Building my Way to Mom Pt. 03

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Some of the words used below may be in Hindi as there are not alternate words in English. I’ll try my best to explain some of them here thus better aiding your mental image.

Sari — A traditional Indian outfit.

Pallu — The usually decorated end of a sari that hangs loose when worn. A part of the sari that covers the breasts.

Blouse – An accessory that is generally cropped at waist, fitted blouson to cover the upper body, when wearing a sari.

Petticoat — A kind of skirt that one wears under the draped sari. It is the main undergarment worn with a sari.

Mangalsutra — A mangalsutra, or thaali, is a necklace that the groom ties around the bride’s neck in the Indian subcontinent. The necklace serves as a visual marker of status as a married woman.


The next morning, I woke up to find mom packing our bags for the bus ride back. She stood with her back towards me as she packed. She’d placed the bag on the shelf across the bed, right next to the TV.

I had an erection and wanted to get rid of it. I saw that mom had already dressed, was ready to leave, while I was still lay naked. If I had to act, I had to act soon. I quietly got off the bed and crept up behind mom. I held her butt cheeks, placing my erection on her butt crack. At first, Mom gasped as she was startled, but then partly turned her face towards me and smiled.

“Good morning Sheeba,” I said, cheekily as I hugged her from behind.

“Who addresses their mother using her first name?” mom said, still smiling.

“Also, who fucks their mother?” I responded with that.

Mom chuckled. I could see that she was in a good mood. I bent down, slowly sucking her nape. She continued to smile as I did this, carrying on with her packing. Seeing this, I knew I could take a few liberties.

I grabbed her pallu to cast it aside. Mom held my hand, making sure I could not tip it over. I continued sucking on her nape as I did this.

“Come on, get ready fast, we need to leave,” Mom said, trying to rush me into getting ready.

“We still have plenty of time,” I said as I stopped sucking her nape only to grab her breasts.

“Can’t you feel how hard I am?” I said, pressing my hard-on further into her butt as I played with her breasts simultaneously.

Mom’s breathing had become heavy as I kept rubbing my hard cock on her ass. She turned, now facing me. She made an innocent face as she looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure we won’t miss the bus?” she asked, as she looked at me with googly eyes.

“Even if we do, I’ll take care of it,” I said, reassuringly caressing her cheek.

I then perched her on the shelf, pushing her against the bag that lay behind. The bag collided with the wall immediately, allowing me to get only half her ass on the shelf. Once I’d made sure she wouldn’t fall I bent my knees to get hold of her sari’s border.

I grabbed it with both my hands, lifting it towards her waist. I ran my fingers along her legs as I lifted the fabric. Mom inhaled deeply as I did this. I tucked the fabric under her ass, so it stayed there, allowing me to remove her panties.

I aligned my cock with her pussy, rubbing it along her labia as I slowly pushed it in. After the initial resistance, her pussy swallowed my dick whole. I held mom at the waist as I slowly began thrusting.

I bent down and bit on her pallu, strewing it aside. I licked her exposed cleavage as I continued thrusting. I slid my hands along her curves to the side of her breasts. I cupped them together as I continued my assault on her breasts.

Mom wrapped her legs loosely around me, grabbing the follicles at the back of my head. She pressed my head into her boobs as we continued making love. Mom’s scent intoxicated me further as my face pressed against her boobs.

I nibbled on her boobs a little, biting them lightly. Mom immediately pulled my face away.

“Don’t do that. I won’t be able to justify any marks to your father,” mom said, looking directly into my eyes.

Our lovemaking continued as we came face to face with each other. Mom’s eyes conveyed her submission. There was something about how mom looked at me; I felt drawn to her. I bridged the gap between us and engulfed mom’s entire mouth in a kiss. The kiss was sloppy, but I continued sucking on both her lips as I continued pounding her pussy.

My hands held mom’s waist as I pulled her back and forth on my dick. I synced it with my thrusts to better my tempo. We had very little space to work with as mom’s back kept hitting the bag behind her. The bag wouldn’t budge because of the wall behind it.

I slowly released mom’s lower lip, now sucking only on her upper lip. Mom began kissing me back. She dug her nails into my ass, pulling me into her. As we continued sucking face my movements became abrupt. I broke off the kiss and embraced mom tightly. My strokes became long, and I felt as if my knees would crumble. Mom too embraced me, pressing supertoto yeni giriş her head into my chest, as she dug her nails into my back.

As we hugged each other, I kept my strokes up, soon pouring a big load into mom’s pussy. I stood still as I leaned on mom. We both soon loosened our embrace to look at each other.

“I love you,” I said, as I looked into mom’s eyes.

“I know,” mom replied, as she patted my cheek.

I bent down to kiss mom. We slowly kissed, savouring each moment. Mom abruptly broke the kiss.

“Come on, we need to leave,” mom said, to get us to check out soon.

I just stared at mom, visibly upset with her action.

“I promise we’ll find time for this once we get home,”

We quickly got dressed and left for the bus station. We barely made it on time. As we sat beside each other I threw my arm around mom’s shoulder. Mom looked at me but didn’t say anything.

I guess she’s become more accepting of little public displays of affection.

When we got home, mom excitedly showed off my trophy. Though Dad congratulated me I felt he seemed disinterested. Aditi hugged me as she congratulated me. Mom began looking for a spot to display my trophy and found one on the huge cabinet in the living room.

The days that followed were uneventful with dad always being at home. Mom and I maintained our distance as we didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

We were invited to mom’s village for a festival. Aditi couldn’t come because her exams were just around the corner, and dad was soon going to leave again for some case of his, so he couldn’t make it either. We were about to drop the plan altogether, but I got an idea.

“Let’s go to the festival,” I said, walking up to mom as she worked in the kitchen.

“We can’t. Your dad’s busy and so is Aditi,” Mom replied, as she continued to work.

“We could go, just you and me”

Mom stopped working to look at me. She understood what I had in mind.

“There would be far too many people there, it’s risky,” Mom tried reasoning with me.

“Not if we can convince Grandpa to let us stay in the outhouse,”

“Your dad has to agree first,”

“I’ll try convincing dad, you just back me up”

Mom nodded in agreement:

At the dinner table, I started the conversation.

“Grandpa invited us for the festival, and since you guys can’t make it, I thought I’ll go to represent us all,” I said, addressing everyone.

“I think that’s a good idea,” dad replied, agreeing with me. I was frankly surprised as I expected him to fight me a little on this since dad and I never agree on most things.

“Is it okay if I take the car?” I asked.

“I don’t think you’re responsible enough drive there alone,” dad said.

“Let mom accompany me then. She’ll be there to keep an eye on me,”

Dad looked at me and then at mom.

“I don’t mind,” mom replied.

“What about Aditi’s exams?” dad asked mom.

“She can stay at your brother’s place for a bit,” mom replied.

“No mom, I’ll stay at home as it’s more convenient,” Aditi cut in.

“You’ll be all alone,” dad said.

“It’s okay. I can study better if I’m alone. You guys can call and check up on me from time to time. If I need anything I’ll go to uncle’s place,” Aditi said

My parents agreed to this as Aditi had always been a responsible kid. Plans were made for the trip, and although reluctantly dad agreed to let me take the car. It took a little convincing from mom to make dad finally say yes.

We packed the boot with our luggage on the day of the drive. It was a good 6-hour drive, so we left in the morning. As soon as we merged onto the highway, I grabbed mom’s boobs with my left hand.

“Behave,” mom said, in a mock angry tone.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,”

Mom caressed my thighs. I soon sported a hard-on which was visible from over my shorts. Mom played with it from over my shorts. She slowly fondled my dick from over the fabric, as I sat there trying to focus on my driving.

I held her hand, signalling her to stop as I knew I’d lose control. I focused on my driving trying to get us close to our destination as soon as possible.

I knew I’d get my opportunity soon, as the road to the village passes through woods. When we passed through the woods, I looked for a dirt road and turned into it as soon as I spotted one.

Mom looked confused. I stopped the car and got out. Mom got out too.

“What happ…,”

Before mom could complete her sentence, I kissed her, pushing her against the car. I grabbed her boobs, massaging them as I continued kissing her. I dry humped mom as I pressed her against the car.

We finally broke our kiss.

“What are you doing? It’s not safe,” Mom seemed concerned.

“I’ve been waiting to get here as this area is pretty lonely,”

“Don’t worry it’s safe,” I added.

I removed mom’s pallu and pressed my face against mom’s cleavage. As I took in mom’s fragrance, I began licking her cleavage, supertoto giriş undoing the folds of her sari. I untied her petticoat, letting it fall to the ground. I kissed mom again as I removed her blouse and unhooked her bra.

Mom stood before me just in her panties. I quickly got rid of my shorts and t-shirt too. As we both stood in our undergarments, I rubbed mom’s slit from above her panties.

I slid her panties front coverage aside, slowly letting two fingers enter her vagina. Mom stood there clenching her jaws, trying to suppress her moans.

I knelt before her as I fingered her pussy. This was the first time I’d brought my face this close to her vagina. The slight musky aroma that her vagina emanated enticed me. I replaced my fingers with my tongue as I let it slide inside her. I sucked on her labia as I extended my arms above my head to pinch her nipples.

“Aaaarrrggghhhh,” mom moaned loudly.

I felt the convulsions of her body as I made my tongue go deeper as I continued to pinch her nipples.

I’d made her orgasm.

I slowly removed my tongue out, letting go of her nipples as mom stood there panting. As I rose mom looked at me as she tried to calm herself.

“Where did you learn this? Even your dad doesn’t do this,” mom said, seemingly surprised.

I just smiled.

I bent forward to open the car’s door. Mom moved out of the way, allowing me to open the door and enter. As I sat on the seat, I lifted my ass a little so that I could get rid of my briefs.

Mom stood outside looking at my hard cock. She yanked her panties off. She entered the car, placing her knees on either side of my body. She held my dick just below its head, trying to get it to align with her pussy.

She slowly rubbed my dick along her labia. I sunk my fingers into her ass as she lowered herself on my dick. I closed my eyes to solely focus on the sensation of her pussy slowly swallowing my dick.

I pressed down on her ass, trying to impale her on my cock. As our pelvises pressed against each other I hugged mom tightly. She embraced me back. I loved how her body felt against mine.

We hugged for what felt like an eternity. As we loosened our grips on each other I let my hands traverse mom’s back to lightly hold her ass. I slowly ran my tongue along mom’s neck as my hands made their way down. I loved how her sweat tasted.

As we let go of our embrace, we came face to face with the another. As I looked at mom’s face, I could see Mom had this lewd look as we leaned in for a kiss. We felt each other’s breaths breezing past our faces as we slowly touched our lips.

What started as a peck gradually evolved into a full-blown smooch as I began sucking on mom’s upper lip. I slipped my tongue inside as mom parted her lips. As we kissed mom embraced me again, grinding her boobs against my chest.

Mom slowly began bouncing off my cock, using her knees to keep her balance as propelled herself up and down. Our kiss would intermittently break as mom would increase her tempo. Mom broke off our kiss as she increased her speed. She held my face close to hers as alternated between bouncing and grinding herself on my cock. I held her hips, aiding her to keep her momentum going.

As we made eye contact again, I could see mom’s eyes brimming with lust, shamelessness, and a burning desire for me. Sounds of grunts and tweaks of the car seat filled the vehicle’s interior as we went at it.

Our breaths blew past our faces providing some respite from the heat in the closed car. I intermittently ran my tongue tip along mom’s lips tracing their shape as we made love. From mom’s facial expressions I could sense that she was nearing her orgasm.

Mom arched her back, throwing her head back as she hit the final stretch. As she rode her way to an orgasm my eyes glanced upon her boobs going berserk as they swung up and down, tracing a circular trajectory.

I let go of her ass as I slid my hands along her back bringing them to grab her boobs. Her enthusiasm spurred me on, and I too started thrusting my hips. I tightened my gluts, to create a gap between my ass and the seat so I could thrust better. Mom’s head hit the ceiling as my thrusts propelled her further.

“Are you hur…,” I spoke as I slowed down a little.

Mom just covered my mouth with her hand.

“DON’T STOP,” Mom yelled.

I again picked up my pace. Mom’s head hit the car roof from time to time, but she didn’t seem to mind. Mom supported herself by anchoring one of her hands on the car’s roof and with the other, she grabbed my shoulder blade.

The car was filled with sounds of our pelvises slapping against each other. I bent forward and sucked on mom’s nipples from in between my fingers. I bit at them randomly. When I did, mom responded by digging her nails into my shoulder.

Mom pushed against the roof to fall on me. She pressed her boobs against my chest as she threw her arms around my shoulder. I too put my arms around her, pressing her into me.

I soon let my hands drop to supertoto güvenilirmi her ass as I helped her bounce on and off my cock. I too was now about to cum. For some strange reason, I let my right-hand wander between her butt crack.

I could feel her asshole at my fingertips. With my left hand I spread her ass cheeks, while inserting the middle finger of my right hand into her asshole. As I did this, I stopped spreading her butt cheeks with my left hand. This startled mom for an instant as she stopped whatever she was doing and stared at me with widened eyes.

I pressed mom into my body with my left hand, drawing her into a kiss. Mom again started moving her hips. I’d double penetrated mom. As mom resumed grinding her pussy on me, her front thrust pressed her on my cock while her back thrust had my finger penetrate her ass.

As we both came, I inserted my finger deep into her ass, whilst also pressing her down on my cock by holding one of her love handles. Mom bit my lower lip, pulling it out a little as I did this. As our orgasm subsided, we both lay in the car motionless.

Mom lay atop me as I removed my finger out of her ass. I caressed her back, as I moved my fingertips all over them, kissing her forehead as she lay nuzzled against me. Mom straightened her back, keeping her elbows on my chest as she looked at me.

I could see mom’s mangalsutra hanging between her breasts as she looked at me lovingly.

“You make love to me but wear his leash,” I said as I pulled on her necklace.

“Don’t,” Mom said, making a serious face.

“You’re just my bitch,” I said, as I tried to remove the necklace off her.

Mom initially resisted but submitted to me when she saw I wasn’t going to give up. I took the necklace off, dropping it on Mom’s seat in the front.

“And since you’re my bitch I’m going to fuck you like one,” I added as pushed mom off me.

Mom got on all fours while I scooched a little to give her the space. I rose to get behind mom but hit my head on the ceiling. It was an uphill task as we were cramped for space. I rubbed my cock on mom’s labia, as I pushed it in.

I began with slow strokes, focusing on the slapping sound they made as my pelvis collided with mom’s ass.

“Oomph…Oomph…Oomph…” I grunted as I made those strokes.

Mom moaned as we made love. The moans egged me on, making me to increase my speed. As I increased the speed of my thrusts, mom started to slide forward on the seat. She placed her hands on the glass window to prevent this.

As she moaned, I saw the window glass get a little foggy from her breath. I leaned forward placing my right hand atop mom’s right hand as I held her love handles with my left, continuing to thrust.

I brought my face beside hers. I could see mom had her eyes closed as she moaned. She probably did this to immerse herself in this completely, as she blocked everything else out. At least that’s what I think.

As I looked at mom who was biting her lower lip, moaning as I continued to plough her, I was mesmerised. The sight certainly was something to behold. I wanted to call out to mom, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. At that instant, Mom turned her face towards me, opening her eyes to look straight into mine.

It was as though she read my mind.

I couldn’t fathom what I felt at that moment. It was as though only Mom and I existed and nothing else. Mom brought her face closer to mine as she took her left hand off the window and used it to nudge my face closer to hers.

We closed our eyes as we kissed. We savoured each moment, scoping out every inch, cranny, nook and turn of each other’s lips. I felt like I was about to explode, both literally and figuratively. My thrusts became jerky and shorter, my grip on mom’s love handles became tighter and I intertwined our fingers pressing hard on mom’s hand.

I opened my mouth wide, breaking our kiss as I breathed into mom’s mouth. I pressed my cock into mom’s pussy, holding it there as I unloaded in her.

I collapsed on mom out of exertion. Mom supported both of our weights as I lay on her back.

“Everything okay beta?” Mom asked as she caressed my cheek.

“Never better,” I said, as I got my weight off her back and pecked her lips.

We both sat there on the back seat to relax for a bit after our romp of passion. I adjusted the seat, reclining it a little so that we could stretch our legs. Mom nuzzled up close to me as she sat beside me. I threw my arm around her pulling her close.

Mom’s phone rang. She looked to see who it was. It was dad calling. She picked it up.

“Hello,” mom said, as she picked up the phone.

“No, we haven’t reached,”

“Roshan wanted to try out some restaurant which was a little off our route. We should be reaching soon,”

“Sure, I’ll text you,” mom said this and cut the call.

“Let’s get dressed,” mom said, as she got out of the car.

I followed her out, picking up my clothes that were strewn outside the car. We wore our clothes and entered the car. As mom walked over to the passenger’s side, she saw her mangalsutra lying on the seat. She picked it up and wore it.

We soon got back on the road and continued driving to grandpa’s house. We’d soon be there and all I could think of was how do we convince him to let us stay in the outhouse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32