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Blue Water Boys � By Finn Lewis



I intended for this to be the final chapter but I got a little carried away. The next, and last chapter, will concentrate on how Alek and Nate met Lucas and his dad.

For those of you who reached out – I thank you. Feedback is important and always appreciated.


As always this story is complete and utter bullshit. Honestly. It never happened but only because I haven”t built my yacht yet.


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Well… Shit.


I can”t believe I”ve left it so long. So much has changed in the six years since I last wrote I don”t” even know where to start.


Let”s see. I guess not a lot changed the first couple years after I told you about Seb losing his virginity on his ninth birthday, except of course where we were in the world. Right after Lucas left with his dad, Seb and I spent a week together in Puerto Rico which was, quite honestly, fucking amazing. I never did find that boy I”d met three years earlier but I didn”t need to. I had my sweet, beautiful boy with me occupying my mind day and night as well as our bed. He was, and still is, a very sexual boy and we made love at least once a day but I didn”t fuck him every time. He was still only nine so we took it easy the first few weeks and only did that every other day. Just like that first night when he lost his virginity, entering him was surprisingly easy but his hot tunnel always felt like a tight silk glove gripping my cock when I moved in and out of him. I soon learned he much preferred facing me so he could look me in the eyes when I came, so he”d either be on his back looking up or on top looking down and he was always rock hard when I fucked him. Before heading to Cozumel in Mexico to catch up with Lucas and his dad and little sister, Seb and I spent a night up on deck under the stars and that was when he asked if he could call me dad for real and not just when we were using our cover story. Alek had ever called me that except when we were playing the part, but Seb meant it and I was lost for words. We both cried and I hugged him to me whispering into his ear that I loved him and he said the same. From that moment on Seb was, for all intense and purposes, my son.


Two days later we arrived in Cozumel. Of course Lucas transferred over to Ghost as soon as he could being super eager to see Seb again. Before the day was over his dad had gone ashore and come back with a very young girl to join him and his then eight year old daughter on their yacht, while her older ten year old bother Jos� came to ours. Lucas and Seb slept together in the second cabin leaving Jos� and I alone in mine the first couple nights but by the third all four of us were in my bed. That was a fun few days. I really like Mexican boys and Jos� was exquisite. His uncut three inch dick had a nice curve to it and I absolutely loved going down on him taking everything into my mouth at the same time and licking his tight little hole that opened so freely. Lucas fucked him almost as much as I did over those few days he spent with us and we”d often end up a pile of exhausted sweaty bodies by the time we fell asleep each night.


From there we sailed south, Lucas” dad and I always keeping each other in sight talking over the radio as well as video calls. We stopped in Salvador for two days, Rio for a week, San Palo for another few days and then we made ready for a much longer voyage. Rounding the horn was exciting but none of us got much sleep; unfortunately it wasn”t because we spent all our time in bed. The seas were high and the weather was wild, but Ghost sliced through the swells much better than Bella did. Bella was the name of Lucas” dad”s yacht. Eventually we stopped in at Valparaiso to resupply and then up to Panama before going our separate ways. Lucas” dad was heading through the canal back to the Netherlands for a bit while Lucas, Seb and I made plans for Tahiti. We spent six months there exploring all the hundreds of islands often being the only human beings for miles around. If memory serves we sailed up to the Philippines after that, then on to Vietnam and Cambodia, Malaysia and eventually through the Suez into the Med again. Seb turned ten and Lucas turned fourteen and the little guy was able to show his older brother where he came from. I, of course, couldn”t help remembering how I”d met Alek on those very same streets and, in fact, we walked right past where I”d first seen him.


Lucas is nineteen now and studying Marine Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He”s planning on starting a Master”s Degree in Marine Biology in the fall so he”s been gone for almost two years now and I miss him terribly as does Seb. But, he”s got himself a boyfriend there. A very good looking local boy a year younger and Lucas lives with him and his Mom and his little brother. And yes, you guessed it; the younger brother is a lot younger. Espen”s almost eleven now and a real cutie too, but he was only just coming up to his ninth birthday when Lucas first started dating his older brother and I wouldn”t be surprised if he wasn”t having a little fun with him too. Lucas says he hasn”t but I can tell he wants to. He always did like the younger ones. Seb and I have met them both over video chat and I have to admit I”m a bit jealous. I”ve told them we”ll be there over the summer break for a couple weeks so I guess I”ll see for myself. Espen seems very keen on the idea especially after Lucas told him all about living on a yacht and getting to see the world but I doubt he”s told him everything. Or maybe he has. I don”t know. Lucas is doing well though. He”s in the top ten of his class and he”s happy which is all I can ask for. I”m so proud of him.


And what about Alek? Well, he met a very nice, absolutely stunningly beautiful Japanese girl three years ago and they”re now married with a gorgeous little six month old baby girl. He”s twenty four and he”s doing very well in his career. He made Second Officer so he”s well on his way to being a Captain within the next five years. His wife, Kumiko, was the crew administrator on board and I absolutely love her. We were in Japan with them for over a year when Covid hit and just about all international travel shut down. I took the opportunity to lift Ghost out of the water for a complete overhaul of her engines and electrical as well as a refit of bathrooms and galley and a new coat of anti-foul. I upgraded the NAC/COM and we got all new appliances as well as a larger 65″ flat screen for the TV room. We were there for Alek and Kumiko”s wedding and the birth of their daughter but I know I was keen to get back out there again. So was Seb, as is another new stray I”ve managed to pick up. Restrictions finally eased off a couple months ago so we”re back in the Ukraine again. Why? Because Alek suggested that since I”ll be leaving Seb in Australia in a couple months I should give another boy a shot at a decent life. We”re probably going to be here for a couple weeks at least while I sort the paperwork out. Ha! Sort the paperwork out. Although to be honest, like Seb”s, and Alek”s when we got him a new one, it won”t be forged. We cut out the middle man and simply bribed a consulate staff member to process a legitimate passport and birth certificate with the exception of a different surname. Mine obviously. We should still make it in time to see Lucas and his boyfriend as well as his younger brother for a couple weeks over summer. Maybe I”ll take them all out for a short cruise for a few days and see what happens. I wouldn”t mind if Lucas and his boyfriend wanted some privacy in their cabin meaning that Espen would sleep with me and Seb. It wouldn”t be the worst thing in the world. I”ll cope. There was some very sad news though when I went looking for Mykola, the boy Alek and I had spent a lot of time with during my first stay in Odesa. He died from a drug overdose more than a year ago and the news was pretty fucking sobering. If it wasn”t for a chance encounter, if Alek hadn”t offered me the girl he was standing next to from across the street, if I hadn”t worked up the courage to actually point to him instead and if he hadn”t accepted, that could so easily of been him. When I videoed him to tell him the news he was more adamant than ever I `rescue” another boy and Seb agreed with him. I will forever regret not taking Mykola away with us when Alek and I left Odesa behind.


Seb is still with me obviously. He”s coming up fifteen but he”s scheduled to start a Marine Engineering apprenticeship with a yacht building company in Australia in the New Year. It”s hard to describe the young man Seb has grown up to be. He has a penis, but he”s not a boy or a girl. I”d say he has no sexual identity at all. Is that what”s called pansexual? He”s not sexually attracted to either sex more than the other but he doesn”t think of himself as Bi. It simply doesn”t matter to him. We still make love but I”ve been completely honest with him his whole life that I don”t find older teens or men desirable, but that I still love him more than he could ever know. He”s more a man now than boy so he”s taken the other cabin as his room and sleeps there most nights and he”s started inviting partners to sleep over wherever we are. Sometimes they”ll be girls, other times boys. Most are about his own age but a few have been either much younger or older by at least five years or more so I really don”t think he has any preference in that regard.


The other thing Seb is into is videography. I got him a pretty decent camera and he”s always filming us and spends hours in front of the computer editing them and making short movies which, to be honest, blow me away. He does all these cool special effects and adds music and some of them just want to make me cry they”re so beautiful.


Unfortunately for me Covid meant a bit of a dry spell as far as being able to bed new boys. I only had Seb and that was becoming less and less frequent. But that all changed about two weeks ago. Kumiko, Alek”s wife, has a sister who”s apparently always been a bit of a problem child and she got herself caught up in a few things she shouldn”t, meaning she”s now in prison for the next ten years or so. But she has a son. A very young eight year old half Japanese, half American boy that”s spent more time in temporary foster homes than any child deserves to be. Covid has been good for him though. Alek and Kumiko somehow convinced the owner to put the yacht they worked on in wet dock for repairs and refit in Japan while Covid ravished the world which meant they could be there to take the little guy in. He lived with them up until about two months ago when he came to live on board Ghost with Seb and me. He”s a very cute boy too. Eurasian? Half Asian and half European. Whatever you call it, it”s a sexy combination. And of course Alek had a plan knowing Seb was getting a bit too old and he didn”t want me to be alone, so together he and Kumiko talked to her sister and she signed over legal guardianship to me. Just like that. To a complete fucking stranger she only met once. And she knew I”d be leaving the country with him as soon as the boarders opened up again. She doesn”t fucking deserve him.


His name is Ren and he”s cute as fuck. Thick, very dark auburn hair which the only way I can describe the style is it”s a bit like what used to be called a Justin Bieber cut but not? His eyes are slightly oriental with the flap of skin above them and they”re a little wide apart, but they”re a very rich dark brown almost the same color as his hair and eyebrows and I swear they knew what I was thinking the first time I met him. And he looks so young. His skin is a very light caramel and porcelain smooth. I wish I could add a photo of him here. I”ve got so many of all four of my boys from when they first came to live on board Ghost to when they left. He reminds me a little bit of Olivier. Not in his mannerisms or anything because he”s definitely not a girly-boy, but he”s small like he was and very slim. He”s been living with Seb and me on board Ghost for about two months now and up until very recently he”s only slept in Seb”s room with him. I heard them at night giggling and I know they were getting into each other”s pants because Seb tells me everything. After Seb told him about me he came right out and just asked if I wanted to do sex stuff with him too. I looked over Ren”s shoulder at Seb and he just grinned nodding his head telling me to say yes. He”s only eight and a half but he”s sexy as fuck and the look he gave me left little doubt as to my answer. I pulled him closer until he stood between my legs putting both hands on his narrow hips as I sat up bringing his face to within a few inches of my own and only slightly higher.


His hands held my forearms and his thin fingers gripped me tightly as I looked up to him. “Yes.” I nodded. “I”d very much like to do what you and Seb have been doing with you as well. Did you want to do that with me?”


He nodded seemingly unphased by the fact I knew what they”d been doing. “I”ve done it before with grown-ups.” Did I mention his English was near fucking perfect?


The first thought I had wasn”t who he”d `done it” with, or when, or even how it”d happened. It was whether Alek had known and seen another opportunity to set me up with a boy for the next five years or so. Maybe it was coincidence but I didn”t think so. He knew. He had to of.


“Can you tell me what you”ve done with these grown-ups?”


“I sucked their things and they made the white stuff in my mouth but they didn”t suck mine like Seb does.”


“You like it when Seb does that?”


He nodded. Of course I”d seen Ren naked often enough already that I knew exactly what was under the thin stretchy material of his sweatpants and the dark blue cotton ribbed super tight tank top he wore, but I”d never seen him hard and I really, really wanted to. Seb and I never hid our nakedness from him and he soon followed suit walking from their cabin to the living room below deck to watch TV in the buff, or to wander upstairs getting a drink or sunbathing with Seb up on deck. So, I knew his preteen dick was about an inch soft, poking out from his utterly smooth and hairless groin with a long overhang of foreskin and that his balls were small and tight having yet to have dropped even the slightest.


“Have you done anything else with Seb?” I asked glancing over Ren”s shoulder at him watching from behind. I wasn”t worried about him trying to fuck Ren because I knew him better than that, but I wasn”t so sure about a finger or two making their way up there. Ren shook his head no and I had to restrain my grin when I saw Seb holding up his index finger nodding his head.


“Tell me what you want me to do.”


He turned to look at Seb and then back to me when the older teen nodded his head in encouragement. “Can you suck my doodle?” God it was cute. He asked it in such a quiet voice it made me even harder.


I shifted my eyes over to Seb again raising my eyebrows. “Doodle?”


He laughed. “What? It”s what he calls it. It”s cute.”


It was cute. And I was holding him by his narrow hips with him standing between my spread legs on the couch in the living room below deck. I”d masturbated in my cabin so often thinking about him with a picture of him and Seb naked up on deck on my phone zooming in until I had Ren in portrait from his face down to his groin in view. He was such a sexy little boy with his half Asian looks and unbearably smooth pale honey-touched skin. I”d fantasized he was sprawled naked on my bed hard and horny and taking his not even two and a half slim inches into my mouth. I”d wanted to suck him from the very first time Alek had introduced us and my mind even went as far as lifting his legs up to the sides of his flat chest and sinking my six inches all the way inside him.


I turned back to the boy I”d been lusting over for the last few months. “Do you want to go in there so it”s more comfortable?” I asked cocking my head indicating my cabin. I could”ve done it right here in the living room but I was far more likely to get him completely naked if he was on my bed.


Ren nodded his head again grinning and stepped back pulling on my arm. I looked to Seb. “You coming?”




“Please?” I asked. “I might need you to help me out after.”


“You can cum in his mouth. I have.” He grinned flopping back into the couch picking up the game controller and turning the TV on.


The thing about Seb was that he was losing interest in me rather than the other way around. Sure, he was well past my preferred age and my obsession with hairless boys, but he wasn”t that far along the puberty curse that I couldn”t still fuck him or work his now five inch cock with my mouth to a creamy conclusion. It was a sad fact of life being sexually attracted to young boys; they tended to grow up and lose everything that made me want them in the first place. It”d happened with Alek and Lucas and now with Seb, but maybe I still had another four or five years with Ren. Hell, I”m sixty one now and by the time I”m sixty six maybe my sex drive will have diminished. God I hoped not.


I turned my eyes back to Ren sliding my hands around to his ass cupping both small pillowy cheeks in my palms and pulled him a little closer to me. If he”d sucked Seb”s cock and let him come in his mouth then it was highly likely he”d let me do the same. But first I was going to strip him completely naked and see how he reacted to being kissed, not only on his mouth but all over his sexy as fuck eight year old body before I sucked my little Eurasian boy off.


My cock was already well on its way to being hard. “Hold on to me sweetie. I”m going to lift you up and carry you okay?” I don”t know what it is about carrying a boy to my bed but is like a fucking Viagra to me. Ren put his arms around my neck and as I stood his legs went around my waist when I turned to Seb. “You sure you don”t want to join us?”


“Nah.” He said but I saw a faint smile on his face telling me something was up. I got the impression he wasn”t actually going to leave me alone with Ren and miss out on some fun.


“You know where we are if you change your mind.” I said winking at him. He was fourteen but he was still a very sexy young man and I really don”t mind sucking him off at all. I left the door open for Seb even if all he wanted to do was watch and carried Ren to my bed climbing up onto it on my knees.


“Can you take your top off for me Ren chan?” In Japanese, `chan” is used like `san” after someone”s name but it”s usually used as a romantic term by couples and often for younger children, so for us it was very appropriate and expressed very clearly how I felt about him.


It had the effect I was hoping for and he smiled at me from only a few inches away. We struggled a bit with his legs wrapped around my waist and my hands underneath his ass holding him up, but when he lifted his arms up showing off the smooth bare hollow of his pits I couldn”t resist burying my face in there as he pulled the tank top off over his head. Jesus he smelt good. He giggled when I licked him there with the tip of my tongue leaving his arm up in the air for me. And he was hard too. I could feel it poking my stomach as I moved up to his throat kissing and licking him and very carefully lowered him down onto his back in the middle of the bed. I hovered over him on my elbows and knees between his legs still wrapped around my waist with his head turned away letting me lick and suckle his throat. I”d wanted to do this for so long. Very cautiously I moved up to his cheek getting closer to his mouth and turned his head to me with my hand at the side of his face brushing over his lips. His eyes closed and all on his own they parted and his stuttered breath washed over my face. I caught his upper lip in-between mine and his closed on my bottom lip, and just like that we were kissing. His mouth was so soft and warm and when his tongue came forward to touch mine it was plainly obvious this wasn”t his first time. Whether it was Seb or someone else who”d taught him I really didn”t give a fuck because My God he was good at it.


Unlike every other boy I”d kissed, and subsequently fucked, I”d spent the better part of a year getting to know Ren before he came to live with us two months ago, so it was a new experience for me to be kissing him like this now. I opened and closed my mouth in small gentle circles softly sucking on his lips and tasting him, slowly easing my tongue forward and felt him smile. His hands had remained on my shoulders when I”d put him down but now they cupped my face in his small warm palms pulling me down and I pressed into him when his mouth opened wider and sucked his tongue into mine. Even though it was behind me I knew Seb was standing in the doorway watching, but it wasn”t until he stood beside us that I looked up with just my eyes to see him with his camera pointed at our faces recording us. Days later, after he”d finished his edits and special effects he showed it to us and it was beautiful. It wasn”t porn. Not even close, other than the fact that Ren and I did indeed engage in mutual oral sex. I don”t know if he”d opened up the exposure flooding it with bright light or if he”d done that in the edit, but we were silhouetted in white and some of it was just out of focus with a hazy filter added. I was stunned that anything could be so pure and intimate between a man and a boy.


Seb followed me when I left Ren”s mouth lowering his legs to the bed as I kissed down his chest to his small dark brown nipples flicking them one at a time with my tongue and even further until I got to his stomach. I can”t describe how I felt right then. I knew Ren and had imagined this for so long. My hands were holding him around his sides just underneath his ribs feeling the silken softness of his skin as I tasted his body moving down ever closer to the smooth expanse below his tiny outie belly button. He was slender like Olivier had been, the bones of his hips protruding sharply as he lifted up into my hand when I covered his sex in my palm. Seb was crouched abidinpaşa escort down beside the bed aiming the lens at his face and Ren turned his head to him breathing deeply with his eyes half closed. He caught the moment I nuzzled my face into his crotch slipping the thin stretchy sweatpants from under him and lowering them over his erect preteen cock. Seb quickly moved up onto the bed with us sitting on his legs above Ren”s head holding the camera low over the boy”s shoulder. He aimed down over his body at me as I peeled the long nozzle of his foreskin back and took him into my mouth hearing the quiet intake of breath from above. More than any other boy I”d been with I had to purse my lips in a tighter seal as I slid down the short length of Ren”s slender two and a half inches to the root pressing my lips against the smooth silkiness of his bald pubis and then back up again. His little soldier was rock hard when I went down again and back up swirling my tongue but the sweatpants were getting in the way. I quickly sat up bringing his legs together and pulled them off his feet tossing them to the side before lying back down on my stomach and elbows leaving his legs up and bent at the knees with his feet on the bed by my shoulders. My mouth hovered over him between his wide open thighs and I buried my face in-between covering his tiny balls with my mouth looking up at him. His head was flat on the bed looking straight up at the ceiling but his fists were clenching the sheet and his slim stomach caved in as I chased the tiny acorns with my tongue.


“He likes it when you lick under his balls.” Seb whispered right in my ear. I didn”t even realize he was there having moved off the bed to capture my lips wrapped around Ren”s baby balls in close up with his rigid little cock pointing skywards right in front of my eyes.


“Hold your legs back Ren.” Seb instructed the younger boy and he obeyed, pulling his knees back and out to the sides rolling his ass up. His balls slipped from my mouth and Seb got in close underneath his legs to film as I tickled Ren”s hairless perineum with the tip of my tongue, my nose nudging his small rounded balls and listening with a smile on my lips hearing the boy”s quiet moan. Bringing my hands to his smooth, very light brown cheeks I eased them apart with my thumbs and dipped down extending the tip of my tongue, circling the rim of his anus and then pressed my face into him. Every boy tastes different but they all have that slightly metallic tang that tingles on the tip of your tongue as you lick him right at the center, and Ren was no different. I rolled my tongue in wet, spit soaked waves undulating up and down over his hole and then stiffened it, pressing in right at the center while pulling his cheeks apart with my thumbs digging in under my mouth opening him up testing the boy”s elasticity. The tip of my tongue slotted a quarter inch deep in-between the tight band of his lips feeling his heat and wriggled it, adding more pressure trying to dig in as my mouth salivated, soaking his hole with my spit. I think he liked it. I felt him push out and I moaned, as did he when I snaked my index finger in from the side, wetting it under my mouth before teasing him by tapping on his tiny little cave. My fingernails were always trimmed and smoothed at the edges for one reason only; to slowly push into a boy”s clenching hole with as little discomfort as possible but sometimes they needed something else to take their minds off it. Especially when they were only eight years and seven months old. And small for their age. I gave him one last tickle with my tongue and then eased away so I could look at it. It was wet and shiny with my saliva and his lips were stretched open by my thumbs revealing the lavender pink inside closing around a tiny dark iris. The smooth soft skin surrounding it was the same even color as the rest of him, a light pale brown. I rubbed the pad of my index finger up and down over the divide thinking about how my cock would look poised where my finger was before slowly curling it into him and then pushed watching his ring open up and circle around the first knuckle of my finger. He didn”t complain.


Once I was in up to the second knuckle feeling the incredible heat within and no longer needing to pry his cheeks apart, I licked back up his perineum to his balls giving them a quick swirl before trailing my tongue along the underside of his thin hard little two and a half inch dick and took it back into my mouth. Seb was right there capturing it all in digital format moving from place to place. Ren”s face with his eyes open staring back, his chest and the two erect little nubs of his nipples, the tensing of his stomach as he pushed back at me, my mouth and lips gliding up and down his short length and the pale hairless skin of his pubis with my finger in his ass slowly moving in and out from the tip to my fist as I massaged him from the outside with my thumb. He caught it all. Even the wet slurping sound of my love and Ren”s quiet moans through stuttered breath that Seb accentuated in the finished video. I held his foreskin off his arrow tipped glans with my thumb and fingers at his root ticking him on his bare mound with my pinkie as I always did to Seb. My tongue flicked underneath on his frenulum and then curled around his narrow shaft each time I buried my face into his crotch and up again and I felt his small hands on my shaved head between his thighs with his feet now on my shoulders holding his legs back.


His orgasm was gloriously dry. Obviously. He pushed his head back into the mattress and thrust his thin flat chest up arching his back while forcing his vibrating little cock as deep into my mouth as he could pressing down on my head between his spread legs and moaned holding his breath. Seb focused his camera on his face during his climax and I focused on making it last as long as I could gently squeezing the tiny bulb of his immature prostate between my finger inside and thumb under his balls. I don”t remember my own dry climaxes at his age, but anyone who thinks a preteen boy”s orgasm isn”t just as intense and earth shattering as one that”s wet isn”t doing it right. I felt every contraction in his ass as his two and a half inches lurched and quivered in my mouth surrounding it with my cheeks and tongue sucking hard. In my experience, some boys are loud and others quiet when they come, and Ren was most definitely in the quiet category. I had a hand flat on his caved in stomach and navel with my fingers splayed when he let out his held breath trembling with a quiet giggle and then breathed deeply as his climax slowly receded. There wouldn”t be a single day I didn”t suck him to at least one orgasm over the next five years.


When I was sure he was done I lowered his legs to my side and slipped my finger from his ass getting up on my hands and knees to crawl up over him looking down. “Did you like that sweetie?”


He nodded his head smiling up at me. “Hai.” I bent down to kiss him again and his arms went around my neck with Seb at our side filming. My tongue was in his mouth and my cock was rock hard trapped in my briefs and shorts soaking both in pre. I wasn”t going to fuck him but I was going to come in his mouth.


I licked his lips and moved my face to his ear and whispered to him. “Do you think you could do that for me now?” I knew he would. He said he”d done it before and even though they hadn”t actually said it, I knew he”d been sucking Seb off at night in his cabin. But his wide grin and the nod of his head confirmed it.




He stayed on his back with his arms up, hands under his head showing off his hairless pits and his stomach sloping in watching me as I got up and undressed for him. His eyes went straight to my erect six inches and the glazed head as a smile played across his face when I pulled off my shorts and briefs at the same time standing so he could get a good long look. I was bigger than Seb”s five inches but I had no idea about the other man, or men, he”d sucked, but his eyes never left it as I got back up onto the bed crawling over him again but this time I was as naked as he was. He was still hard so as I moved up over his groin I hooked my index finger around it pulling it back just a little to close my lips over his tiny glans flicking it underneath with my tongue looking up at him and then moved up his small body kissing him with butterfly lips glancing at Seb and the camera.


“Don”t look at the camera. Pretend I”m not here.” He said following my mouth from Ren”s silky smooth pubis with the tip of my tongue trailing a snail trail up to his tiny outie belly button and then up further to his thin chest and his dark little nipples. I flicked one before turning my head into his armpit and Ren giggled, his arm flinching but he kept it where it was as I lapped at his exposed hairless pit breathing in his unique scent. With my leaking glans tapping his compact balls and leaving a string of pre connecting them I nibbled at his mouth licking his lips as I snaked both hands under his back to his shoulders and then turned us both over until he was lying face down on top of me between my legs. He was really light. And very slender. My hands roamed down his back to his soft rounded ass gripping his cheeks with my fingers as I pushed him down and humped up into him at the same time feeling his stiffness on my stomach and my own hard cock squashing his tiny balls. He kissed me, his tongue darting out to invade mine and I let him, sucking it into my mouth as I pushed and pulled his body on top of mine by his ass grinding my hips up into him but I needed his mouth on me.


“Suck my cock Ren… let me come in your mouth baby.” I moaned into his face. If I lasted three minutes I”d be shocked.


I didn”t. He”d scooted down kneeling between my legs bent over at the waist holding my cock up to his mouth in his fist that only reached half way around and opened wide closing his lips around the head just under the ridge. I felt his small warm tongue licking the pre from me and he slurped back up swallowing and then went back down, his lips stretching wide taking in more than three inches of my girth into his mouth and I moaned watching him with my head propped up on a pillow. One hand was on the side of his face and the other combing through the boy”s thick dark auburn hair as it moved up and down two inches at a time. Seb was back up on the bed aiming his camera at the action this time capturing his lips sliding up and down; an eight year old boy sucking an adult cock with far more skill than I thought he”d have. It took less than two dozen strokes of his hot little mouth and tongue to bring me off. I groaned, holding his head in place and pushing up just a little as I came in his mouth with the first two strong pulses of orgasm. He pulled away still gripping my shaft in his fist holding it so the third and then the forth spray of cum splashed over his lips and nose and across his right cheek before opening his mouth again to take in just the head nursing the last oozing dribbles from it. Cum bubbled around his lips and dripped down from his face onto my navel and trimmed pubic hairs and I felt him swallow what was in his mouth as my cock throbbed, my climax waning and I let out my breath.


“Fuck…” I whispered closing my eyes for a second just enjoying the moment and the heat of his mouth on me still.


“Lick it off your hand Renny.” Seb said and then I felt his mouth moving away and licking down my shaft to his hand. His tongue trailed along the webbing between his thumb and fingers against my cock and I opened my eyes to watch him close his lips sucking it into his mouth swallowing my semen. “There”s more on his head again.” Ren”s eyes looked up at the last oozing dregs of my orgasm and lifted up to close his lips around it before letting go and smiling at me.


“Now lay back and jack off with his stuff from your face.” Seb had a kinky side and I fucking loved it. For the next five minutes I watched an eight year old boy masturbate his preteen dick with his thumb and two fingers using my semen as lube. It was hot as fuck and Seb recorded it all.


That was two weeks ago and Ren has spent every night in my bed since. I haven”t fucked him yet though. I”m working up to that but I”m sure as hell not waiting until he turns nine. He should be good to go in about a week I figure since he can already take the smallest three inch plug all the way up there and keep it in with ease and we”re working on the four inch one now. He says he likes how it feels and he can”t wait for me to fuck him `properly”. And let me tell you right now; neither can I.


Anyway, right at the start I said I”d tell you about a father and son that Alek and I met up with in the Bahamas a year after we left Odesa together. It started by fluke really. Alek, as you probably know, spent quite a lot of time on the Play Station, usually first person combat games like Call of Duty, but he never played the campaigns. It was always online with real people with a headphone and mic. This was probably two years before we met Lucas and his dad and we were island jumping in Indonesia. You know I have a fondness for those brown boys so we”d been there for a couple weeks and I”d had the pleasure of four different boys ranging from about nine to twelve years old. Anyway, late one afternoon we”d finished up Alek”s school work for the day so instead of going up on deck he was sprawled out on the couch naked playing on the Play Station. I”d gotten my work out of the way earlier as well so I decided I”d try to put him off his game hoping for a little fun before starting dinner in about an hour. I couldn”t hear the game of course since he had his headset on, but I could see the screen and listen in to his conversations with his teammates. He was so into these games he barely even looked up at me when I went to sit next to him. He did take notice however when I got down on the floor between his legs lowering my face into his crotch and took his soft two inches into my mouth feeling it harden instantly. He spread his legs and slouched back into the couch looking down at me but he kept playing, mashing the buttons furiously holding the controller just above my bobbing head.


He was obviously not playing well because I hear him apologizing more than once and he”s swearing to himself under his breath in his native tongue which he knows turns me on. He puts his hands on my head with the controller still grasped in them trying to play, and I can sense him dividing his attention between the game and what I”m doing to him. I know his sounds. He”s enjoying it and he”s moving his hips up and down a little bit and then he gives up, letting go of the controller with one hand and pushes me down with the other on the back of my head.


“It”s not my fault.” He laughed moaning into his mic. “I”m getting my dick sucked.”


I could only hear his replies but I got the jist of the questions. “Eleven… I”m not telling who…” He half giggled and half moaned. “No, he older… Yes… Really good…” And then took his headset off.


Before he”d reached his peak he was already receiving private messages. We read them together after he”d come in my mouth with his tiny load of thin watery jizz and I”d come in his. One message stood out amongst all the rest though. Most were telling him he was full of BS, others asking if he was gay, but this one simply said he had someone older that gave him BJ”s as well. We loaded up the profile and if it was to be believed it was an eleven year old boy a few months older than Alek was. Alek messaged him and for the rest of the day they were trading back and forth until dinner was ready. To cut a long story short, a few days later they actually built up the nerves to video each other and I was watching from the side so the other kid couldn”t see me. He was white American and… meh. He wasn”t all that hot. Long, textured light brown hair that fell down over his forehead and ears making it look scruffy with blue eyes and plump pale pink lips, and he looked every bit his eleven years. I couldn”t really blame anyone who”d wanted in this boy”s pants because, well, because he was a boy. But my heart didn”t do summersaults until I saw his body. His name was Mason and he was topless as they talked for ages about Call of Duty before they ran out of steam leaving an awkward silence until Alek broached the subject I was most interested in hearing. I really wanted to know who it was that had sucked him off imagining an uncle or older cousin or neighbour. It was Alek who had to tell him first so he gave him our usual cover telling him it was me, his forty eight year old dad. When I heard Mason say it was his dad who sucked him off I was sure his dad was listening in just like I was. Alek asked him how long they”d been doing it and it turned out they”d been at it a year since he was ten which was about the same as us. Over the next few days they videoed more and more, eventually showing each other their hard dicks and playing with them and that”s when I sat watching just out of sight. Mason beat Alek in size by about a quarter inch but he was just as smooth and hairless as my boy. Below the neck he was fucking hot as hell. Not ripped or anything because he was only eleven, but he was slim and toned and looked fit like he played a lot of sports. His waist was narrow but not skinny like Olivier had been and his chest was fucking perfection. A slight swell to his maturing breasts and he had abs that you could only just see when he wasn”t tensing his stomach to show off. They revealed to each other that neither of them were virgins, and then the next day Mason said his dad wanted to talk to me and we did. His name was John and we both knew exactly what the other had been doing, and before I knew it he was asking if we had any plans to be in Miami. He wanted to swap boys. I had absolutely no intention of testing Alek”s fake passport in the US so we agreed to meet in the Bahamas a month later so Alek and I lifted anchor and set course. They continued their friendship online chatting and videoing daily and they masturbated watching each other get off. Life went on as we crossed the Pacific. I worked three or four hours a day, Alek did his schoolwork and chores and sunbathed up on deck. We made love and we fucked and they masturbated watching each other until one day the boys begged us to suck them off on cam for them. We stopped off in Panama City for a couple days to resupply before navigating through the canal into the Caribbean and then up to the Bahamas. It wasn”t hard for Alek to find a ten year old boy in Panama for the two nights we were there. He spoke absolutely no English at all but that didn”t stop him from making it abundantly clear he didn”t mind a cock up his ass so long as he got paid.


Ghost sailed into port berthing at Paradise Lake a few days after John and Mason and Alek let them know we were there as soon as we”d tied up. Of course the boys wanted to see each other as soon as possible so we made plans to get together in the afternoon and then go out to dinner that night. I didn”t want them coming to Ghost and being able to identify us so we arranged to meet them at their resort instead. It was so fucking unreal meeting them for the first time seeing them in person rather than on a screen knowing I was going to fuck his boy and he was going to fuck mine. But my God I couldn”t keep my eyes off Mason the whole time remembering how hot his body was under his clothes. We met in public at their resort, sat around the pool for a couple hours chatting while the boys swam. Both wore boxer brief swimmers showing off their wet glistening bodies with the tantalizing little bulges in front cupping their bits. Mason”s face may have been fairly average but his body certainly wasn”t. They came and sat with us on the loungers lying on their backs letting the sun dry them off and both John and I were happy enough looking. He was just as much in lust with Alek as I was with Mason. After another half hour they dressed again and we went to dinner where the boys giggled and smirked at us and whispered together like they held something over us which they did. I think all four of us were keen to get back so we paid and made our way back to their resort and up to their suite. Along the way John asked me about Alek”s accent and where he was from so I gave him our cover story that his Mom was Ukrainian and that he”d lived there for ten years until she died. I told him that was when I found out I even had a son and having nowhere else to go he”d come to live with me. He brought it I think. When we got to their hotel it was obvious John had money. It was massive with two separate bedrooms each end and a large living, dining and kitchen in the middle. John suggested we all shower and the boys shot off together to one of the ensuite bathrooms leaving the two of us to shower separately. I have no doubt whatsoever they sucked each other off in there. Not gay my ass. At that time I”d only ever seen Alek suck and fuck boys so I had no evidence to the contrary.


I came back out dressed in the same clothes as I”d gone in; shorts, a white loose cotton button shirt left open and bare feet. John was already sat on the couch in one corner with a leg up bent at the knee tucked under his other leg and his arm stretched out along the back. He”d changed into just a pair of sweat shorts with nothing else on and I was relieved to see he was just a regular guy with a bit of a `dad bod” so I wasn”t as self-conscious as I might”ve been. I did have ten years on him so I was quietly relieved he didn”t have a more attractive body.


“They still in there?” I asked and he grinned raising his eyebrows as I sat on the other end of the same couch.


“Yeah. I think they”re getting acquainted.”


“They better hurry up or I”ll have to go in there and get them.”


“They”ll come out. Mason”s been pretty excited about meeting you.”


My cock grew at least an inch hearing that. “Yeah? I”ve been looking forward to seeing him too. He”s a good looking boy.”


“So”s Alek.” John said shifting in the couch. Just then the door to the bathroom opened and the boys came out completely naked and hard as fucking nails. It was still early enough that the sun was just over the horizon casting them both in twilight adana escort as they came to us still slightly damp from their shower with their arms down by their sides in barely contained excitement. Alek was on the left in front of John and Mason was on the right standing just shy of between my spread knees. Both were fiercely erect with their almost identical cocks straining upwards over the sleek barren skin of their pubis” stretching the skin of their frenulum”s taut. Mason was cut like most American boys and he was a little bigger than Alek, but not by much. Alek had grown in the year I”d known him so he was about three and a half inches hard now and Mason was probably closer to four. The heat of the shower had loosened their hairless sacks just enough to make their acorn sized balls hang a little and my mouth literally watered at the sight of them. Mason had very distinct duel grooves angling in from his hips leading the way to his groin and I looked up at his grinning face swallowing my own saliva and licked my lips holding out my hand.


“Come here you sexy boy.” I said pulling gently on his hand as Mason moved in-between my knees lifting one leg at a time over mine to sit down in my lap. He settled down with my cock trapped in the crease of his ass and put his hands on the back of the couch either side of my head slowly humping his hardness against me. He lent in and my hands went to his sides sliding up the warm smoothness of his skin to his pits feeling the weight of him pressing down on my aching cock through my shorts. Next to me Alek was likewise straddling John”s lap laying his palms flat on his chest combing his fingers through the thick curly mane of hair while the other man”s hand groped and clutched at his ass cheeks. I lowered my face to the swell of Mason”s breasts and parted my mouth, circling the tip of my tongue around a hardened nipple and caressed it with my lips as I roamed a hand to his back. Ever so slowly I trailed my fingertips down to the spread crack between his cheeks and reached between them over the heat of his hole rubbing it with the full length of my middle finger making him moan quietly. My God this boy”s body was turning me on and making my cock so fucking hard. With only a slight pull downward with my other hand gripping him under his pit he lowered himself bringing his face close to my upturned head. I reached up from behind him to his neck pulling him down and closed the gap drawing his mouth to my lips as I pushed up from underneath grinding myself into the arch of his spread legs over my cock. It made absolutely no difference to me how good looking his face was or wasn”t, because to be honest, who the fuck cares when you”re kissing a naked and erect eleven year old boy. His body more than made up for what he lacked in looks and his lips were soft and wet as his tongue came out to play. I groaned, pushing up into him harder finding his hot cave behind him with my finger pressing against it as I let his tongue slid into my mouth closing my lips around it and sucked. Fuck I love kissing boys. They”re so fucking needy. I didn”t look but I could hear the sounds of Alek and John kissing as well which surprised me. I hadn”t thought Alek would, but there you go. A horny boy will do just about anything when he”s in heat even if he”s not gay.


Mason”s tongue retracted into his own mouth all wet and slippery and I followed sliding in though his open lips to explore deeply feeling him smile. The vertical shaft of his erection was hot against my navel reaching almost to my belly button as he rocked his hips against me, the pad of my middle finger rubbing back and forth over his tacky hole and pressing in. I reached further down to tickle the swollen bulge of his perineum and he let out a muffled little giggle into my mouth when I tickled his balls teasing them as well and felt them pull up in response. His mouth came away from mine and he panted into my face looking flushed and excited with his lips wet and puffy.


“Can you suck my dick now? It”s really hard.”


In that moment I don”t think I”d ever wanted anything as much as sucking his dick. Except maybe fucking him. “Fuck yeah little man… Bring that thing up here.” I whispered into his face running the tip of my index finger up between his cheeks and over his hole to hold him by his hip as he put his hands on my shoulders to stand. My other hand came away from the back of his neck sliding down from the side of his chest to his waist as he got up off his knees bringing his erect almost four inches of boyhood perfection right in front of my face. His balls were pulled up tight underneath and his cock was hard as fucking diamonds straining upwards with a slight curve to it and, behind it, his bare pubis was smooth and flat. Wetting my lips even more than they already were with our shared saliva I pulled him to me letting the underneath of his taut glans scrap across them. His barren hairless groin filled my vision as I pressed his erection against his pubis with my lips and nose breathing in his preteen cock scent and opened my mouth around his crinkled balls sucking them in. His soft silken thighs surrounded my cheeks with my chin between his legs as I looked up, my head tilted back, the taste of him filling my mouth. I moaned into him smelling the excitement permeating from his cock lying alongside my nose and watched him with his head turned down watching me. Beside us I heard movement and glanced across to see John flipping Alek over onto his back on the couch and stand ripping open his shorts letting them and his briefs drop to the floor. Before he knelt down between Alek”s wide spread knees I caught a glimpse of his erect cock all hard and wet at the tip. He was cut like I was looking about an inch longer than me and equal in girth, but his was heavily veined and his pubic hair was a little bushier than mine. However, I did notice Alek eyeing it with interest smiling at him as it dropped from sight below the couch and then his head went back sucking in a gasp of air with his mouth hanging open when John engulfed his three and a half inches down to the root.


I turned my attention back to Mason”s face above me just as he looked down and I smiled at him rolling his balls around in my mouth and let them go laying my tongue out over my bottom lip licking him all the way up to the tip. Fuck I couldn”t wait any longer. With one hand holding his hip I brought the other around placing my palm flat on the crease of his thigh and grazed a finger over the smooth skin of his pubis hooking it at the base of his eleven year old cock pulling it down. He was so hard a small hollow formed between two taut tendons at the root when I levered it down to my lips feeling the resistance like a coiled spring, and before I even had chance to flick it with my tongue he pushed all the way in until my nose squashed against his hairless skin. I moaned, gripping his hips and digging my fingers onto his cheeks as he withdrew and sank back in putting a hand on my shaved head leaving the other one on the back of the couch until it too joined the first as he began to fuck in and out of my mouth. My cock was rock fucking hard in my shorts and briefs but I couldn”t get to it around his legs, his knees pinning me to the couch with his head down watching himself fucking his preteen cock in and out biting his lower lip and moaning. Now, I”m not usually all that submissive, but the way he took control fucking my mouth turned me on more than I thought it would so I let him at it, pulling him by his ass and slamming his groin into my face again and again sucking hard on his four inch cock moving my tongue forward when he slid in and backwards when he withdrew holding it to the roof of my mouth. I had to keep a finger hooked around the root holing it down to keep it from springing upwards it was so hard. His firm flat belly tensed with every plunge he took squashing his balls into my chin grunting out loud and clenching his teeth getting off on watching himself face fuck an adult man. I couldn”t see it but I knew Alek was getting close with the noises he was making as well. Mason”s focus alternated between watching his dad suck Alek”s dick and back to his own thrusting in and out of my mouth faster and faster which seemed to spur Mason on even more. When Alek moaned out really loud shoving his hips up into John”s face and holding his head down into his crotch there was little doubt John was tasting my boy”s fresh immature load and I hoped Mason”s wasn”t far behind.


It wasn”t. And as impossible as it seemed, Mason”s preteen cock grew even harder feeling like concrete in my mouth just before he slammed into my face and held there crushing his smooth hairless groin and balls into my nose and chin curling his body over the top of my head and came. I felt the strain for a couple of seconds as it swelled between my cheeks and tongue and the roof of my mouth, and then it twanged. The first breathtaking jolt wasn”t just in his cock though, his whole body jerked like he”d been electrocuted and I felt the first splash of his watery cum being ejected from his tiny slit pressed against my palate. Another followed a second and a half later letting me taste him as it soaked into my tongue and Mason pulled away only to slam back in again trembling through the next four or five strong contractions of his now dry orgasm until all that remained was an only slightly less rock hard eleven year old boy”s dick in my mouth.


He giggled above me and his cock flexed as I savored his taste on my tongue keeping hold of him so he couldn”t pull away. Who the fuck cared if I was finding it hard to breath with my nose buried into the velvety smoothness of his skin at the root of his cock. But, eventually, I had to release him when he unfurled his arms from around my head and stood up straight easing his soaking wet hardness from my lips. It was red and pulsed with his heart standing upright almost as much as it had been before I”d brought him to orgasm. I swallowed what he”d given me and looked to my left seeing both Alek and John looking our way. John was still on his knees between Alek”s spread legs leaning in over him with his arms draped over his thighs running a finger up and down his hard length.


“I think you really enjoyed that didn”t you son?” John asked smiling and winking up at his panting boy and then down to me. “If you want him to repay the favour you need to get your clothes off man.”


Alek laughed drawing John”s attention again. “Yeah dad get naked with us. I bet he suck you.”


“I fucking hope so…” I said as John grinned at me pulling back on Alek”s dick bringing it to his mouth and closed his lips around the top of his glans flicking it with his tongue. “How about it boyo? You gonna show me what you can do with that mouth of yours?” I asked looking up Mason”s hot as fuck body as I eased him away from me.


“MmmHmm…” He nodded and shuffled back on the couch climbing down onto his knees between my legs eyeing the obvious outline of my very erect cock in my shorts. I pulled my shirt off my shoulders slipping my arms out watching him reach for the bronze button of my fly and popped it open with his small nimble fingers, and then he lowered the zip looking up at me.


“Can you lift up?” He asked as his dad was getting up off his knees to stand in front of Alek lying back in the couch with his legs still spread wide around the other man”s holding his arm out. John took it and pulled him up as I watched, lifting my ass up from the couch and pushing my own shorts and briefs down underneath letting Mason tug them to my feet. My six inch cock lay heavily on my navel hard and wet and in dire need of his mouth. Mason”s eyes were glued to it and he actually licked his lips.


I spread my legs wide letting him move back in-between them and looked to John and Alek. John had his hand on Alek”s head and my boy was opening his mouth licking at the man”s weeping glans when Mason curled his fingers around me and I moaned. “Can I come in his mouth?” I asked John.


“Only if I can come in his.” He replied nodding down to Alek just as his lips crested the crown of his head and slid half way down his cock. “Ohhhh… Fuuuuck that”s good.”


I would”ve replied if Mason hadn”t grasped my achingly hard erection lying on my navel around the shaft and lifted it up leaving a spider web strand of pre connecting it to my skin. But instead of going straight for the prize he looked up at me and grinned lowering his mouth to my freshly shaved balls opening wide to suck one of them inside. This kid certainly knew what he was doing. His small wet tongue poked and prodded and drew circles around it before he moved to the other and I watched him spreading my legs as far apart as I could with his hand slowly jacking me off at the same time. His dad watched him as well with both hands on Alek”s head pushing and pulling him in rhythm to his own back and forth thrusts into his mouth and encouraged his son on.


“Suck that cock son. Make it squirt in your mouth.”


Fuck me it felt good. Mason”s mouth was just like every other boy”s who”d gone down on me. Hot and moist and wet, and so fucking soft. He covered his teeth using a whole lot of tongue and saliva slurping up and down with his lips digging in where my slit ended underneath sending chills down my spine. He”d bend his head forward going down and tilt it back again bringing his lips to the flared ridge massaging the rock hard shaft underneath with his tongue while holding me at the base in his thumb and fingers. His hand flattened over my neatly trimmed pubes allowing him to take almost all of my six inches into his mouth without gagging and back up again. I”d watched this boy suck his dad on cam for us so I knew he could deep throat John”s seven inches and after a dozen up and down”s he took his hand away and buried his face into my crotch swallowing my cock whole. Even Alek couldn”t do that.


My hands went to his head holding him there. “Holly fucking shit… Awww yeah…” I moaned pushing up into him. I hadn”t had a boy take me all the way into his throat before and it felt fucking fantastic. The narrow tunnel of his windpipe constricted my glans for a few seconds before he pulled away slurping up my cock to the tip taking in a breath and then went back down. My shaft was soaked in his spit and his lips slid so easily up and down like liquid silk with his hot breath panting into my crotch as I rotated my hips fucking up into his mouth and pushing his head down at the same time. I looked across at John holding his own cock at the root with one hand and the other on Alek”s head keeping him still thrusting back and forth into his mouth and then he glanced at me.


“Come in my boy”s mouth man…” John moaned. “”Cos I”m sure as fuck gonna come in yours… Awww fuck I”m close…” Both hands went to Alek”s head and John”s mouth hung open looking down watching his cock disappear into his mouth and groaned out load. Seeing his face go red and scrunch up I knew he”d reached the edge and was plunging over the cliff in orgasmic bliss unloading into Alek”s mouth thrusting quickly in and out through the tight seal of his lips and I wasn”t far behind him. My climax was so forceful I could actually feel the semen rushing up my shaft and burning my slit lips as it coated the back of Mason”s throat. I”d pushed his face into my crotch with all six throbbing inches in his mouth and felt him trying to swallow around it but I held him firm, my cock swelling and pulsing hot creamy jizz again and again until it slowly died and ebbed away. When the pressure of my hands eased the young eleven year old boy sucked in a gasping breath through his nose once the head of my cock retreated from his throat and slurped up to the tip closing his mouth around it. He looked up at me, my glans wet and shiny touching his fat puffy lips oozing the last dregs of my orgasm and I watched him swallow what little of my cum was in his mouth before opening them to lick off the small dribble of semen.


“He”s good huh?” John panted still standing in front of Alek who was likewise squeezing his shaft milking him and licking it from his slit. “Your boy”s just as good at it as mine is… I can”t wait to find out if his ass is as sweet as his mouth.”


“Better.” I grinned. My heart was still pounding and my chest rose and fell heavily as I came down from one of the more intense orgasms of my life with my cock softening a bit in Mason”s hand.


“Too bad we both got a bit carried away huh? I was looking forward to watching you fuck my little Macie.”


Mason turned to look at his father. “Daaad… You said you wouldn”t call me that in front of them.”


“Sorry bud… I couldn”t help it.” John grinned at his son and then to me. “You”re welcome to stay here if you wanted. We”ve got two rooms and it”ll save you having to come all the way back tomorrow.”


We hadn”t actually discussed what would happen beyond tonight, yet it made complete sense Alek and I would stay with them until they left which gave us three whole days together. I glanced at Alek who had his eyebrows raised looking hopeful. How could I deny him? Especially when both he and Mason still had their hands around our now deflating cocks. “Sure. We”d like that wouldn”t we sweetie?” If John could embarrass his son I could embarrass my fake one. I ran a hand through Mason”s hair tilting his face up to me. “You want your dad to watch when I fuck you tomorrow Macie?”


Mason”s grin was all the answer I needed as he glanced at my cock in front of his face and smiled nodding his head. “Uh-huh.”


“What about you sexy boy?” John asked looking down at Alek. “You want me to fuck you while your dad fucks him?”


Alek nodded his head far more enthusiastically than I thought he would. “Yes.”


“Good boy.” John looked at me. “It”s getting a bit late… You want to take that room?” He asked cocking his head as he turned from Alek and bent down to pull on his underwear. It was after 11pm so I did the same once Mason had moved back from in-between my legs.


“Did you want to meet back in here in say… twenty minutes for a drink?” John asked. “After I put this one to sleep with one last orgasm? You might want to do the same.”


“Sounds like a good plan.” I grinned at Alek and we each left with a boy holding our hands to our respective rooms. I don”t know what John and Mason did, but as soon as the door was closed I had Alek on his back on the bed with my head between his legs sucking his rock hard little three and a half inch cock. It only took him ten minutes to get off again and I”m sure they must have heard him, so we had time to kiss and talk quietly before I draped the thin cotton sheet over him and left him almost asleep.


John joined me in the living room a few minutes later dressed again as I was getting us both a whiskey on the rocks. It was surprisingly easy to chat considering we hardly knew each other and what we”d just done. He told me about how he and Mason had started and I made up a story of my own and then he asked me how often I fucked Alek.


“Probably three or four times a week.” I told him.


“Fuck man… I wish I got that much time alone with Mason. We”re lucky if it”s once a week but it”s more like once every second week what with the wife being around. We can sometime make up an excuse and go somewhere private for a while. We”ve been going for a few hikes lately and the garage locks from the inside too.” John laughed. “Not always the most comfortable over the hood though.”


It was close to 1am before we finally said our goodnights. I crept into the room in the dark and stripped naked crawling under the covers behind Alek spooning into him. It took less than ten minutes for me to quickly fall asleep with my nose in the nape of his neck breathing in his smell draping an arm over his small body holing him to me. I woke to the smell of breakfast as then the door opened and a naked Mason peeked in around the corner before opening it fully and jumping on the bed with us waking Alek in the process. His dick was wet and partially erect; obviously the result of a very recent blow job and subsequent orgasm, but it quickly hardened pointing up over the boy”s flat hairless mound when I rolled over pulling the sheet from Alek”s body exposing his own morning wood. I left them to it when they started swapping tongues going into the bathroom for a quick shower and by the time I came out again they were both in the living room with John digging into French toast and bacon still in their birthday suits. I have to be honest and say that Mason had the better body of the two and I was very much looking forward to fucking him at some point during the day. I just didn”t know when that would be. Talk revolved around what we wanted to do and we eventually settled on heading to the beach and having lunch out. After that we”d play it by ear depending on how we all felt so an hour later we were claiming four loungers on the white sand and John and I joined our two boys in the water dunking them, splashing and wrestling and getting a little handsy. I mean c”mon, how could we not with two wet, bare chested, flat stomached sexy as fuck boys, each wearing nothing except a pair of boxer brief lycra swimmers that hugged both their small preteen bulges in front and their firm young asses in back? They jumped on us and we threw them, they clung to us from behind grinding their hard little dicks into our backs, and when they wrapped themselves around us in front both John and I cupped their asses tickling their balls underneath. When it was time for lunch they whispered to each other in hushed voices giggling like school girls when they saw us hiding our erections behind our towels drying ourselves off. The boys wanted burgers so we found a caf� close by and sat outside in the sun. They didn”t bother putting anything on which was just fine by me because what could possibly go better with a burger than two nearly naked preteen boys at our sides? I”ll tell you what; when one of those boys leans over and whispers into my ear, “Can we go back to the room now so you can fuck me?” just loud enough for his dad and Alek to hear.


John and I didn”t even finish our meals. We left money on the table and within ten minutes adıyaman escort we were hanging the `Do Not Disturb” sign outside on the door and locking it behind us chasing two very horny boys around the couch pulling off our shirts. Alek went one way with John hot on his tail and Mason went the other. I was close enough to grab the waistband of his lycra swimmers and haul him back wrapping my arms around him bending him over with my crotch pressing into his ass as John lifted Alek off his feet in a bear hug from behind.


We were both breathing hard. “Bedroom?” He asked.


“Wherever…” I groaned grinding the solid shaft of my prick between Mason”s cheeks. “So long as I get my cock in your boy”s ass.”


John smirked tightening one arm around Alek allowing him to lower the other hand to grope the small bulge of his hard dick. “Oh, you will. You like a big hard cock up your ass don”t you Macie?”


“Uh-huh!” Mason giggled as he squirmed under me pushing back into my crotch.


“What about you champ? Do you like a big cock up your ass too?” John asked Alek wedging his fingers underneath the waistband of his swimmers and shoving his whole hand inside as he turned towards the bedroom carrying my boy with him.




I stood up straight behind Mason and turned him towards me seeing the expression on his face. Although he was fairly ordinary looking from the shoulders up he had a fucking hot body on him. I bent down to kiss him on his lips and he titled his head back letting me as I slid my arms under his lifting him up with his legs going around my waist and followed John into the bedroom licking and nuzzling into his throat as I went. I watched over the boy”s shoulder seeing John throw Alek on the bed face down and then reach up to his hips pulling his swimmers around his ankles and off before hurriedly stripping off his own shorts and briefs. I let Mason down onto his feet in front of me as Alek rolled over onto his back showing us his cut three and a half inches hovering over his bald mound and I hurriedly unsnapped my own shorts pushing them down along with my briefs freeing my hard cock and stepped out of them. Before Mason could make a grab for it I got down on my knees holding him by his hips easing the waistband of his swimmers down with my thumbs at the front so I could lean in and lick the bare skin just above the blunted lycra covered point of his cock that poked me in the chin. I heard the all too familiar sound Alek always makes when I suck his dick, and without needing to look I knew John had taken him into his mouth and I couldn”t wait to do the same with Mason”s. With a quick pull of his swimmers stretching them out and down I had them piled at his feet and his rock hard cock in my mouth in about three seconds flat digging my fingers into his ass cheeks pulling him into me. Neither boy lasted more than a few minutes. At first I was doing all the work but Mason soon took over with his hands on my shaved head fucking himself in and out until he tensed just before he came. He wrapped his arms around my head curling his body over me pressing his groin into my face striving to bury himself as deep as he could and held there shuddering in orgasmic bliss and moaning in a strained high pitched voice. For the second time I tasted Mason”s sweet watery cum on my tongue and groaned with his dick kicking in my mouth savoring every second of it until he was done feeling my own need growing in my crotch. God I was so hard. I stood up and pressed myself against him, my wet weeping cock trailing a sticky smear on his stomach as I covered his mouth with mine filling it with my tongue hoping he could taste himself when I felt movement beside us.


“It”s about time we fucked these boys don”t you think?” John asked leaving Alek lying on his back to quickly grab both lube and condoms from a drawer. We hadn”t discussed whether we”d wear them but it made sense even though I really didn”t want to.


“Do we have to use those?” I asked. “What if we pull out and come on them instead.”


“Hell yeah…” John said tossing the condoms away and grabbed Alek by the ankles turning him sideways on the bed. “Macie, lay down from that side so I can watch Nate fuck you okay sport?”


With a bit of manoeuvring we had them lying on their backs sideways on the bed in opposite directions and slid pillows underneath raising their asses for a better angle. Their heads were level resting on each other”s outstretched arms underneath and John and I both got down on our knees lifting and pushing their legs back exposing their tight little ovals between their cheeks only inches away. They turned to each other flicking their tongues in the space between their open mouths feeling ours circling their holes and pressing in with our hands spreading their cheeks apart. I don”t know about Alek, but Mason”s nearly four inch cock was like fucking steel when I wetted my middle finger and pushed it into him tickling his perineum with the tip of my tongue, so much so that his taint bulged with his hardness. And much like John would”ve experienced with Alek, it was abundantly clear that Mason was used to something much bigger than a just a finger going in his ass. I found the lube on the bed and soon my index finger joined the other as I licked his balls and up along the length of his four inch cock taking it back into my mouth scissoring them apart inside him as I slowly fucked them in and out. Both John and I looked up from between their legs at the same time from either side of the bed knowing what the other wanted. Without saying a word I let Mason”s cock slip from my mouth and stood up coating my rock hard six inches with lube putting my knees on the edge of the bed and lent in over the boy I was about to fuck. They separated, Alek looking up at John hovering over him who ran his hands up under his legs to his pits bending them back so his feet were on his shoulders and I watched as he held his seven inch cock to my boy”s open hole. Mason turned his head to me and spread his legs wide over my thighs creating a diamond in-between where I could direct my own cock down to dip into the slick depression of his anus and push in. Jesus he opened up. It was like liquid honey sinking into him listening to both his and Alek”s moans as they took two adult cocks deep into their tight little preteen holes at the same time until we were all the way in.


Both boys stayed rock hard the entire time John and I fucked them sliding so effortlessly in and out watching each other. John sucked Alek”s toes and licked the soles of his feet holding his knees back as he thrust back and forth while I lent in over Mason holding him around his waist feeling the grip of his muscle inside rolling up and down my shaft. They made little noises from the backs of their throats when one or both of us would thrust in hard and they”d kiss when they could moaning and breathing into each other”s faces. As much as I”d thought I”d hate watching another man fuck my boy, I didn”t. Not when I was fucking his own eleven year old son at the same time. He”d be watching my cock sliding in and out between Mason”s thighs for a few seconds and then look down at himself fucking Alek and back again and it turned me on having the father of the boy I was in watching me. More than anything I wanted to lean down to fill Mason”s mouth with my tongue as I flooded his guts with cum but his head was turned to Alek kissing him, and besides, we”d agreed to pull out and come over them instead.


“Fuuuuck… I”m gonna cum…” John moaned. I was close as well, but hearing him announce his impending climax I looked up in time to see him pull his cock free and reach down to wrap his hand around it over Alek”s three and a half inches. My boy disengaged from Mason and watched as John quickly finished himself off holding his throbbing prick tight at the root and exploded showering Alek in a torrent of thick white cream from his chest and throat down to his stomach and over his sex in five or six strong pulsating jets. I was about thirty seconds behind him and had to fight the urge to bury myself as deeply as I could and come inside Mason”s bowels. My cock came free like a coiled spring when I pulled out of his hungry hole and with only a single stroke I was painting the other boy”s body from neck to groin in slashes of pearly white all while he watched grinning with his eyes wide open. I panted above him squeezing my shaft and milking my cock letting the last of my cum dribble out dotting his smooth bare pubis and over his hard four inch dick and balls.


“That”s so fucking hot…” John breathed heavily reaching down gathering his own thick cream from Alek”s chest and stomach into his palm and then groped his sex covering it in semen. “Did you like Nate fucking you Macie?” He asked leaning over offering his cum slicked fingers for his boy to suck into his mouth. Mason nodded and let his father slip two fingers in as I scooped up my own come from him and groped his junk before offering them to Alek like John had done.


“Should we help them finish each other off?” I asked. The thought of them sucking each other”s dicks covered in our cum turned me on and kept me almost fully hard. I wanted to share Mason”s four inches with Alek and once the boys had shuffled into place on their sides face to groin John and I both laid over the sides of the bed getting as close as we could over their legs. Alek was quick to take Mason”s straining cock into his mouth down to the root and I heard him moan knowing that his new friend had done the same to his. He let off and looked at me holding the stiff four inches up for me while he flicked it with his tongue and our lips met at the head for a few seconds before I stole it from him and sucked it into my own mouth. We traded back and forth each taking turns bobbing up and down and sucking him for a minute or two and then I wet two fingers and eased them back inside Mason”s slick open hole massaging his tiny prostate from the inside.


Alek came first. He lay back holding Mason”s head to his groin moaning with his face scrunched up in orgasm leaving me to bring the other boy to the edge and push him over. I felt his muscle grip my fingers buried in his ass and his dick swelled in my mouth held tightly between my tongue and cheeks as I pressed in with my thumb from the outside compressing his button between them and then he was there.


I absolutely fucking love it when a hairless preteen boy comes in my mouth when he”s just on the cusp of puberty. He has something to offer but it”s thin and sweet and watery and there”s only a little, but my God it tastes like fucking honey and their cocks get so hard at their peak. Mason was no different. His four inches were like granite kicking and jumping in my mouth as he came groaning and tensing for at least twenty seconds until all that was left was the rapid rise and fall of his chest. We rested then, John lying down beside Alek and me next to Mason kissing them both, but eventually we got up and put on our swimmers to head back down to the pool. We didn”t bother showering though. I knew all four of us reeked of sex and semen and the dull sheen of our drying cum on the boy”s chests and stomachs remained until we jumped into the water together to wash it off. I”m sure I saw a few looks by the men we passed who surely would”ve recognized it for what it was, but they either chose to ignore it or glanced at John and I with something akin to shock or envy. We stayed for a couple hours splashing and playing with them in the pool before dressing and heading out to diner again. The boys were eager to get back so we didn”t stay long, and by eight we were back in their suite naked with them on their knees and our spit soaked cocks in their mouths. I fucked Mason again that night holding himself up on his elbows over the edge of the bed with the toes of one foot barely reaching the floor and his other leg pulled up and out, bent at the knee opening himself up as I sank into his heat. Farther up the bed John was sat back on the pillows and headboard, and as I fucked Mason underneath me I watched Alek taking John”s seven inch thrusts kneeling over his waist facing him bouncing up and down. The top of Mason”s head fit nicely under my chin as I fucked him grinding the hollow of my groin into his ass and pulling almost all the way out with long deep strokes. John groaned holding my boy by the hips thrusting up into him and asked if he could come inside Alek.


“Ask him…” I moaned digging my fingers into the soft flesh at the front of Mason”s pelvis at the edge of the bed as I slid so smoothly in and out leaning down to his ear. “I really want to come inside you Macie…” I panted. “Can I?”


He nodded his head at the same time I heard Alek”s reply and that”s all it took. I held myself up above him with a hand on the bed and the other holding him tightly around his narrow hips and shoved in hard, crushing his groin against the edge of the mattress and unloaded inside him. Over the next two days I fucked Mason five more times and came in his mouth at least another four. The boys had at least a dozen orgasms each, nine of Mason”s in my mouth, two in Alek”s, one by his own hand while I fucked him and one annually induced when it took me over twenty five minutes inside him to come during our third night with them. By the time Alek and I left them early on the last morning we were exhausted and drained, and after we sailed out of Paradise Lake early in the evening we slept together for the first time in a year without having sex.


We left the Bahamas and they went back home to Miami but we kept in touch for a few weeks. When his wife was out we”d invariably end up watching each other sucking them both off on screen and then fucking them until things got a little out of hand. John told me he”d met someone online like us who had a boy to share and he was going to go meet them for a weekend with Mason in L.A. He wanted us to go with them and the more he tried to convince me the less I started to trust him and I told him he was being a fucking idiot but he was insistent. I had no choice but to block him and Alek even had to create a whole new online account for his games which really pissed him off since he lost all his rankings and `loot” and saved games but I had to do it. I was so thankful I”d never given them the name of my yacht or any details about us because I really didn”t trust him not to get caught by his wife or by taking chances like he was. We never heard from or saw them again which was a shame because Macie really was a great fuck and I”d have loved to do it all over again.


That was the first and only time I”d ever had sex with a boy with another man and, while I”d enjoyed it, I wasn”t in any hurry to repeat it. Alek continued to teach me how to spot boys in various cities around the world who could be bought or offered themselves freely. About six months after we”d met up with John and Mason I spotted a very cute little eight year old boy named Carlos in Puerto Rico. I pointed him out to Alek as we walked along the beach with the sun getting close to the horizon. He was selling trinkets to tourists wearing torn and grubby short shorts and a t-shirt about four sizes too big with very dark hair falling over almost black eyes and golden brown skin. His face was rounded and smooth and looking him up and down I felt my cock hardening in my shorts as he talked to us trying to sell us some cheap wooden Guiro. Instead we invited him to spend the night with us and he smiled shyly knowing exactly what we meant and happily followed us back to Ghost. Alek showered with him and together they came out naked into the cabin where I”d dimmed the lights and readied our bed with my cock already hard in anticipation. As much as I loved Alek it was always such a thrill the first time with a new boy exploring his smooth young body finding out what buttons to press to get him off and feeling his hands on me doing the same. He had a very nice two and a half inch uncut dick that both Alek and I sucked to a dry orgasm six times that night and the following day, but by far the most pleasurable was feeling his lips and tongue on my cock for the first time and coming in his mouth. While it was obvious he”d sucked adult cock before it was also very apparent his experience was limited and Alek showed him how to breathe through his nose and cover his teeth. He left Ghost late the next day without his virginity intact after Alek had asked him if he”d ever been fucked, but it was Alek who”d taken it kneeling behind him while he slurped up and down on my cock swallowing my semen when I came. I paid him generously for his time and gave him another hundred dollars putting it in a separate pocked just for him and I also bought a few of his trinkets as well to remember him by.


Over the next year and a half Alek turned twelve and he was fast approaching his thirteenth birthday, which was also our three year anniversary. He”d started to grow a few wispy hairs and his cock was now a nice five inches hard but I still loved sucking it and the taste of his tween cum. We didn”t know it when we sailed into port in Barcelona, but we were about to meet Lucas and his dad along with his seven year old daughter. However, I think I”ve run out of time to tell you about how his dad found out about me and Alek and practically gave us free reign with his then nine year old son. My God he was a fucking sexy little boy too; blonde, blue eyed anf tanned just like you”d expect a Danish boy to be. The first time we met him he was so shy but he got a little stiffy in his tiny speedos while we were taking a dip in the crystal clear water jumping off the diving platform with Alek completely naked, and it didn”t take him long after that for him to come out of his shell. When his dad had his sister sat in his lap with her legs splayed wide over his and started rubbing his fingers up and down her pussy through her bikini bottoms Lucas climbed up to sit in mine the same way. Alek was sat next to me on the aft deck sofa, his body half turned into us with a leg pulled up underneath the other and reached across putting a hand high up on Lucas” thigh close enough to the stiff two and a half inch boner trapped in his speedos that his thumb grazed the boy”s small spongy balls. Lucas laid back into me stretching his legs open first looking over to Alek grinning and then down to his hand as it moved to cover his erection slowly rubbing up and down. I watched over his naked shoulder and couldn”t help but to slip my hand under his arm on the other side of Alek”s to his inner thigh as well and gently rocking my hips slowly humping his ass with my rock hard cock. That”s when Martin, Lucas” dad, spoke up.


“I see you fucking your boy in window so I knew you be one he likes.”


I really want to tell you the rest but you”ll have to wait until next time how that came about and what happened next even though I”m sure you can guess. Seb”s due back any minute after leaving an hour ago to meet a certain young Ukrainian boy and help him carry what few belongings he has back here because it”d too risky if I went. Unlike with Alek I haven”t paid out his future earnings so as soon as he”s on board we”ll head out until his passport”s ready in a couple weeks. Even then I”m not going to dock. I”ll just take the RIB ashore and head straight to the passport office and back again. The first time we met him he spent a couple hours with Seb in his cabin and they came out looking exactly like what they”d been doing. The second time he joined Ren and I in my cabin and I it just felt so right with him. We”ve gotten to know him a bit the last few days and I talked to Ren about how he feels about him at length and all three of us agreed to ask him to come live with us if he wanted to. It sounds absurd but I guess it was kinda like an interview process which it was I suppose, and yesterday he said yes. He has no family in Odesa just like Alek and Seb didn”t, and I”d hate to think he could end up like Mykola if I didn”t do something to help. His name”s Krystiyan. He”s almost eight and if he”s to be believed, which I do, he”s still virgin even though he”s been on the street a couple years already. His English is heavily accented but I”ve had enough practice with both Alek and Seb that I have no problem understanding him. They”ll be here any minute so I should put some pants on at least and make a start on diner. I”ll leave it to Seb to get him settled in and decide whether he wants to sleep with Seb in his cabin or with Ren and I in ours. We”ve got enough spare clothes for a small army of boys until we can get him his own so I”m looking forward to seeing him in something that isn”t torn and filthy and that actually fits him. He has an unusual look but he”s by no means ugly. He”s just not cute in the traditional sense but I think he”s unique and extremely sexy and I”m sure he”ll grow into his looks. He”s slim and wiry with very light brown mousey colored hair that”s way too long so I”ll ask Seb if he can cut it for him since he”s pretty good at it. He”s got hazel, wide set eyes on a slightly rounded face and his mouth is small but his lips are very kissable. I know I”m being selfish and it doesn”t really make any difference since we”ll be leaving Seb in Australia in a couple mouths, but I hope he wants to sleep with Ren and I because even now I”m getting hard thinking about him. He”s cut like most Ukrainian boys and he”ll be the youngest I”ve had live with me by a few months, but I can”t wait to suck his dick again and I can”t wait for all those lazy hot afternoons over the next few years watching them both swim and sunbath and pleasure each other. I think it”ll be good for Ren to have a playmate his own age rather than just me and I know he”s looking forward to having a brother around.


Speaking of which, I”d better go wake him up for when Seb gets back with Krystiyan. He”s been asleep in our bed the last couple hours after I gave him his second toe curling orgasm for the day just after lunch. He”s not happy unless he gets at least three a day which I really don”t mind doing so long as I get to come in his mouth at least once. It won”t be long now before I take his virginity either. The only thing I”ll need to decide is whether it”s his or Krystiyan”s I take first. Either way I”m not fucking waiting until they turn nine like I did with Seb.


Oh, and if you”re interested, email me and I”ll send you links to a couple pictures of the boys. Work safe and non-pornographic of course. I”m not as fucking stupid as John was. There”s no way I”m posting nude photos so don”t ask.


Until next time… Stay safe and happy sailing.



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