Business First

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First, and foremost, business I thought always came first. In 1995, I bought my first computer. It was a technological advance of major proportions of which one can’t describe for me.

My name’s Roy Cannes, a customer service guy for a nationwide firm. I coordinate all the CSR issues from my small office out of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Modest as my life is, I’ve been writing ‘erotica’ since 1992. I’ve never publicly shared my stuff, except to upload once in a while to a couple of sites.

I’ve always wanted to share my stuff with a small group of friends; however I don’t know how they would react. Additionally, I’m so much older that most of the people I know, most would balk at my stuff, become grossed out, and think I’m some sort of perv. I suppose there could be a little bit of truth, but that’s what I do for a hobby. I enjoy my hobby.

I think about what I write, all the time and how to make it more attractive to people. Someday I suppose I’ll figure that out, I always say. When I’m not busy working, I might be physically writing stuff down, if I’m alone.

Then I’ll go and transfer a story, which has been developed from an idea and upload it to my PC. That’s tedious, but that’s what I love doing, writing all the time. It can consume me some days, but my wish is that, regardless of the person’s age, after they can get off line, they honestly are horny enough that they imagine themselves in a similar situation and create their own similar fantasy and masturbate. It’s especially intended for a woman.

So, I was at Abele restaurant one day and took an extended lunch for my own sanity. I had been heading for a week of 50 plus hours and no real time for myself.

Writing away in my journal while at a table by the corner window, I ordered a meal and because I had been drinking too much caffeine, I got up to go to the men’s room.

Mary Conklin a co-worker of mine heard me say to myself earlier that I was headed for lunch and that I thought I might got to this restaurant I landed up at.

She had decided to just follow me over and saw me get up and walk back to the men’s room, but casually strolled over and sat down at my table. Simply being friendly, she waited as I took longer too pee then usual.

While waiting, she sat looking over the menu, placed her order, and then decided to peek at my notebook. Upon doing so, she found out the ‘other me’. It flabbergasted her, stunned her, but it also accomplished its goal that I set out for it to do.

When I came back, she quickly and unseen by me, closed the notebook and put it back, where she thought she took it from. She hadn’t realized that I closed it, but the backside was facing up. I did that intentionally, so I might know if someone could have glanced at it while I was in the bathroom.

Regardless, I could lose out. I didn’t, but I felt it could be detrimental if someone did see my multitude of stories. When I walked up, I saw Mary sitting there, then she saw me and by the look on her face, it was apparent that she was itching to get more of what she just read.

The look on her face was one of desperation. That look that a woman might have if desperate and needed satisfaction, quickly.

“Ohh hiiii Mary, I didn’t know you were here. What’s up… are you joining me for lunch? I have a better solution then this place, but Bill wouldn’t like that, would he?”

She knew I was joking, but I wasn’t either and she knew that too. She knew I’d love to get in her…pants and shirt… all in fun and frolic, of course!

Her mind was fixated on the 30 sentences she read out of my notebook. “So what’s that, a private journal”, she asked knowing better. Her mouth salivated for more and more.

“Oh, yeah… it’s a journal I keep. I just write down bullshit when I’m frustrated and have to get things off my chest. That’s all.” Then I looked at it and saw that its placement was disturbed as in it was right side up and not the reverse as I put it before leaving the table.

I looked at her and an inquisitive look came upon me. “Did you just get here a second ago?”

“Umm yeah I did, she said. I just walked in.”

Then I thought how she would’ve known I was sitting there at that table, if she just walked in. I looked up from my notebook, smiled an odd smile, knowing she knew what I put in it, and wanted her opinion. I wanted to hear her feelings. I wanted to know if she liked what she read.

“You know Mary, I like you. You’re pretty cool. We get along pretty well, right? We work well together, that’s for sure. You know me as well as anyone could at work… then he paused for a moment. He looked at her and looked down at his notebook. She knew what was in there. He looked up and smiled at her. Did you like what you read?”

“Huh, was her response as she tried to act naïve, but stood on weak ground. Did I like what?”

“Come on Mary; did you like what you read?” He didn’t get angry. He asked her with a polite tone. He was anxious to hear a positive answer.

“Umm, bets10 I don’t know what you mean Roy. I didn’t look at that. What is it?” I think you did actually because I left it a certain way hoping no one would move it and when I came back, it was the opposite of what it was. And you were sitting here too”, as he looked her square in the face.

Before she could even defend herself, I asked her, “Mary can I trust you? Are you able to be trusted with a secret? No, that’s probably a dumb question, because anyone’s going to say, ‘Yes of course you can’, won’t they?”

“Umm, I guess so Roy. I suppose they would, wouldn’t you?”

“Then I’ll ask you another question, “If you had an opportunity to know something about a person that was uniquely interesting, but you were begged and begged not to reveal something and you swore you wouldn’t, would you hold yourself to that oath?”

Mary looked at me and the words of what she read in my journal of stories came back in her mind, set her off because she noticed a key area of erotic sentences in one of the stories of mine, hence she was compelled to want to read more. She was compelled to see much more of my stuff and didn’t know how to respond to my question. She told me that later after work, just as we got in our cars.

Just before our lunches were served, I a chicken sandwich and she got a chicken ceasar salad, she said something interesting. “If I was willing to keep things quiet and you allowed me the privilege to read what’s in there, I guarantee you that I’d keep my word about your writing that’s in there, silent. Yes I did read a little bit and I’m sorry if I offended you, but what I did read was damn good. It excited me a lot, for what I read Roy. God, I’d love to read more of that stuff… a lot more, Roy!”

She blushed and I smiled. But I gave her a look that almost said, it’s my fantasy that after you read some, that you’d go in your bath, shower or bed and masturbate, although I didn’t utter that.

I didn’t know what to say after she said it the way she expressed it. I was rather… turned on by her response. “That’s cool, I said. I don’t know what you think of me Mary, but it’s a part of me and I, well I like… no, I love to write this stuff. In fact, I’ve always wished I knew someone personally that would read it and totally enjoy it. Do you think you could read it, enjoy it, and well… fantasize about what I write?”

“That’s an embarrassing question and hard to answer. I don’t know if I’m going to tell you what I do personally. Would you tell me if you and she softened her voice and whispered to me, would you tell me that you went home and jacked off because of such and such thing? Regardless of what that might be would you tell me if you masturbated, wherever?”

I looked at her in amusement and I replied, “You and I are getting to be buddy, buddy.” I laughed after saying that. Maybe and as perverted as you probably suspect me to be, maybe there’s a chance to explore our sexuality, hahahahaha!” “Roy, you are too funny. Perverted, yes you are, but lovable, just the same. That’s why I like working with you. What’s better, if I have an opportunity to read anything of your stuff, maybe I can discuss that with you sometime.”

“Hmmm, I never thought I’d see a day in which I’d say, ‘Yes, I’d love to talk one on one or online, or on the phone or whatever with someone. Especially someone as fun and nice as you Mary… that’s for damn sure. What a lucky day this is.”

“So are we gonna be like chat buddies Roy? Will we end up doing some kind of role-playing?”

“Haha Mary, that’ll work or better yet… ahhh never mind, your hubby wouldn’t go for it at all.”

“He wouldn’t go for what Roy?”

“Nahh, I’m just being perverted again. Just me…lil old me being perverted, that’s all.”

“What, what Roy, say it. Tell me. You want to hop in the sack with me, don’t you?”

I looked at her sheepishly and she read me like a book. I didn’t answer and she knew for sure she was right.

“Well, I like you Roy, I know you like me, so let me think about it, let me take that home and I’ll read it privately, and maybe I’ll invite you over when Bill’s not around. That can be any day during the week and you and I work late shifts, we can get together early before work and I’ll read some of your stuff, get turned on, and well, and we can see how things flow between us.”

Without hesitating, I handed her my notebook and told Mary, “Happy, fun, erotic reading!”

“Umm, since you are my umm, supervisor at the office, may I leave early to go and take care of some business Roy. In fact, if you’d like there’s something you could assist with afterwards if you want to come over. I’m planning to utilize some ‘tools’ and if you’re interested in trying them out too, Bill is not home until 10:00PM. We can spend an afternoon with each other and I think all will be okay at the office.”

I could not believe how this short lunch time conversation made me horny. I went back to the office and bets10 giriş casually collected my stuff, signed off my network, Mary’s too and I was gone until Saturday morning.

It was my goal to have sex with Mary or something rather close to that while she read my erotica and we masturbated for the other. Would she suck me off or let me eat her out? Who knew for sure, but I hoped I could that far south.

I got to Mary’s house about 20 minutes later. She was on her couch reading my journal. She didn’t do anything, except drop her bag and purse next to her dining room entrance, from what I noticed, sat down on her couch, and began reading.

She loved it. She was the first person, in real life, who had been given a chance to read my stuff. My stories had some meat to them, like Mary had meat to herself.

Yea, Mary was a bigger woman. Mary had a fine large ass. The typical large ass of a BBW, which was my preference as women went. I’d never ever say that to her for fear of insulting her, but I decided, since it was Friday, I was going out on a limb and saying how her large rotund ass was a definite turn on to me.

“What the hell, she invited me over for some specific reason. On the other hand, what was up between her and her hubby Bill?”

“Mary, can I say something complimentary to you?”

“Sure Roy what’s that?”

“I think you have…” and I second guessed myself and held my tongue.

“You think I have what Roy?”

“Umm, I think you have a nice house here”, lying to her.

“Thanks Roy that’s nice to hear” and she went back to reading my notebook of erotic stories. She looked up at me. “God Roy, these are hott! I mean they are freakin’ hott stories… wow Roy, you have a gift!”

I didn’t know what she was feeling, but I hoped it was what the goal was that I intended it to be. “Does…well, do they umm … well never mind.”

“Does what Roy, do the stories do what… make me excited? Sure they do. Stuff like this, and Bill doesn’t know I read this stuff at all. Our marriage, it’s a great marriage, but it’s clean and stuff, well stories like yours… heck Roy, they are awesome!”

She went back to reading them. I said thank you for the compliment. Thing about the stories and hoping they were as good as she said they were, I wondered how she was reacting to them personally.

“Damn Roy, you have the touch of an artist, she said. Sometimes the grammatical parties wrong, but fuck Roy, this is a turn on. Any female would be aroused by it. I am, that’s for sure.”

“This is a strange situation, me coming over like this Mary. I mean, you could easily have taken it home and read it all by yourself, couldn’t you?” She didn’t answer me right away as she sat there, feet still propped up on her coffee table, shoes off, stocking feet with her toenails polished and manicured, stretched out on the table. I wanted to remove the stockings and lick or suck her toes and feet. Why, because I was actually developing my own little fantasy being at this woman’s house all alone with Mary that day.

She had some expressions I hadn’t ever seen before. I wasn’t clear what those expressions were. She’d shift a little too. However, I went back to one of my initial thoughts about her I had various times, but nothing serious until today, here in her house.

I wanted her to envelope her ass around me as if I was a letter addressed to her. I wanted that buffalo ass of hers with its rotund but shapely size to collapse on my face so that I could swallow it piece by piece as if I was a vacuum sweeper.

“Ummm, Mary….? Why did you ummm…?”

She looked up as if she was rudely interrupted, but then was immediately polite. “Did you just ask me something Honey”, then her attention went right back to the note book.

I reached over and pushed the notebook down. I got bold at that point. I had to know. Was I making her horny?

“Mary, I have something to say. I have a few questions for you. Would you be honest with me and answer them?”

“Why wouldn’t I Roy, we’re friends aren’t we?”

“How good of friends are we Mary? What kind of friendship do you and I have actually?”

“I don’t know, she replied, I suppose it’s pretty good. I mean I figure if you felt as if you wanted to talk about anything, I’d be there to listen. I’d listen to you about anything. Regardless of what that was Roy, I’d be there for you. At least I think so.”

I just listened to her answer. I wasn’t going there, but that actually helped me with something I was trying to say to her earlier.

“If a guy in bar came up to you when you were out with the girls and he seemed reasonably cool and he hit on you, would you let him continue? I don’t know that much about you. I wonder if what I’ve written has or is offending you; but on the other hand, you haven’t put that down yet either.”

“That’s an odd question, she said. Yeah, I’d play along even now. I wouldn’t necessarily jump in the sack, but I might string the guy along for the bets10 güvenilir mi night and let him make me feel as if I was still a viable prospect. And no, what you’ve written is far from offending me. God Roy its well, it’s erotic. If only you understood, but on the other hand, you already do I bet.”

I smiled at her after she said that again and said thank you.

“Are you attracted to me, Roy? Is there something about me you like?”

“Well… ummm, other then, well yeah I am attracted to you Mary. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I’m not that pretty Roy. I mean, yeah I have nice eyes… I know that; I know I have pretty hair. But my, well my tits, umm well they are proportionately too small. I’m not a fat slob, although I’m a bbw, my ass is far too large. I’ve heard from friends that it’s a nice ass for a woman of my size, but Roy, its way, way too large.”

“You know something Mary? I’ve been wanting to tell you, ever since lunch, that I think your ass is so umm… sexy, I’d be honored to be a recipient of a ‘sit-down’ or even a…”

She cut me off and said, “No… No way Roy, now that’s mean. Saying something like that to tease me is rude and impolite.” She was pissed off.

“Whoa Mary…whoa! I really, really like your ass! I think your ass is down right freakin sexy as hell! If you don’t see or hear the honesty in my tone of voice Mary, I’m sorry. I mean what I said… your ass is freakin’ sexy to me!”

She sat there looking at me in disbelief! She couldn’t imagine a guy, although I am pudgy, really honestly liked her large ass. It wasn’t only big, but it was huge. What brought about its gracefulness was how proportionately graceful and slender her waist line was for her size.

“Can I explain what I mean? I just feel a physical attraction to you and your physique. The way it is so, so expressively desirable that a guy like me wants to hold it, love it, take it in his hands, and make love to you and especially your ass. I don’t mean you specifically, although someone who has ideal physical and emotional characteristics that are similar in nature.”

Then I looked at her and she just listened and looked at me.

“God Roy, how do you do it?”

“How do I do what Mary?”

“How do you find the words to turn on a woman like that?”

“Mary, I don’t or I can’t…hence I am a single available man.”

“How available Roy, as in extremely available?” Whoa, damn, shit, I thought. I knew what that mean. Something had just erupted inside and whatever that was, it went everywhere as everything either heated up or tingled throughout my whole body. God, I wanted to rip every ounce of clothing on her and kiss her stout and sexy body completely up. I wanted to rub my body all over her body. I wanted my cock to dig a course everywhere reasonable on her mainframe.

Yeah, I could have easily jumped her bones without a moments notice, but something happened first!

“God Roy, go right ahead and suck my ass, lick it too and make love to it and anything else that pleases you. Please make love to me Roy, please?”

She stood up, pulled her large fitting jeans down off her as she exposed her thunderous, but actually, fine looking thighs. Her ass, which could be considered massive by some people’s standards, actually had a firm nature to it and I was dually impressed! Regardless, there was enough for me to last several day and I only had about 4 hours to spend with her. The pair of underwear… well they were large too, but I actually liked the sexy design of them. She shoved her horny crotch in my face

“Breathe it in Roy, breathe… breathe deeply and smell what is so beautiful between my thighs. Isn’t my vegetation incredible? I love my garden, breathe it in Roy; smell it and tell me how it smells wonderful.”

So I did as she asked and it smelled incredible. Her plush, large pussy screamed out by its odoriferous aroma! She had already been discharging because of what she read in the notebook. She already was aroused by that. I was going to be a vehicle for her, a vehicle of sex. I was proud to be a vehicle of erotic discharges!

“Here Roy, smell it, lick it, kiss it and feel my large sexy ass as you call it baby!”

She turned herself around and pulled off her huge panties and her humongous shapely ass stared me straight in the face and said, “Do me proud!”

Fuck, I was horny and Mary and wouldn’t be able to work together again, knowing I’d probably want a piece of ass all the time now!

“Oh, Roy, since all I got was your stories, and you got something precious and personal from me, what can I get as precious from you?” Then she rubbed my tummy, then up along my wimpy soft chest, but quickly went to the basement in search of some worthwhile tools of value.

“Are you sure you wanna see what I have to offer Mary. I’m not exactly blessed, if you know what I mean. I’m your average white boy.”

“You know something Roy? Look at me, okay. How many guys do you think take a serious look at me and say, ‘God I’d like to get in her pants and do it with her’; how man guys look at me like that, do you think?”

I looked at Mary for a while, she wondered, by the look on her face why I didn’t immediately respond and she thought she was right for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32