Claire Ch. 05

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This is the fifth story about a loyal husband, his wife, their friend, and the adventures they get it to. If you haven’t read the previous stories, you may wish to do so. To help you understand what has transpired so far.

Please forgive the spelling and the grammar. I am not a writer and do not pretend to be one.

When we got home, I started to do some projects around the house. Kim and Claire went to get into their bathing suits and hang around the pool to get some sun. I started doing some weeding on the side of the house. I looked up to see the girls coming out the door carrying their towels and a glass of ice tea. Kim had on a sheer yellow suit. The top was two triangle pieces of material that were connected with a string and were tied together at her cleavage. The fabric barely covered her nipples and exposed her areolas. The bottom was one small triangle that hardly covered her clit, and pulled up tight between her labia lips at the bottom. The whole thing was tied at each hip with a piece of string.

Claire’s was a sheer green two-piece. The top was a tube around her chest. The material was only two inches wide and only covered her nipples, and the bottom was similar to Kim’s.

“Kim, don’t you think your bathing suit might be a bit too exposing for the neighbors?” I said.

“I don’t care. If they want to look, they are more than welcome.”

They sat down on the lounge chairs next to the pool with their iced teas and started talking and gabbing. Every once in a while, they would look over towards me and give me a little smile, teasingly allowing me a glimpse between their open legs. Then they would laugh and go back to talking. This went on for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, Kim pulled her top off, exposing her breasts, and Clair followed suit.

Both of them were becoming more openly daring and exposing themselves. While I was weeding a flower bed right in front of Kim, she looked directly into my eyes. With a wicked smile, she spread her legs wide. Then she poured some of her ice tea on her suit, letting the tea run down between her legs. The fabric became transparent. I could make out her hard clit poking through her swollen lips and pressing against the fabric. Claire joined in. She reached over and ran her finger up and down Kim’s slit, pushing the material deeper between her lips.

Not that I didn’t want to repeat the sex from the night before, but I needed to take care of some chores first. They both continued teasing me as I tried to do my work. Finally finishing, I could par-take with the fun. But I was still tired from the night before and figured to take a short nap. Then I would take care of the girls. I announced I was going to take a little nap and I would be out after, then we could play. I went to our bedroom, closed the door and curtain, laid down on the bed, and fell fast asleep.

I heard in a soft voice saying, Wakey, wakey Timmy, Timmy. I slowly opened my eyes to the sight of Kim standing to my left. She was wearing a big smile, a black pushup bra that exposed the top of her breasts, with her hard erect nipples at attention. A matching sheer black lace garter belt with black stockings. Her outfit allowed me to see her smooth-shaven pussy with her swollen clit peeking from between her labia lips. I saw a small droplet of her juices forming at the bottom of her slit. I looked over to the right side of the bed to see Clair standing there. She was wearing the same outfit in red. Her legs were spread enough for me to make out that she had been playing with herself. Her outer labia lips were spread wide. Her clit was the size of the end of my index finger and was bright red.

I could smell alcohol and knew they were a little drunk.

I reached for her and realized my hand was tied down, and so was my other. I looked down to see I was naked, my feet spread apart and tied. There I was, lying on my back, spread eagle and tied to the bedposts.

“What’s going on?” I demanded.

“You are in no position to demand anything. Kim said, Claire and I have decided on how we are going to get even with you for yesterday.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“We are going to play a little game of mistress and slave. Claire said. With that, she pulled a ball gag from behind her back and moved to put it in my mouth. I turned my head away and felt stinging on my bare ass.

“That is the only warning you will get. If you refuse a command, you will be punished. Now let Claire put the gag in your mouth.” Kim said.

I decided to go along with their game. It seemed harmless, so I thought. I turned my head and opened my mouth so Claire could put the gag in.

“Wider,” she said. I opened wider. She pushed the ball in between my teeth and tied it behind my head. I was glad that it had holes in it so I could breathe through it.

“That’s a good slave, Claire said. “Next, you are going to watch me fuck your wife, and you will not be able to participate. Claire walked over to Kim placing bahis şirketleri both hands behind her head, pulled Kim’s face close, giving her a very passionate kiss. Claire then slid her tongue deep down her throat. Kim reached around Claire’s back and pulled her tighter, reciprocating the kiss pushing her tongue down Claire’s throat. Both, in a deep embrace, Kim began to let her hands wander, exploring Claire’s back, sliding along the other edges of her sides till she reached Claire’s waist. She then moved her hands across Claire’s smooth bare ass, down between her cheeks. Kim continued until her hands were between Claire’s legs and slipped a finger across Claire’s moist slit, then continued until it made contact with her clit.

“Oh.” Claire gasped.

Claire’s hands were also busy. They found Kim’s silky smooth breasts and began to fondle them. She explored the roundness of her breast, slowly moving to the rougher texture of her areolas, finally ending up at Kim’s hard nipples. She slowly rolled the right one between her fingers and thumbs, then the left. Then without warning, she pinched them so hard that Kim squealed out.

It was a very erotic sight. I was so turned on, and my dick was standing straight up and pulsating.

Claire looked over at me and said, “Look at our slave. He seems to be very excited. What do you think, Kim, should we show him more?”

Kim looked over at me, reached down, and grabbed my hard cock. Giving it a tug, “Who said you could get hard?” Then she looked back to Claire, put her right hand behind her head, then pulled her back in tight, giving her another deep passionate kiss. Claire quickly moved her hand between Kim’s legs and slipped a finger between her wet lips.

They stood there kissing and caressing each other. Then Kim tilted her head back as Claire moved down her neck.

Kim rolled her head over, opened her eyes, and saw me. Her expression was pure lust, like a wild animal in heat. Claire maneuvered Kim to the edge of the bed, then slowly eased her back, so she was lying next to me. Claire then took hold of Kim’s ankles and raised them high, exposing Kim’s swollen pussy to her eager mouth. Claire immediately leaned forward, placing her mouth on Kim’s pussy. As she did, Kim grabbed her legs behind her knees to hold herself open for her pussy-hungry lover. Claire began slowly licking her slit up and down, only entering a little bit.

“That’s it, Claire, suck on it.”

Claire started to pay attention to Kim’s swollen clit, circling it with her tongue, sucking it, and slowly streaching it out.

“Oh, that’s good. I like that. Please don’t stop.”

Claire eased two fingers up inside Kim’s wet pussy.

“Oh yes, Oh yes.”

Claire stopped to look up at her lover’s face. Kim looked down with a questioned expression. Claire smiled, stood up, walked over to her bag of toys. Kim’s expression changed from a look of question to one of excitement. Claire reached into the bag, pulled out a bottle of lube and a large black 10-inch strap-on dildo. Smiling, she turned to Kim, raised it to her lips, and gave it a little kiss. She then slipped her legs through the straps and fastened the belt around her waist. Holding the massive fake cock, in one hand, she turned to Kim. The dildo was so big Claire’s fingers could barely wrap around it.

“Do you want this?” Kim nodded her head yes.

“I said, do you want this?”

Kim answered, “Yes in a soft voice.”


Kim yelled out. “Yes, Yes, please fuck me with your big black dick.”

“Not yet.” She took hold of Kim’s hand and pulled her back to a sitting position. Claire moved closer, so the big fake cock was pressing against Kim’s belly. She then squeezed lube all over Kim’s tit’s and moved the head of her fake cock between her tits. Kim took the hint, using her arms, pushed her tits together as Claire slid her cock between them.

I would swear Claire thought the plastic dick was her real-life cock. She fucked Kim’s tits just as if it was real. Moving back and forth, only stopping long enough for Kim to suck the head for a minute or two. Then Claire pulled it out from between Kim’s tits and moved up towards her face. Kim didn’t hesitate, grabbing the shaft and pulling the thick cock to her mouth. Kim licked the head then ran her tongue around the tip. She opened her mouth as wide as she could. She only managed to get part of the head between her lips. Slowly she began to take more in.

The dildo was big and thick, but Kim kept working more in her mouth. She managed to get the head between her lips. Then she pulled it out.

“What, Kim? can’t you handle my cock?”

Kim’s face became red with anger, “Fuck You, Claire.” Kim grabbed the shaft again and pushed the monster deeper into her mouth. Kim gagged a bit, then pulled it back out.

“Better Kim, but not the winner yet.”

“Fuck You; I will show you.” Kim grabbed the plastic appendage in one hand and reached her other bahis firmaları around Claire’s back, then shoved the cock deep in her mouth and partly down of her throat. Kim gagged and started to pull it out.

“No, you don’t.” Claire grasped the back of her friend’s head, thrust her hips forward, forcing her cock even deeper. Kim struggled for air, but Claire didn’t notice, until Kim, out of desperation, pushed two fingers deep into Claire’s ass hole to get her attention.

Claire’s eyes opened wide, and she let go of Kim.

“Damn it, Kim, I was not ready for that.”

Kim coughing, you were not ready? Hell, I was not ready. You to shove your cock deep my throat.”

“I am sorry, Kim, I didn’t mean to hurt you. What can I do to make things right? I know.”

Claire moved between Kim’s legs. She began sliding the head of the big fake cock between her outer lips. Kim, still mad, act not interested. But Claire would not give up. She continued moving the head of the large shaft up and down her slit. With her free hand, Claire rubbed Kim’s clit with her thumb as she pushed the head inside Kim’s outter lips. Stopping for an instand, then pulled it out. Claire kept his up. I could see Kim was weakening as the head of the black intruder was wet with Kim’s love nectar.

Kim started moving closer, trying to get more of it inside her hungry cunt.

I heard Kim say in a low tone. “Please, Claire.”

Claire slipped a few more inches into Kim, then just held it there.

“Please, Claire, please stop teasing me.”

“Oh, do you want more?

Kim nodded her head yes.

“Did you say something?”

“I want more. Give me that big cock of yours.” Kim said loudly.

With one swift motion, Claire pushed the huge plastic cock most of the way into Kim’s wanton cunt. As the big dick entered Kim, her eyes widened. Claire began to pull the thing out, only to push it in again.

With each thrust, more of the cock disappeared into Kim’s cunt. Kim grabbed Claire’s ass, pulling her back each time Cliare thrust forward until the fake balls were pressed against her pubic mound.

Claire holding the thing in one hand moved her free hand underneath Kim’s ass and began to massage her rectal opening with her middle finger. As she did this, Kim’s eyes widened a little more. With a few more thrusts, Claire had her finger completely deep into Kim’s ass.

Claire did not stop there; she added a second finger, then a third. With a large black fake cock deep in her pussy and three fingers deep in her ass, Kim’s body became ridged and heaved up as she started her orgasm.

As her orgasm hit, she screamed out, “Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

She then collapsed back onto the bed next to me with the plastic monster still in her snatch.

Breathing heavily, she said, “Oh my God, I never thought I would cum so hard with something in my ass.”

I was so angry and so excited, watching Claire fuck my wife the way I wanted to. I had tried for years to get Kim to let me fuck her just like Claire just did. But she would never let me.

“We are not done yet,” Claire said, looking over at me than my cock. It was the first time she recognized me in an hour.

I was in need of relief; my cock hurt from being hard for so long, and my balls needed to be drained in the worst way.

“You look like you need some relief.” She said as she reached over and gently stroked my cock.

Nodding, I mumbled, “Please,” but it didn’t sound like that. I thought to myself; it was my turn for some fun.

“Oh, Do you want to fuck us?” Kim said.

Eagerly I nodded, “Yes, Yes.” I was going to blow such a big load all over their faces. I thought to myself.

“I am sorry; I don’t understand you. Do you understand him, Kim?”

” No, Not a word. Sorry, Timmy. You need to ask politely, and maybe we will let you fuck us.”

Claire then moved her hand away from my painful cock, “What the Fuck? They are just fucking with me. I began to thrash around and fight against my bindings. Kim reached over and flicked her finger at one of my balls. Pain instantly shot through my body. My balls being so full and swollen the pain brought tears to my eyes.

“Now be a good boy, and I will not have to do that again. So, Claire, what were you saying earlier? Oh, Ya, something about not being done yet. What did you mean?”

At that moment, I knew this was not going to go well for me.

“Well, Kim, what have you ever wanted to do sexually but never had the courage?”

“I think I have done everything I ever wanted to.”

“Come on, Kim, everything? Is there something Tim has asked for that you wanted to try?

“Now that you mention it, Tim has been after me for years to have anal sex, but I have been scared of the pain.”

“How about I show you that it doesn’t hurt. You may even like it.”

“How are you going to show me?”

“By Fucking Tim in the ass.”

OH FUCK, I thought to myself. I started to buck fiercely kaçak bahis siteleri against the bindings.

Claire reached over and flicked my other ball. “Now stop that, we told you. If you didn’t behave, you would be punished.”

The pain was intense, and I almost blacked out.

When I regained my senses, they had tied my ankles high on the bedpost, so my ass was high and exposed for their little game. I looked over at Kim. She was putting the strap-on dildo around her waist. Next, she took the large massive black cock in one hand and began stroking it.

Looking at me, she smiled, “Here you go, Tim, you wanted to have anal sex. I just don’t think you wanted it this way.”

I mumbled out my anger and threatened to get revenge if she continued this. All she heard were garbled sounds. I looked over to Claire, and she was reaching into her bag, looking for something else.

I felt the large dildo against my rectum. My head spun around to see Kim.

“Here you go, Tim,” as she pushed the head in a couple of inches. I screamed out through the gag, swearing at her. She didn’t care as she pulled it out a little, only to push it in deeper.

Claire heard my scream and looked around. “Your supposed to lube up that thing first.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that, well, too late now,” as she pulled it out and drove it a few inches deeper.

The pain was excruciating. I felt my ass hole was being ripped open with each thrust. Finally, Claire came over and squirted some lube on the massive cock.

“I don’t know, Kim. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain.”

“Well, as you said, it wouldn’t hurt me.” Kim continued to pump the black monster in my ass. Each time she went deeper until the whole thing was balls deep. Through the pain, I knew I would get revenge, and it would be sweet.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Claire pulling a 12-inch double-headed dildo out of her bag of toys. I thought, what else are they going to do to me? She picked up the bottle of lube, poured some over her new friend. She slipped up behind Kim, who was leaning forward with her cock deep in my ass and her exposed ass high. Claire began to rub the dildo over Kim’s swollen clit and pussy. Then slipped it between her labia lips, easing it deeper until she had the head completely inside of her. Claire then pulled it out and slipped it over Kim’s rosebud. She pressed it against her sphincter, applying a small amount of pressure until Kim relaxed, allowing the head to slip in a little.

Claire leaned forward, pressing her mouth close to Kim’s ear. “Do you want more?” she said in a soft voice.

“Yes, please.”

Claire slipped three more inches inside Kim’s wanton ass.

“Oh, ya, that’s it.” Kim moaned.

Kim drove forward, pushing her big black dildo deep in my ass, then moving backward, forcing the double dildo inside her waiting ass.

On the next thrust forward, Claire spun around, lined up the other end with her own ass hole, then pushed backward against Kim’s backward motion, forcing the play toy deep into each other’s ass.

It must have been a sight, all three of us with dildos deep in our asses. Kim continued her assault on my ass, thrusting forward and back, all the while fucking herself and Claire at the same time.

“Oh, My, God, Fuck my ass Claire. Make me cum.”

“Oh, Kim, push your hard cock deeper in my ass.”

Kim and Claire were fiercely fucking each other, and then. Kim screamed out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Claire then yelled out, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming too.”

They both fell to the ground, pulling the massive plastic appendage from my ass. My ass hole was so gagging open, I felt the air rushing in and the lube oozing out and down my butt crack.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink of water,” Kim said.

“Me too, let’s go get some. What about him.” Claire nodded towards me.

He’ll be OK right here. He’s not going anywhere.”

I laid there with my legs and arms tied, my ass wide open for hours. The sun had gone down, and the room became dark. After hours I heard the door slowly opening. I could not make out who was next to me, but I did feel one of the girls start to rub some cool lotion on my ass hole to help my throbbing pain. On the other side, someone was undoing the binding around my ankles as my legs came down.

I heard Kim softly say, “We are so sorry. We never intended to go this far. We were a little drunk and just got carried away. Will you please ever forgive us?”

“We will do anything you want, just please forgive us,” Claire said.

“We will be good from now on. Please say you forgive us.

“Tim, we know we went way too far, and we are scared that you might do something. So, before I undo your hands, please say yes. You forgive us.”

I was filled with rage and anger, wanting revenge, but I knew they still had the upper hand and would need to make them feel safe in order to get them to untie me.

“Don’t worry, you might have got carried away, but we all had fun, didn’t we? I mean, I don’t want to be fucked like this every day, but once in a while would be cool.” I said, lying through my teeth. All the time, thinking I would get my revenge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32