Bill’s Wife – A Sex Goddess

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It felt good to have a few drinks with my old employee, Bill. I had not seen him for a few years and his career had blossomed. Physically, he hadn’t changed much. Maybe a bit more solid as he moved from that mid-twenties body style to the more manly mid-thirties body. Obviously, he was still active and still worked out. His personality was as fresh as ever which caused us both to down perhaps one too many as we swapped stories about old times.

Bill had started working for me as an engineer right out of college. He was good looking, intelligent, proactive, and likable. Customers liked talking to him, and the other employees, both above him and below him had enjoyed working with him too. Over the five years we worked together we had grown very friendly. Bill had even invited me to his wedding during his last year with our company. It was there I had met his gorgeous wife.

I remember dancing with Katy and trying not to stare too blatantly at her impressive cleavage offered by the low-cut gown. She was also in great shape and her bubbly, outgoing personality was similar to his. I didn’t get a chance to know her well but at the wedding she was cute and even a bit flirty Well, perhaps more than flirty. She had run her hand up my cock during our dance at the wedding. I remember doing my best to maintain my professional composure as she peppered our conversation with double entendres with a wink and naughty smile. Even though she didn’t seem drunk, I chalked the comments and actions up to her champagne intake. Most of us there at the wedding would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall that night. Bill was a lucky man to marry such a pretty, intelligent, and sexual girl.

But life had happened and Bill had a received an offer from another company to move on. Our company couldn’t or wouldn’t match it – so he accepted and moved to Chicago. That was about three years ago.

Last Spring, when our company budgeted a trade show in Chicago, I decided to send Bill a quick note and see if we could meet up. He had readily agreed and we had set aside the first night of the 4 day show.

The months had passed quickly and here we were, drinking, reminiscing, and filling each other in on what we had done over the past years. I had already informed Bill that I was still divorced and not seeing anyone in a meaningful manner.

“What about you, man? How’s Katy doing? She have enough sense to leave you yet?” I teased and then signaled the waitress to bring us yet another round.

“Nah, man. She’s still stuck with me.” He answered smiling.

“Sometimes, I gotta tell you though…” He stopped to take another drink of his scotch. “She’s a bit of a handful.” He confided.

“Shit – you’re married for about 8 years now. ALL women are a bit of a handful at that point. Although, if she’s too much, I would be glad to lend you a hand or two.” I quipped and winked, making squeezing gestures in the air. “Seriously, it was all I could do at your wedding to not stare down her gown, man!”

Bill laughed and looked me in the eye. “I may take you up on that. I just might…” and gave the waitress his empty glass in exchange for a new one.

‘What was that about?’ I asked myself as he traded our empty glasses for full ones. It was the second or third sexual comment Bill had made about his wife and me tonight. Even though the comments were kind of awkward, the bourbon made them seem funny. Laughing, I added, “Any time man. Any fucking time.”

Bill took a swig of his drink. It was clear that he had already gone past the business acceptable limit and was only a few drinks away from the ‘I love you man!’ drunken bro-fest. “Seriously man. Katy can be too fuckin much.” He shook his head. “We love each other and we’re happy and all but…shit.” And he took another drink.

“But what?” I asked not sure where this was going. Should I be concerned? They seemed happy.

“She’s relentless man. Katy is fucking relentless. I mean I like sex with the next guy and all -” Bill stopped and snorted. He was drunk.

“Fuck! I mean as MUCH AS the next guy. I LIKE SEX AS MUCH AS THE NEXT GUY – NOT WITH THE NEXT GUY.” He said too loudly and laughed.

“Shhhhhh” I said and laughed as I looked around, embarrassed for him.

Bill put his finger up to his lips. “Shhhhh” he repeated as he stifled a laugh.

We both snickered. He Continued.

“Katy wants to have sex alla time man- alla fuckin time.” He took another drink and signaled the waitress. “Dya know she gives me a blowjob every fucking morning and every fucking evening after work? She’s nuts for cum, man. Katy loves fucking cum!”

“Really…” Not really knowing what to say.

“Yeah. She likes to fuck and she’s fucking hot, man – you know she’s fucking hot, right?”

“Yeah, man. The thought has occurred to me” I laughed and looked into his eyes with the seriousness that only bourbon can provide. “She squeezed my cock at your wedding man. I forgot what she said but something ankara ucuz escortlar about ‘gonna have to see about getting a raise from her husband’s boss. Then she massaged my cock through my pants, man.”

I felt guilty about telling him this. “You needed to know this man. Sorry I never told you.”

Bill looked at me blankly. I thought “Shit! I shoulda never said that. Fuckin bourbon! Turns into truth serum.”

Then Bill’s face broke and he started laughing.

“Shit! Look at your face man!” Bill snorted and downed his drink. “You’re all serious and shit!”

Apparently, this was the funniest thing in the world to Bill. I joined him and laughed too, but uncomfortably. He calmed down and his laughter trailed off.

“I knew THAT. Katy fucking told me. She thought you were hot. She sucked me at the wedding in a hallway and told me she wondered if you had a big cock so she was gonna grab it and find out. She told me she was gonna blow you. Bill was nodding his head as if in agreement with something. She said ‘I bet he has tasty cum!’. I came in her mouth at that point when she said that and she swallowed it all like she always did. She sucked me twice at our wedding, man, and I fucked her once. Did I tell you she fuckin loves the taste of cum?”

Wide eyed, I stared at Bill. I reached down under the table and adjusted my cock.

“You may have mentioned that…” I said still shocked.

“Yeah,” Bill continued. “We were clear before our wedding. I knew she was a sex fuckin fiend, man. We both are, really. Fuckin part of the reason I married her. Can ya fucking blame me, man? We both do anything.” And at this he nodded his head and raised his eyebrows knowingly to me. I guess I kinda got his meaning but not really. What does ‘do anything’ mean? And why tell me this. The conversation had grown weird. And yet, if it meant what it seemed to mean, I was excited. Bill continued, “And…an’her body! Jesus Christ, man. She has a body…” Bill paused briefly and pulled out his phone and tapped it a few times. “Look…” he continued. “This is when — There -lookit my fucking Katy. Ishn’t she hot!” he slurred as he handed me his phone. The booze had hit Bill hard.

The phone was opened to a picture of Katy. She was a little older than I remember and her hair was longer. Oh! And she was nude and sucking a huge black cock!. I stared, amazed, at his screen. I looked at him quickly for signs of him recognizing his mistake in showing me his private porno shot of his wife instead of the sweet shot of her leaning on a tree at the lake or some other normal shit. Nope. Bill pointed. “She loves to suck big cock, man. You have a big cock, right?” Katy’s tits weren’t huge but they weren’t small. They were natural C-cups and matched her body shape perfectly. She was tone but not overly muscular – just like Bill. And her nipples. They were hard and looked like my pinky tip. What fucking nipples. What tits! What a body! Jesus! What a big cock in her mouth! What a slut! I thought all at once. Wait? Did Bill just ask me if I had a big cock? What? What the fuck was happening?

I glanced furtively (as furtive as a drunk can be) to make sure nobody was looking as I thought about how to answer Bill. This was really awkward. And I was getting hornier.

I pinched the screen to zoom in on Katy’s mouth and that big black cock and, instead, accidentally swiped to the next pic. Except it wasn’t a pic at all. It was a movie. It was a movie of Bill and Katy in a sixty-nine. I was instantly turned on. Bill’s cock was fully erect and Katy lay on top of him and sucked his six or so inches down to the balls. Like an insecure teenager, it occurred to me that his cock was nice-sized but mine was bigger. Bill was licking away at her wet pussy. They had clearly set up a tripod to film this action.

I looked up at Bill about to say something and he pointed at the screen again. “Oh yeah! Watch this, man. Fuckin hot!”

I watched. It was fuckin hot.

As Bill licked away, a black cock came into view (possibly the same one as in the previous picture – not being a black cock expert, I wasn’t sure). A black hand guided the black cock against Katy’s pussy, wiping the head up and down her slit. It did this while Bill kept licking her. Then the hand moved the cock down and into Bill’s mouth. Questioning, I looked up at Bill briefly and then back at the screen. The black guy pulled out and then slid his cock forward into Bill’s mouth again. It had been no accident. The third time, he slid into Bill’s mouth, stopped momentarily as if blocked, and then slid past the resistance in Bill’s throat. He held his cock there, then he pulled almost all the way out. He fucked Bill’s mouth like this for about a minute and then pulled out and slid right into Katy down to his balls. And they fucked. I couldn’t remove my eyes. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. She was made for fucking, his wife. Ass cheeks firm but shaking with the fucking. Tits shaking. Nipples ankara üniversiteli escortlar erect and inviting. The video continued for a while and ended with both Bill and Katy taking a ridiculous facial from the black guy and then snowballing it between them until they swallowed it all.

Bill was nodding in encouragement. “Fucking hot, right?”

“Umm…Yeah.” I added. I was dumbfounded. Outside of a porno, I had never seen people fuck like this. And never people I knew! And with no inhibitions. Bill just showed ma a video of him sucking cock! Oh — and of his hot wife nude and pretending to be in a porno. The bourbon was kicking in with a vengeance. The alcohol was fogging my logic. What was going on with them? Why show me this? Could I have a copy?

Yeah, after Katy grabbed my cock at the wedding, I had put Katy in regular circulation in my fantasies and jacked off to her more than a few times. Who wouldn’t have? But I didn’t think of her like this. Never as a fucking sexy machine, hungry for cum. And fuckin Bill? Sucking cock? Getting face fucked by cock, more like it. I didn’t even suspect Bill was gay. Or Bi. Or whatever. I mean, even I had jacked of a couple times to fantasies that involved sucking a cock- mostly mmf shit. But I had never actually done it. It was one thing to jack off to a fantasy — actually sucking cock? That was hot – I mean Gay. That was totally gay. My cock was so hard. I was so drunk.

“Shit man! So – see my d’lemma?” He slurred. “Ahm fuckin constantly tryina keep her satisfied. It’s so hard. Don’t fuckin laugh man. ” Bill said as I shook my head at the silly pun. “She’s crazier bout sex than -lookit – Ahm a fuckin sex animal — a fuckin ANIMAL” Bill confirmed loudly. “Katy is — man — I…she needs sex — And she’s ensaysh-a -bowl.” Bill finished drunkenly, smiling and proud to have been able to pronounce words correctly.

“Yeah, ah see your dilemma, ya drunk fucker” I teased. “Ya hafta fuck your wife – who fuckin loves to suck your cock alla time donchknow…She’s super hot with — and she’s gotta amazing ass and… she’s got – and her, her fuckin perfect fucking tits! And…she lovesta fuck! …Oh! an she plays with your cum. Your wife LOVES TO EAT CUM.” I hunched my shoulders and shushed myself embarrassed by my volume. Bill giggled and shushed me too. “Pfft.” I exhaled sarcastically. “Yeah, I see your prollem…Sucks being you.” I said, mocking him. “Can I have your life, man?” I added with great wit.

“Shit, man. I know, ah know. I’m not complainin. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. Fuckin love Katy, man. She’s — and I’ll – we both love the sex. We fuckin have uhmazing sex. Did you see — Oh, man! You need to fuckin see – like the video, man. It’s just…like…” Bill said with drunken seriousness. Bill then focused on his watch. Finally he said “Sheeit! Man. S’late. I gotta go.”

I looked at my arm and found my watch. I was pretty sure was only midnight. Still relatively early. “S’only midnight, man. What? Time fr’a blow job?” I added trying to fuck with him cleverly. “Need any help?” With wit provided for free by bourbon. I laughed at myself. Help?I thought. Not help for YOU – I mean can I not help get YOU a blowjob. Shit. Can I also for me to help get a blowjob — – fuck it. He understood. I was drunk.

Wagging his head from side to side Bill said, “Matter a fuckin fact, I AM late for one. Katy doesn’t like miss her bedtime cum.” He said smugly but with a smile. “Listen, ah’ll call you damorrow and we’ll figur out howta meet up again. Kay, buddy?” and Bill gave me the bro-hug drunk men give each other. I was too drunk to seriously think about what was said and what was implied. As the bourbons partied merrily through my blood, I was lucky to be able think at all.

After the normal fight over paying, Bill insisted on picking up the tab and we shuffled out to take cabs. He plopped into the back seat and put a pinky finger and thumb to his head “Damorrow, Ah’ll…” and he closed the door and his cab whisked off. I got in my cab and slurred the name of the hotel twice to the driver, my lips and tongue very heavy and clearly unhappy to work together. I was vaguely thinking about Bill and Katy eating cum from that huge black dick. And this made me hard even though I was plastered. I paid the cab driver and told him I was drunk. He didn’t seem impressed or happy about this news. I was still pretty hard though and was planning an epic drunken masturbation session in my room. I walked with the exaggerated stiffness that drunks try to do when they pretend to not look drunk. When I got to my room though, I was too wasted to do anything and passed out on my bed, one foot on the floor, trying to stop the world from spinning.

The next day, my hangover wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Maybe because I fell into bed at a reasonable hour, all things considered. I went through my morning routine except had gaterade instead of coffee. I headed over to the McCormick Place exposition ankara vip escortlar center. In the cab I replayed what I could from last night in my mind. My dick got hard remembering that video. Strangely enough, not just the parts with Katy but also the part of Bill sucking dick and eating that facial. I think he was testing me to see if I was up for that sort of adventure. Was I? I would definitely love to fuck Katy. Would I be weirded out by Bill? Would he want to suck me? Would I suck him? Would that black guy be there? Jesus! The whole thing made me kinda uncomfortable. And very hard. I shook my head and tried to wipe it all from my mind. I had work to do.

At random intervals throughout the day, pictures popped into my mind of Katy blowing me or me fucking her from behind while she sucked Bill. This was awkward and caused me to pass much of the day either hard or semi-erect. Plus, I hadn’t cum last night – in fact, I hadn’t cum for about a week – and it felt almost like having blue balls.

At two o’clock my phone beeped and I saw the message from Bill. “Great time. Want to talk tom u thro meet at 7 in your Hotel bar?”

Bill texted like me, it seemed.

Wavering, I thought about what this meant. It seemed mostly clear that Bill wanted to get me in some threesome. Would Katy want that? Did I? Would I be able to go though with it if I accepted? Maybe I was reading it all wrong. Maybe Bill was just drunk last night and proudly showing off his hot wife… Whatever. I texted back my acceptance. Seven would give me enough time to get back to my room and jack off quickly. This way I would have a clear mind and could decide with it instead of my crotch… My semi-hard state and full balls were annoying.

Between one thing and another I didn’t leave my booth until six and with the Chicago downtown traffic I got to my hotel exactly at seven. I hopped off the bus and ran into Bill in the Lobby.

“Hey man! You just get in?” Bill asked.

“Yeah, You know – last minute booth shit…Chicago fuckin traffic” I shook my head knowingly. “Gimme time to drop this and change. I’ll meet you in the bar? Eight or so, okay.”

“Eight? Fuck that. Drop your computer and stuff and go change. Meet me out front in fifteen. I’ll get the car.” And Bill started moving.

“No! Wait!” I hollered after him. It was too late. When Bill wanted something, he’d get it. I ran up to my room and put on some more casual clothes. Apparently, I had been leaking precum on and off all day so I needed to change my underwear. I felt my cock as I pulled up the clean ones. It was smooth and soft in its semi-hard state. It felt like this when I edged myself. If I jacked off right now, I’d cum buckets. I didn’t have time to relieve myself and fucking Bill was waiting in the street below. I’d just have to wait until tonight when I got back to my room to relieve myself. Unless, of course, something else happened. I smiled, shook my head and put that thought out of my mind.

Outside Bill met me in his Mercedes S-class.

“Whoa man, nice car! You weren’t kidding when you said things were going well.” I said admiring the vehicle.

Bill smiled and pulled into traffic. He told me more about his current company and got into some of the generous motivational strategies they offered to their sales team. I was intrigued and a little jealous. I was well paid but Bill’s plan was really in another league. We had talked about work and sales the whole time and whether on purpose or not, had avoided last night completely. After about 45 minutes in traffic, we pulled into the garage of a high rise.

“What’s this? Your place?” I asked, now both uncomfortable and excited.

“Yeah. Why? You starvin? Let’s pick up Katy before eating.” And Bill moved toward an elevator. This seemed to make sense. It also excited me. Were we both playing along, knowing where this was leading? Would Katy be into it? Would I?

At the top, the elevator opened to a beautiful, well furnished, modern apartment with a magnificent two-sided view of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago.

But what caught my eye was Katy. She was wearing a tasteful but sexy, hot red, one-piece cocktail dress that came down to her upper thighs. It was held by two thin straps over her shoulders. The plunging neckline showed ample cleavage. Her long dark hair framed her beautiful face.

“Thomas!” she called out to me and moved to great me.

“Katy!” I echoed. I reached my hand out to shake hers and she ignored it and reached up for a warm hug. The feeling of her full breasts against my chest was a turn-on and I felt my dick stir again. By chance, I caught our reflection lightly in their full-size windows and saw that her skirt had ridden up with her hug and had exposed the bottom hint of her ass cheeks.

I had to break the hug before she felt my boner.

Instead, embarrassingly, Katy reached down and rubbed my cock like she had done at their wedding said “Whoa! Happy to see me, huh?” Then she turned as if nothing had happened and walked towards Bill who was hanging his jacket.

Apparently, Bill didn’t notice. I was hard and I flustered. Was this really happening? It had seemed obvious yesterday but this never actually happened to real people in real life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32