Candy’s Cane

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This is the story of Candy Peacher. She is the next door neighbor to Aaron Berrybush who is featured in the “Aaron’s Apples” series. Candy’s story begins about a year prior to Aaron’s and shares many of the same characters.


In and out, in and out went the candy cane that Candy Peacher had stuck in her pussy. She had gotten it for Christmas seven month’s earlier and did not really like peppermint so she had found another use for it. It was the biggest candy cane she had ever seen as it was two inches wide and 12 inches long. It worked as a dildo while she used her other hand to frig her clit. She made sure to carefully wipe clean her precious treat after each use but knew that it would have to be replaced this Christmas either by a real cock or another candy cane as this one was slowly getting smaller. She was getting into a really good rhythm, in and out, in and out. Her fingers were swirling fast around her little nub. She was thinking of all of the guys she had dated and wishing she had given in to one of them. Thoughts of her Dad briefly crept into her mind before wandering next door to Fred Berrybush and then to his son Aaron. Aaron was a real hunk. She knew Aaron was real interested in her.

She also knew that he was really hung. She had never seen his cock but judging by the size of the bulge in his pants she would gladly have him instead of this candy cane. At this moment, she was thinking of how stupid it was that she would not go out with him. But, it was a social rule that girls never dated guys who were not in their grade or higher and Aaron was a year behind her.

She was really getting into it when her door burst open. It was her Mom, Felicity Peacher, who was very excited. As she flung the door open she blurted out, “Candy, Wonderful news in the . . .” She stopped mid-sentence as she saw her daughter legs spread blouse and bra pushed up exposing her boobs as she played with herself jabbing something in and out of her cunt.

Felicity always figured that Candy’s Grandmother must have looked a lot like Candy when she was her age. Candy had golden blonde hair and stood about 5’4” and weighed 120 pounds. Candy was still growing some but she already had 36C boobs and a wonderfully full casino şirketleri ass. She was the spitting image of Felicity’s Mother in Law.

A look of horror came to Candy’s face. Her Mom didn’t want Candy to be embarrassed as masturbation was a normal part of life so she gave her daughter a knowing smile. Then said reassuringly, “Candy, honey, sorry I didn’t knock, but don’t stop what you are doing. Playing with yourself is healthy, and it is very frustrating to stop in the middle of it. We will talk after you finish. Now, go on and have a good time.”

“But, Mom I can’t it is weird.”

“It is ok honey just go ahead.” Felicity made no move toward the door as Candy slowly started back up. In seconds Candy was back in to it. Felicity was frozen in place as she could not believe how sexy this scene was.

Before she knew it she was rubbing herself through her pants. As she got hotter it did not take long for her pants and panties to end up around her knees. Felicity was thinking first of her husband but found her mind wandering first to Candy’s dates. She always liked the young studs her daughter brought around. This, of course, led next door to Aaron as she had watched him grow into the most handsome young man of them all. She shocked herself when thoughts turned from Aaron to his dad, Fred, and then to Virginia Berrybush who was Aaron’s mother. Lesbian thoughts flooded her head just as Candy let out a soft cooing moan.

She looked down at her daughter and had to sit down on the edge of the bed as her excitement was becoming too much. She began studying the dildo Candy was using and discovered it was a candy cane. Felicity was turned on by her daughter beyond belief. She could not help it and grabbed the end of the candy cane saying, “Sweetie it works better if you do it like this.” Felicity began stroking the sticky candy in and out but twisted it around in circles as she did. Candy immediately shuddered and let her mom continue titillating her cunt.

Candy started to move her newly freed hand up to her breasts but absent mindedly grabbed the top of her Mom’s pants and panties and pulled them down. Felicity kicked off her shoes allowing the garments to fall to the floor. She was on auto pilot casino firmaları now and spread her legs wide giving her daughter a perfect view of the birth canal from which she had come. Candy could not help herself as she climaxed for the first of many times and reached over and lightly caressed her Mom’s bush and lips.

Candy found her Mom’s excited nub and flicked it a couple of times causing a grunt to come deep from her Mother’s throat. All reserve was gone as Felicity ripped off her top and bra and laid down beside her sexy young daughter. They gazed at each other for only a second then turned on their sides and crushed their hungry mouths together. Candy had the sudden urge to feel her Mom’s boobs and reached out with both hands and gave the orbs a tender squeeze. She had never touched another female’s breasts but she liked the full soft feeling of her Mom’s boobs and feeling them gave her a strange sensation in her loins. Felicity moved down to her daughter’s boobs and sucked most of one into her mouth.

She sucked the eighteen year old’s boobs hard using her tongue masterfully on the nipples. She reached between Candy’s legs and pulled out the sweet rod and in one smooth motion jammed it up her own cunt. Candy was about to complain about her missing toy when her Mother remedied the situation.

In a flash, Felicity had her head between the blonde’s sexy thighs. Her hands roamed wherever her mouth wasn’t. She had heard of something called the Venus Butterfly and decided she could do it. She planted Candy’s feet against her thigh so they formed a perfect V from the bed. She then began rubbing the girls anus with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. Meanwhile, her mouth was busy on Candy’s clit. As she tongued and licked it she knew just how hard to bite with her teeth not hurt her offspring. It wasn’t long before Candy was squirming causing her legs to bounce wildly. It was amazing thought Felicity as her legs bouncing like that really did look like a butterfly flapping its wings. She had never thought much about ass holes before but being this close to Candy’s made her shiver.

Felicity could not resist it and stuck her index finger in. Candy moaned, “Oh, yes. Oh my.” So her Mom stuck in another güvenilir casino finger causing her kid to buck her hips very hard; all this while the candy cane still protruded from Felicity’s cunt. The girl was kneading her melons as Mom attended to her pussy and was now rhythmically finger fucking her asshole. Candy felt she came ten times, but she really had no idea as she lost track very quickly, but her body was spent and her legs collapsed limply onto the bed. Her Mom knowing that her daughter’s thirst to cum with satisfied for the moment crawled up the bed and kissed her lightly on the lips

Sticking her tongue out invitingly Candy was soon engaged in another romantic kiss with Felicity. Putting a hand back on her Mom’s breast she asked, “Can I try all that stuff on you, Mom?”

“I think that would be wonderful, honey.”

Candy began tenderly and unsure of herself. But, it was not long before nature took over as she kissed her Mom’s boobs. Felicity thought of her daughter’s suckling her mammary glands. As Candy moved down to her stomach Felicity pulled out the candy cane and began licking it. Candy got into the same position as her mother had done for her and tried to do the same things as her Mom had done to her. While she was not slick about all of it she really knew how to eat pussy. It was the best cunnilingus that Felicity had ever had. Candy surprised her Mom when her mouth traveled further south and licked her ass hole for a minute or so. Like her daughter Felicity came again and again until she slumped to the bed.

She gave her daughter a lick of the cum from the candy cane and said, “Don’t use this to please your self with anymore you could get an infection. I have a dildo you can borrow; later I will show you where it is. Now we had better get cleaned up for supper as your dad will be home soon.”

“Ok Mom. Oh ya, what was the news?”

“I forgot in the excitement you have been accepted for the study abroad with ‘Up with People’ for 30 weeks beginning next May right after you finish your freshman year at Missouri University.”

“You are shitting me! Fantastic, I don’t believe it!” The two women hugged like Mother and daughter but also like lovers. Candy was super happy about her upcoming trip abroad but also felt a new excitement about all the new sexual possibilities in her life. If she and her mother could make love there are certainly a lot more candidates out there and probably not far away from her berry bedroom.

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