Cannonball Kate (Amsterdam)

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After a couple of years ‘playing the field’ the delectable Kate found her match in a guy called Gerald. He was about her age and a car salesman. According to her intermittent phone calls he was ‘hung like a horse’ and ‘knew how to use it!’ They got married inside a year of meeting and he appeared to keep her satisfied sexually; although we did meet up a couple of times when I stayed in her area; but it was nothing like those first few years; how could it be? If for no other reason than I was now in my fifties with a libido that was being slowed up because of my medication for ‘man problems.’

Sadly the marriage came to a shabby end a few months before her 30th birthday. We met for dinner where she poured her heart out and ended with me tying the now blonde Katie up and fucking her with a variety of sex toys in both her cunt and arse hole; much to her orgasmic delight.

A couple of weeks later after one of our sexy phone calls, I mentioned that I would be visiting clients in Germany and Holland the following week., and Kate mentioned that she’d always wanted to visit Amsterdam…especially the Red Light Area.

I laughed; but she sort of invited herself along to that part of the trip as ‘an early birthday present.’

The following Wednesday evening I met her at Schipol Airport; then we drove to my hotel in the centre of the city. We dropped off her bags then walked around looking for a restaurant; coincidentally via the Red Light District. Kate was soon in her element checking out the girls in the ‘windows’ and being stunned at what was available in the Sex Shop windows; and was all questions during our meal, making me promise to take her into a shop (or two).

My young lover was a bit merry after sharing a bottle of wine and was giddy with excitement as we made our way along the first canal am in arm until we found a shop that looked ‘interesting.’ Inside she flicked through some mags and her eyes were like saucers when she saw the massive collection of dildos and vibrators.

Two shops later I thought she was going to explode with sexual tension; then she saw a sign at the back “these booths have Glory Holes – no extra charge.”

Puzzled she asked what it meant.

“It is mostly a gay thing, but guys push their dicks through a hole and the person on the other side sucks them off.” I laughed.

With a look of astonishment on her pretty little face Katie giggled then whispered, “Can I take a look?”

“Of course.” I smiled, then winked at the guy sitting behind the desk. I nearly had to hold her back as we made our way down a dark corridor, before choosing a booth towards the end. Inside was a TV and a slot that took €1 coins to watch pornos. I slipped in €5 and let Katie choose one that had a young blonde housewife getting gang-banged (a fantasy of hers that we had often discussed). After a couple of minutes, she was squirming in her seat and flicking her eyes between the screen and the gaffer-taped holes in the walls either side of us. Soon the cloth on one moved and two fingers appeared. She was a bit shocked and looked at me. I smiled as reassurance and whispered that ‘if she wanted to take it further to stroke the fingers.’

Katie bit her lip then pulled a face; as if to say ‘I am not sure’ then slowly ran her fingers along the man’s hand.

The fingers were removed and instantly replaced by a short thick uncircumcised cock. Katie looked back at me and grinned; then as I shrugged my shoulders she moved closer and began stroking it with her well manicured fingers, making it twitch and grow a bit longer. The sexy young housewife’s breathing was getting shallower as she mentally prepared herself for her next action. Without a look at me she moved forward and lifted the dick towards her mouth, then kissed the knob which was poking out of the foreskin. Seconds later she had her hand wrapped around the shaft and was slowly wanking it, before sensuously sliding her ruby red lips over the fat purple knob; until she was in a world of her own rampantly sucking some strangers cock. After two or three minutes she realised her skills were tipping him over the edge casino şirketleri and quickly moved her head but kept on tugging until he let out a gasp and a string of grey cum covered her hand; making her laugh out loud when a second load oozed out onto the bare floor.

“What now?” She grinned.

“Fucked if I know?” I laughed as the cock disappeared back behind the curtain. “There’s always that one!” I nodded towards the other wall where a very stiff, long thin dick as poking out like a trophy. Without a word Katie swivelled on her chair and began stroking it for a few seconds before bending forward and showering it with kisses then sucking it like the previous one. This time I stood behind her rubbing and stroking her tits; gradually unbuttoning her shirt and unclipping her bra. With barely a wiggle she was topless and squashed her huge floppy tits around the strangers cock, as she licked the tip on the upward strokes. I wasn’t surprised as he suddenly blew his load, with some landing on her chin, but the rest on her tits, which she used as lube to keep his cock sliding between her mammaries, until he had nothing left and unceremoniously pulled it back through the Glory Hole; only to be replaced by a third from the original booth.

Katie swivelled again and took the cock straight into her mouth as spunk dripped off her floppy tits.

After a minute, I tapped her on the arse and motioned for her to stand up; and when she did I pulled her trousers and knickers down and gave her bald, juicy cunt a real good fingering as she sucked and titty-fucked her third stranger’s cock of the night; until she gasped and began trembling as an almighty orgasm made her deep throat the cock, which in turn made him cum deep down her neck. With cum running out of her grinning lips Katie slid onto the floor where she immediately began fingering herself with her legs as wide apart as her trousers would allow; for my eyes only. It didn’t take long; and when she did she squirted a jet of juice a good couple of feet across the room.

Without a word I offered my hankie to help clean her up; before she got dressed. As we walked back along the corridor the enormity of what she had just done hit her and she squeezed tightly against me when we walked back into the neon lit shop. As well as the shop keeper there were six guys looking at the merchandise; of which three were probably the guys from the booth; checking out what she looked like; and judging by the smile on one guys face she was a lot younger and prettier than he’d expected.

We swiftly made our way down the street into a bar were Katie excitedly recounted her thoughts as she’d been sucking the dicks; ending with “I need a good fuck tonight!”

Knowing I was incapable; I suggested we buy her a new toy…or toys. She nodded her agreement; and we went on to buy a 10 inch black monster and a new butt plug; which we put to good use back in my hotel room, as she finally sucked me to orgasm.

After a late breakfast; and with Katie glowing after the previous nights experiences we spent the next day visiting a couple of art galleries and had a nice lunch when Katie asked if we could visit a sex show during the evening. Of course I agreed.

I was lazing on the bed checking e-mails when Katie walked out of the bathroom wearing some of the sexiest underwear I’d ever seen her in; including black seamed stockings help up by an 8-strap suspender belt. For the first time in ages I got a spontaneous hard on; which my sexy young lover took care of; sucking it to full strength then getting on top and riding it to fruition when I spunked deep inside her. Fabulous though it was; I knew there wouldn’t be a second helping for her later.

With only a cursory wipe of her pussy; Katie completed her outfit with a figure hugging and bust enhancing black dress and shiny hi-heels; which drew many admiring as we went for dinner. Confused looks? Perhaps people thought I was a millionaire with a ‘trophy wife.’

Following our meal and a few drinks we wandered around until we found a ‘club’ that I’d been to some months ago that advertised ‘Live Sex…M/F, casino firmaları F/F, MM/F’ and from memory it was the ‘real deal.’

Once inside; I was surprised to see how full it was, with hardly any free seats and certainly no private ones.

“Hi,” a friendly Dutch accent piped up; “would you guys like to join us at our table?”

The voice belonged to a tall blonde haired guy, with a straggly beard who was pointing to an empty seat between two guys around the same age as Katie.

I looked at Kate who nervously smiled; as a second chair was made available a bit further along the table, which was meant for me. What was the worst that could happen?

We took our seats as the blonde guy introduced himself as Mikey; and they were all part of a hand-ball team from the South of the country. Just as I was about to introduce ourselves; Mikey asked “what ‘drink my wife’ wanted”. Obviously he had seen her wedding ring and put 2 + 2 together. Drinks appeared just as the lights went down and ‘the show began.’ The first was a tall slim black girl and a white guy; it was all very theatrical, but the girl was nearly as good a cocksucker as my Kate.

Drinks came and the sex show got livelier much to our new friends delight; especially one guy sitting next to Kate who was taking every opportunity to stroke her legs on top of her dress. When he whispered something to her she chuckled; then pretended to turn and see if I was watching satisfied I was, but shaking her head at her new friend he slid his hand up her dress making her bite her lip.

I could tell Mikey could see what his friend was doing to ‘my wife’ especially as he kept trying to draw my attention to the stage.

During the last half hour of the show; Kate’s friend swapped places with two others who in turn fingered her as another would surreptitiously play with her tits; making her shuffle and squirm.

The stage show ended after an hour; and I could see that Kate was grinning and starry-eyed with excitement.

“Hey; do you guys want to come back to our hotel to…paaarrttty?” The oldest of the seven; and the last to finger ‘my wife’ asked me.

“I don’t know.” I pretended to stammer; “it all depends on Kate.”

“Kate dear.” I asked in my most pronounced English accent; “would you like to go to a party? Are you up for some dancing?”

Before she could answer; Mikey laughed; “Not that kind of party!” as a thick set shaven headed guy had his arm round Kate’s waist and was slowly lifting her dress to expose a stocking top and suspender.

“You know…your wife seems very, very horny.” The guy grinned; “maybe I can satisfy her like you can’t.”

“But, but…but…” I pretended to be shocked.

“She told me you can’t get it up any more.” He smirked as he groped her tit, “and she really wants a big cock tonight.”

“Kate?” I mock gasped. She gave a little-girl-lost smile; as I shrugged my shoulders. “Just this once; and just you.” I sighed; knowing that wasn’t what any of us really wanted.

The hotel was only a few streets away; but I arrived there with five of the team; but a few minutes before Kate arrived with the knuckle head and the older guy. All three were giggling; so I presumed the party had already started.

Even in the lift to the 9th floor the knuckle head (Aaron) had his tongue down Kate’s throat and had his hand inside her bra as he dry-humped her much to his friends delight.

The atmosphere was electric as soon as we were in the hotel bedroom, with Aaron’s hands now all over Kate, lifting her dress up and squeezing her ample arse which was now on display to the group.

Beer and vodka was soon produced and after gulping down a plastic glass of vodka; Kate was soon in Aaron’s hands again; only know he was pulling down the zip of her dress and she was happily letting him. With her dress on the floor three more guys surrounded her; each grabbing a tit or an arse cheek; making her pant and sigh.

Soon this wasn’t enough for Aaron who now had his dick out and pulled her bra off then pushed her onto the bed; where he patted her lips with the güvenilir casino knob. Kate immediately opened her mouth and began sucking his thick dick.

“She told me how much you liked watching her suck dick last night in the Sex Shop!” He taunted me; “now you get to see her suck a real man…or maybe…men!”

I pretended to look shocked; but now Mikey was pulling her knickers off and Kate was wantonly waving her legs in the air while frantically sucking Aaron’s dick. In seconds all 7 guys were naked with rampant cocks.

The youngest guy couldn’t wait and pulled her lags apart before sliding his cock into her sopping cunt. Kate responded by wrapping her legs around his waist as he pounded her; occasionally so hard Aaron’s cock slipped out of her mouth; only to be replaced by another who grabbed her head and pulled it onto his shaft; making her gurgle.

The lad fucking her frantically pulled her legs off him just in time to pull his cock out and shower her leg with spunk; which got a huge cheer.

Aaron really did have a big cock; 7 or more inches and thick; which made her gasp as he forced it into the depths of her wet cunt; but it didn’t stop her sucking on another thick cock while she wanked a third.

The blonde brute took her ankles and pushed them back against her shoulders to make his cock go even deeper; making ‘my wife’ spit out a cock to allow her to grunt and groan as he gave her the pounding he’d warned me about.

Katie was now sweating as she got a real good fucking; until Aaron pulled his cock out and straddled her tits, before wanking his cock in front of her wide open mouth; where he splashed jet after jet of hot spunk; which she gratefully swallowed.

When Mikey turned her onto all fours to fuck her he slapped her arse as she sucked a cock; but her purring made him turn to me. I winked; so he slapped her arse even harder which made her suck the cock even deeper. As her cheeks reddened he pulled his cock out and with only a minimum of resistance pushed it into her arse hole; making her head spring back and scream, “Oh yesssss.” as his six inches got buried deep into her bowels..

“Oh shit!” he laughed at me; “she really is a horny bitch isn’t she? Do you ever fuck her arse?”

I shook my head in the negative. “Someone is fucking her ass…her ass is taking my cock too easily for a virgin.” Which made his friends laugh at me as they drank their beer. Eventually relaxing into getting her arse pounded Katie let someone else fuck her mouth; until Mikey buried a load of Dutch spunk inside her arse.

“I want some of that too.” Aaron grunted when Mikey withdrew; leaving a trail of cum running down her thigh.

“I know what.” A mixed race guy with dreadlocks said as he sat on the edge of the bed; “get on that baby.” As he waved his cock, “then you can fuck her ass at the same time.”

The words were hardly out of his mouth when Kate had moved across and was positioning his knob against her well fucked pussy; then lowered herself onto his spike; panting and groaning at the same time. Rudy buried his face into her swinging tits as Kate rode him like a black stallion.

“OK…MY TURN!” Aaron bellowed as he took hold of her hips and pulled her arse cheeks apart. “Get read baby.” He laughed; “this might hurt.” Hurt it did!

Her arse was dripping spunk; but Aaron’s cock was much bigger than anything she’d had up there before; but it all went in making her grunt and groan as inch by inch filled her arse with only a thin membrane separating it from a second cock. In under a minute both guys found a rhythm and Katie was in a sexual Heaven that she could previously only dream about; especially when a third guy filled her mouth with a semi-hard dick. All three had already cum; so this lasted absolutely ages, with the sweat dripping off Kate’s forehead and swinging tits; but she was loving every last second.

All seven Dutch guys took their turns fucking her pussy or arse and getting sucked off; with two or three cumming inside her; and without her knowing it most took photos on their phones too.

The whole sex party lasted well over an hour; but eventually Kate was worn out and I had to call it a night, or I think she’d still be there now.

Mikey ordered a taxi; and with Kate kissing everyone ‘Goodnight’ as their hands grabbed her tits and arse; but we had to go. We really did.

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