Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Ch. 03

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Part Three


Where Vivian’s mother lays out exactly what she expects from her son if he wants to keep her onside and help him to achieve his dream.

Vivian went into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was whistling, there was a spring in his step.

“You’ve been ages… hello, what’s this?” His mother indicated the towel. “And please stop whistling. You know I hate anything shrill.”

“What’s the matter, Mummy? You sound annoyed. Have I done something wrong?” Vivian looked at the simple set of white underwear laid out on the bed, and then glanced at the red gingham pinafore type dress that was hanging on the wardrobe door.

“So… why the towel, Vivian? It looks ridiculous quite honestly. There are to be no secrets between us… not anymore. Take it off… this instant!”

Vivian hesitated for a second or two. He was puzzled by his mother’s change in attitude. He saw that she appeared to be hiding something behind her back. He didn’t feel so carefree now.

“Hurry up. We have a lot to get through this evening.”

She had seemed tender and understanding just a short while ago. Now she was bossing him about, behaving like a schoolteacher.

He let the towel fall to the floor, revealing all.

“Yes, you see, it’s just as I thought. Not half an hour ago I allowed you to relieve yourself and yet you now dare to deliver yourself to a lady’s bedroom in a malapert state. How am I supposed to dress you in this condition? It is not ladylike. A lady’s clothes must hang smoothly, not hindered by some impediment of masculinity. I can’t have you showing ugly lumps and bumps. Mummy will have to attend to it.”

She brought the thin strip of leather into view and ran it through her fingers.

“A sissy boy needs to learn decorum otherwise others will see him as unrefined. I understand the urges men and boys have, but these urges cannot be allowed to interfere with our main objective. I will nip this in the bud immediately, otherwise it will fester. I’m going to have to temper your behaviour I’m afraid – at least until I can trust you to be in command of your own feelings. Until then, I will supervise and direct your urges so that you are neither wilful nor wasteful.

“Before I dress you, before I do anything else, it will be necessary to take care of the main problem. Normally, it is enough to shame a man or boy into passivity by… by something like… tying a pretty pink or lemon yellow silk ribbon around the head of his erect penis for instance, and standing him in front of the mirror so he can see himself as other’s might. A few moments reflection is usually enough to cure any stubbornness.

“But I fear with you Vivian I will have to be harsher to achieve such an outcome because you enjoy it all too much. I will have to deal decisively with you and thereafter use mechanical restraint on you. This will be essential if you don’t want your maleness giving the game away. Something that might well get you into some embarrassing situations if you’re not careful.”

“What are you going to do with me, Mummy?”

“I believe it is necessary to give you something that will limit your urges and in turn, your endless time-wasting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri search for gratification.”

She went to the chest of drawers and brought out a beautiful carved wooden box inlaid with gold marquetry, about the size of a child’s pencil box and set it down on the bed. “I’ll let you open it,” she said.

Vivian did so. There was a little brass hook and eye on the side which he unfastened, before lifting the hinged lid back. The box was lined with red felt. Vivian stared at the shiny metal object inside; the highly-polished chrome reflected the ceiling light into his eyes. He blinked. He had seen nothing like it before.

“What is it? It looks quite rude.”

“You will appreciate what it is and what it is intended for much better once I have fitted it in place; but quite simply it is a male chastity device.”

“A what..?”

“I take it you’ve heard of The Chastity Belt?” Vivian shook his head.

“My, my… do they not teach History at schools these days? Do you know what chasteness means?”


“I’ll explain. The words ‘chastity’ and ‘chaste’ basically mean pureness and innocence. The male version of the chastity device can be worn as a belt – as with a woman – or not, as with this type, which does not require a belt. It promotes restraint, abstinence, faithfulness and loyalty, but ultimately the preservation of a person’s virginity — in this case, a man’s, or more specifically where you’re concerned… a sissy-boy’s”

Vivian looked incredulous.

“You will come to understand that there are three types of virginity that a sissy-boy is blessed with. One is active — the penis, one is passive — the bottom, and the third is both passive and active — the mouth. In time you will learn the ways of availing yourself for the pleasure of others, and of how best to use the three gifts you have at your disposal. A sissy is always passive in nature. He learns to give of himself, to share himself with others and afford them pleasure. He is always unselfish and sensitive to people’s needs. As your mother, I know intuitively that you have these qualities in abundance, Vivian. Your virtues just need a little honing and refining, which is where I am able to help you.

“Well enough of the science for now. Go on… take it out of the box. Have a good look at it…it won’t bite you. In a way this will become your sub-mistress, exert control and temperance on you. It’s important to understand her, because she is the one who will tame and safeguard you in Mummy’s absence.”

Vivian took it out of the box and turned it over in his hands. “What do I do with it, I mean it looks a bit like a…”

“Cock? Is that what you’re trying to say? It’s actually designed to fit over the penis. I like to think of it as a sissy-boys ‘clitty trainer’. Of course, in your present condition that would be impossible, so I have to attend to that first.”

“But what about if I have to go to the toilet, Mummy? Am I able to take it off?”

“You won’t have to. Don’t worry; it will not interfere with your normal functions. You will see that it there is a hole in the knob end so you will still be able to pee. Its purpose is to keep you sexually inactive, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but toilet functions are not affected. From now on I will be supervising your sex drive. I am to be the only key holder, so once I have locked you into it you will only have to answer to me. You will be at my beck and call. It will be down to me whether I allow you any naughtiness. So until I decide otherwise, your freedom will be curtailed.”

“I don’t like the sound of it at all, Mummy.”

“It’s better this way. Mummy knows best.” She tapped the side of her nose. “Mothers always know best, especially what’s good for their sissy boys. Your naughty willy – which in time you will come to know as your sissy-clitoris – will not be allowed to respond without my permission. Now put your mistress back in her box for the moment and let’s have you up on the bed — chop-chop! I need to deal with you quickly.”

Vivian tried to force his cock downwards, but it kept springing back up, bouncing like a small rubber cosh. “I can’t get rid of it, Mummy. It won’t go away. I’m sorry.” “I’ll make it go away. Sit on the bed and be quick about it.”

Vivian did as instructed and sat knees-flexed in the centre of his mother’s lovely soft bed. He grasped his shins with his hands to hold his posture.

“Not like that. I want you in the same position, but lying on your back and you must bring your knees into your chest.”

“But, Mummy, you’ll be able to see everything I have.”

“Exactly, that’s the whole idea. I’m glad you are aware of that fact. Now, come on, do as I say.” She slowly ran the belt through her fingers, like a snake uncoiling, ready to strike. He obeyed, grasping himself behind the knees and bringing them up to his chest.

“Legs slightly apart… so that your sweet little balls hang freely and rest against your bottom.”

Again Vivian did as his mother bade. The pink bon-bons slipped down towards the cleft of his bottom to hang beneath his bobbing, purple-headed prick. How pretty they looked, almost kissable. His mother also observed with some amusement how the beating pulse of her son’s penis made his balls twitch, cute little tremors that jerked them up and down almost imperceptibly, and how sweet it was to see his little brown bottom-hole palpitating with trepidation. It reminded her of the mouth of a hungry baby bird waiting for its mother to return with food.

“I fear I may have made more of an impression than I at first thought, Vivian. I think I have already tainted you with a severe perversion. You are under my spell. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I am going to give you a short sharp shock with the belt. It will soon be over and it will correct the fault in your person and prevent it happening in the future. It will only be necessary to do it once, and thereafter the association with the belt, just the threat or sight of it will be enough to quell your rampaging lust.”

And without further ado Vivian’s mother got on the bed too and kneeled before her son’s bottom and considered its impertinent presentation. She shuffled closer and the hemline of her skirt slipped higher up her thighs. She thought ahead to the time when she would be obliged to penetrate güvenilir bahis şirketleri him, stretch him and groom him for pussydom.

“Look away, and close your eyes, she said.” Vivian did so, his fingers whitening the soft flesh behind his knees with the fervour of his grip. There seemed an indeterminable wait before he heard the whistle of leather through the air and then the almost instantaneous audible snap as the lash connected with his testicles. There seemed to be a split second of nothingness before the most excruciating white-hot pain seared through him. He yelped like a dog as the hurting got worse and for a full minute it intensified before gradually fading. His hands tried to soothe and comfort the offended area. Hot tears blurred his vision and stung his eyes.

“There, all done. Good boy. Now there will be no more embarrassment for you to suffer in this regard ever again.” She returned the belt to the draw and then sat down on the side of the bed and drew her sobbing son to her. “There, there… Come to Mummy… Oh, what a baby you are.”

She hugged Vivian into her bosom and allowed him to sob against her breasts. She thought of all those times when as a baby he had drank enthusiastically from her, his life depending on it, and his reluctance to release the nipple which had become swollen and sore with overuse, and the milky-white residue around his lips as he cried for more.

“It’s all right, I’m here now. Show me where it hurts.”

Vivian shook his head.

“Come on, I need to see.”

“I-It’s g-gone now.”

“I know, but I still need to make sure the skin isn’t broken. I may have to tend you.”

Vivian took his hands away and sniffed, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “Lie down again.” She lifted his legs back up and inspected him but she did not touch him there. He was totally flaccid already, his manhood completely drained of its brash cockiness of only a minute ago. His penis looked small and apologetic, non-threatening and sad. A thin red line where she had stuck him horizontally across the testicles was visible, but nothing more. A clean hit with the flat of the leather, designed for maximum sting and minimal damage had been perfectly executed. His mother had been very adept in this kind of correction with his father. The belt was lightweight and not a vicious weapon and the contact had been suitably administered to ensure nothing worse than a residue hot tingling sensation and a dull ache in the groin for an hour or so after – time enough for Vivian to reflect on his treatment and form the necessary association –in his mind – with the correction – his mother’s belt… and of course, her authority too.

“Now kiss Mummy and thank me.”

Vivian moved to kiss his mother on the lips, but she turned her head sideways at the last moment and offered only her cheek. He felt snubbed and disappointed, but pecked her cheek nonetheless.

I love you, Mummy, please don’t hurt me anymore. Please allow me to kiss you properly.”

“No, not until I have finished with you. A full kiss will only inflame your passions again and prevent the caress of your new mistress.”

“But after… Will you kiss me then, Mummy? Will you?”

“We’ll see. Now I’ll instruct you on fitting and locking. It’s very simple. I’ll do it first to show you, and then I would like you to do it, lock it, and then give me the key for safekeeping. Perhaps then I might just let you feel the very tip of my tongue before I get on with dressing you.”

(…to be continued…)

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