Beach Buff

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Summer at last, a day at the beach, you bloody beauty, but hang on, I suppose some sort of intro is necessary I guess – my name is Devlin Watergate, I’m 46, widowed, I have a 22 year old daughter who is the spitting image of her mother, presently overseas working for the Australian High Commission. She comes home occasionally which rather cramps my style a little, but having her home makes up for that. I am also Bi, not into mm anal –at least not yet, but then who knows, in the middle of some hot and steamy….well I guess anything is possible. Now where was I, ah yes, Bi, fit, and, I suppose not totally unattractive to the ladies. I also have some bad habits, I have and aversion to body hair and therefore don’t have any, all removed permanently prior to my bride’s demise. She shared this little aversion of mine incidentally, however if I start thinking about her I shall probably get quite maudlin and start crying or something, again.

Anyway, yes, no body hair at all, none, nowhere, zip. Also have a thing for mild pain when applied in a sexual setting, leather toys, cock rings, and now we get really down to it, I love to wear sexy panties, the panties I wear all belonged to my lady, and she had exquisite taste when it came to lingerie, also can get into wet sex.

So there we go, you have on your hands a certified kinky nutter. Oh, did I mention I am, more through good luck than good management quite wealthy, meaning don’t have to work, don’t have too and probably never will. AND I love to cook. So there you have it – not a kinky nutter at all, instead a mildly eccentric chappy who has an identity crisis. Isn’t wealth a wonderful thing?

Now, where was I, ahh, yes a day at the beach, don’t you just fucking hate winter?

It was a beautiful day for the beach, clear sunny day with just a zephyr of a breeze to keep it pleasant and not too hot.

I’d arrived early in the hope I would get my favourite spot, and walked the mile and a half up the beach from the carpark. As soon as I’d crossed into the “Clothes Optional” area I stripped off. I did consider leaving lacy and sheer pink G-string on but there were some families a little further along and children don’t need to be exposed to these little deviations. However I did not remove my personal jewellery, the thick white gold band that adorned the base of my cock and balls and the smaller bands that circled the base of my cock and the other around the top of my balls, (hence my net nick – 3 rings), there were lots of people on the beach wearing body jewellery, male and female so really it was unremarkable and most people just accepted it.

I was in luck, my little spot was vacant, it was a sort of saucer in the dunes with a clump of pandanus palms in the middle and over a couple of years I’d dragged up various bits of driftwood from the beach, so there was a rather nice little oasis, shade, seating and places to lay in either sun or shade. I had never had a visitor into my little spot, so no casual sex, unfortunately. Although I had jacked off many times while watching a fuck-flick on my portable DVD player, or just for the hell of it, spraying cum all over myself or into the panties I was wearing and then let it dry on my skin.

Mind you, I was always hopeful that some sexy and deviate young lady, with or without her boyfriend would stumble into my little nook. Well, you can live in hope.

I stood and peered over the top of the small dune that separated my spot from the beach as I rubbed tanning lotion on my shoulders and arms. There were not all that many people on the beach at the moment, a couple of nudist family groups a few hundred yards further up the beach, and there was a couple coming up the beach from the carpark end. They were a little unusual, in that they were both clothed, you never saw dressed people this far up the beach, and he was walking with her but perhaps half a metre behind her, she also appeared to be carrying some sort of reed or something. I moved further up the dune for a closer look. She was wearing a strappy summer dress that swished around her legs in the breeze and as she walked, and he wore a pair of white shorts. I was fairly well up the dune and was visible to my knees I supposed, so when she turned her head towards the dunes she would have seen me in all my naked glory, rings and all. She said something over her shoulder to her partner and then continued past me and up the beach. I stepped back down from the dune and lay out in the sun tanning my front, I could feel the sun warming my rings, it was quiet sensuous really.

After half an hour I moved into the shade and had a drink of water and then stretched out again on my stomach. The back of my legs and arse were in the sun but my back would have to wait for the solarium, or until I could find someone to put lotion on my back. I had just settled when I heard, “Hello, Would you have any water at all, we rather foolishly didn’t bring any with us.” A woman’s voice inquired. By the time I’d rolled over and sat up the woman and here bets10 partner I watched earlier were standing on the rim of the dune, they were still dressed, and I felt a little self conscious, specially when I saw the panties I’d been wearing earlier sitting out in plain view on top of my Backpack.

” Aahh, yes I do,” I stammered, ” You’ll have to excuse my present state, I wasn’t really expecting visitors.” For some strange reason I really was getting embarrassed – me, blushing.

“No, it is us who should be apologising, for imposing on you without warning, it really is up to David and I to improve this situation, David, lose the shorts,” she said in a surprisingly stern voice. “Oh,” I thought, “this could get interesting”, and then I got the surprise of my life.

David, had indeed lost his shorts and was standing in not six feet from me in lacy pink boy leg panties, the front panel sheer and his hardening cock clearly visible. There was a swish and the bamboo reed that his lady friend was carrying suddenly lashed across the underside of his pantie-covered cock, he was instantly rockhard.

“David,” another swish, another welt on the underside of his cock, he didn’t even flinch. “I’m finding this dress restrictive and its embarrassing me being the only person dressed,” she said in a less commanding tone this time. He lent forward and pulled the strings that held her sun dress up, she wriggled and it fell to her hips, exposing her perfect, pink tipped tits, each nipple pierced with a thin gold ring, a fine gold chain linked her nipple rings while another gold chain hung suspended from the middle of the linking chain. She wriggled her hips a few times and the dress fell in a pool about her feet, leaving her standing in a pair of panties matching David’s except that they were of the palest blue, the gold chin lay against her hair-free mound and snaked into the delicate cleft between her legs.

“That’s much better, don’t you think, Oh, my name is Dianna, or Di, which ever and this as you’ve probably guessed is David, he’s my husband and toy, do you think we should take our panties off too, I think so, David, mine first and then you can take yours off and keep your hands off your cock.” She rambled, evidently a little embarrassed as well, she had suddenly taken the situation from almost normal to an environment that just reeked of sexual tension.

To try and diffuse the situation somewhat, I stood quite unconcerned about my nudity cock rings and discarded panties. Retrieving my water bottle from the backpack I passed it to her, “Devlin is my name and it really is nice to meet you both, it seems you both have about as many inhibitions, which are very few and kinks, of which I have many, as I do,” I said as she took a long suck from the bottle before passing it on to David. ” Did you wear your panties up the beach?” she asked.

I explained that I hadn’t and just stripped off when I reached the optional area.

She sat opposite me on a large smooth piece of driftwood with David sitting on his haunches at her feet, he knees primly together, although her nipples were in the same state as David’s dick. From excitement of from the soft breeze caressing our skins I did not know.

Dianne, seemed more relaxed now and even a little subdued, “I really am sorry to come barging in on you like that, and then carrying on like a demented Dom bitch. I saw you when we came up the beach and the sun was glinting from your rings, and I really wanted a closer look and David was getting excited too, I sort of assumed you were gay or at the very least Bi, and just maybe you might be interested in us as friends when you saw that we were a tad kinky, I guess I went a bit over the top,”

she finished softly.

” Not at all,” I replied, “Although I must admit you gave me a few shocks to start with, but I do appreciate your honesty and candour.” I stood again so they could both see my now almost fully erect, the rings glinting in the dappled sunlight. “Yes I am Bi, and quite kinky as I said and I really am pleased that you wandered into my little nest, I tend to a more dom than sub, but if you like I can be, can David show me his cock Di, he seems to have softened a little, maybe a switch across my arse will encourage me to make him hard for you again, and I would dearly love to know where your chain goes.”

” My turn to speak I think, I’m not a total sub,” said David unexpectedly, “Di is only dom when we don’t have someone to be our master, but it would be nice to have another guy be sub with me for a while, she does like to be a bossy bitch at times, and I think she would love to have two cocks to boss around wouldn’t you my darling,” he finished.

“It would be fun, I guess,” she replied, “and as to my chain….” She opened her legs slowly and brought her hands down whispering over her tight belly, I could see her erect clit poking through, it was clearly quite large, her fingers separated the smooth lips of her cunt, and I could see the chain connecting to a thicker bets10 giriş gold ring piecing her clit, it was easily fifteen millimetres long but slimmish, a perfect replica of an erect penis. I’d seen pierced clits before, but there was another chain, she lent back, her thighs splayed wide so I could see the chain as it lay between her pussy lips and disappeared into her seductive little butt hole. ” I have a metal egg in my arse,” she explained, “it’s weighted and moves as you walk, it’s fucking hot,” she finished.

“I can imagine.” I said, making a mental note to visit my favourite adult store and get one or two very soon. “Now, about David’s flagging confidence,” I grinned.

“Oh, I think my pussy is desperately in need of a rough tongue to lick up all the juice I’m dribbling. David, lay down between my legs so you can suck Devlin’s cock while he licks me,” Di said, once again taking a dominant role. I wasn’t too disappointed, her pussy really was dribbling a semi transparent cream that, when I tasted it was almost sweet, I licked away as much as I could as David sucked my cock into his mouth. “God, he was good, his tongue lashing the head of my cock, a steady sucking pressure as he fucked my cock with his mouth, I could feel the pressure building in my balls already, the bands restricting my cock and balls helping to prevent me cumming to quickly to his relentless mouth-rape of my cock. Di pushed against the back of my head and wriggled, I n\knew what she wanted, this little bitch like a little pain as well, I bit down on her erect clit, holding it between my teeth , I shook my head and pulled away from her till her hand stopped my head, but she was getting close, I could feel the shiver in her thighs as I shoved the tip of my tongue into the tiny opening of her pee-hole. She bucked against my face as David also attacked my piss-hole with the tip of his tongue before swallowing the head of my cock and beginning to milk the head of my cock with his throat, I began fucking his mouth as I shot bolt after bold of cum down his throat, I could feel my cum boiling out the corners of his mouth as Di sort of yelped and came hard against my mouth.

We stayed locked in this rather obscene tangle for a minute, until I rolled away,

“Devlin, suck his fucking cock now I want to see hot fucking cum spurting from his cock head.” Di commanded. As he stood I knelt in front of him and took his cool hard cock between my lips, Di was embracing him , kissing him licking drops of my cum from his mouth and chest. I sucked him furiously, I was certainly not as talented as him – yet. I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and pulled them down twisting them painfully, he enjoyed that, I felt him buck and then pull back, I sat back on my heels, his cock inches from my open mouth as he began to stroke his cock faster and faster, Di watched, unconsciously licking her lips as he began to cum, spraying thick wads of cum into my mouth on my face and chest, I knelt forward again to suck the last dribbles from the head of his cock. Di knelt beside me licking away David’s cum from my face and chest.

Di began to kiss me deeply, her tongue searching my mouth for the last traces of David’s cum.

“I think you two need a hose down,” said David standing over us, his semi erect cock in his hand, he began to pee his stream hit first my cheek and then Di’s open mouth she swallowed and then turned back to me kissing me again, open-mouth as David’ hot salty piss splashed against our lips and into our mouths. Di pulled my hand between her legs and then I felt her stream splash forcefully against it, I twiddled her pussy lips and cunt with my fingers, playing in her stream as she emptied her bladder.

Knowing what was next she grabbed my cock and aimed the sudden stream between her pussy lips, our joined stream cascading over my hand and hers.

Again we rocked back, “I think its time for a swim,” I said jumping to my feet, I pulled them both to their feet we tore up and over the dunes and across the beach, hand in hand, Di between David and I, naked and carefree as children our bodies glistening wet with pee and cum. We dove into the cooling waves, our initial lust temporarily sated. There would be more, of that I was certain.

We returned to our little oasis, sitting in the sun to dry, sipping water.

David explained that they had been married for twenty years and had twin children a boy and girl who were just 18. They had began experimenting with sex after Di found him jacking off to a porno while wearing a pair of her panties, rather than rant and rave she had just joined in, stripping off to her panties and frigging herself till David came all over her bare pussy. They had both realised that they also hated pubic hair and had had it permanently removed early in their relationship. This was the first time that Di had asserted herself, telling David that he was very naughty to mess up her panties like that, and demanded that he lick all his cum from her sticky fingers and cunt. bets10 güvenilir mi He surprised her by doing exactly that, and when he finished cleaning her he admitted that when ever he jacked-off he always ate his cum and had always wanted to lick her clean after they had fucked but was scared he’d alienate her. He then admitted that he though t he might be Bi because he’d started dreaming and fantasising about sucking cock and swallowing cum.

“I burst out laughing, poor boy was shocked until I explained that I was really happy he was bi, because I was too, although I hadn’t tasted pussy since we had got engaged.” added Di. “And still haven’t,” She complained, I think we need to fix that.”

David continued,” We then started getting more and more erotic and hard core movies, even getting some from Overseas, also we started chatting and camming with other couples on the net, cybering and stuff, but we like where we are now, Bi, a little pain and things, we really don’t see or feel the need to get into the really yucky stuff, we feel that if we like it and nobody gets hurt then we do it.” He finished..

“Hear, hear,” I agreed.

Di was sitting between us, idly toying with her nipples and occasionally dipping a couple of fingers between her legs and then lifting them to her mouth as she cleaned them of her nectar. “What’s the chance of me getting my cunt and arse stuffed full of cock about now” she asked rather kittenishly.

I looked at my semi erect cock and the thought of forcing it up her cute butt hole or dribbling cunt soon had me hard again. I looked at David, taking my first real look at his hardening cock, he was uncut, his cock head beginning to poke through his foreskin, he looked to be about 7 or maybe even 8 inches long, longer than mine at any rate, although not as thick, but impressive all the same, and like mine his hardened meat was a very pleasant sight with his hairless balls hanging heavily between her legs.

“Well mate,” he asked, “Cunt or arse?

I took his cock in my hand and jacked him slowly,”Cunt I think this looks like a proper butt fucker to me” I said.

“Fine with me, I love feeling Di slide her arse down on my cock, hey babe? He replied lying down in the cool sand.

” Oh yes,” she breathed heavily as she straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock, she stopped as his cockhead nudged her arsehole, she wriggled slightly to seat the head of his cock into herself and then, gritting her teeth, she shoved down hard as David pushed up to meet her, she screamed, ” OH, MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!” as her arse slapped against the top of his thighs, his cock driven home to the hilt. Neither of them moved for a full two minutes and then she smiled up at me, “That is the only way to get your arse full, hard and straight, hurts like all fuck for a minute or two, but then its just heaven feeling his cock inside me, and now, your turn big boy,” she said, stick that gorgeous piece of cock meat up my cunt.” Lifting her right she slapped hard it across her open cunt, I watched as she winced at that further sharp pain. I knelt and shuffled forward between her legs and pushed into her, no finesse needed she was so wet, I slid into her, I could feel David’s cock throbbing through the slender membranes that separated her two passages. She supported herself on her arms as first David slowly began to fuck her her, and then, picking up his rythym I began sliding in and out of her cunt, feeling her muscle hold me then relax as other muscles tightened on David’s cock, milking us both in turn as we filled her.

“Don’t forget my tits Devlin,” she whispered as I pushed into her. I grabbed one in each hand squeezing them tightly, “Oh yes, that’s it, you know how to make a girls tits feel good darling boy,” she breathed into my ear. I caught her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, carefully avoiding her rings, and then quite suddenly I pinched them tightly and at the same time twisted them, she screamed into my shoulder and then bit into me as I twisted her nipples back and forth, “That feels so good, any more tricks for my poor tortured titties Devlin,” she smiled up at me, I kissed her roughly and said “Oh yes.” I bent my head and caught her left nipple between my teeth and bit down, that sent her over the edge, she bucked against us fighting as fucking herself onto as we increased our own tempo, our own climaxes drawing inexorably closer as she milked us with her abdominal muscles.

I felt David’s cum rush into her anal cavity the force of his spend bulging her membranes against my cock as I too sent a torrent of cum flooding into her. Dianne’s climac was silent yet forceful, her muscles spasmed and she bucked,shook and shivered her climax wracking her whole body. I with drew from her, and not really expecting her to accept it, I offered my wilting slimy cock to he open mouth, she accepted my greedily, sucking me clean with long sweeping strokes of her tongue.

I sat back and watched as she struggled to her knees and David slid on his back between her legs as she straddled his face, holding open the lips of her pussy I watched fascinated as my cum dribbled into open mouth. He cleaned her thoroughly, pussy and cum-dribbling arse hole until there was nothing left for his probing tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32