Before It’s Too Late Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I awoke before Rick the following morning and my body reminded me of everything I had done or had done to me. I slipped quietly out of bed and went into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I admired the fading red stripes on my thighs, my belly and across my tits. A shudder of excitement passed through me and I knew without a doubt that before we left Vegas, I wanted Rick to take me back to the dungeon. Not right away, there was so much more we both would want to see and do.

I slipped back into bed and moved head first towards Rick’s cock. I licked his hard morning wood, as he calls it, gently from the base to his bulbous head and back again eliciting a loud groan from Rick.

“Oh babe that feels so good. I’ll never tire of your mouth.”

Lifting my head to look in my husband’s sleepy eyes I said.

“I am so glad we never went to Hawaii last night. I was up earlier and I love the way the red stripes you gave me look, they made me so damn hot when I saw them today I had to come back to bed and find your magnificent cock. May I suck you Rick?”

“As long as you save some strength for tonight babe. I’d really like to see you filled everywhere tonight, all at once. I want to watch you cum hard.”

I wasn’t sure I was ready for that yet, but I knew Rick was right that we’d need to rest a bit today if we wanted to enjoy whatever pleasure we choose tonight.

“Just a nice little blow job to take the edge off baby. Then unless you need to taste my cunt, we can rest today and be ready for tonight.”

“Swing that sweet ass around and let me have my breakfast while you have yours.”

“Yes Sir.”

Rick eat me while I sucked him and while I’d like to tell you it went on for hours, it was a relatively quick orgasm for both of us. Rick swallowed a load from my cunt and I swallowed his cum.

We spent the day lounging by the pool, taking a walk outside in the heat of the day, then played a few slots. Soon it was time to have a quick bite of dinner then dress for night number two at the club.

That night I dressed in black. Black hose shoes and dress. The dress was short and so was the neckline. It was a lacy material and in the right light all of my ‘charms’ could be seen. I had no second thoughts as we once again crossed the lobby knowing some would be staring at us as we walked to the limo. Leaving the hotel we donned our blindfolds and the driver laughed and told us we had time yet, if we wished to see some of Vegas. I responded.

“We’re here for the action at the club, we can see Vegas anytime.”

In short order we were once again walking through the entrance and showing our passes. We went to the bar and had a drink then took them to a table and sat to enjoy them.

“Robin, how would you like to start the night off babe?”

I ‘d given it some thought and said.

“It may sound silly but I want to start every night with you Rick, and end every night with you too. So when we’re ready lets go to the one on one room first and see what happens. On our way let’s look about too, see what might look good for later.”

We ventured to the second floor and took our time. I once again stared at the room where all sorts of combinations were doing all sorts of things. No women had five guys like last night but a few were enjoying either a cock at each end or a DP with a cock in her ass and one in her pussy. I thought maybe later I’d take Rick in there and maybe find a girl or a guy and have a threesome. In my head I needed to warm up to a complete set of cocks.

Then we passed a room with all women, making love to one another or as a three some or in a chain of four or more, each eating anther cunt. When we came to the room where we started last night I pulled Rick to the door. As we stripped our selves naked I said to Rick.

“I’d like you to take my ass tonight, loosen it up. When the time comes for a threesome or the magic five cock shuffle, I want my ass a little worked out.”

“Then lets take a tube of lube in with us babe.”

I know we’re in a swinging fuck club but I still wanted the whole thing with Rick, a little kissing, a little oral stimulation and then penetration. So Rick and I found an open spot and wrapped our arms around each other and started to gently kiss one another. I suppose the fact we were naked, on display and in a room filled with the sounds of others fucking away our foreplay was not as in depth as it might have been in our bed back home. Soon Rick was coating his hard cock with lube and I was stuffing my own asshole with lube rather then waiting for Rick.

“Rick I want to sit on you tonight, take your cock in my ass riding on top of you.”

Rick lay down and stroked his lube coated hard cock as I stood with a leg to either side. I wanted to do this with no support and told him to keep his hands off. I wanted to just squat down, point his cock at my anus and let nature bring him inside me. If my legs gave out then I’d get a whole lot of cock a whole lot faster then planned. With my legs a bit forward of his groin so I could sit back on him I grabbed his staff and held it straight and aimed my anal opening a lowered myself. Once I felt secure he was aimed correctly I let go and put my hands behind my head so my ankara ucuz escortlar tits would jut out to Rick then slowly lowered my self onto his manhood. My thighs were trembling once his cock was maybe an inch or so in and the strain of going slow had me dripping profusely from my open cunt. I could see my cum pooling on Rick’s belly and felt the stirrings of an orgasm. All of this orgasming and tension was happening with only a couple of Rick’s hard inches buried in my ass. Tensing my thighs to allow me control I lowered my self till I could go no lower. Oh god I’d forgotten how good a hard cock can feel in my ass. I just had to sit there and let the feelings wash over me, it was unusual for me to orgasm with just anal penetration but damn it that’s what happened and I needed to ride it before I could ride my favorite cock. Rick was not idle his hands began to knead my tits as soon as I had him fully inserted.

In control and feeling better for enjoying that orgasmic rush I slowly stood up letting my cock slide almost out then I lowered myself back till I have all of that cock in me. Rick’s hands stayed on my tits, rubbing my nipples, pulling on them twisting them so slightly. I want to draw this out, take my time and really enjoy fucking my cock with my ass. It feels so damn good. I shake my chest as I ride his cock making my tits jiggle under Rick rough hands. Looking up I see a tiny petite red head staring at Rick and me. I smile at her and she comes over and says.

“That’s so beautiful, the way you’re riding him, his hands on your tits. May I kiss you while you enjoy that cock? My names Sandy.”

I looked at the cute blue-eyed red head and leaned over as she leaned into me and we kissed. It was a sloppy tongue twisting, saliva, producing kiss and I loved it. I don’t know how but she kept her lips glued to mine as I rocked up and down on Rick’s fat cock, I’d kept my arms behind my head all that time and wasn’t going to now use them to hold Sandy. I was moving fast but she kept up with me lingering with that kiss, so messy and yet so fucking sexy too. I wanted her, maybe next if she’d have me. I whipped my head away as my body exploded in orgasm as Rick unleashed a massive load of cum in my ass. I blubbered an apology and moving my arms down from behind me I took Sandy’s hand in mine and clasped it to my tit that Rick had abandoned when he came, not wanting her to leave till I could speak to her. My orgasm finally abated and Sandy’s hand was caressing my tit as I sat on Rick slowly shrinking cock, his cum oozing from my asshole all over his thighs.

“Sandy, I’m Robin and this stud is Rick, my husband. I’d like to make love to you Sandy just as soon as I clean up my man’s cock. Would you wait for me? Will you let me make love to you Sandy?”

“Robin, yes and yes! If you would allow me to help you clean up your man I would love to taste what he put in your ass.”

Still holding her hand I stepped off Rick. Sandy and I licked Rick’s cock, his thighs and his belly where so much of my pussy juice had pooled.

“Sandy, I want Rick to watch us. I want him to see me make love with you. I don’t want him to play with us now, but if you want to have him next or later that would be OK.”

“I’d like that Robin, both the alone time with a beautiful woman and then I would love to see that cock somewhere in me. If he can do half of what I saw on your face, it’s something I don’t want to miss.”

“Ladies, let me stand up and let you two have this mat. I’m in need of some water, I’ll be right back, don’t wait on me.”

We didn’t I had Sandy lie down on her back and spread her legs. I said.

“Sweetie I want to eat you and have you cum on my face then we can do each other or you can do me, but I really just want the pleasure of enjoying your body without distraction, do you mind?”

“Oh Robin that sounds delicious, as long as you let me have the same experience. If we are still needy then maybe the sixty-nine. I’m feeling what you’re feeling though I want to eat you and enjoy you without distraction.”

I knelt between Sandy’s spread legs and kissed my way up her thighs. I enjoyed her scent as I neared her cunt and when I looked up that pussy was open and already wet. I stuck out my tongue and softly licked her from her anus to her clit, not penetrating her hole, not doing more to her clitoris then grazing by it. I lapped her a few times like this then took her labia into my mouth one side at a time and sucked them and gently chewed on them. All the time I watched as her pussy opened and closed like a fish out of water, spewing her juices and watching them trickle down her ass crack. Teasing is fun and necessary but I can’t take it long and don’t expect any partner to do so either so I literally dove in. My tongue began to fuck her pussy and my hands massaged her ass and thighs. I lapped her juices and tweaked her clit. I pulled her labia with my teeth and let a finger enter her cunt and another tease her anus.

Sandy was a tasty woman. Her pussy produced sweet nectar and I couldn’t swallow enough of it. Her hips were twisting and rocking up and down and I started to concentrate on her clit, battering it with my tongue then sucking it into my mouth and holding it tight. ankara üniversiteli escortlar I hear her begging me and I am not ignoring her I know she needs a little more and when the time is right, when she’s ready to cum I let my thumb replace my finger and slide it into her ass and her whole body seems to lift off the mat and she screams my name. I can see her tits bouncing on her chest and her breathing is so rapid. I gently lick her cunt and let her ride that orgasm. When I feel her squirm I know her cunt is sore and needs some time. I crawl up over her hips, and kiss each of her nipples before I plant my face on hers and kiss her deeply. I break the kiss and whisper in her ear.

“Oh Baby you are one tasty cunt. Did I do good? I don’t often have the pleasure of a sexy woman. I hope you’re pleased with me!”

“Robin you were born to do this. I’ve had many women in my life and never was it better then this. When I get a little strength back I’d sure love to taste that pussy of yours.”

I cuddle with Sandy and kiss her repeatedly as her body recovers and all too soon that warm sweet sexy body crawled down and got between my legs. Her approach was different she went in hard and sucked my clit hard then bit my labia before tongue fucking my pussy. Just as she had me ready to roar, she’d back off to sweet licks and soft kisses. When I relaxed into that softness she’d ramp it up again this time sucking and tongue fucking my asshole, while pumping two fingers in and out of my cunt, twisting them and rubbing my clit with her palm. No sooner was I ready to ride the wave she flattened the ocean and again made love to my pussy and ass with soft, gentle touches and kisses. She had me on a roller coaster and just as I was about to beg her to make me cum she lifted her wet fact up and said.

“Get ready! Here you cum”

Oh and did she come at me, tooth and nail if you will. Wild and wantonly she ate my soppy cunt, using fingers and tongue in both my holes. Never gentle but forceful, in charge and my body succumbed and I screamed loudly as a massive orgasm ripped through me leaving me breathless.

She moved up and we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed each other softly, letting me come down gently. I looked up and saw Rick beaming at us with a cup of water for each of us. We sat up and thanked him while sipping the cool water. I looked over and Sandy had her eyes glued to Rick re-energized cock. I giggled and said.

“Hey if you two are ready, there is nothing I’d like more then to see you and Rick together.”

The nodded in unison and Rick asked.

“Tell me what you want Sandy and how you want it.”

“I’d like to taste that hard tool of yours for a bit and then I want you to make me your bitch, take me from behind, ass or pussy, your choice. Take me and make me yours.”

I giggled and stood up then looking about and seeing a man alone I said.

“Rick while you’re busy making Sandy your bitch I’m going to see if that cock over there might like to visit my pussy.”

Rick looked up and nodded as Sandy was taking him in her mouth. I caught the man’s attention and waved him over, then got on my knees and looked up and asked him.

“I’d like you to fuck me but first do you mind if I taste a little bit?”

“I’ve been watching you over here and was thinking about how nice it would be. My name Bill and taste all you want, just leave me hard so I can fill that pretty pussy.”

Smiling I took his cock in my mouth relishing the differences between him and Rick. Similar size cocks but his was just a little slimmer and fit easily into my mouth. Some might say that a cock is a cock but there are differenced in texture, taste and of course size, but what I noticed is how uneven the surface of his cock was, the veins and arteries were more pronounced and his cock head more pointed. As my mouth made the comparisons my mind led me to imagine how that cock was going to feel inside me. I was sure it was a better cock for my ass, but I wasn’t in the mood so soon after just using my ass with Rick. I did managed to catch a glimpse or two of Sandy and Rick and she was on her knees and elbows as Rick plowed into her from behind, making her his bitch just like she asked. It looked so good I said to Bill.

” I’d like it if you rode me doggy style, I want to feel all of this wonderful cock stretch my pussy.”

I pulled off his cock and assumed the position on my knees and elbows and swung my ass back and forth calling for Bills cock. He was rubbing the head of his cock through my slit when the rumbling of an orgasm first started to rear itself inside me, and when he slid in that orgasm began to take shape. Bill was pounding me now and taking me deep and it felt so damn good I moaned in appreciation and in need. I was pushing my ass back into Bill as he thrust forward and could not help but see compare this image of me with the dutiful wife back home. That contrast was so sharp and yet so similar. I loved to have Rick fuck me and I was being fucked. It was a strange cock for me and that and the public aspect of this club were the differences.

That orgasm was now on the verge of consuming me and I felt Bill quicken his stroke and knew that when his ankara vip escortlar sperm blasted into me that I would release my own cum. Bill drove in and out quick now and yet hard and deep. I was babbling incoherently as I felt him stiffen and then that first spasm followed by a torrent of hot sperm splashing the walls of my cunt sent me over the edge. Successive eruptions of his cock sent fresh waves of pleasure through me. My own pussy was gushing my release over his cock as he held it deep inside me as he finished releasing his load. A satisfied grunt escaped my lips and my body quietly slipped down onto the mat leaving Bill’s withering cock.

The nice thing about this club is the ability to just walk away, or in this case Bill walked away allowing me to bask in the aftermath and enjoy the ripples of pleasure that swept through me. I lifted an eye to where I’d last seen Rick and Sandy and like me she was flat on the mat, cum oozing from between her splayed legs. I felt Bill’s ejaculate trickling from my hole as well. I only wondered if Sandy was smiling as much as I was.

“Hey babe, when you feel up to it how about a little stroll and see what other fun is in store for us. By the was Sandy is here by herself so if you want to keep her with us, that’s fine with me.”

I rolled over and looked at the man I love more then anything in the world. We were giving each other a gift this week and I wanted him to know how much pleasure I had giving and being given this gift. I waved him down to me and kissed him deeply then put my mouth close to his ear and said.

“Thanks for all of this, thanks for doing this and letting me do this. I am so grateful that you are my husband.”

“Rick whispered back. I feel the same gratitude babe. I see the joy on your face as we ride here and the joy is still there when you snuggle up to me when we leave. Now let’s get off that ass of yours and see what you want to do with Sandy who by the way has a nice tight cunt, well maybe not so tight as it was…”

I laughed as his attempt at glorifying his manhood and stood up and hugged him. For some unknown reason I saw Sandy had some of the same submissive traits that I had with Rick and called out to her.

“Sandy! You little slut get off your ass and come along with us and lets find some more fun.”

She rolled over slowly and grinned as she got to her feet, still a little unsteady and gingerly came to us. The three of us walked naked now, we would not need our clothes till we left. We neared the room for women only and know Rick would need some time to recover I asked him.

“Rick, you’re walking with two dirty cunts all stuffed with cum. I’d like to take Sandy in this room and clean each other out, maybe let a few of the other women join us, but I need you to watch baby, watch your wife eat pussy and be eaten. Just knock on the glass when you want us back. OK?”

“I’d love to watch you and Sandy too. Go on, I’ll give you time to enjoy, but you’d both better be ready for me when I knock.”

I took Sandy’s hand and together we entered a room with about twenty women. All gorgeous in their own way and proud of their bodies. A number of men were with Rick at the window obviously most of them were enjoying seeing their partners with other women. I took Sandy to a mat and we did the old sixty-nine. I enjoyed her pussy and my husbands cum and she ravished my cunt sucking out Bill’s copious cum. Soon I felt a hand touch me and another woman joined us, she gently moved me from Sandy’s sweet cunt and put her own mouth on it, then positioned herself so I could eat her. Another pussy to taste and I enjoyed her, a much muskier taste not as sweet as Sandy but no less enjoyable. Her clit was sensitive and large and as I sucked it into my mouth it reminded me of a very small cock. When she came on my face I let go and licked her pussy enjoying the fullness of her flavor in her cum. Another woman came over and now the four of us were in a chain, this woman replace Sandy’s vigorous tongue on my cunt, and placed her own puss in Sandy’s face.

I came a few times while we were in that room and was cuming again when I heard the rapping on the glass. All of us looked over, as that must have been a common signal. I saw that Rick and another man were knocking so I disengaged myself and grabbed Sandy’s hand and said.

“There is a nice cock outside that I like you and I to suck together.”

So that’s how I entered the group room, with Sandy and Rick. While we shared Rick two men came over and knelt behind Sandy and I and slipped their hard and ready cocks into my pussy and either Sandy’s puss or ass I could not see. Meanwhile we both took turns sucking Rick’s cock, at time we each licked a side and met at the top and kissed each other then kissed his cock head. When I took Rick fully into my mouth I realized that this was the firs time I had a cock in my mouth and another in my puss. It felt amazing and I resisted letting Sandy have his cock. I did though because I knew she needed to have the same feeling I did. When Rick came in Sandy’s mouth I was sad that I didn’t have that pleasure but just as I thought that the man in my pussy exploded inside me and I was engulfed in a major orgasm. I almost resisted Sandy when she leaned over to kiss me, her own body raked with orgasm. As I kissed her she opened her mouth and surprised me with most of Rick ejaculate still held in her mouth. We shared that cum and both of us came again even though the cocks had already shrunk and dropped from our holes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32