Blackmailed at a Warehouse

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I am a married truck driver from Columbus, OH. I have been driving truck for 20 years and I had never been with a guy. I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to have man on man sex, but never pursued it. In the truck stops I would hear the queers clicking the mic and saying what channel to take it to on the CB. Sometimes I would go up and listen to the conversations. I had to admit it did make my dick hard, but still I didn’t want to do anything about it.

It was our anniversary weekend up coming up on a Saturday and I was to pick up a load in Topeka, KS on Thursday at 11AM. That load would take me right past the house and get me home on Friday afternoon or early evening, depending on traffic. It was the perfect load to get me home on time for a change. I had a delivery to make that morning that was about 10 miles away from my pick up. My delivery time was 7AM so I didn’t see any problem with me making my 11:00 pick up.

Of course when everything seems to be working out really good, something has to fuck it up. The people at my delivery were the slowest moving mother fuckers I had ever seen. It was 10:00 before I even got into the dock and they didn’t get me done until 11:40. I then headed over for my pick up. Usually if you are a little late, they don’t get too excited and they usually will get you loaded.

As I was walking up the steps to the shipping office I saw the sign that had the hours on it and shipping closed at Noon. When I got in there was one guy in the office and he told me that he was heading out the door and I would have to come back tomorrow (Friday) at 7AM when they opened up.

I told the guy that I really needed to get this load today, I explained about my wife’s plans for our anniversary. He didn’t really seem to care, he just pointed at casino şirketleri the sign and said all the forklift guys have gone home. That he was the only one there and once he got promoted to the warehouse manage, he had no intention of ever getting on a forklift again. I pleaded with him, offered him $100 if he would load my truck. He then looked at me and said, “I can see that this must really be important to you and I am guessing you’d do just about anything to get your truck loaded so you can get rolling today.” I got a big smile on my face and said yes, I’d do just about anything.

He looked me in the eye and said, “Would you suck my cock?” I very quickly told him no and asked him what the fuck kind of a remark was that. He told me that he is gay, he hasn’t had a blow job in a while since he broke up with his boyfriend and that the only way my truck was leaving there today, was if I sucked his cock.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me, but I knew if I didn’t make it home by Friday night, my wife was going to make my weekend a living hell. I was standing there thinking it over and I must have been thinking for a while because all of a sudden he asked me what my answer was.

I looked down at the ground and said, “Yes”. He said, “Yes, what”. At this point I knew where he was going with this, he was going to go for the full humiliation of making me said it out loud. “Yes, I will suck your cock.”

He got a big smile and said follow me. We walked out into the warehouse and over into the break room. As I was walking behind him I realized for the first time that I had a hard on. I was getting aroused by this whole situation. He walked to the center of the room and turned to face me. He instructed me to get on my knees in front of him. I did casino firmaları that and he told me to kiss the bulge in the front of his pants, then to pull his pants and underwear down. I did as I was instructed to. Part of me was furious that I had to do this, and part of me was so fucking turned on I couldn’t stand it. I pulled his pants and underwear down and his cock sprung up and hit me in the face as it cleared the waistband of the underwear. With that, he put one hand on my head and he held his cock in the other and pulled my mouth towards his cock. I opened my mouth and let his cock enter.

Once it was in, I wrapped my lips around it and instinctively started rubbing my tongue on his cock. He moaned as I was doing this, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked me if this was the first cock I had ever sucked. I told him yes, but he said you are a liar; nobody can suck a cock this good on their first try. He told me that he is letting me off too easy since I was already a cock sucker before this. He then shoved his cock back into my mouth and then with his hand on my head, he slammed his cock down my throat. He started throat fucking me and I was starting to gag. Then he started to yell at me and told me that a good cock sucker should not be gagging. When I gagged real bad, he pulled his cock out and started rubbing the head of it on my lips and all over my face. He told me to beg for his cock, or he was going to kick me out and I would not get my truck loaded. So I begged him. “Please let me suck your cock.”

He told me to strip naked and lay down on the break room table on my back, with my head hanging over the edge. I was busy taking my clothes off and didn’t pay any attention to what he was doing. As I got on the table, my cock was standing at full güvenilir casino attention and as I let my head fall over the edge of the table, I saw a flash from a camera. He was taking pictures of me. Before I could even say anything about it he walked over and slid his cock back into my mouth. With my head tipped back like that, I was able to take him even deeper. He was fucking my mouth pretty good when I saw another flash go off. I was starting to get worried and was losing my excitement because the fact he was taking pics of me sucking his cock scared the fuck out of me. Just as my excitement was starting to fade he leaned over me and took my cock into his mouth. Since he had to lean in to do that, his cock was now balls deep in my mouth. He proceeded to keep mouth fucking me and the whole time he was sucking my cock. My excitement level returned pretty quick. I could feel my nut was about to burst and I felt him start to tighten up too. I didn’t plan on swallowing his load, but there was absolutely nothing I could do except let him cum in my mouth. We both climaxed at the same time. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and let some of his jizz land on my face. And of course, as soon as I was laying there with cum on my face, another flash went off.

I grabbed my clothes and started getting dressed and he told me to put my truck in the dock and he would get it loaded for me.

Once my truck was loaded and he handed me my paperwork he told me he had something for me. He handed me a flash drive of the pics he had taken. He told me that would be something for me to remember him by.

I hurried up and got out of there and got rolling. I could not believe what had just happened to me back there. I have a laptop in my truck, so I stuck the flash drive in and viewed the pics. I had to pull over 3 times and jack off because I was so turned on.

I made it home and the wife and I took our little weekend get-away that she had planned. She commented to me that I seemed to be especially horny. I just smiled and told her it was all her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32