Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 82

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 82 – The Core Family Grows Again


Ryan looked worried after we shook hands and sat down at the bar in the Club Infinity. He’d accepted my invitation for a ‘confidential talk’ for a half-hour or so at the club. I wanted to see how things were going there in any case, and I wasn’t sure what Ryan felt.

I explained right away, “My reason for talking with you is nothing bad, especially from your point of view. You may even consider it very good. I have an idea about our family and I want to get your input on it – and your ideas.”

Ryan’s relief was palpable; his shoulders relaxed and his facial expression changed from the tense grimace he’d had to a friendlier smile – his normal façade. I’d never singled out one of the guys to have a drink with before, so this was a unique situation.

After the bartender set down our drinks, I launched into my spiel about the family. “Ryan, you know I am married to ten women – Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, Izzy, KC, Alice, Brita, Marcia, and Stacy. I love them and they love me, AND I have observed that they also love you, Deke, Mike, James, and Carter, AND it appears that you love them.”

I paused and Ryan spoke after a few seconds, “I love every one of them, and can feel their affection back. My friends experience the same feelings. Not one of us is trying to displace the love they have for you in any way.”

I nodded, “I know that. I did study each of you guys as you’ve interacted with the women in all sorts of different situations after I started to get this idea. What I’m about to propose may surprise you and we need to discuss it.”

Ryan nodded and even gestured for me to continue.

“I have been wondering whether you would like to be annexed into the family the same way each of the women have been – some kind of simple ceremony and maybe a symbol like the rings the girls wear. You’ve been at some of our ring ceremonies, so I think you understand what I’m talking about.”

Ryan would be a good poker player. He absorbed the thought and waited for further information from me.

I went on, “If you wanted, and I would encourage you to do so, we’d like to have you move into the condo and The Meadows, and enjoy … well, everything and everybody the way we all do in the family. I’m thinking of extending this invitation to not only you, but also Deke, Carter, Mike, and James, but I wanted to hear your thoughts about it. I have only talked to Elsa about this, by the way.”

Ryan took a sip of his wine and said in a low voice that sounded sincere and thoughtful, “I’m blown away.”

He swiveled around on the bar chair and looked out over the restaurant that was starting to fill up with the Tuesday night diners. Other men and women came into the lounge and bar area as well, but no one paid us much attention. We were just two guys having a drink together.

Ryan said, “I assume you’re serious with this, because I’m going to answer you on that basis. On one hand, you make me think of what I’d gain: continuous access to people I love – the girls and my friends – if they accept, two gorgeous places to live, and access to all the toys everywhere – pools, the river, and all. On the other hand, I worry about frictions developing between us that aren’t there now, frictions that would destroy the friendships and love I feel for you and my friends. Further, in case you didn’t know it, I am not into other guys. I don’t mind being in the same room with them when we’re doing something with the girls, we might occasionally touch, but other than that … forget it.”

I laughed and interjected, “I’m the same way, don’t worry, that’s not at all what I was thinking about when I thought about this.”

Ryan went on, “Another large concern I have, and it is one that’s been ongoing with you specifically, is that none of us want to sponge off of you … and we have been. Almost every time the other guys and I get together we mention it, and we look for opportunities far and wide to carry our own weight in some way. We’ve all heard you light into one of the girls about this issue, and we’ve tended to avoid a confrontation, but I can assure you that if we move in or change status that we each will want to do something to contribute financially or some other meaningful way to the well being and activities of the group – the family.

“Another issue pops up, and Elsa kind of started it, but she’s pregnant by you, yet each of the five of us güvenilir bahis wish we were the father. Some of the other women want children too, and all of the men want to be fathers, and not just in name only; we want to know or at least believe that the child we’re helping to raise is ours.”

I was almost taking notes and trying to memorize every word Ryan said. His points were valid and important, and most didn’t overlap with my own thinking about what potential issues might be.

I asked him, “Ryan, what do you think of the open relationships we have with each other and with people outside the family, so to speak, when we have our parties?”

Ryan smiled, “I think they’re marvelous – a teenage wet dream that matured and materialized right before my very eyes only a thousand times better than anything I could have conjured. I can’t imagine a better life than this.”

“What about in ten or twenty years; what do you think you’ll want then?”

Ryan harrumphed, “The same only better. I want to be a dad; I love kids. I’m doing well in my career and I think that’ll continue to be rewarding financially and mentally. As for the sex, I would hope to maintain long-term relationships with the people I love now, and maybe one or two others over time. I could go on and be more specific.”

“No, thanks. You answered my questions, I think. To go back a step, you like the idea of becoming part of the family, only have some cautions and reservations, right?”

“Right. Overall, I would be honored.”

* * * * *

Deke and I met at the little French restaurant just down the street from my condominium. I’d hosted him there dozens of times, so he knew the place and had even befriended the grand-mère, a point that had endeared him to all of our hearts and hers. He was more personable than anyone I knew. We met a five-thirty so we could talk before the others in our growing clan could join us for dinner. We had time for a glass of wine and the chat I sought.

I had asked Ryan to not discuss the topics we talked about with the others, since I wasn’t entirely ready to go public just yet. I wanted to talk to everyone individually first, a point Elsa had taught me about ‘socializing’ a decision before it is ‘publicly’ announced, except when that happens everybody already knows about it. I’d used it extensively at work since that valuable lesson, realizing that I’d used the technique occasionally on my own, but without conscious thought. The methodology was in play more often since.

In contrast to Ryan, Deke didn’t seem at all concerned that we were meeting to have a cocktail without any of the others around. I didn’t know whether to chalk that up to his self-confidence or to a total innocence that something might be wrong.

I went through my build up to the question about the annexation of the guys into our clan. I asked what he thought of the idea and whether he saw any downsides.

Deke got pensive, “I like what you’re offering, but there are lots of implications about giving us ‘family’ or ‘husband’ status, as you imply. Does that give us the ‘right’ to impregnate any of the girls, if that’s what they want? Do we have true husband status or does that only reside with you as the don of the family?

“Are there expectations for our behavior that aren’t there now? What would they be? What if one of us was traveling and we had a chance for a one-night stand; would he be allowed to follow up his carnal urges? What if we weren’t traveling, but just around the city and met someone interesting?”

Deke paused and looked to me for answers. I could tell he was thinking up more questions.

I responded in terse sentences, “You get full husband rights, no questions about your status. You become an equal to me. As for me, I have no expectations about your behavior beyond what you do now. You have to manage your own expectations by your wives or whatever we call them. If you’re up for a one-night stand with someone, I’d just ask that you take pictures and come home and tell the details.” I grinned and he laughed.

Deke followed my replies and said, “I can think of several billion reasons why you and I won’t be on an equal footing, but I think I know what you mean by that statement. It may be more a philosophy than an actual occurrence. Moving on, our group formed around our sexual preferences and high libidos, but if we live together as you suggest and at the size we become, the family or clan is going to fragment into smaller groups with affinity not only for sex, but also for other activities, sort of like Elsa, Cindy, and you and your flying; or Sheila, Mike, and me around gourmet cooking; or Melanie and James about photography. I would hope those and other subgroups don’t result in a larger schism of the larger group.”

I said, “A good point, but we aviators were careful not to let what we were doing or learning dominate all our interactions with the others. We didn’t put conditional blinders on, for instance, by saying we won’t love you if you aren’t interested in flying. We try to keep all conditional statements regarding güvenilir bahis siteleri how and who we love out of the clan.”

Deke teased, “So, I could love somebody outside of the family?”

I nodded, “Yes. Maybe the others in the family would love them as well, but it’s not a requirement or a restriction on you.”

Deke acknowledged my reply so I went on, “Deke, I have no wish to curtail or stop the various size parties that we have with people outside the family. If one of us were to fall in love with one of those others, I would applaud the coupling and hope they would continue to love the rest of us. As an example, think of Brita going off and marrying Nils, but remaining connected with all of us.”

Deke nodded and asked, “Suppose some subset of us decided they didn’t want to participate in the parties?”

I thought, “Hummmm. I suppose they could go off on their own and do their own thing. Maybe they’d stay at the condo while the party went on at The Meadows. We could work things out, I’m sure.”

Deke said, “The last thing I think about is the money angle. How do we participate? How do we contribute so you’re not carrying all of us like a bunch of freeloaders?”

I protested, “The money is not even an eye blink to me. I’m not even aware of what some of the things cost; Sheila has handled that for me for the past decade. I have principles about promptly paying a bill, and not wasting time on protesting small charges that she adheres to I suppose.”

“So you don’t know what a dinner for all of us costs here?” Deke posed. He gestured around the otherwise empty restaurant that had started to fill up with delightful aromas from the kitchen area.

“I guess I could estimate it. I see the prices on the menu. What are there typically, thirteen or fifteen of us at fifty to a hundred dollars a person? Deke, I might make or lose that much in less than a second in my business dealings. It’s inconsequential, whereas to you that’s a large chunk of your take home pay.”

Deke smiled, “And for certain occasions, you should allow each of us to pay for something like that. It’s a matter of pride and a sense of contributing to the family in some way. We need that validation and sense of belonging, especially as guys. You know, real men carry their own weight.”

“For me it’s a way of showing my love. I want to shower everybody with gifts.”

Deke held a finger up, “You’re going to become a father, so what do you do when your child or teenager wants a large chunk of money? Do you just hand over a pile of bills?”

I shook my head, “No. I’d want to know what the money was for. I’d also want to develop a sense of balance in my offspring about money, and dealing fairly with other people. I’d want them to learn from mistakes of not making wise spending decisions, so on that basis they’d have to feel there wasn’t an infinite amount of money they could draw on anytime they wanted. I want them to learn the value of money, and what it can and can’t buy. I want them to learn to budget, to save and prioritize, to have a work ethic, and maybe I’d want to hinge giving them money on their behavior or contribution to the family by doing chores or something.”

Deke smiled, “I rest my case. Financially, we’re your children, except we don’t want you to give us your money, we want you to allow us to spend ours so we can do all those things you just rattled off. In all our cases that I’m aware of, that means we want to spend our money, just as you do, on the rest of us. We each want to pay for a group dinner or buy a Christmas tree or get just the right piece of furniture or art for some place in one of your homes. Please allow us those opportunities.”

I guess I’d paid attention for the first time about this argument, plus Deke’s points and the way he made them with me were powerful. I would change my approach with everyone.

I asked, “So, all that discussion taken into account, do you like the idea of being part of the inner circle – a large family?”

Deke grinned broadly, “Hell, yes. I can’t wait.”


“Good morning San Juan Center. November One Mike Whiskey with you out of flight level three one zero for one-one thousand.”

The radio squawked in my headset, “Good morning One Mike Whiskey. Descend to one-one thousand. Proceed on course. Altimeter is three-zero-one-seven.”

I clicked the microphone twice rather than further duplicate the instructions. The modified Boeing 737 jet was flying perfectly, headed straight for STX, otherwise named the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport located six miles southwest of Christiansted on the island of St. Croix, and about eight miles from our villa. Most pilots referred to the airport as St. Croix rather than the longer name honoring a member of Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.

I glanced at the clock on the instrument panel that automatically synced to the time broadcasts by the various air traffic control centers – ten-forty-two. By lunch I would be slathered in sunscreen beside the pool. I would be topless and maybe bottomless depending on whom else iddaa siteleri was around the villa. I loved getting an all-over tan.

I loved even more piloting the large jet. This trip we had a full contingent of passengers starting with Mark, Ryan, Deke, Mike, James, and Carter on the male side of things; and Cindy (my copilot), Melanie, Sheila, Izzy, KC, Marcia, Alice, and Stacy on the female side – six men and nine women.

Cindy and I were very excited. This was the first trip in the Boeing 737-700 without John Morris, Mark’s senior pilot, being in the cockpit with us. He was in the middle of flight training for a new helicopter Mark wanted to buy for trips less than three hundred miles. Cindy and I were both checked out and current in the Boeing 737-700 aircraft. I would fly as pilot in command on the trip to the island, and Cindy as PIC on the return flight. Mark sat in the jump seat slightly behind us, and watched and listened to everything going on. The cockpit was quiet enough that we could easily talk without yelling, as we had to do in our Cessna 210.

This trip was about 1,800 nautical miles, however the plane could easily travel over 6,000 nautical miles if the fuel pods that had been added to each wing were filled with jet fuel. The plane had made it nonstop from our home base to Copenhagen without a hitch. We were making a five-day weekend out of the trip, and had departed city airport at six-forty-five that morning.

Twenty-two minutes later, the large plane touched down at STX in a perfect landing – if I say so myself – and rolled out, slowing as I applied the reverse thrusters and brakes. We headed to the general aviation terminal where we were met by two linemen and guided to a prominent parking spot directly in front of the private aircraft terminal. As the engines spooled down, several sport jeeps and one war wagon pulled up along side the airplane.

My time estimate turned out to be pretty accurate. Shortly after noon, my pregnant body was liberally coated in sunscreen as I lay on a poolside lounger with a glass of pink lemonade on the table beside me. About half of my incestuous brothers and sisters were in the pool, some were inside already foraging for lunch in the well-stocked kitchen of our new villa, and the rest were near me on other chaises.

Mark had one-on-one talks with every person in our family or clan about annexing the men into the group. We were all unanimously for the occurrence. Each of the men had been conversed with as well, with identical results. The plan was for an informal ceremony that evening.

I had rings for each of the men from our favorite jewelry store in Christiansted. This time I’d also ordered some extras figuring that at some time in the future, we might add even more people to our family. I figured we’d keep doing this and had my own little side bets with myself about who might be next. A certain stripper was high on my list.

We’d adopted the vocabulary of ‘the family,’ ‘clan,’ or ‘the circle’ to refer to our core group of fifteen people. We were an intentional family, not a blood related family, except for Cindy and me who were real sisters. We often laughed about how if we were family we were brothers and sisters, and hence practiced incest on a daily basis. Mark would roll his eyes and tell us we were all husbands and wives, and not brothers and sisters, so there was no incest involved. It didn’t matter; we were a loving group.

Alice sat her fabulous naked body down beside me. “I brought you lunch. Thank you for flying us down here. I continue to be very impressed with your aviating skills. That you can do that, plus all your architecture work impresses me greatly.”

I struggled and sat us. “Thank you, and as for the flying, I just love it the way you do decorating. I am in awe of what you can do to a plain room to turn it into something that makes people walk in the door and say ‘Wow.'”

We kissed and ate our sandwiches from the same plate. Alice was so thoughtful. I felt blessed that she was a sister.

I teased, “So, are you going to get pregnant on this trip?”

Alice smiled, “Maybe. This is my second month off of the pill and I am mid-cycle this weekend. I’m ripe and ready.” She spread her arms wide and looked up at the sun. She then reached over and rubbed my emergent baby bump. She added, “Ready. Really ready.”

“Better hurry, then we can raise cousins together who are only a few months apart.”

Alice scanned the various men. “Hmmmm. You’re right. I’m horny.” She paused, “God, when I met all you depraved people I would no more have admitted that than flown to the moon by flapping my arms. Now, I’m horny all the time, and I usually do something about it too. I think I’ll pick James. I haven’t been with his magnificence for several weeks. Excuse me.”

Alice rose and sashayed her sexy nude body across the patio deck to where James was just drying off from a dip in the pool. His bronze body was muscular showing that the young man took care of himself and exercised on a regular basis. I watched as the two kissed and some kind of negotiation took place. The two of them meandered down to the far end of the patio into the shade of some palms where an empty chaise invited double occupancy. Soon they were in a passionate embrace, and I was sure some serious lovemaking would follow.

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