, he got a spoon from the side scooping her shit from the sides, by now he had eaten it so often it tasted amazing to him, and he barely noticed Jane had gone.

Later that morning, James joined in the office party, he saw his mother had made a variety of shit-based meals for him, Sarah, and Mike. Mike was explaining along with Sarah how they were going to be lifelong users of Crophil, Sarah was vigorously explaining how she was so excited to never have to shit again (easily the best side effect of the drug, no need for toilet paper anymore!). They both thanked his mom for changing their lives so much.

Mary, his mom turned around facing James “Dig in, it is my home baked recipe you know” as she handed him a bun which looked like a hot dog, but had her turd in it. “Hiring Jane was a bit cruel mom” he said “I know, but her turds were mammoth, sometimes bursa escort bayan she fed both you AND Sarah you know, you let a good one go, but don’t worry, you have me now” she said, winking. James poured some ketchup over his poo dog “I can’t wait for us to get ought’ve here mum, what shall we do next?”

“Well, I have several television interviews coming up before I manage to get home, have you seen the TV lately?” James looked round to see on the flat screen behind him, where a slightly blurred image of a woman defecating into a prisoner’s mouth was showing. “The first thing our drug will be used for by the US government is reforming the prison system. They will be moving a small section of volunteer, non-violent prisoners into various public Lavatories around the country. It both feeds the prisoners, and helps to reduce waste, as less loo roll should be needed.” James was not that surprised; the government was always looking to save a buck where ever it could. He preferred to have to shit cooked, and in a meal if possible. He also liked to choose who’s he ate.

“Alright mum, once you finish up, meet me at ours, and we can relax at home for a bit” she bit her lip a bit “just so you know, I was running low on space, your room is not my workspace, it really was necessary, and I assumed you’d be okay sharing my bed. I hope that okay.” James was practically rock solid under his pants. “No problems mum, let’s go hey”, as they headed out, and back into society..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32