Birthday Cabin, Day 02

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Lianne was having one of the deepest sleeps of her life. It was a sleep almost too deep for her to have any dreams, but due to how overstimulated and sex-focused her brain had been the previous day those few dreams she did have were intensely erotic. Her body was making the most of this rest time to recover from the exhausting marathon of sex she had endured the previous afternoon and evening, but it seemed even sleep wasn’t enough to get her brain off the subject.

The blinds were drawn in the large bedroom so no beams of light would fall across her face to wake her up, but even those could not keep the overall light level in the room from rising with the morning sun. Her back arches slightly and she stretches her arms as she begins to stir, her body shifting under the warm covers. A few seconds after she starts to wake up the bed shifts as the form on the other side of the bed moves. Immediately after that the sheets are pulled off of her to reveal her naked body, then her legs are spread widely apart and the thick tip of a huge cock begins rubbing against her bare pussy. It rubs up and down several times before starting to slip inside her, the thick shaft stretching her wider and wider.

Her back arches more and she lets out a soft moan, her fingers grasping at the sheets. “Ohhhh Michael…” Her husband often greeted her this way in the morning, though he usually gave her a bit more time to collect herself and wake up. She hears a soft chuckle and then a voice that is distinctly not her husband’s. “Sorry, Li. It’s just me, Jin. I appreciate the compliment, though.”

Lianne’s eyes snap open and she looks up, seeing the figure of the large korean man kneeling between her legs, more than half of his enormous cock buried inside her by now. Just then her memories of the previous day come rushing back, spotty as they were. The cabin, the surprise of her husband’s friends all waiting for her, the almost nonstop seven hours of sex they had given her before she had passed out in this very bed.

Another shuddering groan escapes her lips as she rests back against the bed again, Jin now having pushed every inch of his huge cock inside her, the man holding still for a few moments. It was little surprise she had confused him for her husband in her sleep-fogged state, the man was a personal trailer at the gym Michael frequented and it showed. Both his large, well-muscled build and his massive cock were second only to her husband’s among all the men gathered at the cabin.

“Ohhh god, Jin. Did you… mmh… have to start so soon?” She was starting to doubt her ability to endure this event her husband had set up. Sure she had sampled each of the men’s cocks previously, often many times, but this was several orders of magnitude more intense. The large man grins and gives a slight nod. “Mike said to let you rest and recover as much as you needed, but that I should start as soon as you woke. We drew straws last night, and I was the lucky one who got to greet you this morning.” His large hands then grip her legs tightly at the back of her knees, holding them up and widely apart while he starts to thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

He continues, speaking over the steadily rising sound of her moans and cries of pleasure. “Mike will be getting brunch ready pretty soon. You slept in a bit, it’s a little past 10am.” A soft grunt comes from him, his pleasure rising as well as he pistons his huge length faster and faster into her. “I’ll let you use the restroom then take a shower after this, though i’ll be joining you for the shower part.” His grin widens then, looking down at the gorgeous woman he was fucking and quite looking forward to seeing her body glistening with water. Lianne’s massive breasts bounce back and forth each time Jin slams into her, his hips slapping against her skin and her fingers grasping the sheets even more tightly.

Lianne was barely able to absorb his words, the feeling of his huge cock filling her up was sending her pleasure higher and higher, a fact that was ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar somewhat distracting. After a few more hard thrusts the man leans over her more and wraps his arms around her, pinning her tightly under his large body. Her breasts squash against his thick chest as he begins pistoning even harder into her, and this was enough to push her over the edge. Her eyes widen and she lets out a loud cry, her pussy clamping even more tightly around his thick length as her first orgasm of the day floods through her.

When he feels her body start to tremble in his grasp he pushes every inch of his cock inside her then holds still, letting her ride out her orgasm. Her pussy was so tight around his cock he knew he would quickly cum as well if he kept thrusting, and intended to save that for the shower that would happen momentarily.

She tightens her arms around his back, fingers clawing at him as she continues to shudder, her loud moans filling the bedroom and very likely quite audible in hallway and nearby rooms as well. The large man pinning her to the bed continues to hold still inside her until her orgasm dies down and then for a little longer after that, letting her catch her breath. He then straightens up and smiles down at her before slowly pulling his thick length from her pussy and standing up from the bed. “Go ahead and use the restroom. I’ll be out here, but as soon as I hear the shower start i’m coming to join you.” She gives a slight nod, smiling back at him as he grins down at her, then slides her legs off the side of the bed and stands up as well.

Once her business has been taken care of she takes a moment to look at herself in the large mirror. A slight smirk comes to her face as she looks herself over. It was strange, she thought. She didn’t look like a woman who had been fucked for hours just the previous day. Her dark red hair was slightly disheveled, but then it usually was first thing in the morning. She turns to the side and grasps her breasts, her fingers pressing into her flesh as she hefts them slightly. The men had all been focused on her pleasure the previous day so none had fucked her tits. She knew they all loved the feel of them, though, so was quite certain they would end up indulging themselves over the next week. Figuring she couldn’t put it off any longer, she lets out a gentle sigh and releases her breasts, the massive, heavy orbs settling to their natural positions.

Jin was true to his word: the moment she turned on the water in the large shower stall the bathroom door opened and he stepped inside, still completely naked with his huge cock fully hard. He wasn’t the only one, however. Just behind him was Greg, who smiled at her and gave a little wave. “Good morning, Lianne. I was still in my room next door and I heard you through the wall, thought i’d come by and help out.” She gives him a slight smile back and nods, Jin having already moved around behind her and lifted her up to set her in the shower before climbing in after. It had been her hope that things would progress somewhat slowly this morning, but as Greg follows in after she knew that wasn’t going to happen. If her husband had been here as well she would be dealing with the three largest cocks in the house.

Jin and Greg waste no time, the large man behind her grasping her ass and spreading her cheeks apart before starting to cram his huge length inside. The slightly shorter man in front of her kneels down slightly and angles his cock upwards, then straightens and gradually begins to push into her still-soaked pussy. Her eyes roll up and her head arches back against Jin’s shoulder, her loud groans echoing in the tiled bathroom. The two men continue pushing inside her until they fill her completely, her feet ending up a few inches off the ground as they hold her pinned between their bodies.

The important work done, Jin reaches behind him and pulls the knob to turn the shower on, warm water immediately starting to spray down onto the three occupants. ankara götü büyük escortlar Normally Lianne took relatively quick showers, but this one was anything but as the two men took their time with her. After spending many long minutes bouncing her between them Greg pulls out and steps back, letting Jin lower her feet back to the floor of the tub before bending her over. Greg’s cock then finds a new home in her mouth, and the two steadily piston into her as they wash her back and hair. Once they are satisfied with her cleanliness Greg pulls out one last time and gives Jin room to straighten her up before carefully lowering down to lay at the bottom of the tub. Jin’s cock remains buried in her ass this entire time, and she ends up laying on top of him, Greg pushing her legs apart and cramming his length back into her pussy at the first opportunity. In this position they wash her legs and the front of her body, paying particular attention to her breasts as they soap up her skin and squeeze the massive orbs tightly.

When they finally finish cleaning her the two are able to focus entirely on fucking her brains out, and so they do. Her gasps and moans, which had been constant during this whole procedure except for when Greg had been thrusting into her mouth, increase in volume and intensity as they start to hammer into her as hard as they can. Several more minutes pass and she cums yet again, this time her orgasm pushing the two men over the edge as well, her holes squeezing even more tightly around their cocks. They groan in unison as they unload, their massive lengths throbbing inside her as they fill her up with their hot seed.

As she gasps for breath Greg pulls out of her and stands, climbing out of the shower first so he can dry off. Jin’s hands roam over her breasts as they wait, his thick fingers squeezing and massaging her wet skin. Once he was dry Greg helps them out of the shower, Jin staying true to Michael’s rule and keeping his still-hard cock buried inside Lianne the entire time. Jin holds her in his arms to keep her upright, her legs wobbling slightly due to how hard she had cum. After Greg dries her hair, legs and chest with a towel he crams his cock back into her pussy so that Jin can pull out and dry off her back. It was past 11 by the time this entire shower procedure ended, and as Greg carries her out into the hallway and down the stairs she can smell brunch cooking.

It wasn’t ready yet when she and the two men she had been with join the others, and so for the next few minutes she is passed around from man to man as they all give her a good morning greeting. When the food is finally ready she is carried over to the table and sat down in the same chair she had occupied the previous day. As her food is set down in front of her she feels gladder than she ever has been before to see a good breakfast. Not only did it look delicious, but it also meant that for the short time while everyone was eating she didn’t have a cock thrusting inside her and was able to relax.

Naturally this couldn’t last, and when she finished up her last bite, set her fork down, and emptied her glass of juice she was immediately lifted up and carried back into the living room. They set her down on the floor, on top of some cushions the men had laid out before she came down this morning. The men then proceed to fuck her one at a time, each one pistoning into her tight pussy. Some pull out before they finish and some fill her up with their thick loads, but every time one slips out of her another pushes in a second later.

Her body shakes and trembles, cumming again and again as the endless train continues. Her breasts bounce above her, occasionally one of the men coming over to give them a good squeeze and massage, tweaking her nipples gently. All of them knew how sensitive she was in that area and enjoyed hearing her heightened cries of arousal at their ministrations.

At around two hours past when brunch had ended, though she had long since lost track of the time herself, the men ankara çıtır escortlar change her position again. She is lifted up and lowered onto a man already laying on the couch, his cock pushing easily into her pussy. Another comes up behind her to push into her ass, and the two men start right in to bouncing her between them.

If the guys had any sort of order they were going in Lianne couldn’t tell. One minute Ralph was under her bouncing her on her lap, the next he had been replaced by Jonathan, the young man happily playing with her breasts while he thrust upwards. Just as she had gotten used to her husband’s distinctively massive cock slamming into her ass he would pull out and Vincent’s smaller but no less stimulating length would take its place.

This continues well into the early evening, her position occasionally changing but the men never letting up in their relentless pursuit of giving her as many orgasms as they were able. From her perspective they were succeeding magnificently. Her throat is slightly hoarse from all the moaning she was doing and her legs are numb, sweat coating her body. They had given her a short break to use the restroom, but as she was washing her hands they opened the door and proceeded to continue fucking her right there on the tiled floor.

She is still there when her husband calls everyone for dinner, the cool tiles under her back having long since warmed up from her body heat. The man inside her wraps his arms around her back and lifts her up, still bouncing her on his cock as he carries her back to the dining room. She is slightly more subdued during dinner than she had been during brunch, having just been fucked almost nonstop during that stretch between meals, a period of time nearly as long as the entirety of all the sex she had had yesterday.. If the men notice this they give no sign, and once again as soon as she finishes she finds herself lifted up and carried, this time upstairs.

Apparently the men wanted to break in the beds they were staying on, and so for the next four hours she is fucked on bed after bed, the men going one, two, or three at a time, not seeming to care whose bed they were fucking her on. After having done almost two and a half circuits of the bedrooms she ends up in the room Jin and Greg are sharing, though it was currently Steve on top of her and plowing as hard as he could into her well-used pussy. He lets out a happy grunt as he cums, holding himself deep inside her, his cock throbbing as he unloads. The man had quite lost track of how many times this made today. He’d have to bring up the suggestion of starting a tally for everyone tomorrow. After giving a gentle sigh he pulls out of her and slips off the bed, Greg climbing up after.

Just before he pushes his cock inside her, however, a hand grips his arm and he looks over to see Michel standing by him and shaking his head. When her husband nods towards her Greg looks up to her face and nods as well, letting out a heavy sigh. “Ah well. Thought i’d get one last go in before this happened. There’s always tomorrow, though.” Lianne had passed out sometime during Steve’s last session with her, her chest rising and falling slowly with each breath as she sleeps deeply, a wide smile on her face. Her skin is completely coated with the men’s cum, on her legs, stomach, breasts, arms, and face. Thick cum spills from her pussy and ass and her inner thighs are completely soaked in her juices.

Michael and a couple of the others grin down as they look over this sight, enjoying their handiwork. They figure they shouldn’t leave her like this, however, so they carry her back to her bedroom and into the bathroom, wetting some towels and wiping her clean then drying her off. During this entire process she remains unconscious, though she lets out occasional soft moans as they clean her chest. Once they finish she is returned to her bed and the covers pulled over her. Her husband is the last to leave and as he turns off the light he glances at the clock on the bedside table. 10:39. This meant that not counting breaks she had endured over 11 hours of fucking that day. “That’s my girl.” He whispers with a wide grin. “Rest up, tomorrow’s another busy day.” He then shuts the door and heads downstairs to share a celebratory drink with his buddies, leaving his wife slumbering comfortably upstairs.

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