Casey the Life Changer

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This is how my life, of which I thought was just about as perfect as guy could want, changed.

My name is Jake.. I am 35 years old and married to Judy. Who in my eyes is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is a 5’9 120lbs brunette bombshell of a lady. We have known each other since we where freshman in high school. We met because she became my sister Beth’s best friend in high school.. my sister and I are twins.

Judy and my sister were inseparable growing up after they first met. One could go no ware without the other it seemed. They where always asked if they where sisters because they look a lot alike. Beth and I don’t really look anything alike.

Most people can’t tell that we are related. I’m 6’4 225lbs with dark almost black hair and She is a 5’9″ brunette and built similar to Judy. In high-school my sister and I didn’t really hang out that much. Even though I always had a crush on Judy I was to afraid to ask her out because I thought Beth would freak out and try to sabotage it some how. Beth could be a bit of a bully sometimes with regards to me. I don’t know why. Maybe she thought because she was 5 mins older or some shit that she could be that way.

Anyway it wasn’t until I graduated college and came back home that Judy started to actually notice me. I had started to workout while in college and toned up pretty well.. she is the one that approached me for a date. And after that first date we became inseparable.. I know that Beth was a little upset with me about it because I was taking time away from her best friend but it seemed as though she got over it as we got older. everything became OK between me and her over time. Judy and Beth remained the closest friends. Judy and I decided to not have kids so we could spend our money on the things we want to do and have fun. Not that there is anything wrong with kids, it just isn’t for us.

I was able to start my own business being a contractor and became quite successful at it making a very nice living. Judy didn’t have to work even though she started her own yoga studio and it became pretty popular with the lady’s of our neighborhood. So with her money and mine we were living the good life some would say. Taking trips to Europe and Tahiti.. we were having a blast with each other.

My sister Beth married this guy Doug. He seemed like a decent guy at the beginning but I always had a funny feeling about him that he was a scumbag deep down. Turns out I was right and he cheated on her after only 3 years and they got into a messy divorce. She asked if she could live with us because he had done some funny business with the money and left her with nothing much at all. and of course we agreed. I had built a guest/pool house in our backyard. So she could be out there without having to feel like she was imposing on us.

Then one day our next-door neighbors Ted and Melissa sold there house and in moved Casey.. she was a stunning and intimidating looking woman. She was only 5 ft tall with mid length reddish brown hair with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, thick thighs and a very nice ass and what I would guess is large c cup maybe d cup breasts. What made her intimidating even as small as she is because she is covered in tattoos and she was in very good shape. Like she was into some extreme cross fit. Her head was shaved on the sides and she wears the center part in a braid that came down to the middle of her back.. she has a crazy looking tribal tat on the side of her head that goes down the side of her neck and a scar that goes from the middle of her left ear to the bottom of her neck. her arms where very toned and she looked like she had been in a few fights in her life.

When we saw her pulling some boxes out of her truck Judy, Beth and I went over to say hi and introduce ourself.. she seemed very nice and I offered to help her unload the truck but she said no need she could do it and she has movers coming with the rest of her stuff. So we invited her over for dinner that night so she wouldn’t need to cook anything for herself since everything was packed. She accepted the invite and went back to unloading..

as we all walked into our house Beth looked at us and said. wow she is sexy isn’t she? Judy agreed that she had a powerful sex appeal about her.. I said she looks kinda crazy. Like some video game worrior that you would see in a fur loin cloth holding a big club with a skull on it or something.. they both laughed and said I was silly and that it will be nice to get to know her.

I fired up the grill and got ready to cook the dinner for everyone. BBQ ribs my specialty. That night around 7 Casey came over. She was wearing a tight fitting red tank top that said I heart milfs and some baggy basketball shorts. the girls seemed to hit it off. Beth was really hanging on every word she said. Laughing at every little joke or comment she made. I remember thinking she is acting like a little kid with a crush. Judy asked her about her tattoos. She was really covered in them.. full sleeves and on her back and stomach and also down her kocaeli escort legs. She pulled her shirt up to show off her stomach tats and had the words alpha going up in an arch on her abs which looked like they were carved out of stone.. and below that had the words bitch breaker that arched up just above the waist of her shorts. Judy asked why she had that on her and Casey just smiled and said that’s what the people who know me best call me. How come Beth asked? Casey just smiled again and said if you know me long enough you will know why.

I asked about her scar.. she told us a story about a jealous ex boyfriend of a girl she was seeing tried to stab her one night a few years back and she fought him off and broke jaw and his arm. But not before she got that cut. I asked if that is why she moved. She said no that she is a yoga and cross fit trainer and decided to move to our neighborhood to hopefully be able to open up a studio of her own.

That got Judy going and they started talking all about yoga and cross fit and I tuned out. That’s just something that I’m not interested in really.. so I started to clean up while the girls visited. I got everyone drinks as the night carried on and made sure everyone was comfortable. Judy asked me to bust out the wine and That’s when the weirdness started for me. as they started tipping back the glasses and getting a little tipsy Casey would make comments to Beth or Judy about how sexy they are and how some good training sessions with her would do there body and minds right. Beth was all about it and Judy thought that she was in good shape already but seeing another perspective on yoga is never bad and she hadn’t really tried cross fit yet.

Casey also was making smart ass comments to me as I went about cleaning up from dinner and getting the girls drinks. she called me a little home maker and looks like the rolls are reversed in this house. I just laughed it off and continued on with what I was doing. Despite only being 5 foot tall she acted like she was much bigger and superior to me.

After a while I told the girls that I had to get on the computer and do some paperwork to get ready for the next day and went off to my office.

Judy came in the office about a hour or so later and asked if I was doing ok. I’m fine I said and just had a few more things to do. She asked me what I though of Casey. I told her that she was nice. She is a bit of a smart ass but she seemed cool. Judy agreed and said there was something very appealing about her but couldn’t put a finger on what it was. I told her it’s just because she is new and different than any of her other friends. She shrugged her shoulders and said I don’t know but your sister is infatuated with her. she might go lesbian on us and we both busted up laughing. she said that they were going out to the guest house and Casey was going to show them some work out routines.. I said ok and that I was probably going to go to bed. She kissed me as said come say goodnight to everyone before you head off to bed and walked out.

About a half hour later I logged off the computer and head to the kitchen to get some water. I could see the guest house from there and could hear some loud music playing and figured they were working out. So i went out to say goodnight. as I was coming up to the door I could hear Beth say holy shit that’s really going to stretch me out and I could hear Casey say I know but you will get used to it. Then I heard Judy say holy shit that’s unbelievable. I knocked on the door and could hear the scrambling around then Judy opened the door. She looked flushed and sweaty. I asked if she was ok and She said yes. I told her that I was going to bed and wanted to say goodnight to everyone.

So I stuck my head in the door Beth was sitting on the couch and Casey sitting in the chair right in front of Beth. Casey’s back was to me so she turned her head back to look at me. They all looked sweaty but I chalked that up to them working out. I told them I was going to bed and told Casey that it was nice to meet her and hoped we could hang out more. She got a big smile on her face and told me to sleep tight and that most definitely going to be hanging out more and Beth and Judy laughed a little. Judy said she would be up in a little while. I gave her a kiss and walked out.

I woke up around 230 in the morning and realized that Judy was still not in the room. I got up and looked out the window into the backyard and saw that the guest house lights were still on. I went down to the kitchen for some water and as I opened the fridge the backdoor opened up and in came Judy. she didn’t see me at first and she leaned against the door and kind of fan her face with her hand.. then she saw me standing by the fridge and it gave her a jump. she said she was sorry for it being so late she just had a good time working out and that she was going to run up and take a shower because she was all sweaty. I asked how the workout was and she said that Casey was a very very good teacher..

the kitchen was dark except kocaeli escort bayan for the light coming from the fridge that I had open so I couldn’t see her completely but she looked like she was all wet and slimy and her hair was a mess. And I thought to myself she has never look so unkept after a workout before. So I said ok see you up there and she took off up stairs.. as she left I could smell the stink on her. it was very strong. I didn’t remember her ever smelling that much after a work out before either. It didn’t even smell like her. It was very musky and pungent. I finished my water and decided to walk out to shut the swimming pool lights off and could hear the music still and a rhythmic thumping. A loud rhythmic thumping like aggressively loud. As I walked closer to the guest house I could hear my sister say holy fuck your fucking amazing where have u been all my life.. then a loud slap and I heard Casey say you like that shit?

I knew what was going on in there so I backed away. Although I didn’t REALLY know what was happening in there. Had I known then what I know now then maybe things would be different..

I just thought wow Beth really went to bat for the other side fast. I went back inside and up stairs. I also thought after her nasty divorce she probably needed something like this.. I don’t think she has been with anyone since it all happened.

As I got into the room I could smell that stink again and heard Judy in the shower. I was glad she was getting that smell off her.. it was super strong. I could smell it was coming from our closet so I opened the door and found her cloths in the dirty laundry basket and could immediately tell that it was coming from them. They were soaking wet and sticky. And I thought boy if she worked out that hard she was going to be soar tomorrow for sure. I took the basket down to the laundry room and threw them in the wash I didn’t want them staying in the room all night stinking the way they did.

I laid back down and Judy finally came to lay down with me and I asked her if she had a good time. She said yes and that Casey was a super good teacher and worked her over good. She was soar and I shouldn’t be surprised to see her walking funny tomorrow. I kind of laughed and told her I put her stuff in the wash.. she said o…ok you didn’t need to do that I would have done it. I told her they smelled and I didn’t want to smell it all night and it isn’t a big deal. And I don’t mind doing the little things for her. She gave me a kiss and hug and said I was awesome. I told her about what I heard when I shut the lights to the pool off and she said she knew about it and that those two will be seeing a lot of each other she is sure of it. I told her I was surprised how fast it happened and she said I told you there was something about her that was attractive and alluring.

I thought we’ll if my sister is getting some then so should I. So I slid up behind Judy and started rubbing on her. She kind of pushed me off and said not now baby. I’m tired and sore not tonight please.

I said i guess. I was kind of pissed. After making dinner and playing house maid all night i could have at least gotten a blowjob or something. so I just took a deep breath and we went off to sleep.

When I got up in the morning I took my shower and got ready for work before Judy got out of bed which was unusual. She would normally be up and making me coffee as I was showering but I figured she had a late night and she needed the sleep. As I was walking out of the room I noticed part of her ass was sticking out of the covers and both cheeks were all red like she had hit them with something hard. So I picked up the covers to look at her. The backs of her thighs were red and the tops of her shoulders too. I though Jesus what kind of workout did she do that did that to her. I’ve never seen her so worked over before.. but then again Casey is in great shape so see must know something I don’t or haven’t seen before. So I kissed her forehead and headed out the front door.

As I was walking to my truck I saw Casey come out of her front door dressed for a jog.. boy was she in good shape. I could see her abs because she was just in a sports bra and some super tight shorts. I could see her perfectly sculpted ass as she stretched. She saw me out of the corner of her eye and waved at me. So I said good morning and she walked over to me and asked if I slept good. I told her about waking up and seeing Judy just coming in at 230.she said sorry about that but Judy wanted to learn what it was like to workout with her. I said boy I guess. she was a mess when she came in.

Casey laughed and said yeah I do that to people.. some women can’t hang with me but she did just fine for her first time with a real workout. I said Judy tends to workout hard most days. Casey smiled and said trust me dude I’m a whole other level. I nodded and said I guess so she is all red on her ass and shoulders.. Casey got a big smile and laugh from that.. as Casey turned to jog away I noticed that there was a escort kocaeli sizable bulge in the front of her shorts and I kind of froze for a second. She caught me and just winked at me and said I’ll see ya later big guy. And started off on her jog. I really didn’t know what to think of that. She was way to good looking to be a guy and way to feminine looking everywhere else besides the muscle she had. So I just thought I was seeing things.

It was a long day of work so it was late when I got home. Judy was up and in the living room watching tv. she had dinner ready when I walked in.. she saw me and came and gave me a hug and kiss. And asked how my day was. I could tell she was walking a bit tenderly. I asked if she was ok and where Beth was because she was usually sitting with Judy when I was late coming home. She smiled and said she was fine just a little sore and told me Casey is over again and wiggled her eye brows at me letting me know that they were probably at it again. I was kind of shocked but I understood if it’s what Beth needed right now. I gave her the scoop on my day and we sat and ate together.

She told me my mom called. She was coming over on Saturday to take her and Beth out shopping and to do girls stuff.. after dinner we cleaned up the dishes and Judy asked me to take the trash out. So I grabbed the bag and went out to dump in the cans and I could hear that thumping coming from the guest house again. I could hear Beth moaning.. I just shook my head and went back inside. I could tell there was something off with Judy throughout the night. She was having a hard time looking me in the eyes and she was spacing out while I was talking to her. so I asked her if something was up and she told me no. But she wanted to talk to me about Casey joining her at the studio to help expand her business.

I thought it was a bit to soon to trust her with something like that.. we have only known her for a day.. Judy got kind of upset at first and was super defensive. But understood what I was saying and that I made sense but told me she would just try it as a trial period.. so I agreed but told her to keep her at arms length with the money side of things for a while. She got all excited and gave me a big ass hug and kiss and told me how great I was. I said I was going to go get a shower and she said she was going to go tell the girls that I agreed. i said she should probably wait for a while considering what I had heard going on in there. she laughed but said they were all girls and it was nothing she hadn’t seen already. I just laughed well if you want to go interrupt them go a head. they might get mad though. she just waved her hand at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about and said they will be fine with it and walked out back.

When I came down Casey was in the house with Judy but Beth wasn’t. So I said hi and asked where Beth was. Casey smiled and said I wore her out she is passed out. I laughed and said ok.. she said she appreciated that I was trusting her to work with Judy and that she would try her best to grow the business. We shook hands and sat and visited for a while. Casey’s presence had made Judy more like herself again.. not so distant. I started to feel the day catching up to me and it was about 10pm and I needed to get some sleep. So I got up and kissed Judy and told them goodnight. Casey told me that her and Judy were going to go to her place and workout again so they didn’t wake Beth or make to much noise and keep me awake. I asked Judy if she was sure because of how sore she seemed to be. And Casey laughed and said the best way to get over soreness was to work out again. You have to keep stretching those muscles she said with a smile.. I just shrugged and said if that’s what you want to do. Try not to work her over to bad and they both laughed and got up and walked out.

I was woken up by Judy coming in around 2 am again and she went straight to the bathroom to shower. She left the door open some and that smell hit me again. I turned to look at the bathroom door and I could see Judy getting out of her clothes. They didn’t look like they did the night before but her body was a mess. Her ass was all red again and even her boobs were red. Her hair was a matted mess and stuck to her face and forehead in some places. I though my God what kind of workout is this. She didn’t know I was woken up by her coming in. She was standing and staring at herself in the mirror I could see the smile on her face. She turned around to look at her ass and I could see that it was practically glowing with how red it was and I could see that her pussy was all red and swollen and. She then spun on her toes like a little girl and jumped into the shower.

The whole time she was in the shower I was just thinking what the fuck Is happening? no work out she has ever done has made her act like this or leave her marked up so much. Why would her pussy look like that? And then that bulge popped into my head and I thought no fucking way would Judy do that to me.. and plus I was just seeing things anyway.. that wasn’t a bulge that’s not what I saw it was just a weird angle. So I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Judy came in and laid down all careful like she was trying to not wake me and she was out within minutes. So I sat there the rest of the night wide awake.. I couldn’t get out of my own head.

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