Bi Fun for All

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The hand placed on Norm’s head gently guided him down to his knees. As Norm dropped down onto his knees he knew what was expected of him. In his hand before him, Norm held the stranger’s cock. Norm had ceased to think about what he was doing here and all of his thoughts were on the eight inches of cock in his hand. Gently stroking it up and down a few times Norm could see the glistening of pre-cum collecting at the tip of the stranger’s cock. Both the stranger and Norm were savoring the moment before Norm plunged the stranger’s cock down his throat.

Trying to draw out the anticipation of the moment and increase the perception of pleasure felt by both of them Norm looked up at the stranger’s smiling face and licked his lips. Without breaking eye contact Norm moved down to the base of the stranger’s cock. Licking his way up from the balls to the tip Norm elicited a moan of pleasure from the stranger. Before he began sucking cock in earnest, Norm savored the taste of pre-cum that he had licked off the stranger’s cock head. The anticipation of the moment was finally over. Norm opened his mouth, first licking and swirling his tongue around the tip of the cock and then plunging down onto it so that in one fluid motion Norm engulfed the stranger’s cock in his mouth all the way to the base.

Bobbing his head up and down on the stranger’s cock Norm’s cock sucking had started in earnest. The stranger showed his enthusiasm and pleasure by holding the back of Norm’s head as he thrust his cock deep into Norm’s mouth. In and out, in and out. Each time the cock was pulled out of his mouth, almost all the way, Norm would swirl his tongue around the tip of the stranger’s cock. One hand cupped the stranger’s balls and gently fondled him while the other hand stroked the exposed length of the cock each time it came out of his mouth. The only thing that Norm could concentrate on at that moment in time was the cock in his mouth and making it cum. The glistening cock was pushed almost all the way out of Norm’s mouth each time only to be thrust once again into Norm’s hungry mouth.

The stranger’s thrusting into Norm’s mouth became more and more forceful as he neared his orgasm. The last few strokes were accompanied by grunts. Then on the last grunt the stranger held Norm’s head in position with his cock buried deep in his mouth. Norm’s eyes widened as the stranger pumped load after load of cum down his throat. Gulping to swallow Norm swallowed all of it before the stranger released his hold on his head. As the stranger’s tremors of orgasm subsided he slowly slipped his cock out of Norm’s mouth for the last time. Tucking his rapidly deflating cock back into his pants the stranger stepped around the still kneeling Norm as he made his way out of the toilet stall.

Opening the door Norm was left still on his knees in the toilet stall thinking to himself how this had come about. Norm sat down on the toilet seat after dropping his pants. He took his cock in his hand and pondered what had just happened. Only moments before he had taken a stranger’s cock in his mouth. Norm had sucked that cock to perfection until he was rewarded with warm, salty load of cum. As his own fingers wrapped around his cock Norm reflected on the fact that this was not the fist cock he had sucked to completion.

Only recently Norm and his wife Jacinta had enjoyed their second group sex session. This was with two other guys taking turns on his wife. After one had his cock deep in his wife’s pussy, Norm had licked and sucked his cock clean. Norm had eagerly sucked and licked his wife’s pussy juice off the cock that had only moments before been fucking his wife to one of many orgasms for that night. Norm’s wife hadn’t been able to make that cock cum with her pussy, but Norm had finished him off with his mouth.

That was the first cock that Norm had ever sucked. Encouraged by his wife, who by that stage was being fucked by the second cock, Norm eagerly bobbed his head up and down on the cock glistening and slippery from his wife’s cum. That was the first time Norm had sucked a cock, but judging by the events of this recent rendezvous, would not be the last. After that guy had come in his mouth Norm had taken his turn at fucking his own wife. The second stranger, not being finished, fed his cock to Norm. By that time the first guy was ready for round two. He had moved in behind Norm and inserted his well lubed cock into Norm’s arse.

The picture of the four of them all fucking; Norm fucking his wife’s pussy with one guy fucking his arse and another fucking his face; was enough to make Norm’s cock spring to life on any occasion. It didn’t take long for all four of them to cum for one last time. Norm was remembering all of these encounters and savoring the taste of the cum still in his mouth. The pace of his hand on his own cock increased as he drew nearer and nearer to orgasm. In his mind’s eye Norm cold see all of these cocks cuming at the very moment he felt his own orgasm building. A he imagined spurt after spurt of cum coming out of each cock Norm’s own orgasm escort ankara erupted. A ribbon of cum sprang up into the air. Momentarily Norm could see the line of cum suspended in mid air. The dollop of cum came to rest on his shoulder as Norm caught his breath and set to cleaning himself up.

Norm had to quickly make himself presentable. He couldn’t walk out of the toilet looking like he had just sucked a stranger’s cock and been spurted with hot stick cum. Making his way out of the toilet Norm’s eye caught his wife’s. He could see where his wife was looking. Jacinta was looking in the direction of a man who was walking away from their table. This was the first night of their holiday in New York.

This restaurant had been recommended to them by friends who had previously visited New York. Norm and Jacinta were very pleases with it. Jacinta because of the cute guy she spotted sitting at the bar. Trying to get his attention she had suggested to Norm that he might need to go to the toilet. Knowing what she had in mind Norm eagerly obliged. Jacinta was going to try to set up a fun night of fucking and sucking. Norm got up and walked to the toilet. He had planned to sit in the toilet and stroke his cock while imagining what it would look like while that cute guy fucked his wife.

But one thing Norm hadn’t expected was company in the toilet. The stranger caught his eye and looked back over his shoulder as he walked into the cubicle. Half closing the door behind himself, but leaving it open, Norm knew he was being invited in. Stepping inside the cubicle Norm saw the guy standing there with his pants around his ankles and his rapidly hardening cock in his hand. This was going to be a fun few minutes.

“So, how did it go?” Norm asked Jacinta with a cheeky smile on his face. “Is he interested in joining us?”

“You took your time in there,” Jacinta answered his question with another question. “Did you rub one out while you were waiting?”

“I did. I also had some help.” Norm replied, savoring the look of surprise on his wife’s face. They both had become very comfortable with each other’s kinky desires. The idea that Norm was happy to suck and be fucked by big cock turned Jacinta on just as much as the knowledge that Jacinta loved tweaking the nipples of a girl while she licked her pussy turned Norm on. “So, are we going to have a party, or is it just you and I” Norm asked.

“Did you enjoy yourself while you were in the toilet?” Jacinta asked, trying to evade the question. “Did you find some way to keep yourself occupied?”

“I had a great time, and it tasted great. But are we going to have some fun tomorrow?” Norm asked, trying to get an answer.

“I am, but you are going to have to go out and find your own fun. He only wants to play with me.” Jacinta answered as the smile disappeared from her face. She wasn’t sure how Norm would take this. But she needn’t have worried. Norm had read online about an adult book shop nearby that he was eager to visit. While they had been planning this holiday Norm had eagerly read many a story about adventures at glory holes. He was excited by the idea of trying one. The fact that his wife wanted a chance to fuck this stranger by herself gave Norm the perfect opportunity to go exploring.

“I’m sure that I’m going to be able to find something to do. Hope enjoy yourself as much as I am hoping to enjoy myself.” Norm replied after the thought of glory hole fun began to spread through his mind.

The next day, after a hearty breakfast at the hotel, Norm passionately kissed his wife before he left her for her date with the cute stranger. Norm headed out the door and started walking in the direction of the adult book store. It took Norm about an hour of walking before he finally found the place he was looking for. Before he actually found the door, hidden down an ally way, Norm was beginning to think that maybe the adult book store was just the figment of some horny internet blogger.

But once he found it he realized that it was everything that he had heard of. As Norm made his way to the cashier desk to exchange quarters for the peep shows Norm wondered if Jacinta was having as much fun as he was hoping to soon have. The thought of Jacinta rubbing her moist, slippery pussy while she watched the stranger undress started to make Norm’s cock hard. Making his way down the corridor to where the peep shows were located Norm spotted a couple of guys nonchalantly standing around pretending to look at things on the shelves. Norm was hoping they were waiting to see a guy such as himself walking down this corridor towards the glory hole.

Opening the door, Norm stepped inside and sat down on a bench that ran the width of the cubicle. Before his eyes could acclimatize to the dim light Norm felt in front of himself for the slot where he could insert some quarters. As the screen came to life Norm glanced from side to side hoping to see the holes in the walls he had read about. His excitement began to build as he saw that there were in fact two holes, one on either wall. ankara escortlar Selecting from a menu, Norm chose a video to watch. As the screen came to life the image of two girls, each with firm tits, being fucked by three guys came to life.

The sounds of fucking were being played through the speakers and Norm undid his pants and freed his cock. Now wanting to come too soon, Norm very gently stroked his cock. As his eyes became more accustomed to the dim lights Norm looked on either side to see if the booth to his left and right was occupied. To his disappointment Norm could see the booth to his right was vacant. But on his left he could see a guy in a similar situation to himself. Sitting naked and stroking his cock, the guy was obviously watching porn just like Norm.

Norm could hear the sounds of fucking coming from the other guy’s booth. But Norm could neither see the guy’s face, nor his screen. For a few moments Norm enjoyed watching the stranger stroking his cock while being watched. It was at this moment that the stranger realized that he was being watched. He stood up and moved over to the hole in the wall and pushed his cock through the hole.

For a moment Norm just sat there starting at this cock protruding from the wall. Then as he came to terms with what was about to happen, Norm reached out and firmly grasped the stranger’s hard cock. Stroking the cock up and down a few times Norm could feel the veins in the hard cock. The head of the cock was circumcised, big and bulbous. The oozing pre-cum gathering at the tip of his cock suggested that this stranger may have been waiting here for some time, until someone like Norm would come to suck cock. His waiting had come to an end as norm opened his mouth and in one motion, took all of the stranger’s cock in his mouth.

In one gulp Norm had swallowed the cock down to the base. As he drew the cock out of his mouth, Norm swirled his tongue around the stranger’s cock head. Just then he heard from the other side of the wall “Put it in your mouth.” Norm buried the cock deep in his mouth. With in just a few more bobs up and down on this first cock Norm was rewarded with a mouth full of warm cum. As fast as the cock had appeared it disappeared again.

Norm was left feeling disappointed. But he needn’t be because soon that cock was replaced with another. Once again Norm dived on the cock in front of him. Taking him deep in his throat Norm was hoping for another mouthful of hot cum. But before he could get his reward for being a good cock sucker the cock was pulled back through the hole and disappeared. Norm tried to follow the cock as far as the wall would allow. But before he knew what was happening the cock was gone. Then it reappeared soon after being taken away. Norm reached out and felt that this time the cock was slick with lube and was covered in a condom. Knowing what the stranger was expecting Norm turned around and pushed his arse towards the hole in the wall. While he was supporting himself on the bench with one hand, Norm reached back with the other hand and guided the cock head to the entrance to his arse.

The cock poking through the wall pushed at the entrance of Norm’s arse. As Norm’s arse stretched the cock slipped deeper into Norm. When he felt that he was totally impaled on cock Norm moved forward slightly and felt the length of the cock slide out of him. Once again, when the cock was almost out of his arse, Norm once again pushed back against the wall; and the cock; and was once again impaled.

Once the stranger and Norm began to work into a rhythm Norm felt the pleasure of being fucked this way. As the sounds of fucking spread through the booths Norm noticed once again, the hole on the opposite wall. This hole was being used by someone on the other side eager to join in the action. Norm reached out and stroked the new cock. The two walls were close enough together that Norm could take the tip of the new cock in his mouth while the other cock was buried deep in his arse. As Norm moved forward he was able to take the one cock deep in his throat, then moving back again the cock in his mouth was pulled out to the tip and the cock in his arse was shoved deep into his now well fucked arse.

Moving back and forth like this Norm enjoyed being fucked at both ends for some time before both cocks came at the same time. Norm was pushing back against the cock in his arse as the cum flooded deep into his arse. As the other stranger came his cock slipped out of Norm’s mouth and a stream of cum landed on Norm’s forehead, dripping down the side of his nose and into his mouth. Almost as quickly as they had appeared those two cocks disappeared. Norm set about cleaning himself up a little.

Wiping his face with tissues Norm notice the action on the screen was still going. Now a woman was straddling the cock of a guy sitting on a couch facing away from him. Each time she bounced up and down on his cock another guy was licking her pussy and the cock fucking that pussy. While Norm was thinking about his own hard cock and the fact that ankara kaliteli escortlar he still hadn’t cum he noticed a cock poking through the wall where the precious cock that had fucked his are came from. Immediately Norm dived on the fresh cock. In one gulp Norm took the new cock deep in his mouth. As he was bobbing up and down on this new cock Norm felt a hand reach out and grab his arse. Before he knew what was happening that hand was replaced with a cock.

Once again norm was being fucked in the arse while he sucked another cock. Falling into a similar rhythm as before Norm found himself being shared between two cocks. Lost in lust and passion Norm continued this way for some time. For how long Norm couldn’t say. One cock would cum and shortly be replace with another. By the time Norm had satisfied every guy there he had been cum on multiple times. He had cum in his hair, on his face, and in his arse.

Feeling exhausted, but still horny, Norm cleaned up as best as he could with the limited supply of tissues. When he walked out of the booth there were a group of guys smiling at Norm. Norm could only assume that they were at least some of the guys who he had sucked and fucked in the last however long he had been in the booth. Norm smiled back at the group of guys.

When Norm arrived back at the hotel he wasn’t sure if he was going to find his wife entertaining company or on her won. As he walked down the corridor towards their hotel room Norm passes three guys walking the other way. The first thought that popped into Norm’s horny mind was what these guys would look like naked. Norm knocked on the hotel room door and was greeted by his beautiful wife standing in front of him completely naked. Jacinta just smiled her usual wicked smile at Norm, then turned around and walked back towards the bed. Norm’s eyes watched the sway of her arse as she walked away from him. Immediately Norm’s cock sprang to life.

“So how was your day, Sweety?” Norm asked, remembering what she had planned while he was out sucking and being fucked by cock. “I hope you have had as much fun as I have.”

“If you want to know you will have to watch this.” Jacinta said as she pointed the remote at the TV and pressed play.

The screen came to life with a close up image of Jacinta’s face. On the screen, once she was satisfied that the GoPro camera was working, turned it around and moved towards the counter where the RV was sitting. Once the picture stopped shaking Norm realized that Jacinta had set up the camera to capture the action of the day.

‘Hi Honey, I hope you enjoy this.’ Jacinta’s voice came from the screen as the image showed her walking back towards the bed. Norm watched as the video of Jacinta showed her rubbing her pussy through her sheer lacy panties and moaning her pleasure. For a few minutes Jacinta worked herself close to orgasm. One hand was furiously rubbing her pussy and thrusting in and out of her pussy while her other hand twisted and played with her nipple. Before she could cum she was interrupted by a knock on the door. ‘They’re here, time to turn off the TV.’ Jacinta on the screen said as she pointed a remote at the screen. ‘Hope you enjoy the show.’ Jacinta said as she turned off the TV. But the GoPro camera kept filming.

Jacinta could be seen walking towards the door, wearing only her sheer, lacy panties. As she walked briskly towards the door her enthusiasm was shown as her tits bounced with each step. Norm was expecting to see Jacinta walk back into screen with a guy. But instead she led three guys into view. They were all ogling Jacinta’s firm tits and Norm could clearly see the bulge in the pants of at least one guy.

Norm realized that these three guys were the same three guys he had passed on his way back to their hotel room. Meanwhile, his eyes glued to the screen, he watched the video of Jacinta wasting no time in dropping to her knees. She reached out and opened the pants of one guy. In one quick motion she gulped his cock whole. Nor wanting to be left out of the action the other guys quickly dropped their pants.

Jacinta moved from one cock to the next. First sucking one cock for a few strokes, then moving on to another. All the while she either had a cock in her mouth, or in one of her hands. Taking control of the situation, one of the guys grabbed Jacinta and pushed her down on the bed. Pulling off her panties, he lined up his cock with her wet pussy and rammed into her with one hard thrust. Jacinta’s screams of pleasure and pain were stifled as one of the guys shoved his cock back into her mouth. Both of these guys were fucking Jacinta from both ends and she was loving every moment. Even though her screams of pleasure were being muffled by the cock in her mouth, Norm could still tell that she had been in ecstasy, enjoying filming herself being fucked by three strangers.

Norm looked away from the screen to Jacinta. He saw that she was again rubbing her pussy. Norm smiled a huge lusty smile at Jacinta, then turned back to the screen to take in the action. Jacinta was reaching out, while she was being fucked at both ends, and felt a hard cock being put into her hand. Maneuvering slightly, Jacinta moved so that she could suck the other cock for a while. For a while all three of the guy shared Jacinta in this manner.

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