Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 09

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Big Boobs

The next day, Jack and I had a lunch date with his sister and her husband. Steve and Diane had been trying to get her pregnant for four years, and in the last 2 years they had undergone a series of fertility and IVF treatments. So far, no luck, and Jack had told me that they were beginning to consider finding a surrogate to carry a baby for them. Jack and I had discussed it,and we invited them to lunch to offer my services as their surrogate.

Over the 14 months we’d been involved, my relationship with Jack had deepened. From the beginning, we had recognized that we shared a passion for fattening me up and turning me into a plump milk cow, constantly horny for Jack’s attention to my milk-filled tits and my wet pussy. We had succeeded in that goal, and during the last year, we’d realized that we were suited to each other in so many other ways; we were now deeply in both lust and love. Jack asked me to marry him, and I accepted, and we were also going to announce our engagement at lunch, before making our offer.

We met at a chic restaurant in downtown Washington. Jack and I arrived first and were seated immediately at a private booth perfect for 4. We were still glowing from the previous evening. Jack’s proposal had surprised me: though I had thought that we might be headed in that direction, I had not expected it so soon. I’m not one of those women who had always fantasized about my wedding, and Jack’s choreography of the evening had not given away his intentions.

We were also glowing from the hot sex we’d had that morning; after my late morning milking, Jack impaled me on his cock and I rode him to a second orgasm for each of us, My first orgasm of the morning came from Jack’s mouth on my tits and a vibrator in my ass, after which he substituted his hard, throbbing penis for the toy and pounded me until he was spent. Sitting in the restaurant, I still felt deliciously wanton, and I could feel my asshole was still slightly tender from Jack’s fierce attentions. I liked it.

When Diane and Steve were shown to our table, I again thought how much I liked both of them. Diane was Jack’s older sister, and she was as petite as Jack was tall and muscular. I always felt slightly ungainly next to Diane; at 5’7″ and very curvy, I felt like I could make two of Diane’s almost boyish 5’0″ frame. Steve was built much like Jack–I had always particularly admired his great smile and his nice ass. Not quite as nice as Jack’s, but still….

We hugged hello, and slid into our seats, couples facing each other. Sharp-eyed Diane immediately spotted my new engagement ring and squealed “Oh my god! Are you getting married? When??”

Jack grinned, and put his arm around me. “She just agreed last night, and we haven’t worked out the details yet, but yep, we’re going to tie the knot. I can’t believe she’s crazy enough to put up with me,” he said, pulling me to him, “but apparently she is. I’m a lucky guy.”

I nestled escort ankara into Jack’s side. “I think I’m the lucky one,” I smiled, feeling suddenly very traditionally female.

Our server came and offered us drinks. “This calls for champagne!” Steve said. “Welcome to the family.”

We ordered our meals, and then the champagne arrived and Diane and Steve toasted our happiness. We chattered at each other for awhile, and the conversation came around to Diane and Steve’s lives. The inevitable topic of trying to make a baby arose shortly after our meals were served. Diane immediately lost her smile. “I think we’re going to try one more time and then look for some help..maybe a surrogate. The doctor still doesn’t know why it hasn’t worked, but it hasn’t and we really want to start a family.”

Jack and I looked at you. I reached across the table and took Diane’s hand. “I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. You’d make amazing parents and I know you’re going to have a chance.”

Jack chimed in, “When you told me last week about maybe looking for a surrogate, I told Suzanne what was going on. Would you consider having a surrogate in the family?”

Puzzled, Diane and Steve looked at us. “What do you mean?” Diane asked.

“I’d be honored to carry a baby for you, if you’d be willing,” I responded, smiling. “It would be like a practice run for us, and I’d be honored to help. You have both become such good friends, and now you’re going to be family.”

Stil a bit in shock, Diane and Steve looked at each other and seemed to communicate silently. “That is the most generous thing anyone has ever offered,” Steve said. “I think we’re going to try one more time, but after that, yes!”

Much hugging ensued. We all had much to celebrate. We’d fine tune things later. Right now we needed to finish lunch and toast our possible joint venture.

After a rather long lunch with two bottles of champagne, Jack and I headed home happily. “So have you thought about when you want to get married?” Jack inquired, as we walked toward his apartment building. “I’m ready whenever you are, you know.”

“Actually I do have some thoughts about that,” I responded, leaning into Jack’s side as we walked into the building. “Let’s slip into something more comfortable and discuss it.”

‘Something more comfortable’ for me was a short black silk maternity gown that showed off my cleavage and plump belly. Jack particularly liked this gown on me; he liked how it accentuated my roundness. He changed into a T-shirt and shorts, and we cuddled on the sofa. Jack put his arm around me, and I leaned back, allowing Jack to cup and massage my breast. “So, tell me what you have in mind,” he smiled, fondling and pulling at my nipple.

“I don’t think I ever told you, but when I was eight, I was a junior bridesmaid in my aunt Jessica’s wedding,” I started. “She’s always been my favorite aunt–you’ll like her when you meet her. Anyway, escort mersin when she got pregnant, she and Eric decided to get married. They’d been together for 4 years, and so it wasn’t really a shotgun wedding. In fact, she was already six months gone when the wedding took place; they weren’t trying to hide anything, and Jessica really wanted the time to plan a traditional wedding with all the trimmings. The only thing they didn’t count on was twins. So by the day of the wedding, Jessica was enormous and growing more so each day. At eight years old, I was not such a little girl, and my mother had explained the birds and the bees to me, so I knew, sort of, what was up. Everybody was really excited about the twins coming, and how big Jess was getting and joking about her fitting into her wedding dress. I think they waited until the last minute to alter it to fit her increasingly huge belly. I was fascinated–Jess was so elegant, and I had never been in a wedding before. All the bridesmaids stood in the front of the chuch as Jess walked up the aisle, and I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen–she was so big that her belly preceded her as she walked. I looked at Eric, and he was looking at her like he’d never seen someone so wonderful. When she stood next to Eric in front of the minister, I got a close view of her swollen belly swathed in white silk, and I felt..kind of tingly. At the reception, Eric couldn’t keep his hands off of Jess’s belly; he kept stroking it when they stood together, and when they danced, her belly made it difficult to dance too close. I remember that they were both laughing as they tried to waltz.”

“Anyway, from then on, I always wanted to be a pregnant bride. I knew it was a little weird, but as I got older, I realized that the idea really turned me on. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to plan on a wedding after I get pregnant.” I looked up at Jack, who has been attentively stroking my tits and belly as I told my story.

“Your wish is my command,” Jack smiled. “I can’t imagine anything more beautiful. What happened to Jess?”

“Oh, she and Eric live in Oregon. The had the twins, and then three other kids. We email sometimes, but I’d love to see her again. I hope they can come to our wedding. She’s a nurse-midwife, and Eric is an architect.”

Jack kissed me deeply, and I pressed against him. I could feel my heavy breasts beginning to ache for attention as my pussy dampened from his kiss. I stroked his hard cock through his shorts. “Let’s go talk about this some more in the bedroom and see what comes up,” I smiled, kissing Jack back.

The next several weeks were a very busy time for both of us. Jack was working long hours, but he was at least in town, so our evenings were passionately and playfully sex-filled. I was also busy with my work and milking–plus, I went to see my doctor about the possibility of becoming Diane’s surrogate. I wanted to know what izle was involved just in case it became a reality. Dr. Rashid had been my gynecologist for the past year, and I had chosen her partly on the recommendation of the local ANR chatroom. She was friendly to those of us who were into erotic lactation. I liked and respected her abilities, and I hoped that she would coach me through my next journey.

Dr. Rashid gave me the run down on what I’d experience should I actually become a surrogate. Hormone treatments were the main thing. She also suggested that I lose a bit of weight so I’d be in fighting shape should we embark on this venture. As long as I kept up my milking, that wouldn’t be a problem: if I cut back my food intake to a normal level, I would lose weight. Jack made sure I ate enough to maintain my plump figure, and we often joked that I was eating for two. It would be several months before we knew if my services as a broodmare would be needed, however, so there was no hurry to change my eating habits. I was glad, as I had come to crave the feeling of fullness I had after one of our feeding sessions. The trade off would be worth it, however, if my services were needed.

One one hand,I actually hoped that Diane would be able to become pregnant: I liked her so much, and knew that this was a deep desire. I also thought that she’d look amazingly sexy with a huge belly on her tiny frame. Whatever happened, I knew Jack was looking forward to having me knocked up–either with his baby or someone else’s. My pussy tingled at the thought.

When I got back to the condo from the doctor’s appointment, Jack was home–at 4 in the afternoon, this was unexpected. He met me at the door, pulled me tight and kissed me. I could feel him smiling, so I knew there wasn’t a problem, but still..”What’s up?” I asked, pulling back to look at him.

“I’ve been thinking that it’s time for us to take a vacation before life gets any more crowded. I’ve just finished up the project I’ve been working on, and have a bunch of vacation time coming to me. What’s your schedule look like for the next couple of months?”

I thought for a moment, gauging my workload. I’d been working hard for several months on a couple of complicated legal research projects, but those were coming to an end, and I didn’t have anything too pressing for the next 6 weeks or so. I’d done quite a bit of research ahead of the next deadlines, so I was ahead of the game for once. “After next week, I’m pretty clear for a month or so. What do you have in mind?”

“It’s a surprise, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it,” Jack smiled mysteriously. “I’ll take care of all of your packing and other details and all you have to do is be ready to go a week from this Friday. Do you think you can manage that?”

Jack’s secrecy had me intrigued, but I knew from experience that he wasn’t going to tell me what the plan was until he was ready to. My natural curiosity would just have to settle down. Plus, it was a bit arousing to have Jack take control. “Oh, yes, please,” I answered, pressing against him and stretching up to kiss him. I couldn’t wait to find out what adventure Jack had arranged.

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