Business Trips

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Business trips are lonely. They aren’t fun. Evenings are boring. I was tired of coming back to the room, taking off my clothes, and stroking myself watching porn every night. I needed people; to talk to, to see, to play with. I decided to go to the bar, do something (or someone) different. I dressed carefully in a skirt and low cut blouse. Putting my favorite toys in my purse, I left my room and headed to the hotel bar. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Everywhere around me, there were people. I saw couples, business associates, groups of giggling women and laughing men everywhere. I envied them. They had someone to talk to.

And then you walked in. You were tall and muscular. You sat down at the bar, a stool between us, and ordered a beer. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the way your tongue touched the lip of the bottle when you took a sip. I wondered what that tongue would feel like on my clit. I was focused on the fruity drink in front of me when you said hello. I turned to say hi, as you took another sip. That tongue, again, touching the lip of the bottle, made me squirm a little in my seat.

We started a simple conversation. Small talk can be boring. But at least I was talking face to face with someone. After about fifteen minutes, you asked what brought me to the bar. I decided to lay it all out. I moved to the empty seat between us, put my hand on your thigh and said, “I was lonely. I needed someone tonight to talk to, to see and to play with. I’m tired of playing with myself.”

After a short pause, and another long sip of your beer (that tongue!) you started conversation again. It had more veiled innuendo, but from the outside, no one would know exactly what we were thinking. I could feel the wetness seeping out if me and was squirming a little more when you asked me what I did on business trips to fill the void. I moved my hand up your thigh a little, leaned in, and asked if you wanted to see for yourself.

You smiled, took another sip, and said, kaynarca escort “you’re killing me. This is crazy, but in a good way.”

I smiled back, and said I needed to get back to a room, quick. You raised an eyebrow when I said “a” room, not “my” room. You said you had a room we could get back too. We finished our drinks and walked to the elevator. Inside, I asked you what floor. “Nine” you said. “Me too,” I said and smiled.

When we got to your floor, you led the way to your room. When we got in there, you said you were married and having second thoughts. I said I was married too, and we didn’t have to do anything. Whatever you wanted was fine with me. You sat on the edge of the bed and said, “do you like to watch?”

I responded with a nod and said “and be watched, too.”

You looked down, and paused. I could tell you were pondering whether or not to say something. Finally, you looked me in the eyes and said “would you like to watch me?”

I nodded again, licked my lips, and said, breathlessly, “yes” and moved to sit on the other side of the room. You asked why I moved so far away. I told you I would probably be tempted to help, and didn’t want to do anything you didn’t want. You seemed to agree, and moved back to a reclining position on the bed. I could see the bulge in your jeans. I wanted to put my hand around your cock, my mouth, too, but I was willing to let you do this your way. I had a feeling, in time, you may be more willing then right at the moment. I would watch, be the voyeur, if that’s what you wanted. You closed your eyes, and began to rub your hard on through your jeans. It was almost as if I wasn’t there. You were alone in the moment. I had to sit on my hands so I wouldn’t be tempted to get closer and help, touch, lick.

You unbuttoned and unzipped still rubbing through cloth. You opened your eyes and looked deep into mine. With that look, you slid your hand inside and pulled out your cock, stroking flesh against flesh, staring at me. orhanlı escort I didn’t know where to look, your eyes, your cock, away. No, I couldn’t look away. I was riveted to the scene in front of me.

At first it was a little awkward, just watching and not doing anything. But I was enjoying every minute of it. I grew wetter and wetter at the site of you stroking your rock hard cock. I wondered what it would feel like, taste like, or if I would even have the opportunity to find out. I was squirming harder in my seat, fighting the urge to get closer.

But I knew a way I could help without touching you. I took off my shirt to reveal a lace trimmed cami. I pulled down the front of it to show you my favorite red, lacy bra. I moved the cups and spilled my tits out over the top. You smiled with approval as you stroked a little faster. Yet still I watched, wanting to help even more.

You told me to come to the bed, far enough that I couldn’t touch, but closer for a better view. My eyes were glued to the hand on your cock as you came. In spurts, you emptied yourself, right before my eyes. I licked my lips again, knowing it was over but not wanting it to be. You turned to me, smiled, and said, “your turn.”

“My turn? My turn to what? Touch, taste and play with you?”

“No, I can’t do that!”

“Myself? OK, just what I’ve been doing all week, but at least I have an audience!” I smiled as I rolled over and lifted my skirt.

I ran my hands up my stockinged legs, showing the black garter holding up my stockings. Slowly, ever so slowly, raising my skirt higher. I asked you to bring me my purse, from where I dropped it. You looked at my questioningly, as you got up from the bed. You removed the rest of your clothes and dropped them on the bedroom floor as you walked across the room. When you turned back to me, I had my skirt around my waist and feet planted on the bed. I was skimming my fingers over the red silk covering my pussy.

You came back to the bed and tepeören escort gave me my bag. I carry a big purse for a reason! I reached in and pulled out my favorite vibe as I messaged my clit through my panties. I took my panties off over my garters, and placed the vibe on my clit, turning it up on high. I moaned as I gently pulled on one of my nipples with the other hand.

My eyes never left you, though. You were stroking yourself again as you watched. You were sitting on your other hand. I guess you were having a hard time not helping, too!

I was quivering again, almost over the edge, when you came back to the bed. You positioned your self so that by just turning toward each other, we could have tasted each other. I was eye to eye with your long, hard cock, as you were staring at my slick, wet pussy.

I couldn’t help it, I saw that pearly drop of pre-cum and leaned over to lick it off. I didn’t mean to, it just happened, but we both froze as I moved my head back. I started to apologize, but you stopped me. “No, don’t apologize, but please…finish what you started.”

“Are you sure?”


So I turned my head back and took you in my mouth. Your tongue, that tongue I first saw tonguing a beer bottle, was finally tonguing me. I came almost instantly, as I hadn’t finished myself. It took you a little longer, so I had plenty time to play. Meanwhile, you sucked my clit into your mouth and nibbled gently. You put two fingers inside of me and found my g-spot.

I was giving you one amazing blow job. I had you all the way down my throat, then back to only the head. Then quickly back down my throat. I loved the way you felt and tasted in my mouth. Silky smooth skin over rock hard muscle. After a few minutes, I had cum again, and you were about to. You tried to pull out, but I put my hand on your ass and pulled you tighter to me. That’s all it took as you shot your creamy load down my throat.

We rolled over, sated, and stared at the ceiling. I got up and cleaned up, and started to leave to go back to my room. I asked you how long you would be in town. “One more night, you?”

“One more for me too.”

“See you in the bar tomorrow?”

“Of course, or I could just come straight here.”

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