Chapter 02: “…fuck”

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Chapter Two: “…fuck.”

As she approached her driveway, she noticed a familiar car.

“Fuck.” She pulled in beside it, and paying no mind to it quickly made for her front door.

“Sarah?” Jared called, getting out of his car, “Sarah, we need to talk, please.”

“Now is not the time, Jared,” she said, dropping her keys, her anxiety getting the better of her. “I know what you want and I don’t have it.”

He stopped at the bottom of the steps to her front porch, “And what is that?”

“What is what?” she said, exasperated.

“What do I want?” Her eyes made brief contact with hers. Grief. Grief and pleading filled his eyes, bloodshot from… crying, maybe?

She softened, “Answers. I don’t have any. I still have to unpack all of this myself, but it looks like we at least get a bit of what the other is going through. I’ll tell you this, for what it’s worth, I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

He took a deep, shuddering, breath and looked as if the tears might break loose again. “Ok… I’m sorry, too. When, or if, you’re ready, can we talk?”

“Yeah, sure. Let’s just take some time,”

“Ok.” He made for his car.

She heard it start as she closed and locked the door. “For fuck’s sake, David, who didn’t you hurt last night?” She made it as far as her living room and collapsed into her large purple bean bag, sinking into its memory foam. She sipped her coffee and nearly melted. Tim, as usual, had made her the perfect cup of joe. She felt thankful as she finally started to parse through the events of the previous night.

Jess and Jared were a power couple, matched only by herself and David. They were all partner’s at Jared’s real estate agency, Trifecta Real Estate, named after the fact that Jared’s dad had gotten the seed money for the business betting on horses. Between the four of them, business was booming, they had money and even some small influence among their local community. David would often brag to potential clients about selling houses in the same neighborhood to local politicians. They carved out a good living, along with it a couple million dollar homes and nice cars. They made the long hours worth it. Still, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. When it came time to play, well, they were swingers.

Sarah thought back to the first time they’d shared. It had been her and Jess’s idea. Both Jared and David had worked together to close a big deal and had been putting in extra time at work.             

“We thought we’d surprise them,” she murmured between sips of coffee.

The weekend after the closing they met up for drinks. Both eryaman otele gelen escort she and Jess were wearing the typical little black dress: Jess’s with short sleeves and a deep v that barely contained her large breasts and Sarah’s strapless and curve hugging, seeming held on by sheer force of will, as if any second she could just decide to be naked, and there she’d be, bare to the world. Their men were dressed nice, and she liked that she caught both of them noticing the ladies’ efforts. She still remembered the smell of Jess’s subtle perfume, which wasn’t surprising, by the end of the night she was all but covered in it.

Throughout the evening she and Jess dropped hints, flirting here and there, a touch, a wink, a glance, until they left the bar when she gave Jess a deep, passionate kiss, before parting and smiling at their stunned partners.

“Hurry home boys. We want to show you something.” They left the boys and sped off in Jared’s car, speeding home and leaving them in a state of confused eagerness. Beating them home she and Jess had time to have some fun, just the two of them. When their husbands finally caught up, the scene they walked in on was porngraphic. Sarah remembered being tied up like she was giftwrapped, big, flamboyant bows constricting her wrists and ankles. On her hands and knees the men walked in on them with Sarah’s face buried in between Jess’s legs, Jess moaning softly as this wasn’t Sarah’s first rodeo. Hearing the door close, Sarah lifted her face, lips and chin glistening from a combination of bodily fluids and smiled, “Finally, the dicks are here.”

She remembered rolling onto her back, presenting her hogtied state while Jess stood up, face flushed, and hungry for more and walked to her husband. Taking his hand she led him back to Sarah, whispering, “She’s for you, and I’m for David.” He’d hesitated a moment, looking down at Sarah, drinking her in. She could almost feel his eyes caress her before saying, “It’s ok Jared, I’ve noticed you noticing me.”

“Wait, what about me?” David teased as Jess walked over to him, thin hemp rope in hand.

“You’re for me,” she whispered, biting her lower lip and taking his hands behind his back. “And I’ve been waiting for you a long time.” She led him out of the room with his hands tied as both Sarah and Jared watched.

Jared turned back to Sarah and took another moment to take her in. Her tousled auburn hair had been released from the bun he’d seen at the bar and lay sprawled around her head. His eyes traced the curve of her breasts, down her chest, past her navel to the shock of pubic hair just above sincan escort her sex. He sank to the floor beside her and reached out a hesitant hand, and untied her wrists and ankles.

Confused, Sarah said, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong, I just want to be touched back when I touch you for the first time.” With that he picked up her naked form with surprising strength and carried her to the large sectional couch. His hands felt warm and rough against her skin, and as he cradled her into the couch he leaned down and met her lips with his. He smelled, she thought for a moment, like a fresh shave, like a man, and she was even more excited at the thought that she was about to get well fucked. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she accepted it, playing across it with her own, reaching her hands down to undo his belt buckle.

He let her struggle for a moment before gently removing her hands. She sat up in anticipation while he undid and slid down his pants, revealing his bulging boxer briefs. She couldn’t resist and let her hands glide over his underwear, feeling his member through them. It was nearly as long as her arm. He put his hands at his sides, letting her explore, and she got her fingers into his waistband and pulled down. A couple of tugs and his cock had sprung to attention inches from her soft lips.

She eyed it for a moment, satisfied, and smiled at him while she took him into her mouth, filling herself with him. It was quickly obvious he was too big for her mouth, but still he moaned softly and cupped the back of her head so he could fuck her face a bit better. She danced her tongue around the bottom of his tip before letting him push in as far as he could, letting her mouth tighten around his erect member, choking slightly as he forced it against the back of her throat. With a small cough she pulled herself off of him, his cock coated thick with spit and shining in the dim light. Her hands seemed tiny when she reached up and wrapped them both around his heavy shaft and started to pump, his loaded gun pointed into her open mouth. Sticking her tongue out she lapped at his tip while stroking, eliciting loud moans of pleasure from her friend’s husband.

Then without warning, he lost patience. She found herself on her back with his hands holding her ankles high, struggling with surprise she felt it, wet and heavy. He was pressing his well endowed part against her slightly unprepared pussy. She thought about stopping him, but was too desperate for it, for him. She found that she needed him, needed him inside her that very moment. Luckily, Jess had performed elvankent escort the foreplay for him, and thanks to her mouth, his cock was more than wet and ready.

He pushed and she stretched with pleasure, letting out a curse and a pleasured moan with the same breath. He was maybe halfway in before he pulled out again. She dug her nails into his sides and pulled his hips towards her, pulling him back inside her, deeper than before, stretching again, but still, she knew she had to have more. She wanted every inch she could take. On his third stroke she let out an exhausted yell as he filled her completely.

“Fuck me.” She made a simple request and he obliged, maintaining a steady rhythm. He moved his hands down to her hips, she rested her ankles on his shoulders. She let out a small gasp with every stroke. Her eyes filled with pleasure, met his, determined, he looked back at her, almost scrutinizing her. She realized that he was concentrating… on her pleasure? For each of her gasps of pleasure he reacted with intensity, for each moan his eyes glistened, patiently waiting for what was already welling up inside of her.

“Jared, I’m going to cum.” She managed to stammer between breathy moans. “I want it. I want yours.” She whispered, “I want yours inside me.” Something changed in his eyes and his thrusts became stronger, and it wasn’t long before the stillness inside her exploded.

“I’m cumming,” she yelled before convulsing against him. She could feel him spasming, too. Looking up she could see his eyes rolled back in his head, but couldn’t hear him grunting over the sound of her own pleasured screaming. She felt a fullness that she had never felt before, full of him and his gift as he collapsed on top of her, kissing whatever he could find with exhausted lips. She wrapped her arms around him as she heard sounds from other parts of the house.

There was a creak of a heavy door and out walked Jess, completely nude, leading Sarah’s husband (also, completely nude.)

“Your husband wanted me to show you the gift he gave me.” Jess said as she neared, and in the dim light of the living room Sarah could now make out the thick ropes of cum that lay across Jess’s face. “I was going to make a snack of it unless you wanted to share.”

Sarah giggled as she noticed her husband’s sheepish grin, realizing that Jared, catching his breath, was still inside her. She gave him a kiss on the forehead as she slid out from underneath him, his ‘gift’ spilling out a bit with his cock. “Mmm, I have a gift of my own to enjoy, shall we go clean up?”

With a start Sarah woke, coffee still upright in her hand, though now much cooler.

“What time is it,” she wondered aloud, checking her phone only to find a dozen or so missed calls. “David,” she sighed, “I haven’t got time for you right now.” She crawled out of the bean bag chair and stumbled off to the bathroom.

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