Betsy’s Birthday Party

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Author’s note: This is a sequel to the story, Pool Party turns into Threesome. Reading it will let you know how this birthday party came to be.

Betsy had gone to Susie’s, where there were four girls at a supposedly girls only, nude pool party. But Susie’s boyfriend, Paul, had showed up. He had the pleasure of putting suntan lotion on all four girls. First their backs… and then their fronts. Yes, he had thoroughly enjoyed having his hands all over, all of the girls. It had seemed to Paul, that Betsy really enjoyed having his hands on her.

When Betsy had delivered a pizza to Susie’s house, a few hours after she had left the pool party to go to work, she was shocked at what she had found. She had told Susie that she wanted to have a birthday party, but the only guests she would be inviting, would be Susie and her boyfriend, Paul. She wanted to experience a threesome with them. Susie was agreeable, and when she had later told Paul about it, he was certainly all for it.


Just a week after the pool party, Susie’s phone rang. She answered, “Hello.”

“Hey Susie, it’s Betsy! Remember my telling you I wanted to have a birthday party?”

“Sure do, girlfriend! Paul and I have been talking about all the things we want to do to you. We want you to really remember your 20th birthday!”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it, too! I want you two to come over to my apartment next Thursday evening. I don’t have to work on Thursdays, so that’s a good night for me. Will that work for you two?”

“Thursday night will be just fine. I hope you’re ready for a wild party!”

“Oh, I’m ready! Since this is a birthday party, we’ll all be in just our birthday suits. I’m sure you and Paul are okay with that. If you get here about 7:30, you’ll find my door unlocked, and me… naked… on my couch, ready for ANYTHING! Bye, see you then.”

“We’ll SEE you Thursday! Bye”

Susie called Paul. He answered, “Hello.”

“Hey, Sweety, Betsy just called me! She’s ready for her party.”

“Great! I’ve got a couple of “presents” for her. This is going to be a party she won’t forget! Susie Honey, I’m so glad you decided you wanted to try girls!”

“Sweety, you know I love you, and love making love with you, but why should I limit myself to just you? I’ve decided that girls are a lot of fun, too. Maybe one of these times I’ll let you bring a buddy along, and we’ll try the other kind of threesome. I think getting “double-fucked” would be a wild sensation!”

“Honey, you just tell me when… and I’ll bring Stuart with me. You can guess why his nickname is Stud!”

“Sweety, that sounds wonderful, but right now we need to decide how and what to give Betsy for her birthday.”

“You just leave that all up to me. That way it will be a real “surprise” party. For her and for you, too. Come over to my place tomorrow evening about 7:00. I’ll let you see a couple of her presents. Bye.”

“Bye, Sweety. I love you, you naughty boy!”


Paul had been planning ahead for this party. He knew Betsy wanted to experience wild sex. He was going to make sure she would want them to get together again.

Susie knocked on Paul’s door, and let herself in. “Hi, Sweety!”

He got up off the couch and gave her a long, passionate kiss. “Hi, Honey, let me show you what I got for Betsy.”

They walked over to the table. “Oh my God! Are we really going to use all this on Betsy?!”

“Now, Susie Honey, you said she wanted a wild party, and was ready for anything. We’re going to find out.”

“Okay, you’re always in charge. I just hope she’s really horny, and really ready to be shown how wild sex can be.”

Paul and Susie spent the rest of the evening, seeing how many ways they could pleasure each other. Maybe they were just practicing, so that Betsy’s party would be perfect!


Thursday evening finally came. Paul picked Susie up about 5:30.

She greeted him with a sexy kiss. “Sweety, just be sure you remember that I am your girlfriend! You know, number ONE!”

“Hi, Honey. Absolutely. You’ll always be number one, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with others. Let’s go get a quick bite to eat, so it can settle before time to go to Betsy’s.”

Paul picked up the bag of “presents” for Betsy. They drove down to the local Burger Bar Drive-in, and had burgers and fries, washed down with coke. Nothing fancy, but it would give them good energy for later. They knew they would need it.

Paul parked his car in the apartment parking lot, got out and opened Susie’s door, and then grabbed the bag of presents from behind the seat. They walked to Betsy’s apartment. Susie had been there before so they knew they were at the right door.

Paul gave Susie a long, sexy kiss. “Just remember, She asked for a wild party. Let’s not disappoint her.”

“You just lead the party, and she and I will do whatever you say.”

Paul quietly opened Betsy’s door. He and Susie slipped inside. Betsy was laying on her couch, naked, bahis siteleri just like she had said she would be. She was acting like she was asleep, but Paul and Susie doubted that she could really relax enough to go to sleep, knowing that she was in for a wild party.

Susie whispered to Paul, “Look! She shaved her pussy! She must be looking forward to us licking her.”

Paul spoke out loud. “Betsy, wake up? Like you’re really asleep, huh!”

Betsy looked their way, and opened her eyes. “Hi, welcome to my party. What did you bring me?”

Paul answered, “I’ll ask the questions. What do you think “B/D” stands for?”

Betsy answered, “Birthday?”

Paul replied, “No, it stands for Bondage and Dominance . Are you ready to submit to me? Are you ready to do everything I tell you? Are you willing to let Susie and I do anything we want to do to you?

Betsy’s eyes got real big. Her nipples were sticking out and hard as little pebbles. She swallowed hard, paused, and said meekly, “Yes, anything you want.”

Paul answered, “Just be sure. You can say no, right now, but if you choose to go on, the only way I stop is if you use the safe-word I’m going to give you. Do you want to go on?

Betsy answered, very meekly again, “Yes.”

“Your safe-word is RED. Do you understand that if you use it, everything stops, and Susie and I leave? That the party is over?”

She replied in a stronger voice, “Yes, I understand. I want you to teach me, tease me, test my limits.”

Susie spoke, “Very good, Betsy. I hope you enjoy your party, and I’m sure you will be totally done in when Paul and I finish playing with you.”

Both Paul and Susie did a seductive, slow striptease for Betsy. Betsy just sat and starred as they stripped for her.

Paul spoke, “Okay, Miss Betsy, let’s take this party to your bedroom.”

She got up and led the way to her bedroom. “My apartment is small, but it’s what I can afford, and I really wanted to get out on my own, for times like right now.”

Susie spoke, “Look, Paul, it’s only a twin size bed, but look at the wonderful iron frame.”

He stepped over to the bed, turned the covers down, and placed her pillow in the middle of the bed. “Susie, go get a couple of the throw pillows off the couch. I need this pile to be higher.”

Susie went out to the living room, and came back with two more pillows. “Will these do?”

“Those’ll do fine.” He placed them on the bed with her bed pillow, making the stack pretty high. “Okay, Miss Betsy, I want you to lay down over the pillows, on your tummy, with your ass up in the air.”

“Yes, Paul.” Was all she said, as she climbed on the bed, positioning herself as she had been told.

Paul said, “I’m so happy to see that your bed has nice sturdy iron, head and foot boards. They are perfect for tying you down.”

He proceeded to use the soft straps he had brought to secure her wrists and ankles, so she was spread-eagled on the bed.

“Comfortable?” He asked.”

She replied, “Yes, Paul.”

“We’re going to help you remember this birthday.” He held a small leather paddle down in front of her face. “I’m going to give you 20 swats with this. You have to count them for me.”

Her ass had just a hint of tan from the pool party. He gave her 10 swats on each butt cheek, alternating from one to the other. The swats were firm, but not too hard. Her ass was now just a bit pink. She counted each one, as he gave them to her.

Susie said, “Miss Betsy, you know I’m your friend. We’re just doing this so you remember. I’m going to give you 20 swats now, starting about where Paul stopped, and then each one will get harder. Count for me.”

She delivered the first swat. “One” Then the next. “Two.” When she got to ten, it was quite a bit harder. “Ow, ten.” When Susie finished, Betsy’s ass had turned a lovely shade of red, and Betsy had counted each one of them.

Paul said, “Don’t worry, I’m going to make you forget all about your stinging little ass. Let’s start with this small, bumpy dildo, and see how far up your tight little ass you can take it.”

He spread some lube on it and when he touched her asshole with it, she flinched. Then, as he persisted, she relaxed, and took all of it up her ass. He stroked it in and out a few times, then reached under her with his other hand, and started teasing her pussy.

“This is nice. So smooth. And to think, you did it just for us.”

Betsy only lasted about two minutes, until she was squirming, making soft little sounds, clenching her muscles tightly down on Paul’s fingers, three of which he had buried in her cunt, and on the dildo in her ass, lost in her own little orgasmic world.

He pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy, and wiped his hand on a towel Susie had gotten from the bathroom. He slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass. Just as she let out a sigh of relief, he took a small butt plug he had lubed, and gently buried it deep in her ass.

“There, you need to keep this for a while. It will help stretch canlı bahis siteleri you for later.”

Betsy wondered, “Later? What does he have planned?”

He said, “Okay, I’m going to untie you so you can turn over.”

He undid the straps from the bed, and she turned over onto her back. She was still up on the stack of pillows.

He refastened the straps to the bed. “There, now you have something to strain against, while Susie plays with you for a while.”

Susie leaned down to Betsy’s face. “Isn’t this what good friends are for?”

She started planting little kisses all over Betsy’s face and down her neck. Then she took one nipple in her mouth, and started gently sucking and licking it. Betsy let out a groan when Paul started sucking on her other nipple.

Susie reached down to Betsy’s freshly shaved pussy. “My! My! This is so soft and smooth. Thank you. It looks good enough to eat.”

She moved down between Betsy’s legs, which were strapped wide apart. She started slowly, teasingly, licking her outer lips. Then getting right down to seriously licking and sucking on Betsy’s clit.

Betsy squealed, “Oh! Damn! Don’t stop!”

Susie just kept enjoying Betsy’s pussy, and all the sounds of pleasure she was getting from her. Betsy hadn’t noticed that Paul had walked out to the kitchen, and come back with a dish of ice cubes.

“Aaaaggh! THAT’S COLD!” As Paul started rubbing an ice cube around over her breast, and around her hard little nipple. When it was about half melted, he reached down to Betsy’s pussy. Susie backed off for just a second, while Paul pushed the half an ice cube deep into her cunt. Then Susie went right back to working on her clit.

Paul started with a new ice cube, on her other breast. After half a dozen ice cubes, her nipples were dark pink, very pointed, and very sensitive. Paul and Susie each took a tittie in their mouth, warming them back up. Betsy was squirming as much as the straps would allow.

About the time her nipples were warming up, Paul moved down to tease her pussy with a new vibrator he had bought. “This is a present you get to keep. And use as often as you’d like.”

She lost all control, as an intense orgasm surged through her entire body. Susie was still sucking on her nipples, she still had the butt plug up her ass, and Paul had the vibrator turned up on high, thrusting it in and out of her pussy in long, slow strokes, as her vaginal muscles rhythmically contracted on the vibrator.

Paul said, “Happy birthday, you naughty little girl!”

Susie added, “Yes, Happy birthday, my greedy little friend!”

Betsy answered, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Then after catching her breath asked, “Can we take a little break?”

Paul said, “Okay, we’ll untie you, and let you have a cold drink. Then you’ll be ready for round two.”

Betsy Asked, “Round two? How many rounds do you think I can take?”

Susie answered, “At least three!”

Paul untied Betsy, and they all went out to the kitchen.

Betsy said, “If you look in the freezer, there’s an ice-cream cake. And there’s cold cokes in the fridge. One of you will have to serve it. I can barely move.”

They sat at the table, enjoying some refreshment and some rest. When they were finished, Susie said, “Okay, Miss Betsy, time for round two.”

When they got to the bedroom, Paul said, “Okay, Betsy, lay down across the bed, sideways, on your back, with just this one pillow under your ass. This twin size bed will work great for this round.”

Betsy laid down across the bed. Her head was hanging off one side, and her legs were hanging off the other.

Susie said, “Here, let me set on these other two pillows, and you can rest your legs on my shoulders. We’re going to double fuck you. I’m going to fuck your pussy with your new vibrator, and Paul is going to fuck your mouth, and as deep down your throat as you can take it!”

Paul stepped over to stand by Betsy’s head, and spread his feet to lower his cock right even with her mouth.

He said, “Viki managed to take me all the way down her throat. Let’s see if you can do it.”

He started slowly stroking his hard cock, in and out of her lips. Then he started going a little deeper, every few strokes. Betsy started to gag.

Paul told her, “Just relax your throat, and breathe when I’m on the out stroke. Every time I go deep, just swallow, like you’re trying to swallow my cock. You can do it.”

Betsy was determined. She told herself, “If Viki can do it, I can do it!”

Soon, Paul’s cock was stretching the back of her throat. He wasn’t too big, but bigger than anything else she had ever tried to swallow. Betsy was really concentrating on breathing on Paul’s out stroke, and swallowing on the deep stroke. “Damn, what a strange feeling. Strange, but nice.” She thought.

Susie waited until Betsy was totally engrossed with Paul fucking her mouth, then looked at Betsy’s wet, waiting pussy. Her outer lips were swollen, the inner lips were pink and wet, and canlı bahis her mound was looking oh so sexy, being shaved bare. Susie took the new vibrator, put just a little lube on it, and buried it in Betsy’s cunt in one swift push, as she flipped the switch on high.

Paul pushed his cock firmly down Betsy’s throat, just like he had done to Viki. Betsy’s reaction was the same. Her body convulsed, her knees pulled her feet right off Susie’s shoulders, her toes curled, her vaginal muscles were trying to milk the vibrator, she was trying to suck his cock down her throat, and then was trying to swallow the huge load of man milk he shot down her throat.

Betsy thought she was going to pass out. Her mind was spinning. Her muscles ached, her ass was squeezing the butt plug, and she tried to scream as Paul reached down and pinched her nipples, sending a jolt of nerves right straight to her pussy, but she couldn’t because his cock was almost choking her.

He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth. Susie pulled the vibrator out of her pussy with one hand and the butt plug out of her ass with the other.

Betsy gasped for air! Then, after a couple of minutes she finally spoke. “Oh my God! I thought you two were going to make me pass out. That’s the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced. Is that what you did to Viki, Before I delivered the pizza? Is that why she looked so wrung out?”

Susie answered her, “Yes. So, how do you like your birthday party so far?”

Betsy answered, “Do you really think you need to ask?!”

Paul said, “You better rest a bit before round three. I want another cold coke. Anyone else want one?”

Susie and Betsy both said, “Yes, please.”

Paul walked out to the kitchen and got three cokes. He went back to the bedroom, where they all just sat on the bed, letting the cold liquid cool them off.

After a few minutes of rest, Betsy said, “I could really get into this.”

Paul said, “Now it’s time for you two girls to entertain me for a while. Susie, lay down on the bed with one pillow under your ass and one under your head. Betsy, straddle Susie’s head, and spread your knees, so she can reach your pussy with her tongue. Then lean forward and put your head down so you can have good access to Susie’s pussy. I’m just going to sit here and enjoy watching you two enjoy each other for a while.”

The girls got on the bed in a 69 position, and started trying to out do each other. Susie had been careful to move far enough down the bed, to give Paul room to get on the bed above her head. She knew what he had planned for a finish to round three.

After the girls had licked, nibbled, and sucked each other to a couple of orgasms, Susie picked up her pace. She wanted to distract Betsy, while Paul got on the bed behind her.

Paul put some lube on the dildo, and some on his raging hard-on. He just knew that Betsy’s asshole was just begging him to fuck it. He surprised her by putting about half of the dildo up her ass in one motion.

Betsy groaned, “Oh, Uumm.”

Paul continued to push the dildo deeper, then stroked it out and back in a couple of times. On the next out stroke, he pulled the dildo clear out of her ass, and placed the head of his cock at her puckered little hole. She pushed back, wanting to feel the dildo in her ass again. Paul let her push back, until the head of his cock popped past her sphincter muscle, then he took over and slowly pushed his hard-on as deep as he could.

Betsy threw her head back, moaning loudly, “Oooohhh! Damnnnn! That’s tight!”

Susie teased her friend, “That’s exactly what I said the first time Paul buried his cock in my ass. It’s tight, but it feels good, doesn’t it?”

Betsy responded, “OH, God yes! It feels wonderful. So full.”

Paul started slowly fucking her ass. After just a few strokes, Betsy clamped her muscles down tightly on his cock, as another intense orgasm surged through her body.

Paul pulled his still hard cock out of her ass. “Let me go wash this real well. Then I’m going to fuck your pussy ’til I make you use your safe word.”

He got up and went to the bathroom. After he had washed himself real well, he came back to the bedroom. Susie and Betsy were laying there, in a tangle of arms and legs, kissing passionately.

Paul spoke, “Damn, I hate to break this up, but I’m going to put this hard cock in Betsy’s pussy. Certainly not going to let a good erection go to waste!”

The girls separated, and Betsy rolled over onto her back. Susie stuck a pillow under her ass as she did. “This will let Paul get really deep.”

Paul slid his hard-on into Betsy’s waiting warm tunnel with ease. She was ready for him. He was so turned on from getting to fuck another one of his girlfriends good friends, that he was going to last a while. Betsy was really wound up, from everything that they had done to her. She was very sensitive, and started orgasming after just a couple of minutes of Paul stroking in and out of her pussy.

Susie walked around behind them, and reached down under Paul, teasing Betsy’s ass with just the tip of the vibrator. She was only putting about an inch of it into Betsy’s ass. Paul sped the pace up, and was really thrusting hard into Betsy’s sensitive pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32