Big Girls Need Anal Love Too

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Mercedes is at it again. She can’t seem to keep sex off her mind. Guess what she’s done today? She invited several people over for one hell of a party. A very sexual party, if you can believe that. First things first, after all. Can’t have a party while looking sloppy. Mercedes went to the bathroom and took time to pamper herself and make herself look good. It takes time but it’s always worth it.

This six-foot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 250-pound, former women’s rugby team captain had a lot to do but she would get it all done in her own inimitable style. At the age of thirty, this big woman had accomplished a lot. These days, she worked as a police officer for the Boston police department. When she wasn’t out there fighting crime, she was indulging her cravings for delicious food and kinky sex. That’s why she was always scouring the Internet, looking for men and women to be with.

Finally, the guests showed up. the first one was Gary, a tall, good-looking black man in his early forties. He was a fellow cop from the same precinct where she worked. The second guest was Valerie, a tall, large black woman with a shaved head. The third and final guest was Henry, a slim Asian man with horn-rimmed glasses. They were all cops and friends of hers from the police department. Like her, they were sexually adventurous types. Mercedes led her guests into the living room. Everybody got liquored up and got the party started.

Mercedes and Gary went upstairs to her bedroom, and left the others to their own devices. Once they had some privacy, bahis firmaları she kissed Gary, and they slowly undressed one another. They got naked, and the action started. Gary felt very horny at the sight of the big, beautiful naked woman before him. Mercedes gestured for him to come to her. He kissed her again, and began to suckle on those large breasts of hers. Mercedes likes to have her breasts suckled, but she has another craving and thus nudges Gary to the right direction. Gary spreads Mercedes thighs and began eating out her pussy. Mercedes moaned in pleasure as Gary ate her out.

Meanwhile, downstairs the action was heating up. Valerie, the gorgeous black policewoman undressed, showing off her sexy curves. Henry, the Asian cop watched as his sexy co-worker did her thing. Henry had always fancied Valerie. She smiled at him, and asked him to undress. Henry did as he was asked. Naked, he stood before her. Valerie licked her lips as her eyes roved over Henry’s very fit, muscular and slender form. He was a sexy Asian stud indeed. She gestured for him to come to her, and he did. They kissed, and began to do their thing.

Henry sat naked on the couch and Valerie knelt before him, taking his hard cock into her mouth. Henry gently stroked her hair as she sucked him off. While sucking off Henry, Valerie produced a slim blue dildo and unceremoniously slid it into his ass. Henry gasped in surprise. Valerie kept sucking him and thrusting the dildo gently into his ass at the same time. In spite of his surprise, Henry came. When kaçak iddaa he did, Valerie drank his seed. Afterwards, she told him why she had done what she did. Valerie had a certain secret, you see. This sexy black policewoman was an anal sex enthusiast.

Valerie asked Henry to try something new with her. When she told him, he gladly complied. Valerie bent over and spread her sexy butt cheeks wide open. Henry looked at this big, black woman who was on all fours, offering him her ass. Damn, he was going to take that precious gift if it was the last thing he did. Oh, yeah. He totally wanted a piece of her action. He came up behind her, and pressed his hard cock against her butt hole. He placed his hands on her hips and began to fuck her. Valerie gasped as Henry’s hard cock went into her ass. Even though she was a big woman with a big butt, her asshole was actually small. Thankfully, Henry was fairly gentle. Valerie relaxed and enjoyed what he was doing to her. It felt real good to get fucked in the ass.

Upstairs, Mercedes and Gary were doing their own thing. He licked her pussy, fingering and even fisting her to ecstasy. Her screams of sheer pleasure filled the house. Damn, the big woman was loud! Mercedes returned the favor by sucking Gary until he got hard as steel. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. When he came, she drank his seed. Gary then placed Mercedes on all fours, her large butt cheeks spread wide open. He slid his cock into her asshole and began fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Mercedes howled at the sheer kaçak bahis sweet pain and pleasure of having a big black cock in her ass. Gary held her by the hips and buried his cock deep into her asshole. There was no other feeling in the world quite like it. The feel of a hard cock going deep into your ass. The sheer ecstasy and release it brings. The feeling of power. The wondrousness of it all. Gary loved fucking women in the ass. He’d sodomized all kinds of women in his day. Black women. White women. Latin women. Asian women. Oh, yeah, there was nothing like fucking a sweet woman in the ass and looking into her eyes while doing it. It was his first time fucking a fat woman in the ass, though, and he intended to savor every moment of it.

They changed positions. Instead of being on all fours and getting drilled from behind, Mercedes now lay on her back with her legs spread in the air. Gary came and pressed his cock against her butt hole. He thrust into her, going as deep as he could. He looked into the face of Mercedes as he plunged his cock deep into her ass. Her eyes widened, her facial expressions went from jovial to tense to shocked to painful. They went from painful to relaxed and finally, happy as he finally shoved his cock as far as it could go into the big woman’s tight asshole and finally came, filling her with his cum. Sweating profusely, he lay on top of Mercedes, letting her screams fill his mind, and his world. Even after he stopped ejaculating, he remained inside her ass. Hard as a rock, but a lot more fun. They remained like this, speechless. There was nothing to be said. This wasn’t love, and it wasn’t mere lust either. They were going to part ways soon. For now, they were together. Sharing the after glow of a glorious session of anal action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32