Backseat Mommy: Ass Fucked

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Backseat Mommy: Ass Fucked

Summary: Son slyly fucks submissive Mom in the ass with Dad in the car.


This is part two of the Backseat Mommy series. In part one, Backseat Mommy: A Long Hard Ride, circumstances dictate that a mom must sit on her college-age son’s lap for a long drive. As the day progresses, she is unable to resist the temptation of riding her son’s insistent cock.

Note 1: Thanks to Robert, Tenzin, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

Note 2: There is a lot of texting in this story.

If Cory is texting it will begin with a C: and be underlined.

If it is from the Mom it will have an M: and be in bold.

Note 3: This story and the entire series was updated in October 2018 with a new edit by Tex Beethoven.

Backseat Mommy: Ass Fucked

I woke up the next morning filled with guilt.

I had willingly fucked my son in the backseat of the car while my husband drove us on the first leg of a long trip to my son’s college where he would begin his higher education.

Last night I had snuck out of our hotel room while my husband slept and rushed into my son’s room to fuck him again.

With guilt controlling me, although it was tempered by a tingle in my pussy at reminiscing about yesterday and last night, I climbed under the sheets and took my husband Alex’s cock in my mouth. I’d only ever awakened him like this once before, the morning after our wedding twenty years ago, and he had joked for all those years since that I knew how to wake him up properly, although he wished I would do it again.

Feeling his flaccid cock slowly growing in my mouth was always a turn-on… I loved the power of using my mouth to make a cock go hard.

I heard soft whimpers and wondered whether he was having a sex dream or was waking up.

After a couple of minutes he groaned, “Oh my, Sarah, what’s gotten into you?”

Like yesterday the correct answer would have been ‘Your son’s big dick’, but that still didn’t seem like an acceptable answer for him to hear, so I purred, “Just hungry for a morning snack.”

“I’m not complaining,” he groaned, as I slowly bobbed up and down and his cock became fully erect in my mouth.

As was always the case when we had morning sex, which was rare, he didn’t last long, quickly spewing in my mouth. I swallowed the entire load and asked, “Wanna join me in the shower?”

“Sure,” he nodded, with a big silly grin on his face.

He returned the favour in the shower, although using the removable shower head instead of his mouth. He was always happy to receive oral, but thought giving it was disgusting, so he wouldn’t do it. But the shower head was a nice substitute, since he did make me come.

We met Cory downstairs for breakfast, and regardless of the guilt I’d awakened with, the moment I saw him I knew I was going to fuck him again. I couldn’t explain it… other than the phrase ‘undeniable lust’. The sex with him yesterday had been exhilarating, whether we were in the backseat risking the possibility of getting caught, or in his hotel room having intense sex while my son took complete control of me. I woke up the next morning washed full of guilt.

I had no idea what he had in mind for me today… but my pussy was already wet with anticipation and the thong I was wearing, no doubt temporarily, was already damp.

Alex asked as we ate, “You sure you guys can endure another day squeezed back there together?”

I admitted, “It was a little tight,” which could be taken as I meant it, just a description of two people crammed together in a space barely adequate for one, or as the sexual innuendo Cory heard it as.

“True, but the longer we go, the looser it gets,” he quipped, making me blush.

“I guess that’s true,” I laughed, trying to hide the blush.

“Well, yesterday we did make it over one-third of the way,” Alex said, excited to end the trip and spend some quality one-on-one time with his wife, who had recently become inexplicably amorous.

Ten minutes later we were on the road, with me once again sitting on my son’s lap, when he texted me:

C: Thigh highs again?

I responded back:

M: Easy access for your big dick.

He responded:

C: No regrets?

I texted back:

M: Not doing it with you sooner.

I felt like a high schooler again… waiting for my boyfriend to make his inevitable move.

A chill went up my spine as I felt his hands grasping my hips.

Another chill when he lifted me off his lap.

I glanced nervously at my husband, but fortunately he was focused on the road, which was slick with a downpouring of rain.

I felt Cory pulling my thong aside and slowly casino şirketleri lowering me onto his fully erect cock.

Once I was sitting entirely down on his dick, he sent another text:

C: Let’s just sit like this for a while.

I nodded.

And for the next hour I sat anchored on my son’s cock. I wanted to ride on it, or grind on it, yet I just obediently sat on it. I tried to read a book, but that was useless as I couldn’t absorb a single word. Instead, I just allowed the longest tease of my life to drive me wild.

When the noise of the heavy rain on our roof finally paused, Alex asked, “How you guys doing back there?”

“Just making the most of a tight spot,” my son quipped.

“Yes, it seems even a bit tighter back here than it was yesterday,” I added.

“Should we stop for a break?” Alex asked. “There’s a truck stop in about fifteen minutes.”

“No, we should try to keep at it until at least lunchtime,” I replied, hoping to have an orgasm or two before then.

“I’m with Mom, I can last as long as necessary,” Cory embellished.

I was worried he meant that he wasn’t planning on fucking me during this long, dreary drive. I added, really addressing only my son, referring to blue balls, “Don’t try and last too long, sweetheart. You’ll go all numb.”

“Oh, I have incredible stamina for a tight squeeze,” Cory bragged.

“Okay, well let me know if either of you need a break,” Alex said, just as the downpour started up again.

“Sounds good, honey,” I agreed before adding, ever the nagging driver’s wife that I usually was when I was in the front seat, “Focus on the road.”

“Nothing else to do,” he agreed. “What else would I focus on?”

If you only knew, I thought as I began slowly grinding on my son’s cock.

I was dismayed when he grabbed my hips and held me in place.

I grabbed for my phone and texted him:

M: Why? Mommy needs it now!!!

He moved one hand away from my hip to show me his phone:

C: All good things CUM to those who wait… and obey!

I sighed. I was horny as hell and I wanted it now!

Yet instead, I just sat there like a firefighter with a hose available, but no water.

Another half hour passed, although it seemed like three, before Cory placed his hands back on my hips.

I thought to myself, About time.

I prepared for him to start fucking me, but I was surprised once again as I felt his finger beginning to probe my asshole.

He isn’t seriously thinking of fucking my ass? I thought to myself. Although I hadn’t had anal sex since college, Alex astounding me by refusing when I offered him my backdoor during the third day of our honeymoon in Niagara Falls. I did fuck myself in the ass on occasion when I was home alone… my favourite way of getting off being to double penetrate myself… usually fantasizing about being dp’d in real life… a fantasy that I’d never fulfilled.

I tried to relax and allow his finger in, having had my vibrating butt plug in there just last week, which was much bigger. Yet, without lube and at this angle it wasn’t going to be nearly as pleasant.

His finger teased me for a couple more minutes but it didn’t enter, before he lowered my pussy back onto his throbbing cock.

He then texted me, as my pussy was again full:

C: Put your phone on mute.

I did.

He texted me again, beginning a lengthy texting conversation:

C: Have you ever been fucked in the ass?

I pondered whether I should tell him the truth. I figured at this point there was no reason to be prudish or conservative with him.

I responded frankly:

M: Not since college.

M: Not with a real cock anyway!

C: Dad doesn’t fuck your sweet ass?

M: Your father thinks it’s disgusting.

C: I can’t imagine how he’d think that: we have the same DNA, and I love it!

M: I’m beginning to wonder if you were switched at birth.


C: So when was the last time you had something in that fine ass of yours?

M: Last week.

C: Details.

M: It was awesome!

C: Don’t make me spank you.

M: Is that supposed to be a threat?

Alex never spanked me either, another thing I’d really gotten off on back in college. What I really loved was sharp little slaps on my clit when I was getting close, another thing I did to myself when I was home alone and using my toys in my two holes.

C: Oh, Mom, if only I’d known all this earlier.

Wanting to text him nasty stuff… to keep him hard and horny, hopefully enough so he’d want me to start riding him, I asked him some blunt naughty questions.

M: Why, would you have bent me over the kitchen table and slammed this big sausage in my asshole?

M: Or casino firmaları put me over your knee and spanked my bare bottom for being such a bad Mommy-slut and not offering you my sweet cock sucking mouth, my burning hot cunt and my tight hot asshole for my son to deposit his sweet cum inside?

C: Holy shit, Mom. I would love to hear those words coming out of your mouth!

M: And I’d love that cock of yours slamming into my shit hole as you fucked me so hard I would shout to the entire world that my son was a dirty Mother fucker.

C: You got me Mommy-slut, I’m turning you loose. You may start riding me, but keep texting me.

The words I’d been dying to hear… or to read. I eagerly obeyed, moving my left hand to the top of my husband’s seat while holding my phone in the other. I slowly began riding my son up and down, glancing out the left window to see that the rain was coming down even harder now. With this torrent pummeling noisily on the roof of the car, and the wiper blades going full speed in an attempt to give Alex enough visibility to drive safely, there was no way he would be paying any attention at all to what was happening directly behind him.

C: Nice and slow, Mom.

M: God, I just want you to bend me over and take control of me right here! I wish you would just bugger the hell out of me!

C: You’re such a slut, Mom.

M: I’m your slut, baby.

C: Forever!!!

I read that word.

One simple word.

No question mark, just assertion.

I realized that this could be more than just a three-day backseat stand… it could be so much more.

M: You want to keep fucking Mommy more than just during this trip?

C: Mom, I own you now. I plan to have you come visit me often, so I can shoot so many loads of cum in you that you will get bloated from it.

M: No such thing as too much cum.

C: Is that a challenge?

M: A fact!

C: You have experience with this?

M: More fantasy than reality. But give me your best shot. Or shots.

C: So what is your fantasy?

I pondered this. I could probably list a dozen. I wanted to be with a woman. I wanted to be double penetrated by two cocks. I wanted to be the centerpiece of a gangbang or a train.

M: I have quite a few.

M: U?

C: Tell me.

I continued slowly riding my son, as I listed just some of my fantasies.

M: I would like to be with a woman.

M: I would like to be double penetrated.

M: I would like to be gangbanged.

M: I would like to go to a glory hole and suck cock after cock.

M: I would like to be triple-penetrated.

M: I would like to be with a she-male.

C: A she-male?

M: A cock and tits… the best of both worlds.


My pussy was on fire as I listed my naughty fantasies to my son. I wanted to come… no, I needed to come.

M: Do you want to watch Mommy eat cunt?

M: Get double penetrated?

M: Gangbanged?

M: Fisted?

M: Have a cum bath?

C: Oh God, they’re all so hot.

He grabbed my hips and began pumping furiously into my wanton cunt. Knowing he was close to coming, I decided to keep my texting nasty.

M: Do you want to fuck Mommy’s ass?

M: Pound the living shit out of Mommy?

M: Ream her butt?

M: Cleanse her asshole with a full load of cum?

I felt his cum erupting inside me as my own orgasm approached.

But he then pulled me back down onto his cock and held me there, preventing my orgasm from erupting, or even progressing.

C: No coming for you yet, Mommy.

I was completely frustrated. I was so close and so desperate to come.

M: Please!!!

C: No! Mommy-pets only come when they get permission.

M: I’ll do anything.

C: Anything???

M: Mommy is your complete obedient cum slut, baby.

C: Anything has a pretty wide scope.

M: Yes baby, it does.

C: You’d eat cunt for me?

M: YES!!!

C: You’d fuck me and a buddy simultaneously?

The idea of fucking him and his good friend Calvin popped into my head. Somehow years of fantasies, of reading online Literotica and watching porn was no longer enough for me. I wanted to live out all my slutty fantasies… Cameras or not, spectators or not, I wanted to star in my own porno scenes.

M: YES, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C: What about coming güvenilir casino to my frat house if I join one, and serving as a cum bucket for the entire fraternity?

M: OH MY GOD!!! With that thought in my head I might come just by sitting here.

M: Does my son want me to be gangbanged?

C: I’m asking the questions here. But yes, helping make your fantasies come true would be both a major turn-on for me, and gratifying for my Mommy as well.

I was so desperate to come… so desperate to impress him… so in love with him as both a son and a lover… I used a term that would forever after define our relationship.

M: I will obey whatever you order me to do, Master.

C: MASTER!!! I like that.

M: I mean it, Master. I will obey you without hesitation or limitations.

C: What about Dad? If I ordered it, would you scream ‘Your son is reaming my asshole?’

Aye! The rub. I was so overwhelmed with lust that I had briefly forgotten I was not only married, but that my loving husband was a couple feet away. Guilt came rushing back in, which was ironic considering all I’d done yesterday and today.


M: I love your father.

M: And I love you.

C: I love him too.

C: But this is real.


Was it?

It was raw.

It was intense.

It was taboo.

But… was I willing to end my marriage to be with my son?

Reality came crashing in like a large broken window in a thunderstorm.

As I pondered this question without knowing the answer, Alex spoke for the first time in a long time, “We’re pulling over in three miles. I need to pee, we need gas and we should likely have some lunch.”

With my orgasm suppressed by sudden guilt, I agreed, “I could pee and eat too.”

Cory added, “Me three.”

I remained impaled on my son’s cock until Alex was pulling off the highway. I slowly raised myself off his cock and felt his cum and my wetness leaking out of me and down my leg.

As I smelled my unplugged sex, strong and undeniable, I was thankful for my husband’s anosmia… his inability to perceive odor (which had been caused by meningitis as a teenager).

I moved my thong back over my leaking pussy and shifted over to sit on my son’s right leg.

He texted me:

C: We will continue this conversation later.

C: PS: I plan to plug that ass sometime today.

We didn’t say anything, as we both contemplated the one flaw with this intense sex… my husband, his dad.

I love Alex. He’s a good man. A caring husband and a great provider.

Yet he’d never been able to comprehend my sexual desires or attempt to fulfill them. For years I had accepted that mostly boring sex was just the way it was. Yesterday’s raw carnal sex had awakened the sleeping slut in me, and I had no intention of allowing her to go back into slumber.

I decided to text back, willing to risk everything for more of that sexual intensity, my hungry cunt and ass overruling my moral code… or what was left of it.

M: You’d better. My asshole is tingling with anticipation for that big thick cock of yours.

C: Then you’d better find some lube. Because with or without it I’m reaming that asshole first chance I get.

As the car pulled into a rather large parking lot near a few restaurants, gas stations and more, I pondered whether we could inconspicuously slip away into a bathroom.

But where the hell would I get lube?

As soon as the car stopped, I got out. I looked around not for a bathroom, even though I had to pee, nor for a restaurant, even though I was hungry, but for a place that would sell anal lube… which seemed unlikely.

Alex said, “Let’s eat first.”

“No, let’s go to the washroom first,” I countered.

“Okay,” he nodded. “Then let’s meet at that family restaurant over there. I need to tank up on some real food.”

“Sounds good,” I nodded.

I headed to the bathroom and I was sitting on the stall peeing when I got a text.

C: I just googled anal lube alternatives and apparently coconut oil is one that works well.

I figured that would be slightly easier to find, but not very. I quipped back:

M: Shoot, I just used the last of it this morning to bake brownies.

C: I’m going on the prowl for coconut oil or other lube. I want my Mommy-slut to be happy.

M: Happy hunting!

M: Master!

I finished peeing and went to meet my husband.

He asked, “Where’s Cory?”

“I thought he was with you,” I lied.

“I should text him,” he said.

“Oh, let him be. He’s capable of fending for himself,” I said. “We are about to drop him off all by himself at the college, after all.”

“True enough,” he nodded. “Plus, that will give us some alone time.”

“I’m not sucking you off in any restaurant,” I quipped, before adding, “although if you can find a discreet location, I wouldn’t mind a quickie.”

“You’re suddenly insatiable,” he mused, shaking his head.

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