Black Cuckolds Of Ottawa Unite!

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Mercilessly Jason Whitmore thrust his hard white dick up my ebony cross-dresser’s asshole, and I squealed happily while stroking my hard black dick. Meanwhile, my sexy wife Yasmin Saleh sat nearby, fingering her hairy cunt while watching the two of us. Lots of women of all hues enjoy watching guys fucking with guys, and my wife happens to be one of them. Just another evening in the household of the world’s most sexually adventurous black couple, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Rahim Hafiz, one of metropolitan Ottawa’s most prominent black lawyers and a decisive figure in the local Somali Canadian community but tonight my inner chocolate sissy slut is coming out to play. There’s only so much you can repress, you know? Honey, you may call me Miss Raylene. I’m a cross-dressing bisexual black male slut addicted to hard white dicks, something which thrills my kinky Eritrean wife Yasmin Saleh.

Clad in a pink tutu with crisp white panties, complete with stockings, and a cute blonde wig, I looked like one hot bitch. Jason certainly seemed to think so, for the skinny white dude slammed his dick up my ass like there was no tomorrow. I love the feel of a hard, thick cock in my ass and if loving it is wrong then I don’t want to be right…

Earlier, ankara ucuz escortlar I played the cuckold as I watched my wife Yasmin suck Jason’s thick white cock before riding him. In most cuckold scenarios, it’s a black guy with a big dick fucking a white wife in front of her limp-dicked white husband. Well, around these parts, we’re into reverse interracial cuckolding. That’s right, there are black wives out there who cuckold willing black husbands with white bulls. My wife Yasmin is such a lady.

I stroked my black dick while watching Yasmin ride Jason’s white cock. The young white dude slammed his dick into my gorgeous black wife’s cunt and smacked her big round ass for good measure. Jason even pulled Yasmin’s long black hair while he rammed his dick into her pussy. Yasmin squealed while riding Jason’s dick, clearly loving every moment of it. After fucking Yasmin for a while, Jason came and squeezed his dick out of her cunt. Like a good cuckold I came and sucked Jason’s dick clean, then licked every drop of cum out of Yasmin’s pussy. What can I say? I am good at this.

Watching Jason fuck Yasmin totally turned me on. I asked Jason if he’d ever fucked a black man up the ass and he said he was totally down for this kind of action. I ankara üniversiteli escortlar was glad to hear it and after making sure I was properly attired for this momentous occasion, my wife Yasmin gave us her okay. You see, I am that extremely rare black man who is bisexual and very kinky, not bound by gender roles or norms. I like to fuck my wife’s pussy and asshole but I also like the feel of a hard dick up my ass. That’s why my wife Yasmin brought Jason Whitmore to our bed. This dude is bisexual and totally down for whatever…

After taking a merciless ass pounding from Jason, our chosen Bull, Yasmin and I joined forces to clean his dick with our mouths, tasting my bum while doing so. That’s the least we could do for the guy who fucked us so damn well. As a reward for our efforts, Jason shot his load all over our faces, and Yasmin and I happily shared the hot semen. We licked it all up, and smiled happily at Jason, who grinned back at us, clearly spent.

After showering and thanking us for a wonderful night, Jason left our residence. I took off my wig and stockings along with the tutu and frilly panties, and my dear Yasmin scrubbed off the makeup from my face. Once more I was Rahim Hafiz, a tall and masculine, dark-skinned ankara vip escortlar brother. Grinning at me, Yasmin grabbed my long and thick dark dick and began sucking it with gusto. I moaned softly as my wife fingered my asshole while sucking my dick.

Yasmin got my dick nice and hard, then she climbed on top of me. Straddling me, my sexy African wife told me to fuck her. Happily I put my hands upon her wide hips and thrust into her pussy. Groaning, I began fucking my wife earnestly, thrusting deep inside of her. Yasmin took my face into her hands and told me to fuck her harder. Grinning, I did just that. I love the feel of Yasmin’s pussy around my dick. I fucked Yasmin hard and fast, pounding her mercilessly until I came. Yasmin’s screams of passion filled our Barrhaven condo, probably waking up our neighbors but we didn’t give a fuck. We’re loud and passionate, that’s just how we roll.

A lot of people in the City of Ottawa and beyond would be surprised if they knew that a black Muslim couple like my darling wife Yasmin and I are exploring all kinds of kinky stuff together. Sometimes I like it when Yasmin wears a strap-on dildo and fucks me with it. Other times, I like to bend her over my knee and spank her. Sometimes we play dress up and sometimes we do other stuff. I wish we could be more open about our sexual fun and games but the black community at large isn’t ready for that. So we have fun away from prying eyes. I’m completely honest with my wife Yasmin and she’s fully supportive of me. That’s why we have a strong marriage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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