Brotherly Love

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“I’m not going after you,” Mo said, spitting on the streetcobbles in front of his brother to highlight his disgust.

“And I’m not going to pay another hooker for you, so tough luck, shithead,” Radouan said grinning. He pushed Mo in his back towards the front door and his younger brother sighed as he opened it.

It was nice and cool inside. The hot summer air hadn’t entered yet. It was an average house. They moved upstairs to the designated room. In there walls were cliché red and there was very little decoration, Mo noticed. On the ground lay a fur carpet and the single-person sized bed in the corner didn’t look like much. But what lay on top of it was quite mesmerizing.

Mo had never liked women the way his brothers had. All day and night they talked about pussy and tits and suckling on them both. Every women they saw was three holes on legs to them. Mo did like women, not all of them, but plenty for sure. But he didn’t see them as holes to stick his dick in. He liked looking into their eyes and feeling a connection. That would get his dick harder than anything. It was to his shame, the same counted for some men. It was this reason he never acted on sexual advances by anyone. Too ashamed he might get hard or not at the wrong time.

That’s how Mo found himself in a normal house in an average street but in a room that was designed for sex work. Surely, Rad had tried to take him to lose his virginity countless times since he was old enough to get hard. But Mo always put it off until he was now. He was 23 and he had found out who Rad was frequently visiting.

Her name was Christine. And as she was laying on the bed, Mo fell instantly in love. She had long black hair, spread out over her dark brown shoulders and chest. Two perfectly round boobs filled a sexy bra and a thin waste led to a black thong, tightly wrapped around a perfectly fat ass. Two shiny black heels encapsulated her long, hairless legs. But best of all were her deep, dark brown eyes, staring with a lustful hunger right back at the two men who walked in.

“You’re late,” a deep but whiny voice said as the women flipped her hair and got on her stomach.

“Brought a present for you,” Rad said teasingly, as if he wanted to persuade her into giving it up for free by showing off Mo. Mo was what all his guy friends called ‘a pretty boy’. He too had sparkling brown eyes and his thin but muscular physique always made an impression, even though Mo hated he couldn’t get as big as his fitness freak brothers with big bulging arms and thick legs.

Christine scanned Mo from top to bottom but looked unimpressed. “I hope it’s money.”

Rad took off his hoodie and threw it on the chair at the desk, as if he had done it a hundred times before. The tall, bold man pulled his sport pants down to reveal a bubbly bare ass. Mo couldn’t help but stare at it. He didn’t see what happened in the front but Christine scooted over the bed to press her head into Rad’s crotch. Mo’s cock twitched.

“Come here,” Rad said as he signaled with his hand. Mo walked over and saw how Christine’s red colored lips wrapped around his brothers long, muscled cock. Mo had never seen it hard before. The skin around it was soft, the circumcised head was a quiet tone of pink. It was pointing perfectly straight up, rounded like an iron pipe. And Christine’s red lips slid over it all with care and attention. She was visibly enjoying slobbering Rad’s dick and Rad was moaning audibly. He pulled his shit up revealing his perfect six pack and he grabbed Christine by her hair and pulled it. He started moving his hips and so his surprisingly low hanging but huge balls slapped against her chin and throat.

It took a few seconds before Mo could move. So many mixed feelings surged through his body. First there was seeing his brother, one of the angriest people he knew, in soothing bliss. Then there was the fact that his dick was out, bare for Mo to see, penetrating the skull of a beautiful woman who desperately wanted his cock. Or at least pretended very convincingly to want it. And then there was Mo getting excited by it all. His dick was pressing through his shorts against his running pants, creating a huge visible bulge.

Rad, forever the epitome of manliness and Christine, soft and feminine, looked so engaged in their sexual act that Mo slid his hand quietly into his pants and felt the warmth of his own penis. He sighed when he grabbed it. His balls already sweaty and smelly. His dick begging to be jerked. And so he did. His dick was curved and very thick, with a huge head, nothing like his brother’s. Mo pushed his skin forward and moaned slightly at this intense feeling.

Meanwhile Christine was choking on Rad’s dick. Rad had casino şirketleri no mercy and pushed her head deeper onto his cock. She had swallowed it all, like it was stuck in her throat and saliva dripped richly out of her wide-open mouth. Christine didn’t let up however, instead she grabbed Rad’s butt and pulled him closer. Rad sighed deeply.

With one swift move, Rad pulled Christine’s from his cock and backwards so he could spit her in the face. When the blob hit her, she seemed happy. Rad looked at her, suddenly angrily and quickly bend over to deeply make out with her. Their tongues slipped out of their mouths and licked everything they could get to. Their wild kissing turned Mo on so much he thought he might blow.

Rad pulled Christine onto her knees and started squeezing her boobs through her bra hard and fast. Christine moaned in pain and pleasure. Rad harshly pushed her on the bed so she was laying the way they found her. Grunting like an animal he jumped on it as well and positioned behind her, his broad body blocking the view. Mo walked over to see everything.

Rad was bend over on his knees and pushed his face into Christine’s perfect ass. She moaned loudly. Rad was slobbering and tonguing Christine’s asshole, her thong pushed to the side, like he made out with it. His tongue made broad strokes as he completely wet her smooth shaven backside. Mo jerked as he payed close attention. After about a minute of Rad fucking Christine with his tongue, he crawled over her.

“Let me grab…” Christine moaned, but Rad wasn’t listening. Rad wasn’t even Rad anymore. He was just a wild man going for what he wanted. Mo couldn’t see but Rads exposed crotch was laying on top of Christine’s backside. He took off his t-shirt but it was too tight and it got stuck on his elbows. When he foolishly struggled, Mo reached over and pulled it off. A shock of excitement electrified every fiber of his being as he felt the naked skin of his brother’s side in this sexual environment. Rad hadn’t noticed and when his hairless upper body was exposed he grinded with broad strokes against Christine’s back, curved his own and swaying his ass. Christine kept moaning in delight as Rad held onto her head and licked her ear.

Rad reached with one hand in between his crotch and her back and Mo saw how his wet, rock hard dick was searching up and down Christine’s ass. It got stuck somewhere and Rad slowly lowered himself, more and more of his dick disappearing in between the brown hills.

Christine stopped breathing, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed. Her hand slapped against Rads pelvis, as to stop him from going deeper.

“You know you want it like this,” Rad whispered in her ear. “You want me to make to put a baby in you.”

And with that Christine let go of Rad, sighed out and stretched herself as Rad let out a deep moan and fell completely top of her. He quickly started swaying back and forth, pushing his sneakers against the backside of the bed and holding Christine’s hair as only his lower back drilled against her ass. The slapping of skin filled the room.

Christine started a moan and as Red increased his pace, the moan went higher and longer. Red couldn’t keep up the pace and pushed himself on his knees. He grabbed Christine’s thighs and pulled her ass higher up. He started slamming against her as she moaned high and low into her bed. Red wouldn’t have it. He pulled her head up and fucked her asshole with hard slaps and grunts.

Mo was looking at it all. How his brother with his muscled tightened and his pants on his ankles, moved his raw dick in and out of Christine’s backside. How Christine flipped her head up and seemed to be completely devoted in taking his brother’s dick. She pushed herself up and Rad held her entire frail body as he kept on drilling it. They made out before they both fell back onto the bed.

Rad kept pounding away until he suddenly stopped completely. He pushed deeper into her, clutching his butt cheeks. He didn’t make a sound as he pumped his seed in her asshole. They both only breathed really deep. Rad slammed against her two times before he pulled his cock out and got off the bed. Christine laid on the bed, completely spent. Mo watched his brother’s cum dripping out of an open asshole.

Rad walked to Christine’s face and she didn’t think twice before sucking his cum coated dick clean. Rad gave her a sloppy kiss, mixing the cum with their spit, which grossed Mo a bit out. But Rad got up, pulled his pants up and looked Mo straight in the eye as he swallowed.

“That’s how you pleasure a woman little brother,” he said before falling onto the chair. Sighing deeply and wiping sweat off his face.

“Go,” he said after casino firmaları a while, when Mo was unsure of what to do. His dick was still hard but Mo wasn’t unsure if he could fuck Christine the way Rad had. He edged towards the bed and Christine responded by lifting her ass up.

Mo looked at her, but she still had her eyes closed. So he got up on the bed and laid next to her.

“What are you doing, bitch, put it in!” Rad yelled, but Mo didn’t listen. He kissed Christine’s cheek and touched her back. Feeling another person’s naked skin like this was deeply erotic to him. He shuddered from excitement. Christine noticed this and turned to him. She looked at him with a gentle smile and kissed his arm.

Mo lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. It was short, but soft and warm. They both looked at each other, scanning the other’s mood. Christine laid her hand on Mo’s short trimmed hair on the backside of his head and pulled him close. The sank into a deep, slow, wet kiss. Mo could taste a bitterness which was without a doubt his brother’s cum but it didn’t matter. Christine’s lips were so soft and warm and sweet, he never wanted anything else.

Without any effort, as he had been doing it for years, Mo unclipped Christine’s bra and her boobs jiggled free as he took it off. Christine lay on her back and started breathing deeply in anticipation. Mo’s fingers traced over het flat stomach to her thong. He grabbed it by the band and pulled it strongly down over her thighs and knees and off her heels. He looked at the hard, throbbing dick in her crotch and lowered to give it a kiss. Behind him his brother sighed. When he looked, Mo saw Rad already pulling his hard dick with his tongue out and one hand massaging his own nipple as he looked at them.

Mo got up and took off his clothes. As he slowly pulled his shirt off and sneakers, he never once lost eye contact with Christine on the bed. He returned to the bed and laid in between her legs. A jolt of shock bolted through his body as he felt his own hard dick and ballsack against hers. Christine shuddered too. For a second they looked at each other. Speechless. Breathing warm air in each other’s faces. And then they made out.

The warm sensation of two cocks against each other stimulated Mo so much he turned light headed. He completely forgot that his brother was watching his every move and that the outside world had plenty to say about what was happening. He only felt the touch and wet mouth of a gorgeous woman and he wanted to make love to her.

As Christine was sweaty from her work-out with Rad, it didn’t take long until Mo’s movements caused his dick to slip down in between her legs. The warmth radiating from her down below was overwhelming and Mo had to catch his breath in between the kisses. Christine lifted up her bottom half, turning her asshole up and her legs spread far and wide. Mo’s dick touched the gaping round pussy. He couldn’t control himself anymore and he directed it inside.

Mo’s head exploded. The warm feeling wrapping around his cock was amazing. He suddenly understood why every man in the world could only talk about penetrating another human. It was the best feeling ever. Mo didn’t have to think about being hard, his cock was so stiff and he was so excited all he could do was move it around. To his surprise Christine started moaning, closing her eyes and pursing her lips as her nails dug into his towering arms. An overwhelming feeling took the no-longer virgin man over and turned him too in an animal.

Mo started moving, nay drilling, Christine’s asshole. Its ring felt so good. The wetness of his brothers cum made the sliding so smooth. Her warm inside touched every part of his dick. She opened her eyes and they made contact. Mo lifted her legs further up and locked them behind his arms. Christine was completely bend over, her ass lingering above her big tits and Mo on top of it. He started pounding away.

The slapping of his ballsack against her backside, her own dick leaking cum, Christine’s and Rad’s moaning, everything turned Mo on. Yet the thing he wanted most was to reach deeper inside her. He dug his feet into the bed and pushed so hard Christine’s entire body slid up the bed. She threw her head back and moaned.

Now Mo really got the hang of it and fucked her hard, lingering every time he thrust his dick to the root into her asshole. He continued for a couple of minutes and didn’t feel the orgasm coming. Instead he started shooting uncontrollably. Mo cried out of pleasure as his dick spasmed inside the warm gaping hole. Christine got so turned on her dick started shooting cum too, and they both came together as Mo fell on top of her and they made out passionately. güvenilir casino

There, drenched in cum, Mo stayed for a while. He loved kissing Christine and might never stop had it not been for Rad.

“Get up, we gotta go,” Rad said and Mo noticed he was completely dressed.

“Can’t we stay for a bit?” Mo asked, a dread coming over him. He wanted to stay with Christine. But Rad nodded his angry face to the front and so Mo obeyed.

Mo put on his clothes as he saw Rad throwing some money towards Christine. She looked very happy taking it. Mo realized he couldn’t fall in love with a sex worker. It had all been work for her, just as a waitress doesn’t truly care for how your food is.

The two brothers walked out of the house and Mo was slightly disappointed. Rad walked up front and took a turn. Mo didn’t recognize it as the route they came on. Mo turned the corner too and was surprised to be met with a hand on his mouth and one hand on his crotch. Rad had led him into a dark alley, easily missed in such an ordinary street.

“You think that slut loves you? She’s mine. She wants my dick, baby bro,” Rad whispered angrily in Mo’s ear. Mo tried to wrestle free, but Rad already let go of his mouth, while still firmly holding on to his crotch, the heat of his hand radiating through this soft pants. Mo felt himself getting hard again, to his embarrassment.

“I didn’t mean anything by it!” Mo lied. His big brother didn’t care. He stared him in his eyes and in a surprise move planted his lips on him. Mo’s dick jumped and instead of fear a deep, warm passion took over. Rad was an excellent kisser, massaging Mo’s mouth with his tongue, while also licking his lips. Mo was taken on a rollercoaster of sensations as Rad slipped is hand in the backside of Mo’s pants and started rubbing Mo’s entrance. Mo moaned.

“She’s mine. And you are too,” he whispered in between the making-out. Mo didn’t know what that meant but he agreed. He belonged to Rad, his brother, the one he looked up to and admired. He wrapped his hands around Rads big shoulders, feeling a sense of belonging and safety he had never had.

But Rad aggressively turned Mo around, yanked his pants, got on his knees and started licking his asshole.

“Wait!” Mo proclaimed before gasping loudly as he felt a warm tongue against his anal passage for the first time. In pure bliss he reached back for Rads head and edged it deeper in between his small butt cheeks.

Rad resisted and got back on his feet.

“This is what you wanted no? To lose your virginity,” he whispered as his warm breath massaged Mo’s shoulder and neck. The younger brother sighed and a horniness he hadn’t felt inside the house took over. He wanted to feel a dick inside of him. And with that relaxation, he felt a rock hard pole slide up his ass.

Mo thought it would hurt, it always sounded painful. But instead Rad’s dick felt amazing inside his ass. It was still wet and something about feeling such a perfect cock inside him, fitting so well inside his passage, felt natural. Let alone that they shared DNA and were bodies of the same make.

“Holy fuck,” Rad gasped. “It’s so tight.” Mo felt bloated and tried to get some relief of the pressure but Rad held him and yanked his dick back in again.

“Just take it. Fucking take, bro,” he gasped, seemingly in overwhelming pleasure. Rad grabbed Mo’s throat and ass and started pounding. Mo whimpered as his body was used as a fuck toy and he felt his brothers dick slide past something deep inside him that made him feel like he was orgasming. He too became overwhelmed by how good it felt to be pounded. He suddenly understood why people craved dick so much. It made you whole.

“Feels so good” Rad whimpered as he drilled his brother’s ass. The hard pole rushing through the tight, perfectly fitting ring.

Mo let Rad do with his backside as he wanted. He got a high from the feeling of being ravished and looked at the street at nearby the alley they were in. Cars and people passing by, while two brothers were publicly fucking nearby. At the thought that he and his brother were secretively sharing something so intimate and good, while he was stimulated inside, Mo blew his seed in his pants.

Rad was close behind and with a few hard poundings Mo felt his brothers cum shoot inside. Rad moaned and licked his brother’s neck. Mo moaned and turned his head. They made out as Rad’s rock hard cock slowly moved up and down. The kissing was so intense, so wet and pure, Rad thrusting intensified again. He held on to Mo’s entire body who shrieked and moaned and tried to curve his back to let Rad in even better. Rad let out a shriek too and blew another load. The two moved in synchronized motions to get every drop out of the older brother into the younger one.

Rad’s soft dick slipped out and he slapped the bare ass. Both pulled up their pants as they walked back into normal life. Mo convinced, he would have sex many more times after this.

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