Bi First Time

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–This is a true story about my first experience with a gay man. It hasn’t been exaggerated, it really did happen this way, and I’m all the better for it.

I was in my early twenties at the time. I’d spent the previous day at the beach with my flatmate Karen. To my surprise had she turned up with her girlfriend Angie. Karen and I had lived together for years, and had grown accustomed to being nude in front of each other. We didn’t even have a screen on our shower and would often go to the toilet (for a piss, not a crap) while one of us was washing. Karen had no hesitation in sunbaking topless in front of me, after all, I’d seen her tits numerous times, and to my surprise, Angie ripped off her top to display the most perfect set of tits I’d ever seen. I don’t know if it was her Italian background, but she had a body to die for. Thick, curly black hair, with large almond eyes and flawless olive skin. Young enough to still be firm and supple—old enough to appreciate a serious hammering.

Karen had caught me masturbating a few times (as had her boyfriends) and I’d often listen at her bedroom door while one of her lovers was ploughing her beautiful snatch. So many times I wanted to open the door and walk in and join them. Karen and I had fucked only once, years ago when we first moved in together. It was so natural—let’s fuck, get it out of our system and continue with the rest of our lives.

At the end of the day the three of us bought a few bottles of white wine and went home to enjoy a quick dinner and a drink. The more we drank, the more the sexual innuendoes punctuated our conversation. Karen went to bed early, leaving Angie and I to continue our horny repartee.

Without even asking, I soon found myself in bed with Angie’s firm, slender thighs wrapped around my head. I don’t know if I was good at going-down, but what I lacked in experience I made up with enthusiasm. I forget how many times she came—it didn’t matter—I felt that I’d satisfied her beyond my abilities.

No sooner had she cum, she rolled over and wrapped her lips around my aching cock. As much as I wanted it, I was totally surprised by her quick reciprocation. I’d only had a few blow-jobs in the past, yet couldn’t believe the rigorous attention this girl was applying to my crotch. As her mouth bobbed up and down the length of my cock, her left hand played with my balls while the right rubbed against my chest and stomach alternating between tweaking my nipples. No girl had ever sucked my dick like she really wanted it—let alone use her tongue to play within the confines canlı bahis şirketleri of my foreskin and cock-head. It didn’t take me long to release the words ‘I’m gonna cum’, when, to my surprise again, she clamped down even further on my engorged member. Needless to say, I was soon spurting my load into her vacuuming mouth. Normally girls remove their mouth and let me blow on their face or tits as they hand-jack me to orgasm, but this time I got what all guys dream of.

I guess being young at the time, I quickly recovered. With no thought of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy, I was soon balls deep in her enveloping cunt, with one hand carefully tickling her tight, puckered asshole. Karen had told me that Angie hadn’t seen too much action over the years, yet her bush was immaculately trimmed—it was like she’d expected a fuck that night.

As amazing as her blow-job was, I was completely disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm she showed while I was banging away. While I admit I was new to the experience, I didn’t think I was that bad. After cumming once, I was more than able to continue without the boring in-and-out action of a teenager. Basically, this chick could suck, but she couldn’t fuck!!!

When I woke up Angie was gone. Karen was cooking breakfast when I entered the kitchen seeking a cup of coffee. She didn’t say anything, but I could tell by the look on her face that she was once again pissed-off that I screwed one of her girlfriends.

Halfway through my coffee there was a knock at the door. It was Peter, a friend of Karen’s gay friend Tony. We’d met a few times at parties, and I could tell he was hot for me. Peter was a nice guy, a doctor by trade, twice my age but living a young, gay lifestyle.

Karen soon left for the beach again but I was too sore from the previous day to join her. I’d spent most of the previous day on my stomach, burrowing my stiff cock in the sand as I perved on Angie’s firm tits and thinly-covered mound, and subsequently had a severely burnt back.

Peter noticed my discomfort and offered to take a look and give a professional opinion. It was obvious that I’d spent too much time under the sun, and he asked if I had any lotion or moisturiser to rub in and sooth the stinging sensations I was experiencing. I quickly retrieved a tube of lotion from Karen’s stash in the bathroom and Peter had me lay down so that he could treat me comfortably.

Rubbing in the lotion soon turned into a full back massage with his hands occasionally dipping under the elastic of my shorts to caress canlı kaçak iddaa my arse cheeks. Whether it was the dreamy state of my hangover from the night before or a touch of sunstroke, I became acutely aware of the hard-on I’d developed when Peter asked me to roll over so that he could rub lotion onto my stomach.

I made some lame excuses but his professional manner soon had me lying on my back with my hands strategically placed around my crotch in an attempt to cover my obvious state. I don’t have much body hair, yet was young enough to still have a firm chest and abdomen without being overly muscular. Peter appear to be suffering some sort of discomfort as he constantly rearranged himself on the lounge and kept tugging at his clothing as if to allow more freedom.

The stomach massage soon proved too much for me and I found myself once again entering the dream-state I’d previously experienced. There was like a ten second delay between what I was dreaming and what I was feeling, when during a bout of clarity I became aware that Peter had his hand down my shorts and was massaging between my pubes and the base of my cock. I could occasionally feel the back of his hand draw back against the length of my stiff cock.

With my eyes tightly shut I clambered to the surface of reality and was caught between pushing him away and laying back to see what would happen. I remembered years ago when I’d answered a phone call—a deep voice had asked for Karen. I’d explained she wasn’t home but the voice continued to ask me more questions, all the while becoming more and more intimate. Minutes later I lay on the lounge with my jeans around my knees as this stranger instructed my on how to manipulate my cock to his liking. It was all new to me, but I soon found myself blowing all over my chest as the unknown voice on the phone told me how much of a slut I was. To this day I still don’t know who he was.

I opened my eyes, without a word Peter knew what I wanted and roughly yanked down my shorts until my cock sprung free. I hadn’t showered since my fuck with Angie the night before, and I instantly smelt the tang of stale sex. An embarrassment to me, an obvious turn-on to Peter, he quickly took as much of my cock as he could into his mouth. His vigorous sucking soon left glistening saliva along the length of my pussy-whipped cock. I could feel the slight stubble of his face buried into my groin and was almost blown away by the new sensations it presented. Once again I found myself enjoying someone playing with my foreskin. Twice in one night was canlı kaçak bahis almost too much for me so I asked him to slow down.

All the while, Peter was struggling with his own clothing until his cock was free of its confines. He manipulated us on the couch into a sixty-nine position and I soon found his cock and balls dangling above my face; as his own was devouring my most intimate parts. I’d done this before with women, but to have a guy above me in such a state was new to me. Caught up in the moment I hesitantly reached out to grab his cock. It was shorter, yet thicker than mine, and I was intrigued by the smooth, circumcised head. Being my first time, I guess I explored more of his manhood than what he was use to, and soon tasted his pre-cum pouring out as I started sucking on his knob. Being new to sucking, it was made easy by the size of his cock, and I found that I could easily suck it down to its base.

For his age, Peter still had a good body. Whilst enjoying the sensations of tasting my first cock, my pleasure increased as I rubbed his hairy chest. It felt manly and reassuring—I can’t explain why. In between sucking my dick, Peter would stick a finger or two into his mouth then slowly rub them around my arsehole, occasionally plying at its opening. It didn’t feel good at first, but after a while I was torn between the pain and the pleasure as he slowly eased them in.

My jaw was aching when he pulled out and rearranged me so that my legs were above his shoulders, with his cock-head placed at my virgin arse. It took a while, but he slowly eased into me. I think if I hadn’t been hung-over I would have reacted differently. There was a numbness in me—not so deep that I couldn’t feel anything—but enough that I could enjoy a new experience without struggling. It didn’t take long for him to start a slow rhythm in and out of my arse whilst stroking my hard cock.

Peter was working himself up with a constant stroke into my arse when the doorbell rang. I was so close to cumming that I didn’t want to get up, but the person at the door was persistent. I told Peter to keep fucking, and I soon felt the warm pulses of his cum shooting into my butt. Grabbing my cock, I jerked myself to orgasm seconds after he started shooting.

As he pulled out, I pulled my shorts up and went to the door. The ploughing of my arse felt awkward with every step. Angie was standing there as I opened the door; she mumbled something about leaving her bra behind, and went into my room to get it. As she left she looked me up and down with a funny expression on her face. I didn’t realize until after I’d closed the door that I had cum all over my chest, dripping down and caking the top of my shorts. It didn’t matter, I’d found someone better in bed, and spent the rest of the summer enjoying my first gay lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32