Bored at the Front Desk Ch. 03

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“Have a great night,” Scott said enthusiastically as he handed the guest he just finished checking in his keycard and receipt.

He received no reply as the man and what Scott assumed to be a hooker turned and walked down the hall. Scott didn’t really care how the rest of their night went, as long as nothing they did became his problem. His enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that they were the last reservation on his list. With them checked in and all his nightly chores done in record time, his schedule was free for the next few hours, which Scott hoped a decent chunk would be spent with William.

“Who the hell makes a reservation for a hooker?” Scott thought idly as he turned on the “No Vacancy” neon sign.

Technically the motel had plenty of room, but Scott didn’t want to risk anything interrupting him and William again. Scott was reasonably sure there were no cameras pointed at the sign, therefore as long as he turned it off before the shift change in the morning, he was home free.

Scott made his way into the laundry room, where he had stashed his laptop. As he gathered up his laptop, mouse and charger, he heard muffled voices approaching and stopping at the front desk. Hoping they would leave without bothering him, Scott waited in the laundry room and silently played with his phone. After half a minute, Scott heard the voices leave the front desk and make their way down the hall.

Scott let out a sigh of relief as he set his phone down and picked up his laptop. He then strolled back to the front desk and began setting up for the night. As he was about to sit down, Scott noticed a sticky note was now sitting on the desk. Mildly curious, Scott picked it up and skimmed it.

“Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes –William,” read the note.

Scott’s heart skipped a beat in surprise. At only 2:05, William was calling for him much earlier than the previous shifts. Questions raced through Scott’s head. Why so early? Why meet in the public bathroom? Who was William talking to? Scott was thankful he would receive the answers to his questions in only five minutes.


After what felt like hours of glancing at the clock every ten seconds, Scott stood outside the public bathroom door. As he opened it, he prayed William would be inside and that someone had cleaned it in the last week. He was happy to find both of his prayers had been answered when he saw William standing directly in front of the door, wearing a light green button-up shirt, black khakis and a confident smile.

“That’s what I like about you Scott. Always punctual,” said William before roughly pulling Scott in by the waist and planting a firm kiss on his lips.

After tangling with Scott’s tongue for a few seconds, William pulled his head away.

“Well, that’s one thing I like about you,” said William as he grabbed two handfuls of Scott’s ass through his pants.

“Th-thank you,” replied Scott, blushing furiously.

“Now that greetings are out of the way, get on your knees for me,” commanded William, “I’m about to burst and I want to last longer later.

Moving past the conversational whiplash, Scott was glad he was wearing jeans as he let William push him onto his knees by the shoulders. With surprise still on Scott’s face, he quickly undid William’s belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. He then took hold of the brief’s waistband and pulled on them until the engorged cock and balls inside were revealed.

“Oh wow, you weren’t kidding,” Scott said, staring at the almost purple cockhead pointed at his nose.

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this all day. Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time, so get to it,” demanded William as he pulled Scott’s head toward his twitching member.

Confident in his blowjob skills at this point, Scott wrapped his fingers around the base of William’s cock and gave it a few quick strokes, receiving a sharp grunt from William. He then lifted the shaft up and ran his tongue underneath from base to head before plunging the cock deep into his mouth.

“Oh god yessss,” hissed William as Scott quickly bobbed up and down the first three inches of the warm shaft.

Pleased with himself, Scott rolled his tongue around the sensitive cockhead as William groaned in pleasure. Scott took the penis out of his mouth and loudly spit a large amount of saliva all over the top of the shaft, before rapidly sliding his hand up and down the now slick, shiny cock. Scott then looked up at William and smiled.

“You like that?” Scott asked playfully as he continued with his sloppy handjob.

“Christ, yes. Even your hands are magic, you adorable little cocksucker,” William groaned.

Scott blushed at the compliment, before putting his mouth back to work. He lifted William’s large manhood and began sucking on his warm, pulsating sack, all while continuing to stroke the large shaft. Scott could only imagine what he looked like as he made eye contact with an approving William. bahis siteleri Balls in his mouth, William’s twitching penis covering most of his flushed face.

“Ungh, I’m getting close. Get it back in your mouth,” William told Scott, who immediately obeyed, sucking down on the cock in long slow motions.

Unsatisfied with Scott’s pace, William grabbed the back of the teenager’s head and forced him all the way down. Still not used to deepthroating, Scott choked on the cock in his throat. William then put his hands on the sides of Scott’s head and began forcing Scott up and down the length of the shaft, all while furiously thrusting into the gasping boy’s lips.

With all his air being used to keep himself conscious, Scott couldn’t say a single word of protest as he was violently face fucked. This rough treatment continued for the better part of a minute before William let out another groan.

“Here it comes. Swallow it all you little slut.”

Just as Scott was about to blackout, he felt William’s hot seed gush forth down his throat. Scott dutifully swallowed the large, pent-up load as William loudly groaned in relief. William withdrew his cock from Scott’s lips as the last of his cum dripped onto Scott’s tongue.

As soon as the cockhead popped out of his mouth, the exhausted Scott fell backward onto his ass and leaned his back against the door, drawing long ragged breaths. As he spluttered and coughed, strands of spit and cum coated his lips and chin.

As Scott’s breathing calmed down, William silently moved closer and presented his still hard cock to be cleaned to which Scott obediently took a deep breath and swallowed the rod once more as far down as he could get it. He then pulled his lips along the cock, cleaning off most of the leftover cum. Any that remained was then quickly licked off.

“That’s a good boy. You get better at sucking cock every day,” William said, ruffling Scott’s short hair.

“Thanks, I try,” Scott responded shyly, not wanting William to know he had been practicing at home on various vegetables with the help of the internet.

“Now that that’s out of the way, the rest of the night will be much more fun,” said William suggestively, “I’m actually going to have you do something a bit different.

“Oh, ok…I think I’m up for whatever you need,” Scott said hesitantly, careful not to agree to anything too weird.

“Great,” William said happily, “So here’s the deal. I owe one of my coworkers pretty big favor. He’s staying in another motel up the street but right now he’s in my room now waiting for me. Lucky for me, it just so happens that you and your cute little ass are his type. I figured you could let him play with you a while and I can call it even.”

Scott’s face twisted into one of surprise and reluctance. While he admitted to himself he had been rather “open” recently, letting a stranger “play with” him without them exchanging a single word was a bit much. Mark and William at least had the decency to talk to him and agree to pay him before shoving their cocks into his mouth.

“I-I don’t know, I mean…I haven’t even met this guy,” Scott stammered nervously.

“Oh c’mon, Dave’s just like me. Maybe a bit rougher, but you can handle that no problem,” said William as he did his pants back up.

Scott shifted his gaze around the room uncomfortably, trying to think of the best way to say no without disappointing William too much. Seeing Scott’s obvious hesitation, William sighed and reached into his back pocket.

“I was worried you might not go for it,” sighed William as he pulled a large bundle of cash from his pocket, “This is 1,000 dollars. It’s all yours if you do whatever Dave wants for an hour.”

“A Thousand?!,” Scott exclaimed

“Yep, a thousand. I actually owe him a pretty big favor. Big enough that I’m willing to spend a thousand bucks right now.”

It didn’t take much longer to come to a decision. Scott would jump off a bridge for that kind of money. Double it, and he wouldn’t bother checking to see if there was water underneath.

“Besides, it’s just sex… It’ll probably be fun,” thought Scott, pushing aside any remaining doubts.

“Anything he wants, huh?” said Scott, receiving a nod from William, “Alright, sure. I guess I can do that.”

“Great. I knew I could count on you,” said William as he handed the bundle over to Scott, “I’ll call you soon.”

Scott pocketed the cash as William left the bathroom. As Scott wiped the saliva from his chin, William’s words once again began to worry him. What did William mean when he said Dave was “a bit rougher”? Considering the relentless throat fucking Scott had just received, Scott became a bit unsettled at what William might consider “rough”.


A few minutes later, Scott was sitting anxiously at the front desk, waiting for William to call. Despite his trepidations, Scott was still uncomfortably rock hard as he sat staring at the phone. Scott turned the chair canlı bahis siteleri so that his back faced the security camera on the ceiling, before attempting to subtly rub his cock through the thin material of his new jeans. While his goal was some relief, it only served to make him more desperate for release.

As Scott mentally kicked himself, the phone suddenly rang, causing Scott to jump.

“Front desk speaking, how can I help you?” answered Scott, not sure if William was on the other end.

“Aw yes, hello,” replied William, “Sorry to bother you this late, but my TV won’t turn on. Could you send someone down to fix it?”

“Uh, sure. I’ll be there in a minute,” said a perplexed Scott.

“Great, thank you. I’ll see you then,” said William before hanging up.

Scott wondered why William was acting like he wasn’t calling Scott down to get fucked. He hoped it wasn’t some kind of roleplay, as his acting skills left a lot to be desired.

“Well, a thousand is a thousand,” thought Scott, “Guess I should play along.”

Scott once again grabbed the desk phone and made his way out of the employee area, then down the hall to room 117. Scott swallowed his anxiety and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” came a voice from inside.

Scott inserted the master keycard in the door and opened it. As he walked in and took in the sight inside the room, he was mildly surprised the two men inside were fully clothed. What really surprised him was the person who Scott assumed was Dave.

At six and a half feet tall, Dave was an imposing figure even sitting in a chair playing with his smartphone. Even through his grey button-up and khaki’s, Dave looked like he hadn’t missed a day at the gym in what Scott guessed to be his entire 60+ years. Whereas William had a toned and lean musculature, Dave’s broad shoulders and tree trunk arms gave him the appearance of a professional weight lifter. Even with his prominent beer gut and greying hair, Scott thought Dave could break him in half easily.

“H-hello, you said your TV wasn’t w-working?” stuttered Scott in his best attempt at acting.

“Yeah, I took a look at it and the wiring looks a bit off. You might want to start there,” said William casually as he sat on a wooden chair, his elbow on the table he had screwed Scott on the previous night.

“O-ok, I’ll take a look,” said Scott as he made his way over to the TV.

Scott noticed Dave hadn’t even looked at him at this point. Dave had been typing away on his smartphone, utterly indifferent to Scott’s entrance. He wondered if Dave even knew Scott was there as a present from William.

In an effort to get Dave’s attention, Scott made a big show of bending over behind the TV before he reinserted the cables William had obviously pulled himself. Scott wiggled his ass as he shuffled around, lifting one leg up to reach for an imaginary cable. Even facing away from them, Scott could feel both sets of eyes on his cute bubble butt and was glad he wore such tight-fitting pants.

“Excuse me,” Scott heard William say from behind him, causing Scott to look behind him and see both of the men staring at his ass hungrily.

“Yes, sir?” responded Scott, using the word sir for the first time since he began working at the motel.

“It looks like a bit of a tight fit back there. You might be able to get in there easier without all those clothes,” said William casually, eliciting a shocked look from Dave.

“Will what the hell?!” exclaimed Dave.

“That’s a great idea, sir,” agreed Scott as he sat up and pulled off his shirt.

Dave’s mouth hung open as Scott quickly stripped down to his underwear in front of the two older men. Scott looked over his shoulder and smiled at Dave as he peeled down his briefs, bending over to give him a good long look at his tight, naked ass.

Scott bent back behind the TV and continued to fiddle with the wires, trying to give Dave a nice show. As he swayed his ass around, he felt his cock and balls swinging between his legs. Finally, Scott plugged the power cord into its port and the TV was brought back to life. Scott stood up and swung back around, his small cock slapping the side of his thigh.

“Will you be needing anything else, sir?” Scott asked in his regular customer service voice, seeing Dave leaning over in awe at the sight of the naked teen.

“Yes, actually, you mind having a seat here, please?” William asked, motioning towards his lap.

“Of course, sir,” said Scott as he strutted over to William, and taking a seat on his thighs.

Scott swung both his legs to one side of William’s lap and wrapped his arms around his strong neck. His small frame didn’t seem to cause William any discomfort as he ground his ass into William’s hard cock through his pants. William began rubbing Scott’s thigh dangerously close to his bare ass with one and pulled Scott in for a kiss with his other.

“Jesus Christ,” Dave muttered as Scott’s mouth was invaded by William’s tongue.

William canlı bahis removed his tongue from Scott’s mouth and gave a proud smile to Dave.

“Oh my god Will, who the hell is this kid?” Dave asked incredulously, “Does he even work here?”

“Oh yes, he does. He’s the weekend night auditor. He just happens to be really good at…. customer service,” William said, fondling Scott bare ass cheek as Scott sat silently, letting the two men talk.

“I can see that,” Dave said lustfully, “Damn, you work fast. He looks barely out of high school.”

“Oh, he’s not, but don’t let that fool you. The things this little slut can do would blow your mind.”

“Would they now?” Dave asked with a hungry smile.

“Definitely. Hey Scott? How’s about you show him what I mean,” William said as he slid Scott off his lap.

“Happy to sir,” Scott said, walking over to Dave and sliding down to his knees.

With his shock finally worn off, Dave opened his legs, inviting Scott to do all the work. Scott obliged as he undid Dave’s khakis, his eyes going wide as he saw the size of Dave’s bulge, barely contained in his underwear.

“This looks…. big. Maybe too big,” thought Scott warily.

Scott swallowed hard, pulled down the waistband and revealed at least ten inches of thick hard cock pointed directly at his face. It was easily the biggest cock Scott had ever seen and far bigger than anything that had been inside him. Scott nervously glanced at William, who simply smiled and motioned for him to get to work.

Scott wrapped both of his small hands around the massive shaft and began slowly jacking Dave off. Both hands easily fit on the long shaft as Scott pumped the foreskin over the cockhead back and forth. Soon Scott began speeding up, twisting his hands around the pole, receiving a long, pleasured sigh from Dave.

“Oh god, that’s it. You weren’t lying, Will. This kid’s great,” groaned Dave.

Scott smiled before leaning his face over the older man’s cock and let a large glob of drool slowly drip from his mouth onto the head. He used the saliva as lubrication as he started rubbing his hands over the penis, mimicking his actions with William earlier. The wet sounds it made accompanied Dave’s pleased grunting.

“Ungh, yes, that’s the way,” Dave encouraged, before handing his smartphone to William, “Hey Will, do me a favor and record this.”

“Happy to, bud,” William replied, taking the phone with his free hand, his other fondling his own cock.

Scott continued giving Dave his handjob as he watched William fiddle around with the phone. Soon, William gave Scott a nod the told him it was now recording and to put on more of a show. Scott obliged by turning back towards the cock and opening his mouth. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and began sliding over the head, circling around, his hands continuing to rub up and down the shaft.

Scott then sealed his lips over the tip and quickly slid the cock deep into his mouth before coming back up and again licking the head. He repeated this multiple times as Dave stroked his head and offered encouraging words in between his moaning and groaning. In his peripheral vision, Scott noticed William moving around, getting better angles of the naked teenager with the massive cock in his mouth.

Despite almost reaching his throat, Scott had only gone down around four out of ten inches of Dave’s cockmeat. Soon after ceasing his previous technique and beginning to bob his head up and down as far as he was able to go alone, Scott felt Dave’s strong hand on the back of his head. Dave slowly pushed Scott down the length of the shaft until the tip reached the back of Scott’s throat.

Rather than give him the rough face fucking Scott had come to expect, Dave simply held Scott’s head down, keeping almost seven inches of cock lodged in Scott’s mouth. Scott choked, unable to breathe with the thick cockmeat blocking his air. Dave released Scott’s head a few seconds after Scott began involuntarily pulling his head back.

“Aw, that’s a great shot,” William said, getting a close up of the gasping boy and the now sopping wet cock.

“Let’s hope he can take it in his ass as good as his mouth,” said Dave with a fiendish smile as Scott caught his breath and went back to it, giving the cock a long lick from base to tip.

By this point, Scott had not only grown to expect roughness, he even began to enjoy it. Something about being used and his innate desire to please made him happy to fulfill the older men’s sexual needs.

“Hey, Will, you want in on this?” Dave asked as he pulled Scott off his rigid penis, drool dripping from the boy’s chin.

“Hell yeah, I do,” responded William enthusiastically, “Scoot back a bit Scott.”

“Yes sir,” said Scott, shuffling back a foot, letting Dave standing up.

William and Dave flanked either side of Scott, slowly rubbing themselves over him. Scott sat upon his knees to get at eye level with their cocks. He took a cock in each hand, replacing William and Dave’s, and smiled up at the two men. After a few quick pumps to each, Scott happily shoved William’s cockhead into his mouth, sucking and licking the tip while his left hand slid all over Dave’s.

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