Banging Siblings of My Muslim Gf Ch. 04

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Hell guys, Anil here, a Telugu guy sharing his sexual adventures.

We all were exhausted and fell on the bed, cuddling and kissing each other. It was already 4 in the morning and we dozed off to sleep, naked. Not more than 20 minutes into sleep, I dreamt of fucking all of the siblings again.

With a jolt from the dream, I woke up and saw that Sadik’s head was lying on my thighs and his face was near my dick. I could feel his breath on my pubes and I was hard already. I called him, but there was no response. He was in a deep sleep, so I caught hold of my dick and slapped him on the face. He didn’t move.

I dragged my foreskin back and placed the top near his lips, they felt cold. As I moved my dick on his lips, he moved. I pushed my dick further and his mouth opened voluntarily, inviting my dick. I slowly moved in and out. His saliva was making it all wet and slippery.

His ass was in a hand’s reach and I caressed it. He was still asleep and moaned a little when I touched his butt. I massaged his ass cheeks and then went in to rub his hole. His moans increased. I removed my dick out of his mouth and went onto taking care of his ass.

He was sleeping on his stomach and I had a good view of his back. I parted his legs and there I saw my fourth asshole, to fuck. I used my saliva on his hole and my dick. I didn’t want to use my fingers to make him wide, but to put my dick directly in.

I greased my dick, as much as I could and also spat on his hole. I positioned myself over him and placed my cock right at his back entrance. He moaned in his sleep. Then, at one instance, I pushed my dick in Sadik’s asshole, which made him gain consciousness, screaming in pain.

My dick went only halfway in. I slept on him and pushed my dick further, until it was completely in his ass. I kissed his neck, cheeks and whispered in his ear, “I love your ass, it is so tempting. I cannot hold myself. Let me fuck you.”

Sadik- “It’s hurting.”

Me- “The pain will be gone in a bit. Just make your body relax and enjoy my dick in you.”

He just nodded in agreement. He looked very handsome from this angle, which made me realise my love for boys too. I am becoming a total bisexual, physically and mentally too.

I slowly started humping him in that position. His hole was very tight. He was nervous, So I began kissing and licking his lips, face, shoulders, and back. As my dick went in and out of him, his screams turned into horny moans. My thighs and his ass thumping sounds were filling the room. He began to get up, gradually coming into the doggy position.

I began increasing my speed, with which his moans and our slapping sounds became louder. Mushtaq’s sleep got disturbed by our fuck sounds and he was surprised to see Sadik being fucked by me.

Me- “Hey cocksucker, your cousin’s ass is tighter than yours. It’s amazing fucking him. Come on, join us.”

Mushtaq didn’t waste any time and immediately dug below Sadik and took his hard thick cock in mouth. I fucked Sadik more furiously, until I saw ankara moldovyalı escortlar Mushtaq’s dick becoming erect. I stopped fucking Sadik and made him sleep on his back, at the edge of the bed, with his head hanging down.

I went to his head and pushed my dick in his mouth. I signaled Mushtaq to take his cousin’s ass. He immediately did what I said and was fucking Sadik like an animal. I caught Sadik’s head and rammed my dick fastly into his mouth.

After some time, when I was feeling my orgasm build, I stopped. I interchanged my position with Mushtaq.

Now, Mushtaq was fucking Sadik’s mouth and I was fucking his ass. I held Sadik’s legs to my shoulders and rammed my dick into him. One or two minutes into his ass, my cum rushed out of my dick, to fill him up. I gave huge groans and still didn’t stop fucking him, until my dick died down.

Sadik, while being mouth fucked by Mushtaq, was also stroking his own dick furiously. I replaced my hands with his and helped him to bring his orgasm. Mushtaq was grunting, I increased my speed and at once held Mushtaq’s head, to bring his mouth to Sadik’s throbbing cock.

I pushed his head to make him suck Sadik’s dick, while Sadik was getting face fucked by his dick. Now, they both were in 69 position. Both of them sucked faster, and within no time released their cum, in the other’s mouth. They drank it and again fell on the bed.

I fell on Sadia, near her pussy, it smelled amazing. I brushed her pubic hair with my fingers, and blew air on them. She was in a deep sleep, so I turned to her sister’s pussy, which looked swollen because of double penetration by me and her cousin. She also smelled amazing, and I got tempted by that aroma.

I licked her swollen pussy’s outer labia, slowly from down to the clitoris. I licked like how a dog would do, as she moaned in her sleep. After 4-5 licks, I shifted to Sadia’s pussy. I parted her legs and lay, with my face on her glory hole. I started to admire how pink her pussy was.

I buried my nose in those pubes, while I placed a gentle kiss on her pussy lips. Sadia moaned in her sleep. I kissed her thighs, sucked on them, licked them, one by one. I kissed all around her pussy and licked slowly, making her moan in her sleep.

I then took her little pink pussy ball (clitoris), between my lips and nibbled it. She was still asleep and her moans increased, as I increased pressure on her clitoris, sucking on it, and pulling it with my teeth. I did this for quite a time, without touching anything, except her clit, while massaging her thighs.

As I began increasing my pressure on her little ball, she jerked in her sleep and released her juices onto my face. I tried drinking most of them and started licking her pussy lips. I rolled my tongue on her outer labia, doing circles. I pointed my tongue and brushed it along her pussy slit, touching her inner labia.

Then, using my fingers, I parted her pussy lips and began my vaginal exploration. I pushed my tongue deep and started random sincan ukraynalı escortlar movements in there. At the same time, I began sucking all the fluids from her pussy. I used my fingers to get hold of the clitoris and pressed it, making her moan loudly, in sleep.

I slowly pressed it and very delicately crushed it with my fingers. I kept doing this, until suddenly Sadia woke up. She held my head to push into her pussy, as her body shook with another orgasm. She was breathing heavily. I drank all her juices and then moved over to kiss her.

After a few minutes of licking and sucking each other’s mouths, our desire to fuck was back again. Sadia pulled me up and took my cock in her mouth. I was sitting on her and my dick was going into her mouth, from between her boobs. She was sucking me and at the same time pressing her both boobs together.

I was getting a blowjob and a titfuck, at the same time. I looked at others and they were in deep sleep, undisturbed by the slurping sounds coming from Sadia’s mouth.

I then got down and caught her boobs, pressing them hard and pinching the nipples. She was in ecstasy. I bent over her left boob and took the nipple into my mouth, while my right hand crushed the other. I was even digging my nails into her boob flesh. I used my tongue to circle the nipple, on the areola. I licked the areola and flicked the nipple.

Then, I did the same to the left boob, while fondled and pinched the right one. I did this until she held my head firmly to her boob and had another orgasm. I realized then, that girls can even cum by stimulating only their boobs.

Sadia- “Oh my God, Anil, that was the first time I have ever cummed without doing anything with my pussy.”

Then, she took my head for another sloppy kiss. Down there, my dick was already rock hard and poking Sadia’s pussy. While kissing me, Sadia took hold of my dick and guided it into her love hole. She was moving her body, to fuck my dick.

I also started giving slow, long strokes and she was moaning into my mouth. I increased my speed and then changed into a missionary. She then pushed me aside and climbed on top of me, taking my dick in a cowgirl position. She was going crazy.

Her boobs were bouncing like balloons, with every jump she did. I held them and pinched. Then, we changed into doggy style and she begged me to destroy her. I was ramming my dick in her pussy and the room was resounding with the slapping sounds of my thighs and her ass.

I looked at where our bodies meet, and there was Sadia’s beautiful pink asshole. I took my dick out of her pussy and slammed it right into her ass. She screamed at once, which made the others wake from sleep. I didn’t care about her screams and continued plowing her ass, while she fell on the bed.

Then, I turned her into a missionary again, with my dick still in her ass. I held her legs to my chest and rammed her ass. I then stretched her legs out, as far as I could, as she continued screaming in ecstasy. With one hand, elvankent minyon tipli escortlar she started rubbing her pussy and with another pressing her boobs.

I was nearing my orgasm and increased my speed, and with one last stroke, I released my seed in her ass and she released her juices into the air, which hit my body.

Finally, I had cummed in 4 asses and that too in a single day. I was damn satisfied. I fell on her, kissing all over her face, with my dick still in her ass.

After resting on Sadia’s body for some time, I looked over to the side. I saw Saba lying on her back and getting her pussy banged by her brother, while her mouth was taken by her cousin’s cock, who was sitting on her boobs. Seeing them like this, my cock started getting hard again.

As it was already 5 in the morning, I thought I should implement my plan, to fulfill my other fantasy. I bought a strapon dick the previous night, as part of my plan. I wanted to try a chain fuck, where we fuck each other, in a line. I brought the strapon and gave it to Sadia, to put on.

I explained to her about my plan and she was so excited. Then, we went to others. Sadia went to her cousin, who was standing beside the bed and fucking he sister’s mouth. She went and kneeled behind Sadik and buried her face in his ass. She spread his legs and started licking his asshole.

Sadik was moaning with pleasure. I went to Mushtaq, who was ramming into his sister’s pussy. I lied down and spread his ass cheeks, to see his pink hole. I started licking his hole and he was groaning.

Mushtaq- “Yeah, that feels so good Anil, please go on.”

I used my fingers, to fuck his ass before getting up and giving him my dick. There, Sadia also did the same with Sadik. She stood behind her cousin and pushed her fake dick in his ass.

Now, the scene was Saba lying on the edge of the bed, with her head hanging down. Sadik bent over her slightly and fucking her mouth. Sadia, taking advantage of Sadik’s position, fucked her cousin’s ass from behind.

Mushtaq was in a sleeping position over Saba and fucking her pussy, which gave me a good position to put my dick in his ass. We fucked like this for 4-5 minutes and then I asked them to stop.

Keeping my dick still in Mushtaq’s ass, we fell on the bed sideways, spooning. Then, I asked Sadia to come in front of Mushtaq and take his cock in her ass. As her brother’s cock entered Sadia, Sadik came over and spooned her, taking her fake cock in his ass.

Saba was leftover, who very enthusiastically pushed her ass towards Sadik’s dick. Now, we all five were spooning each other in a chain and fucking. I started with slow strokes in Mushtaq, which made his dick slide in and out of his younger sister’s ass and further strokes in Sadik’s and Saba’s asses.

Saba was also rubbing her pussy, with the help from her cousin. I was kissing Mushtaq’s back, shoulders, neck, face, and lips and increased my speed. We all were fondling each other’s bodies, while increasing our speed.

As this was a complicated position, our dicks were slipping out. But, our lust for sex didn’t die down and continued our session, until one after one cummed with outstanding ecstasy, filling up the room with the smell of our love juices.

As we didn’t have proper sleep all night, we dozed off in the same positions, embracing our naked bodies.

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