Breaking Lance Ch. 10

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The mood is mute, six men sit in Vince’s lounge, all wearing dark suites.

“I felt the funeral was very touching, especially your eulogy Lance,” Don says breaking the silence.

Lance stands up from the dining chair he was sitting on. Lance is wearing a suit Jacket that is five times too big for him, it was the only way of getting the sleeves over the plaster casts on his arms. He heads to the kitchen door and pauses, he looks back at Don, the bruising still very apparent on his face.

“Thanks,” he says then walks into the kitchen.

Vince gets up and follow’s him in the kitchen to find him at the sink staring out into the garden.

“Are you ok?” Vince asks genuinely concerned.

“Yeah I’m good,” he lies sniffing back the tears.

Vince wraps his big arms round him and holds him close.

“Thanks for the shrine,” Lance says looking at the shrine Vince had set up next to Anthony’s for Lance’s mother. Just ten minutes earlier they had scattered his mother’s ashes in the garden, “She would have liked it.” He adds. “You know you didn’t have to cancel tonight’s poker game,” he says.

“No, today has been very emotional for you, it’s best we spend it alone tonight.” Vince replies.

Lance turns round, Vince winces at the deep purple bruising on the boys face, his heart aches at how vulnerable Lance is looking. Lance looks up at Vince with his large blue tear filled eyes. Nothing is said, nothing needs to be said, they can both feel the love for each other.

“Is everything ok?” Tim asks tentatively waking into the kitchen.

“Yes everything is fine,” Lance says smiling still staring at Vince.

Vince pulls away, “I leave you two alone for a while,” he says, “How about I empty your balls tonight?” He adds as he walks past Tim.

Lance’s expression changes to that of pure joy, “Oh god yes please!” Tim looks at Lance quizzically, “He hasn’t let me cum since I got from home from the hospital on Monday.”

“But today is Friday, you haven’t cum for five days?” Tim asks incredulously.

Lance shakes his head and smiles, “I guess he’s taking advantage of the fact I can’t jack off.” he says lifting his arms. “Also he found out about the nurse giving me a blow job, says it’s my punishment for letting him, as if I could have done anything about it.”

“Oh you poor thing.” Tim says and quickly hugs Lance. “I wish I could be the one to make you cum, I bet it’ll be awesome.”

“Tim you are such a good friend, I’ve never had such a good friend as you. You’ve done so much for me this past week, I don’t know how to repay you, I hope we can be friends for ever.”

“Oh god yeah, as long as being your friend means I get to play with your cock once in a while,” Tim grins.

“You bet.” he replies then kisses him tenderly.

“I must admit it was dead funny helping you piss earlier,” Tim says.

“Yeah, that wouldn’t have been so bad if you hadn’t kept fondling me and getting me hard. Vince wasn’t at all pleased that I pissed everywhere except the toilet,” he replies laughing. “Taking güvenilir bahis a shit is the worst, Vince has to wipe my ass, you wanna hear him complain about it.”

Tim laughs, “I’d wipe your ass any day,” he replies.

The boy’s head back into the lounge where Robert, Nathan and Don are standing by the door.

“Are we leaving?” Tim asks.

“Yes, get your coat,” Don commands him.

“Aww, do we really have to?” Tim complains.

“They need sometime alone, come on.”

Tim grabs his coat and Vince thanks them all for coming.

“Poker night next week?” Robert asks.

“Yes, sure,” Vince replies and with that they all walk out of the house.

Vince returns to the lounge where Lance is smiling at him.

“Lets get this jacket off you, you look quite ridiculous in it, cute but ridiculous.” Vince helps Lance out of the jacket, underneath is a shirt with the sleeves cut off. Vince giggles, “even that looks silly,” he says then taking Lance completely by surprise he grabs the back of the collar and rips it cleanly off Lance’s body.

“Oh!” Lance gasps then laughs. “That was kinda fun” he giggles.

Vince then unfastens Lance’s belt.

“Hey what you doing?” he says.

“Time we got you naked,” Vince replies.

“I don’t suppose I could stop you even if I didn’t have two broken arms.”


Lance’s trousers was soon round his ankles and Vince bends down to help him out of his shoes and trousers. Eventually Lance is stark naked apart from the casts on his arms and his cock is slowly rising. Vince pulls him close and kisses him passionately.

“I thought we’d just settle down and watch a film together, how does that sound?” Vince says breaking away.

“Yeah, I’d like that, can I get a drink first though?”

“Sure, coke?” Lance nods then sits down on the sofa while Vince disappears into the kitchen. He returns with a glass of coke then sitting next to Lance he holds it to his lips while he drinks.

“I feel so stupid that you have to feed and dress me like a baby,” Lance says.

“Actually, I’m kind of enjoying it,” Vince replies, “except having to wipe your ass.”

Vince stands up and promptly undresses, then they both snuggle up to each other on the sofa while Vince turns on the TV. Lance rests his head on Vince’s chest as the film starts and Vince reaches over and fondles Lance’s semi hard cock soon getting it fully erect. After about ten minutes into the film it’s quite obvious that neither of them are that interested in watching it. Lance notices that Vince is feeling very horny as his cock starts to swell pointing up to his face. Lance moves down and takes Vince’s cock in his mouth, Vince groans as Lance’s soft lips slip over his hardening tool. Soon Lance is taking Vince deep into his throat, he so loves to pleasure Vince like this. There hasn’t been a single night where Lance hasn’t sucked on his masters cock since he was let out of hospital.

Vince’s cock is soon rock hard as it slips down Lance’s throat, he groans in delight. The film is completely forgotten.

Vince güvenilir bahis siteleri then places each hand under Lance’s armpits and deftly lifts him up, Lance instinctively knows what Vince wants and placing each foot either side of Vince squat’s over his tool. Vince applies some lube and standing his cock up Lance lowers himself onto it.

“Oh god I love having your cock inside me,” Lance pants as his sphincter opens up and slips over Vince’s cock.

Without the use of his hands Lance has trouble keeping balance so Vince places his arms around Lance to hold him then stands up, his cock sliding all the way into Lance’s rectum, Lance yelps at the sudden invasion. Vince then turns round and lowers him down onto the sofa then grabbing each of his legs lifts them so they are pressing into his chest. From this position Vince now rams his cock deep into Lance.

“Oh yeah, fuck me hard big man! I love the way you fill me!” Lance pants, his own cock is now leaking precum and smearing his stomach.

Vince slides his cock completely out and watches the gaping hole left by his cock slowly shrink closed before ramming his cock deep inside Lance again. He does this several times causing Lance to grunt loudly as he rams his cock home on each stroke. Soon Vince is fucking his boy hard.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m going to shoot inside you!” Vince pants.

“URRGH! Yeah! Shoot your URRGH! spunk in me! I want URRGH! you to fill me!” Lance replies.

Lance watches his master as his well defined muscles tense, his veins start to bulge, he can tell Vince has reached the point of no return.

“URRRRGHHH! FUCK! I’M CUMMMMINNNNG!” Vince shouts as his whole body spasms and his cock delivers it’s load deep inside Lance’s bowels.

Lance can feel the huge cock pulsate in his ass as it fills him with cum. Finally spent Vince collapses on top of Lance panting heavily.

“I love you so much,” Lance says as their lips meet to kiss.

“I love you too,” Vince replies and they kiss passionately.

“Time to make good my promise,” Vince states as he breaks the kiss.

He sits back down on the sofa then pulls Lance across his lap. Lance’s back is now arched over Vince, his groin directly inline with him. Lance pushes his head back in to a cushion and flexes his cock anticipating Vince’s touch. He sighs as Vince pours on some lube. Standing his cock up Vince then slowly, very slowly strokes the length of Lance’s very hard cock with just his forefinger and thumb.

Lance groans, “Faster please.”

“Be quiet or I’ll have to gag you,” Vince commands.

Lance groans again but says nothing.

Vince gets back into watching the film as he tantalisingly edges Lance, Vince has been doing this every night since he came back from hospital but has never let him cum. He would bring Lance close to an orgasm only to deny him the release, repeating the process over and over. Only after a couple of hours of constant edging would he stop. Lance’s balls would ache at not getting their release.

Vince is doing the iddaa siteleri same again, Lance would tense and just before he would reach the peak of an orgasm Vince would stop and hold his cock tight at the base, denying him the release. Lance is pleading with him but Vince is steadfast with his teasing.

Vince brings Lance close to orgasm at least ten times during the film and Lance is now pleading with Vince to let him cum.

“Pleee-huh-eee-huh-eease! Make me cum!” He moans.

Lance can’t believe how hard his cock is and how much precum is drooling out. Vince is expertly keeping Lance teetering on the edge, Lance feels his body tingling all over, his nipples are rock hard, his ball sack has totally withdrawn inside. He wonders if there is such a thing as too much ecstasy, he doesn’t know if he can take anymore.

Eventually the film comes to an end and as the final credits roll up Vince continues his painfully slow assault on Lance’s cock, this time he keeps on stroking. Lance is now trembling as his orgasm is finally bought to a head.

“UURRGGHHH! FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! GOD! I’M CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!” he screams as his body tenses up like steel. His cock twitches and a bolt of spunk blasts out with tremendous force, it shoots a good six feet in the air almost hitting the ceiling.

“Wow!” Vince gasps impressed with the power in Lance’s ejaculation.

Lance is screaming as his body ejects his seed each spurt flying high in the air to finally land on his face, chest and stomach, some even lands on the sofa. Vince continues to stroke Lance’s cock as his orgasm subsides.

“I have never seen anyone cum like that before!” Vince laughs, “how was it for you?”

“Un fucking believable!” Lance pants, “It was soooo intense.”

Lance starts to wince now as his cock becomes more sensitive.

“Urrrgghh! You can stop now,” he protests but Vince keeps on stroking. “Arrrghh! Stop! Please!” Lance starts to buck to get away but Vince holds him firm still stroking his sensitive cock. “ARRGHH! HAHAHAH! STOOOOP! HAHAHAHA! BAD SIR, BAD SIR! ARRRRGHHH HAHAHAHA!” Vince can’t help but giggle at Lances fits of laughter as he writhes on his lap but eventually he lets up.

Vince lifts up Lance and sitting him on his lap kisses him tenderly tasting the cum on his face.

“That was amazing, thank you Sir,” Lance says and snuggles his head into Vince’s neck. Vince hugs him tight, at that moment he feels at peace.

Suddenly Vince can feel a wetness on his neck and he realises that Lance is crying.

“What’s wrong?” he asks concerned.

“I’ve lost everything, but I think I’ve found where I belong,” he replies.

“So why the tears?”

“I dunno, I just feel so happy right now, I never want this feeling to end.”

“I guess they’re tears of joy then.”

“Damn I wish I could hug you right now, curse these casts.”

Vince laughs, “you’ve got them for another couple of weeks yet, I guess I get to have my wicked way with you for a bit longer.”

“Does that mean I stop being your slave once these casts come off?” Lance asks sounding concerned.

“God no, why do you think I have the dungeon, this is just the beginning,” Vince replies.

Lance smiles, “I like being at your mercy.”

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