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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


Chapter 21 � First Night with Tom / Monday  

“Oh, shit. Here it comes.”


“Oh, don”t be like that, please. This is a good talk. I don”t know how it”s possible, but you need to know that I truly love you. It”s like you told Lee earlier, I feel like I”ve known you all my life. When we met yesterday afternoon, something just clicked. I have never, ever, felt like this about anybody else. I want you to know that.”


“Max, I”m in love with you, too. I know it sounds trite, but it”s real. Sure, I”ve thought about other guys over the years, but none have made my heart go flip-flop like you.”


“Well, you”re a few years ahead of me in the acceptance department. I really just figured my life out a couple months ago.”




“I know, that”s why this is all so unbelievable. To me, anyway. Don”t get me wrong, I”ve known I was gay from about T.J.”s age, but I”ve suppressed it, hard. I”ve always wanted a family and felt the only way to accomplish that was to be a straight guy, marry and have kids. There”s that part of it. The other reason why I buried it so deep for so long is I knew how my parents would react. I knew from a very early age, even before I first wanted to play with any of my friends, that they felt that people like us would not be accepted as human beings. I”m not sure how I knew it, I just did.”


“Well, I told you it wasn”t a party with my parents, either. They were totally disgusted when I came out, as I knew they would be. And it”s taken them a long time to even half-way accept me for who I am. We”ve come a long way in the past five years, but we still have a long way to go.”


“I know, and I”m still in the early stage of that parental denial. Do I hope that denial will slowly turn into a grudging acceptance? More than anything, but I can”t let them continue to dictate how I live my life. I have to be who I am, Tom.”


“I”m cool with that, Max. Since I”ve been through it myself already, if there”s anything I can do to help with them, just let me know.”


“I don”t think there”s anything, Tom, but I”ll be sure to let you know. I think Lee”s my best bet. You saw how accepting she was. She”s never had a problem with me being gay. If anyone can talk sense to mom and dad, it”ll be her. Just bear with me about them.”


“Max, your parents the last thing on my mind. You”re first and the boys take positions two through five, okay. Beyond that, I”m not too worried about anybody else right now.”


“That”s good to hear, Tom and I appreciate it. Now, I have something really serious to ask you.”


“Oh shit, here it comes,” Tom chuckled.


“You won”t be chuckling when you hear the question. How important is being a cop to you?”


“Well, up until about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, it was pretty damn important `cause if I wasn”t paying attention to things from the first moment I started patrol, I wasn”t gonna” come back home alive. Not that I really much cared if I ever went back to that empty apartment at the end of the day. That”s all changed now. I worked today, but couldn”t concentrate on anything. My partner kept asking me what was up and I just kept telling him I was dealing with some family issues. I didn”t want to outright lie the guy and that was the closest I could come to explaining where my head was without telling everything.”


“I can only assume you were talking about this family. At least, I hope you were.”


“Damn right I was. Now that I have someone I want to see at the end of every day, I damn sure want to make sure I can.”


“Would you have a problem resigning from the department?”


“Not really, Max. It”s just a job. Granted, it”s one I love, but I”ve found something and several someones I love even more. I was going to talk to you about it tomorrow, but since you brought it up already, I decided on the way out here tonight to turn in my papers to Dylan on Tuesday.”


“Oh, Tom, that”s such a load off my mind. Now that I”ve found you, I don”t want to lose you.”


“Not a chance, man.”


“Any idea what you want to do next?”


“Not really, Max. I”ve thought about doing private investigations before. It doesn”t pay that well, but the hours are real flexible. And it”s a hell of a lot safer, as a rule, since you can pick and choose the cases you want to deal with.”


“I have an idea I want you to think about and it kinda follows the lines of your own agency. And, I”d be willing to help get it started.”


“I”m interested, what are you thinking about?”


“Carol”s agency is in almost constant need of people being investigated, some background checks and some home checks for abuse and living conditions. Does that sound like something you”d be interested in doing?”


“Hell, yeah. Some of that could still be hazardous, but not near as bad as what I deal with now. And with my background, it could open some avenues of investigation that they can”t currently access. I think Dylan would help with it, also. He”s always hated dealing with that aspect of our job and I think I could talk him into funneling some cases my way.”


“You wouldn”t mind me talking to Carol to see if they”d be interested in using you?”


“Not at all.”


“Good. Now, I have one more thing we need to talk about.”


“Oh, shit, here it comes,” Tom laughed.


“Not yet, but soon, I”m sure. That shower we took was the most erotic experience I”ve ever had. I can honestly say I”ve never had such a whole-body experience like that.”


“I”m happy to hear it, Max. I”m even happier it was me you had it with.”


“That said, Tom, I don”t know if I”ll ever be able to give you the maximum pleasure you deserve.”


“What the hell you talking about?”


“Well, I think, even you have to admit that when you get aroused, you definitely put me and many other guys to shame. I”m not sure that monster will ever find its way into my most private of areas.” Tom almost rolled off the bed with paroxysms of laughter.


When he got himself under control, he responded, “Max, I don”t care about that. Besides, haven”t you heard, size doesn”t matter.”


“Yes, I”ve heard that, but sometimes it does and this is one of those times. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.”


“There”s so much more to a successful relationship than just the sex.”


“I know that, Tom, but I wanted you know where I am mentally with this whole thing.”


“Don”t worry about it. If it happens someday, great, if not, I”m sure we”ll think of something else. Besides, with a little patience and work, I think, together, we can make it happen. But only if you want to, I”ll never force you to do anything you don”t want.”


“Thanks, Tom, I knew you wouldn”t. I would like for it to happen, eventually, but you”ll have to be patient with me.”


“We have all the time in the world, Max.”


“I really hate to ask, especially after what I just said about being patient, but do you think you”d be able to handle me? There, I mean?”


“Oh, yeah, no sweat.”


“Gee, thanks. You really know how to boost a guy”s self-esteem.”


“Okay, I could have said that better, I guess. I wasn”t trying to demean or to make you feel inadequate in any way. I think you”re perfect. In every possible way.”


“Well, that helps. If only a little.”


“Will you please stop saying `little”?” he grinned. “What I”m trying to tell you, is that while I haven”t been with anybody before, it doesn”t mean I”ve haven”t had the desire or need. In light of that need, and I do mean need, I”ve acquired, how burdur escort shall I say this, some `aids”, I guess you could call them, over the last several years. And during that time, I”ve made good use of them.”


“Oh, really? That”s interesting, Tom. Do you think your `aids” could help me, too? And would you be willing to show me how to use them properly.”


“You bet, and I”ll cherish every moment.”


“Well, I think we”ve officially skipped over that `getting to know you better” awkwardness of the next few months, don”t you?”


“Assimilation completed,” he droned, in what I had to assume was a Borg imitation.


“Good, that”s what I wanted to hear. Are you ready to get some sleep, now? We have a lot to do tomorrow.”


“Sleep? Are you freakin” kiddin” me? After that `talk”, all I wanna do is make you happy. And from the looks of things, you”re half-way there already,” he added while pointing to my crotch. I immediately saw what he was talking about because there was a large wet spot on the sheet beneath the tip of my erect penis. I looked to Tom”s crotch and saw he had the same problem.


We laid down, rolled to face each other and wrapped ourselves in an embrace. As we moved closer together, our penises eventually made contact and I felt what can best be described as electric jolts coursing throughout my body. It appeared as though Tom was feeling the same thing from the way his body was twitching, also. We ground our crotches together for a few minutes while kissing passionately and when that no longer seemed adequate, Tom, pushed me over so I was laying on my back. He started licking my neck, then slowly moved down my shoulders to my nipples. I knew the nipples were sensitive, but I had never dreamed they could provide the amount of stimulation I was feeling at this moment. After a short time working over my nipples, he continued down my chest and flicked his tongue into my navel as he passed it by on the way to lower regions of my body. I could feel his breath caress my hardness as he took a much closer look at the prize awaiting him.


“God, you”re absolutely beautiful,” he whispered. “I could make love to this all-night long.” Without any further delays, he took me into his mouth until his nose was buried in my bare pubic mound. My back arched involuntarily, trying to bury even more in his warm, wet mouth, although that wasn”t possible. I was writhing in pleasure with feelings I”d never before had as Tom made love to me with his mouth. He would occasionally take a break from my penis and lap at my hairless scrotum, pulling each walnut-sized teste into his mouth, giving both a very thorough bathing.


When he felt me getting close to orgasm from my ball bath, he licked his way back to the tip of my dripping cock and swallowed it. He continued to slurp, lap and suck me until I couldn”t take any more and exploded in his mouth. Six of the most forceful shots of semen I”d ever had filled his mouth to overflowing and some of it dribbled back out from the corners of his mouth and down my shaft. When I was finally done with my orgasm, he used his tongue to clean up the bits of me that had leaked from his mouth.


“You taste delicious, too, in every way possible,” he whispered in my ear after he crawled back up and lay down beside me.


“That was amazing, Tom. And you expect me to believe you”ve never done this before.”


“You”re first, last and only person who will ever know that pleasure from me.”


“That”s good to know. Now, I believe I owe you something.” I pushed Tom so he was lying on his back and proceeded to give him what he had just given me. He was so much larger than I was I had difficulty taking him in my mouth entirely, but after a few false starts, I was finally able to bury my nose in his pubic hair. I”d never thought that impaling your mouth with another guy”s hard cock could feel so good. His balls were also considerably larger than my own, but I still managed to get each in my mouth for a good licking. I felt his balls pull up and knew he was close to the point of no return, so I moved back to the main subject and inhaled his hardness. He somehow enlarged a bit as his orgasm wracked his body and his semen was pumped deep in my throat. He was buried so deep, there was no chance of losing a drop as I swallowed his gift. I was in heaven and discovered it felt as good to give as it did to receive.


“Oh, my god, Max, are you sure I”m the first guy you”ve ever been with. That was mind-blowing. Among other things getting blown,” he chuckled.


“Uh, yeah, Tom, I”m pretty sure. I think I would remember doing that before,” I laughed. “But, I had a great teacher,” I smiled as I looked into his eyes.


“Well, you”re a quick study, I”ll give you that. And to think that I”ve missing out on that this long. I wanna kick myself for wasting all that time.”


“We”re in the same boat there, Tom. I can”t wait to see what the future holds for us. Now, I don”t want to be rude, but could we possibly get some sleep, please? It”s been a long damn day, I”m tired and tomorrow”s going to a busy one, also.”


“I can barely move after that, Max, so sleep should be a piece of cake.”


I grabbed the covers and pulled them up, then laid down behind Tom wrapping my arms around him. He sighed contentedly and was soon snorting lightly. I was not far behind in falling into the deepest, most relaxed sleep I”d had in a long time.


I woke up Monday morning with a warm body curled behind me and a lot snickering happening in front of me. I opened my eyes and found a gaggle of nude boys staring at me, eyes wide open. “Good morning, guys, we have to stop meeting like this. Did my closed-door rule go in one ear and out the other?”


“Sorry, dad, but we did knock, and when you didn”t answer, we got worried and thought we should check to make sure you”re okay,” Alex said.


“And you sure look like you”re okay to us. Tom does, too. Did you two sleep well?” Joey asked.


“We slept just fine, thank you very much. How about you four, did you sleep well?”


“You bet!” Mike yelled.


Tom jumped, opened his eyes, saw the boys and said, “Oh, crap.”


“It”s okay, Uncle Tom, we know you two love each other. You should be sleeping together,” T.J. added.


“Nice to know we have your approval, guys, now get out of here so we can get out of bed and we”ll meet you in the kitchen for breakfast in a few minutes.” The four scampered out of the room. I rolled over to face Tom, “Good morning bright eyes, ready for a fun-filled day of list-making and shopping? We”ve got a lot to do and not much time to do it.”


“No, I”m not ready, but then I never will be. I absolutely hate shopping, of any kind.”


“Well, you better get used to it, bucko, shopping is a family deal.”


“Yeah, yeah. Can I pee before we leave?”


“I”ll even feed you first,” I laughed.


“You really know the way to my heart, Max.” He tossed off the covers and headed to the bathroom to relieve his bladder, his morning erection pointing the way. I decided to follow him and when he stopped in front of the toilet to pee, I slid in behind him letting my erection announce my presence in the cleft between his cheeks. “You better back off or I”m never going to be able to pee and we”ll be stuck at home all day. Not that I have a problem with that.”


I laughed and backed away. “Well, hurry the hell up `cause I gotta go, too.” When we were both done in the bathroom, including washing faces and hands, we headed to the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast. The boys had cereal and toast while Tom and I had English muffins. Since we had a busy day ahead of us, part of it outside the house, I suggested we all get dressed and be ready to head out in a bit. The boys grumbled about it but eventually headed to their bedrooms to get some clothes on. Tom and I followed suit.


When the boys returned to the kitchen, I had them sit at the counter with pencil and paper to start making lists of the clothes they thought they needed. I had Alex help Mike to make sure I could read his list. While they got busy on their task, the phone rang. I answered in the kitchen.


“Good morning?”


“Morning to you, too, Max. How are you this bright and beautiful day?”


“Herb, I”m great. It”s good to hear from you this early. Does this mean you”re about to bring the rental out for me?”


“Yep, be headin” that way in about 10 minutes. Just wanted to make sure you were awake and functional before I did.”


“There”s four boys here who apparently don”t believe in sleeping in, so being awake isn”t the issue. Functional? Not quite yet, but another cup of caffeine should help that along.”


“Well, either way, I”ll be there in about 30 minutes and my guy will be along about 10 minutes later. He”s got a stop to make on the way out.”


“No problems, Herb, we”ll be here. See you soon.” I hung up the phone and checked on the boys” progress on their lists when I suddenly remembered another call I needed to make. I looked up the school”s number and placed the call.


“New Berlin schools, how may I direct your call?”


“I need to speak to the elementary principal, please.”


“One moment, sir.”


I was on hold less than a minute before an exasperated female bursa escort voice came on the line.


“This is Ms. Carr, sorry to keep you waiting, but it”s been one of those mornings.”


“No problems, ma”am, I”m having one also.”


“How may I help you, sir?” she spat out.


“My name is Max Sanders and over the weekend I became the legal guardian for four of your students, Joey and Alex Allison, T.J. Bruce and Mike Broadhead. I was calling to let you know they wouldn”t be in school today and make arrangements for a new bus stop to pick them up starting tomorrow morning.”


“Ah-ha, I was wondering where those four rapscallions were today. Mystery solved. Thank you for calling to let me know they”re okay. The driver was rather confused and more than a bit concerned when none of them showed up to get on the bus this morning.”


“I know I should have called over the weekend, but I didn”t have a clue who I needed to talk to, so I decided to wait until this morning.”


“That”s all right. Now you said your name is Max Sanders, right? And you”re the boys” new guardian? What happened to their foster parents?”


“Well, I was hoping to adopt a child and this weekend, these four came to my home for a visit to see my house and see how things went. They apparently went very well and my case worker, Carol Ward, arranged for all four to stay here until the adoption is finalized, instead of going back to their foster parents.”


“Ah, yes, the undeniable and relentless Ms. Ward. She is a force to reckoned with, isn”t she?”


I laughed and answered, “She sure is. Fortunately, she”s working for me and not against me. I wouldn”t want to be on the other side.”


“No, sir, you surely don”t. So, you”re expecting to adopt all four of these young men? When do you expect that process to be completed?”


“According to Carol, five or six months.”


“Yes, that sounds about right. Why don”t you give me your address and I”ll make sure to get it to the drivers” supervisor so we can start picking the boys up at their new home tomorrow morning.”


I provided the address and directions since there were no signs of a home at the end of the drive. “My drive is long and in this cold weather, I”ll be bringing the boys to the end of the drive in my car so they don”t turn to popsicles waiting for their bus. I”ll probably have a small shelter built so they can wait under cover when it”s cold or raining.”


“That”s probably a good idea, Mr. Sanders. While we strive to be punctual, schedules do occasionally slip.”


“Is there anything else you need this morning?”


“I don”t think so, but I would like to meet with you. I like to know the parents of all our students. Would you have time tomorrow morning to stop by?”


“Sure thing. I”d like to meet you, also, and their teachers, if possible. Would sometime around noon be okay?”


“That would be fine, Mr. Sanders. The students will be at lunch and their teachers should be available at that time also.”


“Great, I”ll see you then.”


“We”ll look forward to it. Again, thanks for calling and letting me know where the boys are. I really was worried about them. Have a good day.”


“Thank you, you, too.” I ended the call and turned to the boys. “Okay, you”re all set. Back to school tomorrow morning. We can”t have you playing hooky the rest of the year.”


“Bummer, dad,” said T.J.


“Yeah, that sucks.”


“Joey, mouth. You really need to learn some self-control young man.”


“Sorry, dad,” he pouted.


“It”s okay, but we”ll work on that. Now, how are your lists doing?”


“I think we”re ready, dad,” Alex said. “We both need new socks and underwear. Our pants and shirts are okay for now, but we”ll probably need more by summer.”


“Okay, what about you T.J.?”


“I need some new socks, too, and maybe a few shirts. Most of my shirts are starting to get pretty small and tight.”


“Good thinking. What”s on your list, Mike?”


“Everything,” he whined. “I didn”t have much to begin with and the Kirkland”s never had a chance to get me anything new.”


“Well, don”t you worry about it, munchkin, we”ll get you taken care of this afternoon, okay?”


“Thanks, Ma …, uh, dad.”


“What about you, Tom, anything you need to pick up today?”


“Let me see, Max, I”ve got my list right here.” He theatrically whipped a blank sheet of paper in front of his face, cleared his throat and started reading, “Socks, shoes, underwear, pants, shirts, shorts, a couple of cool hats, a PS4, new laptop, a Harley and, wait, what”s that say, I can”t quite read my own writing. Oh, yeah, my own Shelby. Yeah, I think that covers everything.” The boys were laughing hysterically by the time he finished.


“Well, that”s quite the list you have, there, Tom, but methinks you have forgotten one very important thing.”


He glanced over the blank paper, “No, I”m pretty sure it”s all there.”


“What about the bank we”d have to rob to pay for it all?”


“Well, heck. Just where is my mind today? Joey, give me your pencil and I”ll add that stop.”


“Are you done, clown?”


“Yeah, but seriously, Max, I think we should pick up some food, too. We”ve pretty much wiped you out this weekend.”


“Good point, Tom.” Ding!


“That”s probably Herb with the rental. Why don”t you guys work on a food list while I deal with Herb?”


“Sounds like a plan, Max. We”ll be right here.”


I watched as Herb parked the rental on the drive and walked up to the door. I opened the door as he arrived and invited him in to wait for his guy to pick him up.


“Morning, Herb, how are you this morning?”


“Doing great, Max, how `bout yourself?”


“As well as can be expected after the weekend. You want a cup of coffee while you wait?”


“That sounds great. Where”s the new family?”


“In the kitchen making a shopping list for food. C”mon, I”ll introduce you to them.” I led Herb to the kitchen and when he was set up with a cup of warm coffee, I turned to make introductions. “Starting on that end, Herb, we have Alex, Mike, Joey and T.J. And this is Tom. Guys, this is Herb, my car dealer.”


“Hi fellas, nice to meet you,” he directed to the boys, “You sure you want to live with this guy?”


“You bet,” they answered.


“Uh, Max,” Herb whispered in my ear, “I think the other dude”s a little outside adoption age,” then laughed.


“That may be, Herb, but he was a great help to me Saturday and I think he”s earned his place. You”ll be seeing him around quite a bit more.”


Herb turned to Tom and held out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Tom. Hope you know what you”re gettin” yourself into here.”


“Nice to meet you, too, Herb. After the weekend, I”ve got a pretty good idea. That”s all right, though, I like a challenge. After five years in the Sherriff”s department, this should be a piece o” cake. Sure couldn”t be any harder.” He turned to me and asked, “Hey, Max, is this the guy I need to talk to about that new Shelby?” and laughed heartily.


“Max, he”s a keeper. Great taste in cars,” as he laughed along.




“What the heck was that?” Herb asked.


“Driveway sensor,” I answered.


“So, you knew I was here before I pulled up to the garage, didn”t you?”


“Sure did. Did you think it was just ESP that had me meet you at the door?”


“You never know, Max. Should be my guy, though.”


“Thanks for bringing the rental out, Herb. Sure saved me some headaches and a bunch of time today.”


“Happy to do it, Max. I wouldn”t do this for every customer, but you”re one of my better ones. I left the keys in it and I”ll keep you updated on the one you”ve ordered.” He turned to the boys and said, “Boys, you be good to Max. I hope you enjoy your new home.” He turned to Tom, extended his hand again and added, “Tom, I wish you luck with this zoo. And when you”re ready to order that Shelby, you come see me.”


They shook hands and Tom said, “Don”t you worry, Herb. Hope to be seeing you soon,” and grinned.


I led Herb to the door, thanked him again and let him out to head back to the dealership. I then headed back to the kitchen and asked, “Everybody ready to roll? We”ve got a lot to do today and the sooner we get started, the sooner we can get back home.”


Everybody grabbed their coats and shoes and we met in the driveway. The rental Flex was gleaming in the sun reflected off the snow. The boys climbed in and Tom and I made sure each was buckled in place and that they know how to operate the belts. Tom and I got in and after I started the car, I inserted a movie in the DVD player to help keep the boys entertained. All four were busy checking out all the features, oohing and aahing as each new gadget caught their eyes. I rolled my eyes at Tom as I backed away from the garage and he chuckled in understanding. I was just about to pull out when I realized this car hadn”t been programmed for my garage door opener, so I ran back into the house to grab the extra opener control. I”d have to make sure I retrieved it when I returned the car.


I decided on the way to town that the easiest place to get everything çanakkale escort we needed was Walmart. I figured that one-stop shopping was going to be the quickest way to accomplish everything. We”d just gotten in the store when I felt a tug at my sleeve. I looked down to my right to find Mike holding onto my jacket with on hand and holding his crotch with the other. I realized nobody had gone to the bathroom before we left home.


“Uh, fellas, Mike and I need to use the restroom. Anybody else need to go?” Joey and Alex raised their hands. “Okay, Tom, why don”t you grab a cart and head to the boys” department with T.J. and we”ll find you in a few minutes?”


“Sure thing, Max.” Four of us headed to the restroom while the other two headed in the opposite direction. When we joined back up with Tom and T.J., the bottom of the cart was already covered. We spent the next hour loading the cart with clothes for all four boys. Fortunately, we didn”t have to try on much except for a couple pairs of pants for Mike. Selecting underwear was another story in itself. With the selection available, you would have thought they wouldn”t have any problems finding what they wanted. Mike”s was the easiest to find as he wanted briefs with characters from his favorite movie, `Cars”. T.J. settled for basic boxer briefs, but the twins weren”t finding what they wanted.


“Come on you two, make a decision already, we don”t have all day.”


“We”ve looked at it all and don”t see what we want,” Joey said.


“Well, what do you want? I”ll ask where they are.”


Alex came to me, pulled me down to his level and whispered in my ear, “We want some that look like your Speedos. But you can”t ask anybody, that”d be embarrassing.”


I snickered a moment and quietly drafted Tom to help me search. We dug through the entire rack and finally realized they apparently don”t sell bikini briefs for boys at Walmart. While Tom distracted the boys, I asked a clerk, even though I”d been asked not to. The clerk grinned, but told me they didn”t have anything like that in their size. I thanked her and told the twins to pick something else for now and we”d look somewhere else later. They grumped about it, but ended up picking out the smallest briefs available that would fit their waist.


Once finished with the clothes, the cart was overflowing. I decided we should pay for this load, get it stashed in the car and then come back and deal with the food shopping separately. Tom volunteered to load the car while the rest of us started on the food list. We were about half done with the food list when Tom finally found us and we finished rather quickly. With everything loaded up, we headed to Long John Silver”s to get some lunch.


While we were eating, Tom asked, “Hey, we”re pretty close to my apartment. Would you mind swinging by so I can grab a few things?”


“No problem, Tom. I”m sure they won”t mind, will you guys?”


“No, let”s go!” T.J. said.


“Um, can we finish eating, T.J.?”


“I guess,” he grumped.


“Thank you.”


When the food was gone and the table cleaned, we piled back in the car and headed to Tom”s. When we got there and I offered to help, but Tom replied, “I got it Max. It won”t take long to get what I need.” True to his word, he returned in five minutes with a small box. He placed the box on the floor at his feet and said, “Let”s boogie.”


“Is that it? Doesn”t seem like you got much.”


“Just the important things for now. I”ll grab more tomorrow after I talk to Sarge.”


“Okay. Anybody need anything else before we head for home?” Silence. “Okay, we”re outta here.”


The ride home was quiet and I pulled in the garage. Tom carried his small box directly to our bedroom. As we unloaded the rest of the car, the boys took their new things directly to their rooms while Tom and I carried bag after bag of food into the kitchen. I asked the boys to carefully remove all the tags and labels from their clothes so I could wash them before they wore them. Tom and I got all the food stored and were just about to sit down when four naked boys wandered in.


“Can we go swimming before supper?” Joey asked.


“Sure, just give us a minute to get ready.”


Tom and I headed to our bedroom, stripped off our clothes, grabbed a couple towels and headed back to meet the boys, shelter key in my hand. Once in the pool, Tom and I were attacked by four feisty monkeys trying to dunk us. We spent about a half hour playing around and I noticed as we tossed and flipped boys back and forth, all four were in a perpetual state of arousal. I couldn”t really say anything since I was suffering the same affliction. I could only assume Tom was fighting the same problem, but since we were in waist deep water, our problems were, at least, partially hidden. Tom and I eventually needed a break and moved to the deep end and let the boys continue their fun. After another half hour, I decided it was time to get out. I still had to wash to boys” new clothes and supper was coming up soon.


“Boys, hop out and hit the showers. We need to get your new clothes washed and put away.” Tom and I waited until they were back in the house to get out of the pool. “I assume you were having the same problem I was,” I commented.


“Yeah, Max, and it”s embarrassing. Those four should not cause this, but they do, every single time.”


“I know, there”s just something about feeling their hard, little penises rubbing against me that”s turning me on. I know it”s wrong as all get out, but I can”t control it, it just happens. I”m sure the boys know it”s happening, too, especially Joey and Alex. We are going have to very careful.”


“What makes you say that?” I replayed the conversation I overheard from their shower Friday night. “Those little devils. They know exactly what they”re doing, don”t they?”


“Obviously. They were definitely trying to get a rise out of me and if Carol hadn”t been sitting right here, I have no doubt they”d have been successful.”


“I have the perfect solution to our problem, Max!”


“Ooh, this should be good.”


“Sure, we, as in you and me, just have to have sex before we swim. Problem solved.”


“Hmmm, I like that idea, Tom. Not sure how practical it is, but I guess it couldn”t hurt to try,” I laughed. “But seriously, I think I should talk to them and let them know that their actions could endanger the adoption if it continues.”


“Do you think they”ll listen? Or even care?”


“They”ll care because I know they want to stay here, but who know if they”ll listen? Only time will tell.”


We headed inside and while Tom headed to the bathroom to take his shower, I headed to the laundry room to start a load of the boys” clothes. As the boys came out of their showers, I told them to start going through their older clothes and pull out anything we replaced this afternoon. By the time I was done dealing with the boys, Tom was out of the shower and telling me it was my turn. I ran through a quick shower, thankful at my foresight at having tankless, instant water heaters installed in each bathroom when the house was built. They were certainly getting a workout today and I didn”t see that changing in the future.


Supper tonight was what I laughingly called broke food, Kraft macaroni and cheese. While I”m far from being broke, it”s an easy meal to fix and clean up. After the supper mess was cleaned up, the boys wanted to watch the next Star Wars movie, so we headed to the theater to relax for a couple hours. It was 8:30 when the movie ended and I told the boys it was time to head for bed. When they complained, I explained they had to go back to school in the morning and needed a good night”s sleep before they did. They grudgingly gave in and Tom and I followed them to their rooms to make sure they were all tucked in and had received their good-night kisses on the foreheads. Once the four feisty monkeys were in bed, Tom and I headed back to the theater to watch another movie. By the time is was over, we were both yawning and headed to our bedroom.


“Are you still planning to talk with Dylan in the morning about resigning,” I asked Tom.


“Sure am, but it”ll be afternoon and not morning. My shift starts before he gets in, but we”ll talk at the end of the day.”


“Are you absolutely sure you”re ready to do it and you don”t have a problem with resigning? I don”t want you regretting the decision later and it is kinda sudden.”


“100% sure. Never been so sure of anything else, ever. Well, except how I feel about you.”


“I”m glad to hear that, Tom. I know it”s a lot to ask, but I can”t stand the thought of you going out every day, placing yourself in danger and maybe not coming back at the end of the day.”


“That”s the only thing I”ve ever hated about the job. The uncertainty of knowing whether I”d come back home in one piece at the end of the day. I know it can be an ugly job, but there”s more good than bad and somebody needs to do it. I”ve done my part and now it”s time for someone else to take over.”


“You think Dylan”s going to give you a hard time?”


“I don”t think so. We”ve always gotten along real well. I”m pretty sure he”ll understand.”


“I hope so. I”d hate to have to call him and give him a piece of my mind.”


Tom laughed. “Well, I hope it won”t come to that. I don”t think Dylan”s ready for that.”


We snuggled up under the covers with Tom holding me. “Goodnight. I love you, Tom Wright,” I whispered.


“Love you more, my angel.”


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