Carny Ch. 02

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Brutus pushed the curtain aside and I stepped into the murky darkness, remaining still until she invited me to sit down. I found a chair in the corner and held my breath as she lit a candle behind the dressing partition, showing her sexy silhouette.

“So, you liked the show?”

I had to clear my throat and coughed into my hand a few times before speaking. “Uh, yeah. It was fantastic.”

“Good.” She turned to the side and I nearly moaned, my cock hardening in my pants when the heavy slope and thick nipple of her breasts came into sharp relief. “I wanted to make it good for you.”

“For me?”

“Well, for you and the young man you were with. You seemed to really be into the show.”

“I was.” I watched her slide a bra onto her body and fasten it, then follow with a blouse. “But it was because of you. I’ve never seen anything like what you did. You should be in Cirque de Soleil or something.”

“You think so?”

“Are you kidding? I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

“Really?” She came out from behind the screen in an aerodynamic wheelchair. “Even like this?”

The sight of her smooth nubs made my cock harden more and I shifted in the chair to keep my jeans from pinching. I abidinpaşa escort didn’t know why but her legless state was turning me on something fierce and I stared at them, my mouth literally watering. “Yes.”

She rolled over to me and I could see the beauty of her face. Her wide eyes were a deep blue, like the Caribbean sea and her mouth was a devastating shade of rose. She reached out and touched my hand and the calluses caught my skin. Without thinking, I turned her hand over and rubbed my fingertips against them, massaging them thoughtfully. She leaned in and I caught the scent of oranges in her hair.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

A spurt of adrenalin shot through me at her words and her hand gave me a quick squeeze, effectively leaving me speechless. “I … I … “

“Don’t be shy. That’s why I invited you back. I saw the look on your face and I knew it.”

She squeezed me again and I moaned, opening my legs wider as she left her hand in my lap, caressing the hard outline of my cock. “Yeah, I want to fuck you.”

“Good. I thought you were going to disappoint me for a minute.”

I grabbed her behind the neck and pulled her mouth down to mine adana escort while my hand searched for and fell on her warm knee, circling around the nub. As my tongue circled around her mouth, I let my hand wander along her stump, caressing the scarred flesh and absorbing the warmth of her skin. She shivered when I dipped in between her legs, smoothing upward along her thigh until I reached the cotton gusset of her thong. Wetness met my fingertips and our moans mingled.

“Jesus, you’re wet for me already.”

“What did you expect?” She answered my whisper. “It’s not very often that a good-looking guy with blond hair and blue eyes wants to fuck me.”

“You’re kidding me.” I rubbed her cotton-clad slit, humming in appreciation as she pressed against my fingers. “A babe like you … “

“A legless babe like me.” She corrected, breaking the kiss and pulling back to gaze at me. “You forgot legless.”

“I didn’t forget.” I slipped my fingers past the fabric and pressed into her hot box, loving the way she grabbed my shoulders and hitched her hips forward. “That’s what’s got me so hot?”

“My having no legs makes you hot?” Her voice was shaking, quivering with emotion.

“Very much so.”

Lacey adıyaman escort whimpered as I pushed my fingers all the way into her, throwing that luscious head of hair back and emptying her lungs in one long gasp. Her pussy muscles gripped my hand and she came, greasing me from fingertip to wrist. I held her shaking body close, pulling my hand away and taking a deep whiff of her feminine essence. She tasted even sweeter.

“Do you have to stay here tonight? Can you come home with me?”

She lifted her head and focused glassy eyes on me. “I don’t even know you.”

“My name is Steven.” I carefully licked my fingers, enjoying every bit of her fragrant cream and I smiled at the dark look of lust that passed behind her beautiful eyes. “Steven Parker and I promise, sincerely promise that I will not hurt you and will bring you back here whenever you say.”

“I want to believe you,” I heard the hesitation in her voice and gazed into her eyes, taking her hand and raising it to my chest so that she could feel my pounding heart. “But how can I trust you?”

“You feel that?” I let her palm hear the pulse of my heart, then guided it down to my crotch, letting her feel how hard my dribbling cock was. “I’m at your mercy, Lacey. Your wish is my command.”

I gasped as she gave my cock a squeeze and her lovely face brightened. “I’m scared to death but my heart’s telling me to trust you.” Her lips connected with mine and I kissed her deeply. “All right, Steven. Take me home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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