Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 10

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My name is Calista Von Flores. I’m a five-foot-ten, lean, blonde-haired, green-eyed Irish-Hispanic broad living in America. I’m a kinky girl with an even kinkier boyfriend. Stanley Brown was something else. A six-foot-tall, good-looking black college stud. We met at Dorchester Community College in Boston, Massachusetts. Dorchester Community College, also known as DCC, is a small school with about six thousand students. They’ve recently beefed up their Department of Athletics, which is what brought them to Stanley’s attention. Stanley used to play Football at Brockton High School. He wanted to attend a school with a Football team. Dorchester Community College originally offered Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming and Wrestling along with Women’s Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Equestrian, Soccer, Swimming and Field Hockey. This year, they added Men’s Varsity Football along with Women’s Volleyball. I joined the Women’s Volleyball team. Before enrolling at Dorchester Community College, I was a student at Boston College. I was thrown out for smoking dope in the dorms.

I met Stanley while on my way to the Women’s Volleyball team practice. And it was lust at first sight. The tall, sexy black athlete was delicious to look at. I developed a staring problem. So I went over to him and introduced myself. At the time, Stanley was going out with some black chick named Jasmine but I could tell that he wasn’t happy with her. Jasmine was one of those common ghetto broads who has a foul mouth. Plus, according to Stanley, she didn’t put out. No wonder he was unhappy with her. Slowly but surely, I insinuated myself into Stanley’s life. We had some of the same classes. He was a Criminal Justice major. He wanted to graduate from Dorchester Community canlı bahis şirketleri College and then enroll at Bridgewater State College. Playing college football up until the end and maybe making it into the pros was his dream. I’m a Football fan and I always showed up at Stanley’s games. He appreciated that. Would you believe that Jasmine didn’t support her man’s dreams? Stanley eventually wised up and dumped her. It was the best thing he ever did.

The night he ditched her, Stanley and I went into the city to hang out. We watched movies together and also played ball at Boston Common. We had a blast. This is how our friendship deepened and we fell in love. Stanley and I became lovers. We had a passionate relationship. My man was so hot! And he was totally down with the weirdest stuff. Which explains why he’s on all fours right now and I’m pounding his ass with my big strap on dildo. Stanley screams in pleasure as I ram the dildo into his ass. I stroke his big black cock and feel it harden in my hand. Yeah, he’s enjoying himself. I knew he would. A lot of black men are into strap on dildo fun but won’t admit it. I wish they would. They’d have more fun.

We’re both addicts in a way. Stanley loves getting his tight black ass stuffed with my strap on dildo and I love shoving my dildo into his ass. It’s a lot of fun for both of us. I hold Stanley by his hips and shove the dildo deeper into his ass. He screams in pleasure and begs me for more. I continue stroking his big black cock while pounding my dildo into his ass. We change positions. I put him on his back and raised his legs in the air so that I might look into his eyes while fucking him with the strap on. I shoved the dildo even deeper into his ass. His screams were music to my ears. This is called pegging. The fine art of canlı kaçak iddaa fucking someone with a strap on dildo. It’s not just for lesbians and bisexual women. It’s for heterosexual men and women too. A sexy toy that can enhance your sex life. Just ask my man here, when he’s done screaming in sweet pleasure mixed with pain.

You might think that I’m a sadistic bitch if you were to look at how gleefully I ram the dildo into my sexy black boyfriend’s ass. But I’m not a sadist. I love this man to death. That’s why I’m fucking him. He wants it and I’m the only person who can give it to him. I’m the only woman he’s comfortable enough with to try this kind of thing. It’s a good thing that I’m also into it. I fucked him good. Buried the dildo deep inside him. Until he couldn’t take it anymore and came. Smiling, I pulled the dildo out of his ass and sucked all of his cum. I licked him clean. Then, we kissed passionately. Yeah, and that was the end of this kinky sex session. See? Nothing to it. We’re all about having fun and experimenting. Something all couples should do to keep the relationship alive.

Stanley and I lay on the bed. He rubbed his groin against my butt. I grinned. I knew what he wanted. I wanted it too. But I decided to make him wait. I asked him to lick my pussy. He spread my thighs and gave my pussy a good licking. I shouted in pleasure as he fingered my snatch and licked my clit. The man had skills. He slid his cock into my pussy and pumped me up. I spread my legs, welcoming him inside of me. Stanley’s big black cock filled my pussy. He tore into me like an invading army conquering a primitive land. And I loved every minute of it. He fucked me silly and I screamed in pleasure, begging for more. Afterwards, we tried something else. Stanley put me on all fours and spread canlı kaçak bahis my butt cheeks wide open. I knew what he wanted. So I grabbed a small can of lube from my nightstand and tossed it to him. Stanley took time to lubricate both my ass and his cock, then told me he was ready.

I braced myself for what was to come. I love anal sex. Both giving and receiving. However, Stanley’s cock was quite huge and it usually hurt like hell. Oh, well. That’s part of the fun. Stanley placed his hands on my hips and pressed his cock against my backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went in. I grimaced as Stanley’s cock entered my asshole. He pushed his cock inside of me. My eyes widened. In spite of the lube, his cock felt huge inside of me. At first, he fucked me slowly. Then, he picked up the pace. He slammed his cock inside of me, causing me to scream. My whole body shook as he began pounding into me like anal sex was going out of style. Laughing, Stanley grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and yanked my head back. He told me that my ass belonged to him. And it did. It absolutely did as he rammed his cock deeper inside of me. I felt his massive black cock stretch the walls of my anal cavity. Gosh, it hurt. But it also felt good. I liked it. I found myself pushing my ass backwards, driving his cock deeper into me. He fucked me like this until he finally came, sending his hot manly seed deep inside of me. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Stanley held fast onto me as my body was rocked by the wave of an incredible orgasm. Hot damn, what in hell was that? I liked it!

Stanley and I lay side by side on our king-sized bed. We were both smiling. I felt happy. He got what he wanted and so did I. We’re a very open-minded and loving couple. There’s no limit to what we can do together. I love Stanley fiercely. And he loves me. We’ve been together since the start of his college career and my transfer to DCC. And it is my hope that we will always be together. I can see us as two working professionals raising a family together in the suburbs. Why not?

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