Bigger Down There Ch. 05

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Sunday morning arrived, and I was conscious that I was in bed on my own. I was in that half-asleep / half-awake mode, and although I thought about getting up, I didn’t. It must have been a good half hour later when Helen gave me a gentle shake and placed a mug of tea on the table at my side of the bed. It became apparent that she had 3 mugs, and she gave Sam a call to let her know that we had tea for her.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that Sam came into the room naked, but it did seem ever so slightly surreal. It is actually difficult to explain how liberating it is not to be inhibited in front of each other, particularly with three of us being in the house, but there was something very sexual about the way that Sam was displaying herself. She sat on the bed between Helen and I, cross legged and facing us.

She leaned across to pick up her tea from my bedside table, and even though I thought she could have done that without touching me, her tits brushed over mine which had the fairly immediate effect of making my nipples stiffen up.

“What shall we do today?” Helen asked to no one in particular. We kicked around all sorts of ideas from walks to shopping, a pub lunch, you name it, but didn’t actually settle on any of them.

“I know what I’d like to do,” said Sam eventually. “Do we have to go anywhere at all, or can we just stay here”?

“Why – what did you have in mind?” Helen replied.

Sam suddenly went rather coy. “I’d just like to laze around here and get up to a few things, you know, a bit like yesterday.”

We finally got up after about 45 minutes of stalling. I think I just pulled a tee shirt on (but that was all), whilst Sam opted not to put anything on. We went downstairs to join Helen who had already gone down to make a start on breakfast. Sam sat on one of the chairs she had pulled from the table and was obviously in the mood to blatantly display herself. Her thighs were widely spread and every now and then she was teasing her clit and sliding a finger between her cunt lips. There was a pleasing sheen around the entrance to her vulva.

She didn’t even give up while we were eating. She used her spoon, and later on her fork single handed and continued to stroke herself on and off for the duration of breakfast. I cleared up and as I was finishing, I could hear her quietly muttering something along the lines of “I’m so fucking horny today.”

It wasn’t as if we had done anything but Sam was clearly getting worked up about something.

At some point we found our way into the lounge, and Sam sat herself on the floor while Helen and I took ownership of the sofa.

After about 10 minutes of doing nothing, but with a tension building as Sam kept up the prolonged toying of her gash, she suddenly said “will one of you please start something.”

I decided to give her a display of my own and opened my legs fully while shunting myself forward a bit on the sofa.

“Is this what you want to see?” I asked whilst lazily pushing my flappy lips apart. Not really knowing what I was intending to do, I began to run a finger from my clit down to my anus and back again, each time just dipping a finger or two into myself.

I could see that Helen was having a good look, and she shifted her position a little to get a better view. “That’s it – show Sam what we’ve done to your beautiful cunt.”

“Do you think she’s looser?” Helen asked Sam.

“Give her a good look – let her see. Let Sam compare our cuntholes and tell us if she thinks you’re coming on. This time, Helen also scooted forward and put herself in the same position as me, and running her finger up and down from her clit to her asshole exactly as I was doing.

“Well she’s got a way to go to match you Mum,” Sam said, but I think whatever it is you are doing to her is having an effect. “You’re definitely a bit bigger Andrea. Can I . . . can I have a closer look?”

“Be my guest,” I offered.

Sam came closer and kneeled down in front of myself and her Mum. “H’mmm, perhaps I could tell a bit better if you both do a couple of things for me.”

“What do you want us to do?” Helen asked.

“Start by putting two fingers into your lippy cunnies and move them around,” Sam instructed. I watched Helen, and then followed suit. After two or three minutes Sam told us to add another finger, and eventually, after a longer interval, told us to use four fingers.

There was something strangely exciting being told what to do, and I was getting nicely creamed up. From what I could hear, Helen was too.

“Now use both hands and pull your holes open. I want to see you stretched open.”

In a way, this was frustrating as it meant I couldn’t stimulate myself in the same way that I had been doing, but it was having the desired effect on Sam. I could see some girl drool dribbling down from her juicebox.

Watching the stringy wetness drip from Sam’s cunt was beginning to create quite a stir between my own legs. I’ve never seen or known a girl who could canlı bahis produce lubrication as freely as Sam. It was steadily seeping onto the carpet in a little pool and as much as I wanted to do as Sam had instructed and prise open my cunt hole, I wanted some of that juice on my fingers.

It was a bit awkward from my sitting, and Sam’s kneeling position, but I reached out and placed the palm of my hand just under Sam’s copiously wet cunt slit but without actually touching it. I could feel the silky liquid slowly leaking onto my hand and I held it there for about a minute or so.

I carefully removed my hand from under her, and brought it to just in front of my now slippery hole, and dipped the fingers from my other hand into my cupped palm. I swirled my fingers around making sure they were liberally coated in Sam’s mess, and started smearing the gooey sap all over my heavily aroused lips and clit, and it felt heavenly.

“You dirty girl Andrea!” Sam exclaimed with a flirtatious grin.

I hadn’t been paying much attention to Helen, having been caught up in the moment with Sam, and I had now resumed prising my cunt open with the finger-tips of my hands. I was pretty well zoned into that when I became aware of one of Helens hand moving towards me. Her fingers were glazed with a thick layer of her own gunk which she had evidently scooped up from the generously lipped entry of her sumptuous cunt.

“Here,” she said, “let me add some of mine,” and proceeded to wipe her womanly juices in with Sam’s.

I still can’t believe that such a simple act could be so wonderfully erotic.

Sam collected some more of her cunt cream on her fingers and shockingly joined Helens in working their collective nectars into me. I wouldn’t have imagined that the fingers of the hands from two people at the same time could be so overwhelmingly sensual. There is a contrast in the shapes and textures of the fingers, the movement and the actions of them, the way that they probe and stroke – it is a totally different sensation from anything that I have experienced, and it was going to get me off very quickly if I let it.

I resisted the urge to let go and cum. I wanted so much to prolong the incredible erogenous feelings the scenario was having on me, and I fought the pressing desire to let the orgasm take over.

I asked them to slow down (not that they were going fast), and to ease up. My cunt was oozing wetness, my labia were engorged, my clit was virtually in spasm, and I was very opened up, despite not having had anything other than the teasing fingertips in me to aid the loosening process.

I was almost laying back on the sofa now with my back on the seat cushion and my feet planted on the floor helping to keep my legs splayed apart. I could feel Sam edging ever closer to me, and can only assume that she thought she had me at my most vulnerable.

I was aware that I couldn’t feel Helen’s hand any more, but I could feel one of Sam’s arching over my pubic mound, fingers either side of my wanton gash, fully exposing me. Her other hand was probing into my now very accessible cunt, hand upright, fingers in line, and I must have underestimated how close she had got to me because I could feel her breath breezing over my clit.

“Can I do it Andrea? Please let me – I have wanted to do this for so long. I so want to know what it’s going to feel like. Tell me it’s OK to do it, please.”

I knew for sure that I wanted it as well, so I leaned up, and placed my hand over her wrist to let her know I was good with it and to give her some encouragement.

I glanced to my left to see where Helen was, and I could see that her eyes were right where I wanted them. “Be gentle with her Sam, she’s not as big as me,” I heard. “Not yet anyway.” She started giving supervisory comments.

“Keep your thumb out of the way for now, just use your fingers.”

“Take your time, don’t force them in.

“Are you wet enough darling,” she asked leaning over to kiss my cheek.

“Definitely,” I responded. “I’m definitely plenty wet enough.”

After a good ten minutes of four of Sam’s fingers, Helen reached over and ran a finger between Sam’s fingers and my cunt walls “to see how ready I was,” I think she said.

“OK, now pull your hand about two thirds out and cup your thumb into the palm of your hand, but try not to make too big a fist.” “Now be even more gentle, and only go in as far as the first knuckle of your thumb, don’t force it.”

All of a sudden I felt her leave the sofa saying “just keep moving in and out like that, very slowly, and I’ll be back in half a minute.

I was too wrapped up in what Sam was doing to me to give any thought as to where Helen was going, but in no time I heard her coming back down the stairs.

“How pull your hand out a bit,” she instructed Sam, and opened the jar she was holding. I was familiar with the jar and it contained a lube or gel we had used several times before. She scooped out a good amount and spread bahis siteleri it all over the exposed part of Sam’s hand, and taking a bit more out of the jar, worked it up to and over her wrist. “That should help both of you,” she said.

I wanted this very badly now and knew I could take Sam’s hand. She was not as big as her Mum, but equally she was not as experienced as her either, so I let her take her time. Helen was helping and offering up appropriate words of reassurance with a bit of tuition thrown in for good measure.

I was so fucking turned on, and I was confident that if she didn’t get it fully in soon, I would cum before the main event. I took her wrist again and pushed harder. This was more difficult than it sounds because Helen had used a lot of gel’ so instead of gipping her wrist, my hand was sliding around it, but she got the idea.

There is always that moment of sublime satisfaction and achievement as the widest part of the hand slips through the elastic tautness of your vaginal opening, and I let out a small gasp as Sam successfully and fully entered my extremely soggy and aroused cuntal slot.

She held her hand still and so I started to move myself around to let her know it was okay to be a little more adventurous. She felt so different from Helen. Slimmer, but perhaps slightly longer fingers, softer skin and her inexperience which had the effect of making her movements tentative.

“Oh God, I can’t believe I am finally doing this,” Sam blurted out. “Fisting my beautiful friend – it’s just so exquisite. You’re so fucking sexy.”

Helen had started to run her finger around Sam’s wrist again which meant that I wasn’t going to last very long at all. She kissed me again and said that I looked wonderful.

My legs were turning to rubber, and my brain was turning to mush. I could sense my blood pressure rising and my adrenaline was starting to surge. I actually thought I might pass out, and it was probably the loudest orgasm I had ever had. It was also the longest. It was like one big orgasm follows by aftershocks – almost like an earthquake which is actually a pretty good analogy.

My cum was spewing from my cunt hole and leaking out heavily around Sam’s wrist. Helen was calmly stroking me and lightly applying kisses to my forehead.

It wasn’t so much the act of being hand fucked itself which had had driven me to such an immensely powerful orgasm. I’ve had my own inside myself more than a few times, and Helen has fisted me several times. It was the whole atmosphere which had taken me to this level. The build-up, the notion of having my long standing best friend being egged on by her Mum and my soul mate, the sensation of feeling more than one pair of hands working on my very eager cunt box, coupled with the taboo-ness of it had put me on cloud nine. And I certainly wasn’t bothered by the ‘taboo-ness’ – in fact that had been a very major part of the buzz, and I lapped it up.

Sam was still kneeling in front of us, and asked (I’m not sure why) if I minded if she brought herself off while I watched. I was up for anything wicked but that didn’t involve a further physical assault on my own gaping hole which was still hypersensitive at the moment.

I nodded and willed her to show me, thrilled that she wanted me to observe what she was going to do. Using her fingers she gathered up some of the slippery girl goo from between her lips, raised them to her mouth and slurped it up, and then started frigging herself in earnest.

There was nothing subtle about it. She was ramming her fingers in and out of her messy twat, and aggressively diddling her clit with her other hand. This wasn’t going to take long. I didn’t need to see how saturated Sam was – I could hear it. She wasn’t squirting, but the amount of juice that emerging from her cunt was something very impressive.

“Are you watching me – I’m gonna cum,” she shouted.

“Show me,” I responded. “Show both of us,” I reiterated, realising that Helen was by now pressed skin-on-skin next to me.

“Yeah, come on, do what she says, show us,” Helen was saying.

I looked down to see that Helen was holding her big long slot very open. She wasn’t playing with it – just keeping her loose walled inner cunt fully on display, and Sam’s gaze was firmly locked onto it.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” Sam started to moan.

And cum she did. It was quite possibly the wettest cum I’ve ever seen. The image of the creamy liquid spilling from her jizzed up cunt was almost obscene. Sam was wiping it all over her pubic mound and tremoring with little mini orgasms each and every time she touched her clit.

The carpet beneath her was a real mess and it crossed my mind that we were going to have to do something about that, but as I was processing that thought, Helen moved off the sofa, and gently manhandled Sam away from the massive wet patch that had built up on the carpet.

To my surprise, Helen actually sat down in Sam’s little puddle and started to do herself, bahis şirketleri using the sheeny liquid to invigorate herself. It took her no time to completely immerse her hand into her cuntal passage.

“I’m sure you’ve overdone my cunt Andrea,” she said. “Look how loose I am.”

If I had had any energy left, I would have joined in, but I was sated, so I satisfied myself with some verbal encouragement.

“Let Sam see how stretched out your big mummy cunt has got,” I said.

“Oooh, do you want to see Sam dear? Do you want to see how big Mummy’s is now?”

I could see Sam looking wide eyed at Helen’s cunt, but I honestly think she was too exhausted to do much about it, so she was simply swiping one of her hands lethargically over her still frothy girl slot.

We both watched Helen jizz herself and it felt as if we slipped in a comatose state for a short while. I can’t remember which one of us stirred the others (it might have been Sam), but we eventually moved and started the clean-up exercise.

We ended up having an early lunch and went for a walk in the afternoon, which felt a long way removed from what we had been doing for what seemed like most of the weekend. It was probably just what was needed, very relaxing, with lots of harmless dialogue, and we came back well chilled. We had the appetite to eat, but not the appetite to prepare and cook, so Helen took us to one of our favourite pubs for eats.

We eventually drifted back to the house. Sam had to re-pack, not that she had arrived with much, we drank a bottle of wine between us, and for some reason the atmosphere felt a bit subdued. On going to bed, Helen asked me if I wanted the dildo pants back on, which I did, and she used the opportunity to help me to a small orgasm in the process.

Sam was up first in the morning as she had a train to catch. We had planned for an early breakfast, and despite the hour, we were all very chatty. I sensed that Sam wanted to stay a bit longer, but missing a few days of Uni wasn’t really an option, and after lots of hugs, and promises from Sam that she would be coming home more often, we took her to the station and waved her off.

It was a luxury having Helen drop me off, and I was slightly surprised when she gave me a huge hug and a smoochy kiss before driving off, but that was more because Helen wasn’t usually quite so open in public. However, it made me feel pretty good and set me up for the day.

The next couple of days were business as usual. I had lectures, Helen had three days on shift, but we still found time to partake in some naughtiness, and on one morning when I only had afternoon lectures and Helen was on a late, we had a delightfully depraved few hours of very raunchy sex.

By Friday, Helen was back on days, and on Friday evening Helen was obviously in the mood for some heavy duty filling of her gorgeous cunt. I used one of her biggest toys on her, and ended up double fisting her ample fuck hole. It was during this session that I got her to open up about Louisa.

Even though I had no idea what she looked like, my perception of what Louisa might be like had never been far from my thoughts since that night when Helen had taunted me, and even more so since Sam had mentioned her, and I was dying to know more.

I had the makings of a plan of how I was going to raise the subject, partly because I didn’t want Helen to forget that she had half promised to introduce us.

At the point where I had both hands fully inserted, I introduced Louisa into the conversation. “Can Louisa take two hands,” I whispered.

“Oh shit, easily,” Helen responded.

“You mean she can take more?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, much more,” Helen continued.

“More than you?”

“Much more than me, she’s way bigger than me . . . “

“Describe her to me,” I asked.

“There’s not much to tell really. I haven’t asked too many questions of her.”

I wasn’t about to give up easily. I fist fucked Helen until she was so loose, my hands slid in and out with no resistance whatsoever. She had a very wet cum, and after giving her a few minutes to recuperate, I selected a larger dildo than I had taken before, and got her to ream me out with it.

This was not a quick process, and I can only assume that Helen felt I needed some additional stimulus to enable my growing hole to accommodate the outsize toy.

“Did you enjoy Sam fisting you Andrea?” she asked.

“I fucking loved it,” I replied.

“Did she feel good in you?”

“Good, but different from you,” I said. “But the real turn-on was her doing it in front of you, and you helping her.”

“It was the sexiest thing I’ve seen in ages,” Helen went on. “Do you like her cunt? She gets so fucking wet.”

I admitted that seeing her get so wet, and the Sammy juice dripping so profusely from her super slick cunt almost made me cum on its own.

“She’s always been able to leak like that,” Helen said, “but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her produce so much cream as she did on Sunday.”

There was a pause, and then Helen asked “are you up for involving Sam some more?”

“What do you think?” I answered.

“Sounds like a yes to me,” Helen grinned. “I’m so glad.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32