Beer for Breakfast

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Two months into my second year of college, I was sharing an apartment with three other girls. There were two to a bedroom, each of us with single beds. I was a week away from turning nineteen.

Saturday morning I was roused from out of my sleep by knocking at the door. My roommates were off somewhere and there stood two guys, about my age, looking for one of them. I was still in my sleep ware; an oversized tee shirt and worn out baggy shorts, of course no bra or panties.

Not to brag – to much – but I was at a cute perky stage of life. My A cup breasts stood tall, and my seemingly always erect nipples pointed the way towards adventure. I had, and still have, a killer ass and have been told by many that I’m a great fuck. Of course, that was from guys who had been fucking me, so their opinions may just have been a bit biased.

The two unexpected guests carried in a case of cheap beer, and a couple of joints. Guess what was for breakfast! Now I do admit to being a flirt, and enjoy male attention. My small breasts, with their hard nipples, and the fact that I was sitting crossed-legged in baggy shorts, drew lingering, but welcome stares. My virginity had vacated the premises years before and I was well aware of what I was doing.

It wasn’t long before we had run out of smoke. Sal decided to go out and score some more to keep our little flirt party going. His plan canlı bahis was to just walk the streets and ask until he found someone who would sell him some. After all this was a college town. The door no sooner closed than I found myself kissing Jim, which felt so very good.

Jim’s hands met no resistance. My thin tee shirt was no barrier to the attention my tits so badly yearned for by that time. His mouth on my nipples almost had me cumming on the living room floor. I urged him to my single bed. My tee shirt only half off, I led the way by clutching at his swollen jean encased cock. We tumbled onto my unmade bed with me on my back, Jim half on top of my sprawled body.

His finger found it’s way to my now soaking wet pussy, lifting my hips, his finger reached deep inside of me. Enough can’t be said about the joy of feeling a finger, or fingers, skillfully probing inside an eager, willing pussy. This bit of foreplay is too often given minor attention in the urgent hast to fuck.

There was the usual confusion and clumsiness as my shorts hit the floor. Jim’s pants followed. My tee was pushed up over my shoulders, almost covering my face. I reached down and eagerly guided a very hard cock to the right place. A moan escaped my lips as he pushed into me. With my feet flat on the bed and my knees bent, I gave Jim all the space he needed. He quickly filled the void. That amazing bahis siteleri feeling of being filled by the heat of another person evoked moans of lust from both of us.

Jim and I bounced our heated bodies against one another, unaware of our surroundings. Than, for some reason, I opened my eyes. Sal was sitting next to the bed watching in silence, as Jim and I fucked. Jim’s head was buried in my shoulder, giving me a clear view of Sal’s eyes. His dark brown eyes roved from my face, traveling down to my cock filled pussy. Almost the moment our eyes met, I climaxed. It felt so surreal, to be watched like that. My climaxes were like waves, as though transporting me to a different time and place.

At some point Sal shed his clothes. His cock pulsed with the beating of his heart, but his eyes never left my body, and in a way, my soul. He just sat watching. Jim pushed my legs up higher; my willing body almost folded in half. Jim too was looking down as his cock disappeared into the girl he had just met. Sal’s eyes still burned into me, reaching deep inside and fanning the fires of lust higher than I had ever experienced. Jim’s fucking of my body became a backdrop to the ravishing of my mind, as Sal’s eyes explored all of me.

Jim came with a groan. His cum felt like white heat bathing my insides. He continued to make small fucking motions. His now soft cock slipped out of my bahis şirketleri well lubricated, cum filled pussy. I still watched Sal, as he quietly replaced Jim between my still spread legs. I raised my knees to welcome him.

Sal entered me in one smooth motion, as our bodies meshed, he kissed me, setting loose a new avalanche of climaxes. We fucked slowly at first, with long deep strokes, my body shaking in deep lust and craving even more. Jim stood watching, but it didn’t have the same effect on me as when Sal watched. I did watch Jim’s cock begin to harden, just a little, as he watched Sal and I. I liked that.

At some point our fucking became more frantic, as Sal felt the pressure building towards his eventual release. I banged my hips up, matching his pounding, blow for blow. The sounds of bodies slapping, along with our panting, filled the room. His climax caught me by surprise. My hips continued to fuck Sal’s cum spewing cock. Sal stayed deep inside of me. For the second time that morning I was full of cum.

Jim moved towards my head, a semi hard cock aiming at my mouth, as Sal rolled off of me. My mouth was willing and ready.

Then I heard one of them utter “Oh shit!”

Both guys grabbed their clothes as they realized that my roommates were in the parking lot. The door slammed behind them, leaving me alone in my single bed.

I had been totally and well fucked! The combined cum of two men oozed out of me creating an ever expanding wet spot; soaking my sheets. As I listened to the sounds of people greeting each other, I hoped my roommate wouldn’t come in to say hello.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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