Brad and Pete Get It On Ch. 03

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Notes that may be helpful: this is part of a series about Brad and Pete and Pete’s determination to “discover” that he’s straight after he and his roommate Brad start getting it on. It’s set in the 1980s (you may have noticed the previous reference to “popping” in some porn: cassette tapes were the way people accessed porn at home then) before the Internet came along and revolutionized how people learn about sex and find porn. All characters are over 18 and living in a small city in the middle of the country. There’s man-to-man sex. If that’s not your thing, be forewarned.

If you’re gay and straight sex is off-putting, well, you’re going to find some of that, too, since this series is about young men living together, having sex together, but thinking they’re straight and will eventually grow beyond the gay “experimental” phase. This story focuses on Pete’s introduction to straight sex, which he discovers he loves.

On what side of the line will Pete eventually end up? Is he really straight, as he claims? Bi? Actually gay? That remains to be seen, and I promise that Brad is not going to end up cast off and alone as Pete ventures into his straight world. There’s going to be a happy ending for all characters, something we may not always see in real life but can find in a good story. This is a series, then, in which Pete is looking back and telling his listeners about experiences he, Brad, and Pete’s girlfriend Lou had in their early 20s when they were hot, horny young adults trying to figure out who they were and what they liked. Labels — gay, bi, straight — may not always really do justice to the complexity of human experience as we work at that project of coming to know ourselves, right?

So that long-anticipated Saturday night I talked about when we last spoke: it finally came at long last. And I came. And Lou came. Multiple times. And here’s that story.

I told you that on my third or fourth date with my new girlfriend Lou, after I fingered her pussy to orgasm several times and she jacked my cock off twice while we sat in my car in front of her apartment, she said she wanted me to spend the night with her on our date next Saturday. Her roommate was going to be out of town and we’d have the place to ourselves.

I also told you that while we sat in the car kissing and playing with each other, we talked about sex and fucking, and Lou told me how much she loved sex, having a big hard cock in her pussy for as long as it could keep pumping. She felt no need to apologize for loving to fuck. Prudes who used terms like “slut” to refer to women who enjoy sex as much as men do were about controlling women, she said. She didn’t intend to be controlled like that. Her pussy was hot and wet all the time and she intended to use it, and that was that.

She told me all of this while I fingered her and she jacked my cock and we talked about what we liked.

I’ve said Lou was a nice woman. Part of what made her nice was that she spoke truth and didn’t play games or put on made-up faces. She liked her pussy played with and fucked often and well, and was not about to pretend otherwise. As we talked about all of this, me with two fingers sliding in and out of her cunt and her slowly jacking my cock and playing with my balls, it was obvious she was way more experienced than I was. She had been with a number of guys, all of them hot-dicked studs, she said — but she really liked me because something about me seemed different. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but words like “sweet” and “cute” were part of the conversation.

She said she could also tell that I’d be a good lover when we finally fucked, a man who loved her body and wanted to pay attention to it and what gave her pleasure. Not like those big-dicked studs who’d fucked her and who were all grab tit, poke cunt, she said. She did actually say those words, laughing while she slowly teased and tormented my big swollen cockhead.

Because that phrase — all grab tit, poke cunt — stuck in my head, we used it sometimes down the road as we fucked, and when I learned how much she loved having her nipples pinched hard and squeezed when she was just about to cum from riding my big thick pole. I’d pinch and squeeze them and say, “Is this grab tit and poke cunt enough for you?” while I gave her swollen hard clit a quick tweak, too, and off she’d go into a big orgasm, groaning, “Enough! Yes, enough!” Lou said it was like her nipples were connected to her clit, and when I twisted and pulled them hard enough, she felt it in her clit, so she orgasmed at my first touch of her engorged nub while I was playing hard with her tits.

So one thing I learned on that evening of our getting to know each other and what we liked as we sat in my car playing was what she liked about me in particular. Not to mention, she said, that I had the biggest cock she had yet encountered, and she intended to have it in her horny pussy as soon as that could happen. Seeing it and playing with it and watching it shoot its hot cum made her realize she had ankara evi olan escortlar made the right decision when she agreed to go out with me after I called her. She liked to make love and she liked to fuck, she said, and our first time would be a long, slow session of making love, exploring each other, and then we’d get down to some hot fucking. We had the whole weekend.

As far as I’m concerned, my dick is not much above average, though it has a nice big helmet that can really give some provocative pleasure when it slides into a hot wet pussy or, as I’d found with Brad, probes an asshole. And my balls are big and hang low. Lou loved to fondle and gently squeeze them as she jacked my rod or while we fucked. My cock is also thick, as I’ve said, and when we got around to fucking, she told me it gave her intense pleasure as it went inside her pussy because of its thickness and how large my dickhead is. Then there’s this: I don’t know why, but I have more stamina than most guys. I can literally fuck for an hour or more before I cum, and then be up for another round — or two — after I’ve rested a bit.

As we made plans that evening in the car for my sleepover date on Saturday night, Lou prepared me by telling me not to bring rubbers. She had been on the pill since she became sexually active out of high school, and she loved to feel a guy fuck her bare and shoot his hot load inside her pussy, as his cock swelled and pulsed inside her tight love channel.

She also told me she got wet, very wet, easily and came easily and could have orgasms as long as a guy kept on fucking her and working her clit. As I fingered her, she showed me the way around her clit, how the hard little glans protruded from under its hood because she was so turned on by my fingers, how I could tweak and rub around it to get her off. She said she couldn’t wait for me to tongue and suck it, something that would happen when we were in bed together on Saturday night. I’d soon find it was always up and ready for some hot action even when I just began lightly teasing her labia and wet slit with my fingertips.

Something else she said that evening of hot action in my car, which has stuck in my mind: she didn’t like words like “cunt” when they were used to demean women, but when a guy and girl were fucking, a cock was in a cunt as far as she was concerned, and she saw no reason to pretend otherwise by using milquetoast terms like penis and vagina and “having sex.” She said she liked honest, hot talk about pussies, cunts, dicks, cocks, you have it. Because that’s what they were when they got together for hot action — not penises and vaginas. She wanted me to feel free to use any of those words and more, and, in fact, she’s the one who taught me some of them. She had an impressive vocabulary to talk about cocks — peckers, pussy pleasers, meatpoles, joysticks — since they interested her so much and gave her so much pleasure.

I’m pretty sure Lou knew I was, if not a virgin, less experienced than she was, and I think she wanted to get all of this out of the way to put me at ease and get me worked up for Saturday night. That thing about Lou as a nice woman again: she was genuinely nice and wouldn’t have asked me directly if I had ever fucked before. Having me hot and horny and ready to rut when I came to her place on Saturday and not embarrassed about talking freely about everything we’d do to each other would put me at ease and help me perform better and enjoy what we were doing to each other all the more.

And I told you one other thing when we last talked: at the end of that hot session in the car when we planned our Saturday first-fuck date, I asked if could keep her panties, which were drenched by the time she got them off so I could finger her cunt. I came home feeling like I was the king of the world with those soaked panties in my pocket.

So Saturday night came at last, the end of a week in which my sturdy soldier stood aching at attention, his big helmet straining against my pants all week long no matter what I was doing, because fucking Lou is truly about all I could think about. No matter if I was standing at the water cooler at work, sipping coffee, tabulating taxes: my heads, both big and little, were full of anticipation of what I knew was coming on Saturday. Full of anticipation of who was coming…

I had still told Brad nothing about Lou, and intended to keep the halves of my life separate. He didn’t need to know about her and she didn’t need to know about him. I had finally told Lou I had a roommate but due to reasons I didn’t want to discuss right now I’d rather he not know we were dating, and had left it at that, and she was fine with that. She had my office number and that’s where she called me. She smiled and nodded when I told her we’d talk about this down the road, but for now, I wanted to keep my life uncomplicated so I could focus on getting to know her.

As I left to go to Lou’s place on Saturday, I told Brad I’d be away for the weekend visiting my uncle who elvankent olgun escortlar lived the next town over. He said that was cool and he’d enjoy having the place to himself, and hoped I’d enjoy my visit with my uncle.

When Lou gave me her panties during our previous make-out session, she told me to bring them back to her on Saturday evening. She needed the panties, she said, and she’d wash them herself. No need for me to bother.

As I set out to drive to her place, I stuffed them in my pocket, though they were so stiff with cum by then that it was like they’d been starched. I’d played with my hot pecker with them for days now, shot off in them, sniffed them — couldn’t get enough of them.

As soon as I walked in the door, Lou asked for the panties. She let out a big laugh when she saw them and said, “What on earth have you done to my little panties?” When I grinned in response, a little embarrassed, she laughed again and said, “That’s pretty much what I expected to see. Now let’s see if you can do to a hot pussy what you did to those little panties.”

As she said that, she opened her robe — she had met me at her front door wearing the robe — and didn’t have a stitch on. Her nipples were so distended it looked like they might burst, like big rosebuds about to open into blossoms. To say that my hard soldier stood to attention faster than it had ever done when I saw them would be a real understatement. It would have burst through my pants if it had gotten any harder.

She smelled like sex, the smell I had smelled in her panties as I played with them, and the smell of her hot wet pussy when I had fingered her. Her cunt was dripping with anticipation, I quickly found out, since, as we kissed in her entry hallway, she took my hand from those luscious excited nipples and placed it between her legs.

“Can you tell I’ve been looking forward to you coming?” she asked. “In every sense of that word. Can you tell I’ve been thinking about your huge pussy pleaser probing this needy little pussy?”

As she talked and I pushed one and then two fingers inside her wet tunnel, she deliberately did not touch my dick. Because she knew, I’m pretty sure, that I was inexperienced and would have a short fuse, she knew I’d be so excited at getting to finger-fuck her again and suck and twist her nipples that I’d shoot right off if she touched me.

Turning to head to her bedroom, she threw back that mane of blonde-red hair that was so sexy, especially when the hot body beneath it was totally naked, and she crooked her index finger toward me as she smiled and said, “This way.”

That ass, as she walked slowly and seductively to her bedroom: I won’t ever forget that sight, its big meaty globes waiting for me to hold onto as I pulled her onto my cock. I had seen enough porn to know that was something real men did when they had real sex with a real woman, and I planned to try it this evening.

When we got to her bedroom, she turned around, pressing those luscious tits against my chest and giving me a long, deep kiss full of tongue sucking. Then she said, “Now it’s my time to take care of you, after you gave me that appetizer with your fingers in the hallway.”

She then took off my clothes piece by piece, taking her time to build my excitement, and hers, too. As she stripped me, she kissed and gently licked the areas she had bared: first, as my shirt got tossed aside, my nipples (that was when I first learned how horny nipple play could make a guy). She sucked and tongued them with the same loving attention I planned to give to her nipples when we fucked.

Then she knelt between my legs, kissed and licked my abdomen, teasing me with the prospect of freeing my straining cock, but deliberately not touching it. It was about to go crazy with the excitement of it all, and that smell emanating from her dripping wet pussy.

So slowly that it was torture, she unzipped my pants and then slipped them off — agonizingly slowly. She then started working her way from my ankles up to my crotch, lightly licking, kissing, stroking my legs all the way to my boxers, which she had deliberately left on me. As she did that, she looked at me, smiled enticingly, and said nothing at all. I started to speak, and she put her finger on my lips and smiled again.

Next it was my ass. She slowly pulled down my boxers, leaving my straining cock still trapped by the front of the boxers, which were now so wet with precum that it was like they’d been placed under a faucet. She kissed and licked my ass cheeks, working her way down towards my taint and then tonguing it, but avoiding going as far as my balls, as she slowly probed and played with my asshole with her finger.

My legs were shaking with the anticipation of getting out of those boxers and getting my hard cock into that pussy that was emitting its horny aroma of pure sex. I had not had any idea sex could be this hot. Sex with Brad was very hot, especially when his long hard dick probed my asshole and etimesgut sarışın escortlar then shot inside my ass, but this was another level of sex. This was real sex, I told myself, what men and women were made for.

Then she got up from her knees, again putting a finger on her lips, and pulled me onto the bed as she herself lay down — leaving the motherfucking boxers on and my straining cock still trapped. She turned towards me and pulled me onto my side to face her, and then gave me a deep, erotic kiss that seemed to go on for an hour, our tongues dancing against each other as her rock hard nipples danced on my chest. How I kept from shooting in the boxers at that point, I don’t know, but her strategy of pretending my hard dick just wasn’t in the picture helped.

As she kissed me and pushed her tits against me, she played more with my ass, holding the cheeks in her hands and then running her hands all over my ass and down into my crack, teasing it lightly while continuing to probe my mouth with her warm tongue. This was the prelude to the final step of getting the damned boxers off me. She did that so slowly, so erotically, never once touching my distended cockhead, hard straining shaft, or my balls, again pretending the cock was not even there, not part of this erotic game.

At this point, still signaling me not to talk — she told me later her goal was to get us familiar with feeling and giving as much pleasure as we could to each other’s body without the distraction of talking — she lifted her leg over mine and her pussy opened wide for us both to see, coming so close to my rock-hard cock that it was torture not to have my cock inside it. Wordlessly, she finally took hold of the swollen purple head of my cock, which was pouring precum, and began tantalizingly moving it up and down her shaved pussy lips, giving her clit little tweaks when it reached her clit, watching my eyes carefully to see my response. I could see from the shivers she gave when my glistening cockhead moved gently across her clit that she was getting an intense thrill from that part of our preparation to put it inside her.

She was in control. She had managed to communicate that without using words, and I was happy to have her lead me. She had more experience than I did, and she was teaching me to use and control my cock and how to make a woman happy with it, something I’d realize later as I looked back on this first time we fucked.

Then my glans finally got to its destination: she began moving it back and forth over her opening, coating it with her sticky hot nectar as she did so and teasing it by putting it just at the entrance of her cunt without letting it go inside. She did that for what felt like an eternity, moving my cock that was now totally coated with her pussy juice back to her clit over and over to give herself more shivers.

Then she slowly put the head of my cock inside her hot pussy. The feeling of my cock going into a pussy for the first time was like an out-of-body experience. I immediately started pulsing, as she had anticipated, so that she quickly pulled it out of her cunt and squeezed the tip tightly, a technique she’d use several times as we fucked that night to keep me backed down from shooting off too soon.

After she removed my cockhead from the entrance of her pussy and squeezed it tightly to back me down, she once again began to treat my cock as if it wasn’t in the game any longer, and gave me a long, hot kiss as she put my hand on her tits again, and then pulled it down to her pussy. Then she spoke for the first time since we had walked into her bedroom and started our foreplay. She said, “It’s my turn. Time for you to give me some attention.”

I scooted down between her legs, my cock thankfully starting to cool down a bit as I turned my attention to pleasing her — and that’s what her strategy was all about, teaching me cock control so I could pleasure her as much as possible — and I began lapping at the lips and folds of her pussy, tonguing the opening, torturing her in the way she had done me by pretending she didn’t have a clit, avoiding it completely.

I had never eaten pussy before, but had seen and studied enough porn to know the basics, and I apparently knew them well, since her cunt began to pour even more juice than had been there before I started — delicious nectar, I discovered. Finally I lightly tongued all around her clit as her ass lifted off the bed with excitement and she begged me by her motions to put my mouth on it. I did just that as she let out a trembling groan and had her first orgasm of the night, pouring a river of cunt nectar into my mouth.

I had scored, done things right. I was finding that I was a real man who knew something about real sex — and that was the objective of all of these fucking lessons, after all.

I now took control. I lifted her legs over my arms and stretched her wide open so that her sweet little pink pussy showed itself in its full inviting glory to me. I moved my straining pole to the entrance of her pussy. “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” I asked, looking into her eyes. “Is this what your horny little pussy wants, this fucking big dick to pound it?” She groaned and whispered a shaky yes as she reached around and pulled my ass forward to bring my cockhead to her hungry opening.

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