Christmas Carol Ch. 01

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When I was in college in the early 80’s, I met a hot little thing named Carol. We met at a frat party. She was an English Lit. major, I was pre-med. We hit it off immediately and soon were quite the talk of our social circle. I don’t specifically remember our first sexual encounter because it is lost in the hurricane that was our time together.

Carol was insatiable.

She never missed a chance to jump me. Anytime or anywhere!!

But this story is about what is the most memorable events of our time together.

It was Christmas break and I had decided to take her home. She lived in a Chicago suburb and we attended school in Indiana.

I took her home to save her parents having to come down to get her. Never hurts to get brownie points with the parents! We arrived at their house 2 days before Christmas and they settled me in a basement bedroom.

Carol had failed to mention she was the fifth of six kids, so her parent’s place was HUGE. 5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, my God I’d never seen anything like it in my life.

The first day was all about them getting to know me. Three of Carol’s siblings were home plus her Mom and Dad. As an only child I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of question from her family. It was a very exhausting experience.

The second day (Christmas Eve) went much better and by evening Carol’s father and I were sipping bourbon by the fireplace and talking cars. We were both car nuts and our tastes were very similar. Time got away from me and next thing I know it’s 2AM. I politely excused myself and went to bed.

I must have had more to drink than I realized and fell asleep almost instantly. I’m normally a light sleeper, but between the booze and the stress of the day I didn’t wake up until Carol’s wet pussy enveloped my face and her mouth found my rapidly hardening cock.

While she was riding my tongue, she proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had. We had a race going on to see who could make the other cum first.

Unfortunately, she had a big headstart and I was working hard to catch up. Needless to say I lost, but not by much. I shot my load down her throat and before she could swallow it all, I had her cumming. I’m glad she had a mouthful of my cock, because she was moaning so loudly, I was afraid someone would hear us.

She turned around and snuggled up next to me and whispered in my ear. “I have a Christmas present for you tomorrow, but you must agree to do as I say with no questions.”

Did I mention Carol had a kinky streak. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew it was going to be good!

I agreed.

Now that the rules were established, Carol crawled on top of me and impaled herself on my reawakened cock. I reached up and grabbed her tits while she rode me. Once again I was sure we would be overheard when she started panting and moaning and when she came she buried her face in my pillow.

I wasn’t done yet so I rolled her over on her back, slammed my cock back in her pussy, causing her to pant and moan again. I drilled her for about 15 minutes then grunted and filled her up with my cum.

We cuddled for awhile, then she gave my cock a final squeeze, kissed me and went to bed.

There would be no sleeping in today as it was Christmas Day. If anything everyone was up early getting ready for the family gift exchange.

When I didn’t appear promptly, Carol’s Mom stuck her head in my room and told me to get with it or they’d start without me. Only having about 3 hours of sleep, I rather wished they would, but Carol would kill me, so I got up.

Fortunately I wasn’t the only one looking bad, Carol’s Dad had a massive hangover, so I claimed I did too.

The day was a blur of food, family and festivities and was over, thankfully, about 10 PM. I went to bed, exhausted.

In all honesty, I had forgotten about Carol’s “gift” mostly because I was too tired to think. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Some time later, I detect movement in the room. It was dark, but the LED readout on the bedside clock put off just enough light to see shapes, nothing more.

I felt Carol pull up the blanket at the bottom of the bed and slide in. Slowly she made her way up to my cock.

Since I have always slept nude, there was nothing to stop her from sticking me in her hot mouth.

Again, she sucked me like the expert she was. It didn’t take me long to shoot my load down her kaçak iddaa throat.

When she was done, she slid up next to me and whispered “Lay still.”

I nodded my answer. I started to reach for her tits, but she slapped away my hand. “Lay still” she hissed.

I did as I was told and was rewarded with her on her hands and knees, dangling her tits in my face while she tied my hands and feet to the bed.

“No hands” She giggled, so I sucked her nipples and nuzzled her as best I could. I could tell she was getting worked up so it was no surprise when she sat back and stuffed my cock in her pussy.

God it felt so good, I… Wait!,… What?

I may not be able to see, but I know that whoever is sitting on my cock is NOT Carol! I’ve had enough lovers to know every pussy feels different, and this one feels DIFFERENT!!

While I’m having this epiphany, whoever owns this pussy is expertly working on me with it.

Even if I wanted to stop, which I did NOT, I couldn’t.

She was obviously enjoying herself and starting to moan softly. I couldn’t reach her, being tied up, so trying to gather further information as to who she was was useless.

Not wanting to overthink this too much, I continue to let her fuck me til she cums. Again, very similar to Carol, but NOT identical.

After her orgasm, she picks up the pace in order to get me off. Given her skill level, she succeeds rapidly and I fill her pussy with my cum. She leans down and gives me a tongue sucking kiss, unties me, then gets up and leaves.

Now I have time to think about what just happened.

Who was this?

Who did I just fuck?

Carol has 2 sisters, her older sister Marilyn and her younger sister Robin.

Marilyn is 2 years older than Carol and is about the same height and build, maybe a little bustier.

Her younger sister Robin however is another story. She’s 3-4 inches taller than her sisters and has fiery red hair where her sisters are brunettes. She’s also drop dead gorgeous and busty.

I wasn’t really sure which one it was since she dangled her tits over me, I had a hard time judging size with only my face.

Sleep ended my internal discussion.

At breakfast, Carol was sitting next to me and Marilyn and Robin were across the table from us. Carol nuzzled my ear and whispered how much she’d enjoyed last night.


She’s fucking with me, she doesn’t want me to know I just fucked her sister.

I look at her a bit puzzled, but figured I’d play along and see where this goes. I told her she was better than she’d ever been.

If she was going to break character that should do it.

She didn’t even flinch, so I knew she was testing me to see if I suspected anything.

Now I just needed to figure out which sister I fucked.

I engaged her sisters in small talk and noticed Marilyn wouldn’t look me in the eyes.


We have a winner.

We had a busy day planned. We were going downtown to Water Tower Place and do some shopping. We got back around dinnertime and stuffed ourselves on leftovers and sat around the fireplace.

Once again, Carol’s Dad broke out the bourbon. He enjoyed educating me on the complexities of good bourbon and was impressed that I was even interested at my age.

Around midnight, I went to my room. I had my own bathroom, so I decided to take a shower before bed.

Next thing I know, the lights go out.

Great, just what I need, a power outage or blown fuse.

Just then a set of hands surround my stomach and make a beeline for my cock.

OK, then. Maybe a REALLY friendly axe murderer?

I guess Carol couldn’t wait for me to get done.

I turn around intent on kissing her and hit her in the nose with my forehead.


She’s taller than Carol, and taller than Marilyn as well, so it’s got to be Robin!!

I’ve been lusting after Robin since I first laid eyes on her. I also happen to have a thing for redheads. I grab a double handful of those luscious tits and suck her tongue out of her mouth.

She whimpers softly as we kiss, then I release my liplock “Hello Robin” I say.

She freezes momentarily then shyly says “Hi”.

Now that they know I know what’s going on I decide to get some answers.

I flick on the light and drink in the body of this little minx. My God she was beautiful. Pale skin, light pink areolas sporting erect nipples, nice waist, stunning kaçak bahis ass and wispy red pubic hair. She didn’t need to trim her pussy, she didn’t have all that much.

I immediately dropped to my knees and stuck my tongue in her slit. That beautiful red hair tickled my nose, I was in heaven.

She squealed and grabbed my head.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid her out without ever removing my tongue from her cleft. Now I kicked things into overdrive. I really worked her over, licking from her asshole to her clit and back. She was nearly screaming, clawing at my back and flailing around. When she came, she nearly crushed my head.

After she calmed down, I asked her to tell me what in the hell was going on.

She said she wouldn’t.


“I’ll just carry you bare-ass naked upstairs and drop you on your parents bed, like to try to explain that”?

Just to let her know I wasn’t kidding, I scooped her up, threw her over my shoulder and started for my door (nevermind I was still naked myself).

“OK I’ll talk”. She relented.

I laid her back on the bed and crawled in next to her.

“Carol came home at Thanksgiving and told us all about you.” She explained. “She said you were cute, you were VERY good in bed and you were HUGE.”


“I’m 5’8″ 140 lbs, I wouldn’t call that huge.” I said.

“No, silly, your cock is huge.” She laughed.

Boy I felt stupid, but in my defense, I’m not that big. I’m only 7-1/2″ long, but I’m 6-1/2″ around, so maybe I’m wide?

She said they didn’t believe Carol so they wanted to see for themselves. Robin said it took her and Marilyn from then til about a week ago to talk her into it. Finally she relented, and they hatched this plan.

“Now, I want to see for myself if she’s right, on your back mister.” She commanded.

Not wanting to disappoint her I laid back.

For a second or two, she just stared at my cock. The longer she looked, the bigger it got and the bigger her eyes got.

“Impressive”, she finally stammered.

With that, she leaned in and slid her lips down my shaft. She proceeded to really work me over. It didn’t take too long for her to get a mouthful of cum. Emulating her sisters, she swallowed it all.

“Length”, not the problem. “She said “That things a jawbreaker.”

“I don’t know about that, but I do know it’s a pussy splitter, and it’s time to split yours.” I leered.

The look on her face was one of abject terror mixed with carnal lust. I could almost hear her thoughts.

“Will it fit”?

“What if it won’t”?

“Just fuck him stupid, you’ll never get another chance”.

While she was having her internal conflict, I put her legs on my shoulders and started to work my cock into her pussy.

At first, I wasn’t sure I’d get in her, but I started rubbing her clit and as she got worked up, she got really wet and started to open up. Once I was completely in her, I looked her in the eyes and asked her how she wanted it.

“Fuck me Goddamnit before I scream.” Was all she said.

With that, I really let her have it. I fucked her so hard, I was afraid I’d break her. I slammed in and out of that tight little pussy til I was panting and sweating like I’d been running a marathon.

After about 20 minutes of this, she’d blown her way through at least 3 orgasms, chewing on her arm so she wouldn’t scream. I couldn’t hold out any more and unloaded my balls into her spasming pussy.

After we’d caught our breath, she said I was even better that Carol had said and if things didn’t work out between Carol and me, give her a call.

I told her I’d keep that in mind, but I had one more thing I wanted her to do for me.

“Anything.” Was her answer.

With that, I picked her up, kissed her deeply, and headed for the bedroom door.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She nearly screamed.

I ignored her and buck naked, started upstairs.

I was REALLY hoping her parents were sleeping and I told her to be quiet or her father was going to kill us both.

I went straight to Carol’s room, opened the door and walked in.

Much to my surprise, both Carol and Marilyn were in there. Come to find out that after Robin was done, she was supposed to report back and they would compare notes.

“Hello ladies.” I said as I stepped in.

Carol, looking shocked, said “Get your ass in here you dumb fuck, if Dad sees you he’ll illegal bahis kill us all.”

So there I sat in Carol’s room with both of her sisters. I was naked, Robin was naked and Marilyn was getting that way.

Carol said we all needed to go back to my room if we were going to do this so noise wouldn’t be such the problem.

“OK by me!!” I said.

One by one, we went downstairs.

Carol was the only one wearing clothes, she hadn’t managed to get naked before we left, so she waited until last to go downstairs just in case someone saw us.

Back in my room, I told them I only had 1 rule. “The fucking lights stay on.” “If I’m gonna fuck this much grade A pussy, I want to see it.”

First on the agenda was Marilyn. I hadn’t seen her naked and I hadn’t eaten her pussy. Time to fix that problem and with that, started to tongue fuck her.

Oddly, her pussy looked just like Carol’s, but did taste distinctly different.

Seeing my rock hard cock, both Carol and Robin dove on it taking turns sucking on it.

It wasn’t too long before Marilyn shrieked and came, covering my face with pussy juice. Mmmm, yummy!

Shortly after that, I came covering Carol’s face and tits with my cum.

Robin was more than happy to help her clean up.

With that, I grabbed Carol.

It’d been 2 days since she’d been fucked and I knew she’d be horny beyond reason. I buried my face in her lap and started to eat her until I got her really worked up. I pulled away and started to rub my cock up and down her slit until she begged me to fuck her. Not wanting to disappoint, I jammed my cock into her. She was so horny, she nearly bit off her own tongue trying not to scream.

I pounded her while watching Robin stick her fingers in her pussy.

After I’d made Carol cum for the second time, I shot her full of my goo.

Robin rolled me off of Carol and started sucking me for all she was worth. It didn’t take long for me to get hard again at which point she mounted me.

Not wanting to be left out Marilyn sat on my face.

My hands were still free so I sought out Carol and fingered her dripping pussy.

I still get hard thinking about that night.

We went at it most of the night, and contrary to the typical sister stories, they never had sex with each other, only me.

After that night, Carol told me I couldn’t have sex with her sisters anymore. I was never supposed to find out. She wasn’t mad and didn’t regret anything, she just wanted me for herself.

The rest of my time there was relatively uneventful comparatively speaking. Carol and I had sex EVERY night and not much sleeping was done.

The one exception was Robin.

She took great joy in teasing me every chance she got.

True to my word I didn’t have sex with her, but I watched her masturbate and I beat off on her tits and ass more than once. I also ate her sweet pussy a couple times. I just couldn’t resist that beautiful red hair.

God, she was almost as horny as her sister!

Finally it was time to go home, and part of me was glad. I needed the rest, but I still had to survive the drive.

After the third time I had to pull over and fuck Carol, we decided to just leave our clothes off.

The truck drivers loved this part as Carol had an exhibitionist streak and loved waving her naked ass at them as she sucked my cock. Or she’d lay back in the seat and stick her fingers in her pussy.

The drive home would normally have taken 4 hours. It took 7.

Neither one of us could walk and my car smelled like a whorehouse. No regrets.

I broke up with Carol about a year later. Turns out that sex isn’t everything. After we fucked, we didn’t have much to talk about. She was into literature, art and such and I was all about hard science and medicine. We really didn’t have much in common, except raging libidos.

I really miss Carol at times, but I know marriage would have been a disaster.

I hadn’t thought about Carol in a very long time and probably wouldn’t have except I got a Facebook friend request from her recently. Seems she’s recently divorced from a guy she calls “the dickless wonder”. She made it clear she needs a good fucking and wanted to know if I might be interested. No strings, no commitment, just sex and lots of it.(PS. Robin says hello)

God knows I’m considering it.

My wife has never been able to keep up with me. Menopause has also pretty much killed what little libido she had.

I have a conference in Chicago (she’s still in that area) coming up soon and have agreed to see her. I’m not real sure what’s going to happen, guess I’ll find out.

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