Bel has the Balls and All!

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My best friend Belinda was upset. Her husband had just left her, and he told her she was a dud in bed, and that was the reason he was leaving. She was shattered and needed some confidence, so I decided to help her out.

I told my husband of my plans, and he was more than happy to help out and let me do this special thing for Bel as she tried to come to grips with the nasty comments and treatment from her now ‘ex’.

So without boring you with the details, here is what happened on the night I did my best to prove Bel’s ex wrong, and give her sexual self-confidence a much needed boost.

At two o’clock in the afternoon Terry and I arrived at the hotel, and began to set up the large suite for the night ahead. Terry, my husband, was to be the caterer, security and the videographer. You see, I wanted Bel to have a record of everything that happened that night, so she could watch it whenever she felt in need of a confidence boost, but also just to prove to her that her ex was wrong.

Terry and I spent a lovely hour having a spa and just cuddling once we had everything set up. He knew I didn’t want to fuck, but was happy to just laze in the hot water and enjoy each other’s company before we got dressed, heading out for an early dinner, and then arriving back at the suite ready for the night to begin.

I was dressed in my classic black gown, full length and made from shiny lycra and cotton. It is a gorgeous, classy dress that hugs every curve like a second skin. On my feet I wore classic black pumps, and just a little jewellery, with red lipstick.

Terry was wearing his casual trousers and shirt, and was busy setting up the video cameras when the men arrived. You see, I had arranged for three men to be present, to help us boost Bel’s sexual self-confidence.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when the guys walked in. hey had followed my instructions to the letter, and were all wearing identical outfits. Black pants and shoes, black bow ties and nothing else! I wanted them to look like the classic old Chippendale strippers, and they sure did! I had chosen them wisely from all the men I know at the gym. I had fucked one of them before, Carl, and he was awesome in bed. I told him what I wanted to do, and he said he’d organise the rest, which he did. He introduced Shane and Travis, and as I kissed them on the cheek each, I wondered what their cocks would feel like in my mouth, pussy and wherever else later that night!

We all chatted a while and relaxed over a few drinks. Terry had stocked up the bar fridge after we arrived, and as he set to work finalising all the video and camera gear, I got the guys to all try on their masquerade masks. I wanted Bel to have anonymous, wild sex with the three men, and so I had asked them to wear the masks that allow their eyes to be covered, but their nose and mouth to be exposed. After all, it was important that their tongues be accessible!

Bel was due to arrive by cab at nine, and as the clock struck exactly nine, my mobile rang. It was Bel, and she was in the foyer downstairs.

“I’m on my way, honey!” I said, before organising for the guys to be hidden away in the bathroom, and the big bed to be laid back for the fun to begin when we returned.

Terry checked the gear and everything was ready. I left the four men drinking and chatting and headed for the lift in my black gown and heels. I knew I looked hot, and the fact I was wearing no panties underneath made me feel hot as well as I walked down the hallway toward the lift.

In the lift I was looking at the lights as everyone does, when the bell rang on the seventh floor and the door opened. In walked a handsome man, who smiled, pressed the lobby and stood next to me. I smelled his after shave, and immediately my nipples went hard. He was wearing Hugo Boss, and I wanted him there and then!

I smiled his direction, and as we began small talk, the lift arrived at the lobby and we politely went our separate ways.

In the lobby I spotted Bel right away. She was wearing an incredible short, red cocktail dress that flowed down between her huge boobs nicely, and on her heels were her brand new Jimmy Choo sandals. She carried a small clutch purse and her wild, brown hair was cascading down around her gorgeous face, highlighting her green eyes.

“You look stunning!” I told her. “Let’s see what Rick says about you now!”

“That bastard? God, he’d kill me for going out dressed like this! Besides, he’s in the past now….so tell me, what is going on? What have you cooked up for me tonight?”

“All in good time, my darling, all in good time!” I said, taking her by the arm and heading to the bar in the lobby for a quick drink to help Bel relax.

I ordered two champagnes, and as we chatted I could tell she was nervous, but excited. Rick had really done a number on her self-esteem, and I was determined to repair the damage that very night, and prove to her that she was not only beautiful, sexy and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri desirable, but, despite what Rick said, a dynamo in bed too!

As we finished our drinks, I took her by the hand, and we headed for the lift, and up to sexual abandonment! Bel was fidgeting and very nervous as the lights showed we were heading towards the fifteenth floor.

“You’ll be fine, baby! You’ll have a great time, I promise. And, even more than that, you can prove to yourself that Rick was wrong in everything he said.”

The lift arrived and we stepped out, into the corridor and walked towards the room.

Once inside, Terry kissed Bel on the cheek and commented on her outfit.

“WWhhoooo hoo! Baby! You look good enough to eat, honey!!”

“Down, boy!” I said, not wanting to overwhelm Bel too early, knowing what she was about to enjoy and wanting it to be a long, pleasurable night for her.

“Ok, ok. It’s just hard not to want to jump her bones, very time I see her, that’s all! You look H-O-T, Bel.Rick is a fool and a tool for what he said and did to you, honey. There’s always room in my bed if you ever need a cock to sit on!”

I slapped him over the head, and he jumped away, heading to the bar fridge to grab us all a drink. We shared another champagne and then, as Bel was starting to get a little anxious, I decided to begin the proceedings.

“Bel, honey, tonight Terry and I have decided to do something to boost your self-confidence, ok? We have been worried by what Rick said and did to you, and as your best, best friends, we want to help you regain that sexual spirit you used to have before he left. Now, honey, do you trust us both?”

She looked at us nervously, sipping her champagne, an inquisitive look in her eye.

“Ummmmm. I guess……so…….yes! Why? What’s going on here?”

Her voice was a combination of nervousness and sexual excitement, and I knew that given how well she knew us, she was expecting something wildly erotic in nature.

“Well……let’s just say…….you need to trust us and enjoy the next couple of hours. We’ve gone to great lengths, and considerable expense to make sure this next few hours is the sexiest, most erotic time you’ve ever had in your life, ok?”

Her eyes lit up.

“Wow! Now you’re really getting me wet, Kim,” she said, downing the rest of her champagne.

“Good, but let me promise you, you’re not even slightly damp now compared to what I have in store for you! Now, put down that glass, stand up and come over here with me.”

Bel stood and put down the glass, then walked over to where I was standing near the bed. I moved in behind her and reached up with my hands to put on the sexy little lycra blindfold I had bought from home. It was stretchy, but completely blocked all vision, which meant Bel was standing there completely unable to see what was happening. Behind us, Terry flicked on the various recording equipment, and began filming the action from three angles simultaneously, thanks to his comprehensive preparation earlier that day. He then moved to the bar stools by the lounge and sat on one, sipping on a beer as he watched me position the blindfold then move Bel’s hands back behind her, tying them together with a second piece of the lycra cloth.

Once she was bound and blindfolded, I stepped back to take in the sight before me. Bel was stunning, and her nipples were clearly hard as they poked through the thin material of her red dress encasing them. She was biting her lip, and in preparation for the men being introduced, I moved forward, kissed her on the lips, and our tongues met with erotic passion. She moved her head forward to put more pressure on my own lips as we kissed, and my hands rose to find her breasts, squeezing gently before I pinched each nipple in my hand firmly, causing her to gasp a little at the force of my actions. Then, stepping around behind her once more, I ran my fingers down her bare back, my nails slowly scratching their way down her spine, eliciting a guttural growl from the awesome brunette in the red dress and heels.

I repeated this action four or five times, until red welts appeared on her tender skin, and I then stepped back to take in the sight before me. Bel strained her neck to listen, trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I indicated Terry should swap places with me, and he did so, almost rushing at her, his erect penis sticking out lewdly in the front of his shorts. He moved in behind Bel, and as she sensed him behind her, she arched her neck forward and to the side, indicating a willingness to let him bite or kiss her neck. He did both. As he sank his teeth into the soft flesh of her neck, she gasped and rocked backwards, her butt pushing down and striking the erection that was pressed against the flimsy material of the red dress. Her bound hands struggled to grip the hard cock pressing into her ass crevice, and she moaned and grunted with frustration as Terry continued güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to bite and kiss her neck.

Just as suddenly as he had appeared, I indicated to Terry it was time to move away, and reluctantly, he removed his stiff cock from between her cheeks, and stepped back, causing Bel to squeak with the shock of the withdrawal.

She was now ripe for the picking, and it was time to unleash the three men from the bathroom.

I walked silently to the door and opened it, and I noticed Bel straining to hear what was going on. Inside, the three muscled studs were ready. They were all masked up, and sporting smiles. They knew what they needed to do, and I know they were looking forward to it. Kissing each of them longingly myself, I ushered them all into the room where Bel stood in her red dress and heels, her nipples poking prominently through the material as they had been earlier.

Without a word, the three men moved in, and, still dressed like Chippendale’s strippers, the six hands hit Bel’s skin and body simultaneously, causing her to thrash her head about, in a vain attempt to understand what was happening. She must have been confused by all the touching, because she was making a noise that was a combination of moaning arousal and frightened shrieking as the six hands touched her breasts, lifted her dress, rubbed her thighs, and touched her bare pussy underneath the dress.

The men then started adding their combined mouths to the lovemaking, and before long, Bel’s hands were untied behind her back, freeing her to touch, feel and discover who was making love to her. Bel’s red dress was lifted above her head and the men had free reign to admire her ample boobs and subtle curves as she was displayed before them. She was not wearing a bra, and those amazing nipples were jutting out hugely now, before two men moved in and took a nipple each in their hungry mouths. Her tits were sucked, even as the third man moved behind her and pushed his now exposed cock from hi trousers into the crease between her thighs. His hands dropped to cradle her buttocks, and after creating a small gap for his cock to slide between her ass cheeks and rub her pussy lips from behind, he began a slow rocking motion that had her moaning in seconds.

As the other men kept sucking and biting her nipples, Bel’s hands were busy unzipping their trousers, releasing the cocks held within. Soon she was being touched by all three cocks, the first wedged between her ass cheeks, sliding in and out making her good and wet in her pussy, the other two in her hands as she pumped them and made sure they were nice and hard.

As she enjoyed the feel of the three strange cocks, and having her nipples sucked and bitten, I felt it was time for the action to hotten up a little. I clapped my hands twice, the pre-arranged signal for them action to move to the bed, and the men lifted her up, their cocks still in he hands, and carried her, blindfolded still, to the bed where they lay her down, before joining her and beginning the action in earnest.

On her back, one man lowered his face to suck her tits again, and she threw her head backing arousal as I watched his teeth bite down quite hard on her left nipple, even as his right hand squeezed her left breast firmly. Guy number two took her head in his hands, and getting on his knees near her head, offered, no, demanded she suck his cock that was now very hard and only inches from her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth with relish, and before long she was slobbering her own saliva all over his shaft as she attempted to suck his entire cock down her throat. The third guy dropped to his knees between her legs, and started to finger her already wet pussy, before combining the action of his fingers with a wild tongue lashing of her bulging clit. She was fast becoming totally aroused, her body starting to glisten in the warm night air with sweat, her breathing becoming faster and laboured as she continued to enjoy the combined arousal whilst sucking the cock in her mouth.

The three of them were making love now, and I knew Bel was enjoying the action, as her moans and yelps were telling Terry and I how much she wanted to fuck. Once again I clapped my hands, and at that point, the men stopped what they were doing, the cock in her mouth popping audibly from her lips, as one man positioned himself flat on the bed, and the other two held her over him, until the message was clear. He was going to fuck her.

They lowered her down, and her hand guided the stranger’s cock into her with one smooth, deep stroke. She looked amazing as he boobs began to shake slightly up and down as she was bounced u and down by the two men holding her on the third. The cock looked hot as it slid in and out of her pussy, and she rewarded the men holding her upright by taking their stiff cocks in her mouth, alternating between them, making sure that as she was fucked from below, the other two men’s cocks were güvenilir bahis şirketleri not ignored.

I knew now was the time for me to get involved. I wanted to give Bel her first orgasm since Rick had trashed her sexual confidence. I crawled onto the bed between the two men having their cocks sucked, and positioned myself between the legs of the man fucking her. Leaning down and inwards, I managed to get close enough for my tongue to find the throbbing, swollen clitoris as she rode the cock within her pussy. Every time he thrust upwards, deeper into her cunt, Bel’s clit would bulge forward and I would have better access to thrash it with my wet, flickering tongue.

She did not last long.

Within three minutes of my tongue first lashing her throbbing clit, she began to cum and her whole body stiffened, her nipples thrust forward, and as my tongue struggled to continue flicking her clit, she came like a thunderbolt on my tongue, on the cock inside her, and almost bit off the cock of the guy on her left as she exploded into a wild mess of contracting body parts and screaming flesh upon the cock inside her.

I managed to keep lashing her clit until she physically collapsed onto my head, the cock inside her popping free as she fell forwards on to of my body, the cock in her mouth falling free as she began to breathe normally again on top of my body.

Slowly she peeled her body from me as I lay underneath her. I looked up and saw Terry standing there, his erect cock in his hand, a small video camera in the other. He was grinning, and his cock was stiff as a board, pointing at me.

“Fuck that was hot!” he said to Bel, as she looked up and saw him standing there filming the action.

Bel smiled and I was pleased our plan was working. She was glowing with confidence, but the night was young and there were several horny men with scrotums full of sperm still on the bed as she turned around and prepared to dive back in like a penguin chasing sardines.

Three minutes later, as I sat on the bed watching and touching when I felt the urge, Bel was again riding a cock. This time she was being fucked from behind, as she continued to suck the cock of the first guy she had ridden to her own orgasm. Watching my best friend get spit roasted on the bed next to me was fucking horny, and as the third guy came over to my side of the bed, I merely pushed his head down towards my bald beaver, indicating he should make use of the tongue god gave him and pleasure my clit as I voyeuristically enjoyed the threesome unfolding before me.

Just as the guy in Bel’s pussy announced he was going to cum, she spun around, sitting out the cock that was lodged in her throat, and jammed the already spurting member in her hungry mouth, gulping down the sperm as the owner grunted and groaned his way through what was clearly a mind blowing cum. His cock emptied his entire seed into my slutty friend as she gulped down his sperm, and as the man licking me pushed a finger into my own wet cunt, I too had an orgasm that was somewhat mind-blowing in proportions, my body wracked with the seizure like contractions only an orgasm or childbirth can bring on in a woman.

The guy who had been getting a blow job from Bel pushed her down onto her stomach, and before she could even attempt to assist, his cock was buried balls deep into her from behind. It was all too much for Terry, and he came over to the bed, kissed me on the lips, then knelt down before me and fed his rock hard cock into my pussy even as the guy licking me got out of the way and reached forward to suck Bel’s tits as she rolled sideways to offer them to him as the man behind her fucked her like a jackhammer.

The room resembled a roman orgy, and as my husband buried his seed into my cunt, way earlier than usual and way too early for my liking, the guy fucking Bel’s pussy pulled out and offered me his spurting cock. I was slightly disappointed by the flaccid cock being pulled from my cunt, and so I instinctively grabbed the spurting cock and jammed it in my throat, swallowing down a rather nice tasting load, licking my lips before grabbing the one guy that hadn’t cum yet, and positioned him on the floor below me.

I glanced across at Bel, but she appeared done for the moment. She was propped up on her elbows, and seemed content to watch me in action. I looked over to find Terry, and he was pointing a video camera at me, so I went to town and put on a performance worthy of an Oscar for fucking!

I took the younger of the three guys in my ass, and as he fucked my bum within an inch of my stomach, I came like a hurricane and ended up stuffing what was left of the head of his cock into my rectum as he came, demanding that he fill my bowels to the brink with his hot, white cum!

He obliged.

The next two hours were spent sucking, fucking, licking, swallowing, squirming, begging, cumming and fucking like no other time in my life.

A week later Bel was on the couch at our home. Terry was flicking the remote, and we were cuddling as we sipped champagne. I savoured Bel’s breasts in my hands as the screen came to life, and the ‘Ben Hur’ of fucking from the week earlier flickered into life.

“Thanks, you guys. It was just what I needed,” she said, her eyes glued to the screen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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