‘Big Bang Theory’, Ch.1, “A Penny For Your Thoughts.”

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Big Tits

Chapter 1
A penny for your thoughts

A customer slipped a fifty dollar bill into her pouch and softly tapped it, Penny withdrew, creeped out by the man’s sudden outburst of indecency. Making her way to Bernadette,

“Can you believe that guy? What a-“

“I know!” Bernadette exclaimed, “want me to infect him with syphilis?” Her cute figure bouncing like a deceptively cute cartoon as she sauntered away for her remaining table for the night, penny looked around, an expression of confusion, realization and finally disgust as she redundantly replied, “eww” the image was a bit much, her hands gesturing randomly in circles, causing her breasts to bounce a little.

The final table being cleared by Penny had a somewhat familiar notebook, she bent down to pick it up.

Bernadette stared at her ass, dominating her in a whimsical moment of fantasy before the bubble burst and her thoughts lingered on Howard. “you ready over there or what?”

Penny opened the notebook, -In Case of emergency please return this treasure trove of science to Sheldon Cooper, number-” Penny turned the first page, skimming until she reached the end of the note, “-And that’s why i love trains and you should too.” A perplexed yet satisfyingly annoyed image came and went.

“Yeah yeah let’s go.”

Penny entered her apartment complex and was awarded one of her favorite sights, nerds trying to move heavy objects. She especially liked to watch because they escort kocaeli reminded her of puppies trying to move a big bone. But she did not have time to deal with their situation so she said, “Hi! Bye!”

Leonard smiled, waving, the large box landed on Raj’s foot, Howard laughed, dropping his end and screaming in pain as if the one hurt most won, he half fell on raj in an awkward position of ‘ride the horsey’. “Oh shut up,” Raj’s accent apparent, “You’re not as hurt as I am!” goading him, “wanna bet? Not as hurt as i am…” Howard mocked in Raj’s accent.

Penny stared for a moment and continued to the first step, Sheldon was left half propped up under the box in a reverse-ninety degree “L” position. Penny tried to squeeze her way past him, her ass though decided it was time to get stuck as the box fell towards them a bit. Sheldon’s rear end rammed her in the vagina and a sharp pain shot across Penny’s pelvis.

“Oh Sheldon! You’re crushing me!”

“What?!” he exclaimed, squeezing out from under the box a little,

“This is just terrible, penny I’m so sorry! I thought we calculated the weight plus diameter but somewhere we went wrong.”

Penny fell over, clutching her thigh, a strong Charley horse causing her to moan, “OoooooW”

Leonard bellowed, “I told you all, but nooo don’t listen to me, the mass of this object is clearly too much for all of us to handle we should have called some professional movers.”

Howard turned to raj, kocaeli anal yapan escort “And waste some precious cash, my skills as an engineer are sufficient for this task.

“and and” raj said, “My money doesn’t grow on trees, maybe my parent’s trees” Howard thought about this with a quizzical expression.

Raj, worried, called out, “oh no Sheldon you hurt penny!”

Sheldon dropped down and fumbled as he knelt over penny. “What’s wrong? trying to find the cause with his innocently wandering hands.
“My leg,” she lied grasping her vagina,

“Here, my mother taught me how to massage any ache and pain.” He groped over her area a few moments, hands brushing up against her jeans and that diamond thigh gap penny sported before placing both hands on her left upper thigh, she wiggled a little to her side instinctively.

His fingers pushed deep into her skin, palms rubbing and kneading, her soft butt cheek hanging ever so slightly over Sheldon’s slow movements. Up, down, around, repeat, up, down around. Penny hid her face in both hands as Sheldon rotated around her leg, his thumb clumsily touched her with every brush up and down. She began to feel warm.

For every rapid stroke of Sheldon’s kneading his thumb unintentionally brushes and then pushes Penny’s jean shorts into her vagina, kneading her clitoris, an expression of mounting pleasure hidden in Penny’s manicured fingers as he moved izmit yabancı escort quicker, quicker, quicker, trying to get deep down in that muscle, Penny became flush, her breath sharply inhaling before groaning, oh how she groaned from this weird feeling of unexplained trepidation, like she was going to get caught, like she was going to pee.

“The pain…” she whispered as Sheldon insisted for some reason on exaggerating the circular movements, that wandering thumb becoming a little more incessant, then more incessant, then more, more more, more, more, more, more, more more.

“More,” Penny said softly,

~What did i say?~ She felt both horrified and aroused, her eyes nearly rolling up into her head from the feeling! She wanted to rub herself on the carpet to finish, the feeling was too persistent, she needed to finish!

Sheldon suddenly stopped, and penny had to resist the urge to grab his hand keep it in place, instead she grabbed the bottom of her tank top, letting out a sigh, a little pee darkening her jean shorts.

“How’s that? All better?” Sheldon asked,

Penny got up, cheeks flushed. She puckered both lips before letting out air she hadn’t realized she was holding in, “All good.” she waved him away and climbed the stairs slowly, legs clenched together, but not from the pain.

“Well that was a little rude,” Sheldon said, and turned to the group who were talking with a moving company on the phone. “She didn’t even say thank you.” He sniffed the air a little commenting to no one in particular, “What’s that smell?”

Penny made it into her room, tiptoeing to her bathroom, carefully peeling off her wet shorts.

end of chapter 1.

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