Auntie’s Panties Ch. 05

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The sight that greeted Susan as the front door was opened surprised, even amazed, her. Before her stood an overly maid up blonde haired woman dressed in a stereotypical French maid’s outfit standing on astonishingly high heeled black sandals. It took Susan a brief moment to gain her composure after witnessing what she thought was a very surreal image.

“May I help you?” said the maid. Daisy recognized Brenda’s mother in an instant but made no indication of this fact to Susan. Although he now served his role as his Aunt’s submissive sissy unquestioningly he found the sight of someone from his former life unsettling. As he awaited her response Daisy gave a cursory look towards the policewoman at Susan’s side.

“Erm, yes, I’m here to see my daughter.” Daisy remained motionless. “Brenda! I’m here to see Brenda, my daughter. As you can see I have a police officer with me so don’t try to stop me.”

Sensing that the maid was not going too immediately aid her Susan brushed passed Daisy and into the house, the police woman followed slowly behind. Daisy closed the door and followed them into the house.

“Brenda? Brenda?” Susan moved along the hallway and entered the first room that she came to. “Brenda?” Susan turned to exit the room but was met by a dark haired woman dressed in a white satin negligée, her make up even at this early hour of the day immaculate. Taller than Susan she looked down into Susan’s face and Susan felt a slight rush of fear run through her as she took an unconscious step backwards into the room.

“I think we need to talk,” the woman said.

“I am here for my daughter,” Susan said firmly regaining her composure once more, making to exit the room but the woman continued to block her way. The woman moved into the room and Susan retreated backwards with each step that the woman made, her fear returning.

“Take a seat,” the dark haired woman said remaining in the doorway. Susan made to protest but it was clear that the woman was not going to move.

“I think I should warn you that I have a police officer with me,” Susan said.

The woman moved slightly in the doorway and looked into the hallway. “Oh, hello. Would you be so kind as to join us?” Susan watched as the WPC appeared from the hallway and then entered the room.

“Why don’t you arrest her?”

“No crime has been committed that I am aware of Mrs Henderson, unless you have any actual evidence. Shall we see what the lady of the house has to say for herself.”

“This is not her house,” Susan spluttered, but her comments were missed by the WPC.

“Now, I think I told you to take a seat my dear,” the woman said sprawling across a three-seater sofa. The WPC seated herself on a two-seater sofa which left a single seater for Susan which was positioned opposite the woman. “Now, can my maid get you some drinks?”

“I want my daughter.”

“So I gather. Actually I would imagine that most of the neighbourhood is aware as well. Now, I will be having a drink so my question stands.”

“A cup of tea would be fine, thank you,” said the police woman.

“I’m here for my daughter.”

“As you will,” said the woman. “Daisy!” The maid appeared from the hallway. “A coffee and tea.” The maid acknowledged the woman with a well-practiced curtsy before tottering out of the room.

“Now, my dear, your daughter, who is it you seek?”

“I am here for my daughter, Brenda, this is her house. This is why I have brought the police officer with me to remove you from her house. Whoever you are.”

“My name is Phoebe and I think you will find that a trip to the local council office will prove that this is MY house.”

Phoebe settled more into the body of the sofa and kicked off her mules curling her legs under her. As she did so her negligée parted slightly and Susan became aware that Phoebe was naked below the garment. Susan’s eyes were drawn to the stunning woman’s body as Phoebe had anticipated.

Phoebe took in the woman opposite her and guessed that her appearance contributed to making her look older than reality. Dressed in an ill-fitting light blue polyester trouser suit with a white cotton blouse both of which could have been a size bigger she hardly looked like anything like the woman she would be when her re-programming was complete. Her auburn hair was tinged with grey and her face pallid requiring some definite attention in Phoebe’s view.

“And you would be?” asked Phoebe.

“My name is Susan I am Brenda’s mother.”

“Oh I see, Brenda has spoken so little about you.”

Susan’s face coloured with anger at Phoebe’s remark. Susan stared at the policewoman wondering why she remained impassive and then directed her stare back at Phoebe whose casual manner and air of arrogance was beginning to annoy her greatly. “Where IS my daughter?”

“Oh didn’t I mention, she’s upstairs helping one of her friends clean her carpet.”

Susan merely blinked her eyes at Phoebe’s response trying to comprehend the meaning of the words. ‘Brenda is dressed in one of kocaeli escort those silly maid’s outfits? Surely not.’ “Right!” Susan made to rise from her seat.

“Sit down dear!” Susan paused, a part of her wanted to respond to Phoebe’s direction. She once again looked towards the policewoman who did not return eye contact and then Susan looked towards the door. Susan rose from the seat. “I SAID SIT THE FUCK DOWN YOU BITCH!” Susan remained on her feet giving Phoebe a cursory glance and headed towards the door.

“Denise.” Susan was almost at the doorway when she felt an arm around her neck.

“What…? Stop this! I….!”

“Restrain her, she’s pissing me off.” Susan realized by the location of Phoebe’s voice that the arm around her was that of the policewoman. Susan fought against her but she was no match for the younger woman. Susan was pressed up against an adjacent wall the wind knocked from her body as she felt her wrists being bound behind her. Fear returned as Susan battled to comprehend how she had found herself in this predicament. The policewoman, Denise, was meant to be on her side not her foe.

“HELP!! HELP!!!” Susan was suddenly spun around and slapped hard across the face. She let out a cry which was a mix of shock and pain. Denise stared back at her with glassy unemotional eyes. Susan began to cry as Denise forcibly marched her back towards the single seat sofa before giving her a push so that she fell into the seat sitting uncomfortably on top of her bound hands causing a twinge of pain in her left wrist.

“Daisy!!! DAISY!!!” The maid appeared with a silver tray containing the previously requested drinks. “Put that down on the table and when you’ve done that take off your panties.” Daisy placed the tray on the adjacent table and then without a second thought Susan watched as his hands disappeared beneath his multi layered maid’s skirt and re-appeared holding a pair of black satin panties which he lowered down his stocking clad legs.

Susan’s mind was already beginning to lose its grip on reality but she was certain she had caught sight of a penis below the maid’s layers of lace as he removed his panties. Susan began to sob quietly through a mixture of increasing fear and a feeling that she truly was going mad. As Daisy stepped out of his panties Phoebe snatched them from his hands and rolled them into a crumpled ball before walking over to Susan leaning forward and pinching the defenceless woman’s nose and forcing the used lingerie into her mouth as she gasped for oxygen. “Now maybe you will shut the fuck up.”

Susan squirmed in her seat and made to make another escape but Denise’s grip was firm and she slumped back into the seat redirecting her efforts to attempting to force the warm panties from her mouth using her tongue but at this too she seemed to gain no joy.

“Well, what a pain you have proved to be”, Phoebe said reseating herself on the adjacent sofa. “You invite yourself into my house….” Susan began to struggle again and muted sounds of protest could be heard from her pantie filled mouth. “… I was saying, invite yourself into MY house and you offer no respect at all. It is just as well a police officer was on duty”, Phoebe chuckled.

“Now if you promise to be a good girl, Denise will remove Daisy panties from your mouth. Do you agree or do you wish to remain trussed up like a stuffed pig?” Susan’s eyes were blinking furiously still struggling to comprehend her situation and she could feel a dull headache beginning to build in intensity. “Well?” Susan nodded slowly. “Good. Daisy retrieve your panties and see if Brenda has finished her duties.”

“Yes Mistress.” Daisy moved in front of Susan and pulled at the satin underwear which fell easily from Susan’s mouth as she opened her mouth wider to help its release. Susan opened and closed her mouth instinctively as the garment was freed and Daisy re-clothed himself before he retreated from room.

“Do you still intend to hold me as a prisoner?” Susan said brusquely.

“I think you would agree that you are still a little free willed for now. Maybe in a while when some of your re-progamming is more apparent we can consider some more free movement,” Phoebe said with a smile.

“Re-programming?” Susan quizzed.

Phoebe ignored the question and continued. “Now let us discuss Brenda.”

Susan was still trying to understand what was meant by re-programming, but she was keener to discuss her daughter. “So you don’t deny that my daughter is here and that you have been holding her against her will.”

“My, how your mind works my dear. In answer to your questions, yes and no. Brenda is certainly not a prisoner. None of my girls are prisoners.”

“Girls? Girls! What the hell do you mean by that? Brenda is not a girl she’s an adult, a woman of independent thought.” The more that Susan battled the heavier her head began to feel which she put down to the stress of the situation.

“This is my daughter’s house. You have no right. You……..” Phoebe raised her left hand a clear kocaeli escort bayan direction for Susan to cease talking which she acknowledged unconsciously.

“Do we need to gag you again?” Phoebe questioned. Susan stopped talking. “Good. No one here is a prisoner. Those girls that stay with me are here because I choose for it to be so. They provide a dutiful service to me as they seek only to serve their Mistress for as long as I deem fit. But there are certain cases where I require my girls to play a role within the community to protect my interests. Denise, for example, doesn’t stay with me because she plays a very valuable role in her as you are now aware, but she is always welcome.”

“Then I can take my daughter away from here? I can take her with me when I leave?”

“Leave? Oh you are so sweet. I’ve already told you my dear, I choose to have certain girls live with me. Brenda is very special to me and I choose to have her around me. She’s become very valuable to me.”

“Valuable!! She’s not a commodity for you to peddle.”

Phoebe chuckled once more, she ran her right hand through her dark curls. “I do not peddle my girls……..”


Phoebe’s face darkened at Susan’s outburst and Susan sank back into the sofa. Fear returned as she looked at Phoebe. ‘I need to escape’, Susan thought to herself. “I do not peddle my girls. After an appropriate period of transition or re-programming they provide a valuable service for me and certain selected clients.”

“You are disgusting. I will have you arrested.”

“Oh my dear Susan, think about that statement. Have you not already involved the police and look how successful that has been for you.” Susan began to sob again and her hands were now beginning to feel slightly numb. “You see my network of clients is quite wide ranging. Back scratching you might call it, for certain favours people in particular positions of society have always been willing to look in the opposite direction if it suits and some have been, shall we say, fortunate enough to have their outlook on life re-aligned.”

“But Brenda told me that she wanted me to take her away from here.”

“Did she? Really? Tell me more,” Phoebe said in a mocking style.

Susan started to answer but was distracted as Phoebe shifted her position again, her negligée parted at its front giving Susan clear sight of Phoebe’s shaved mound which Phoebe made no effort to cover when she saw Susan looking at it. “Well…I…she wrote me a letter.” Phoebe shifted slightly spreading her legs slightly so that Susan could clearly see the lips of her shaved pussy.

“And what was so special about that letter?”

“Sss….sss….she……sent……..a….symbol. A sign. She told me that if I wore it she would know I was here to rescue her.”

“But she’s written you so many letters in the past telling you how happy she was and how she didn’t need you interfering in her life,” As she spoke Phoebe re-positioned herself so that her negligee exposed both of her full breasts. Phoebe smiled as she saw Susan’s eyes immediately fall upon the exposed flesh, “…………and yet you ignored those letters. So what was so special about this latest letter?”

Susan wanted to hold her head to try and stop the constant throbbing. “I…..,” she was struggling to string sentences in her head, “….I……but how would you know that she wrote me those things?” Susan’s head was feeling very heavy, although the policewoman’s hands still rested on her shoulders she did not feel as though she had sufficient energy to fight. ‘I’m in trouble, I must escape,’ she thought to herself.

“Because my dear I wrote them. Well, typed them in reality, as you would know. I merely had Brenda scrawl her name at the bottom. But no matter how often you were told that she was OK you kept on sending more letters of concern. It was so sweet. But I have far more important things to do than spend my days writing letters to you so I decided that the best option was to neutralize you.”

“N……neutralise me? What the hell does that mean?” Susan once more made to escape but her fears were realized when her body did not react to her minds demands and she remained in her seat. “What’s happening? What have you done to me?”

“So tell me, dear Susan, what was this symbol?”

“A………a pendant. B…..b…..but you already know that if you sent it.”

“You can release her binds now Denise, she won’t be causing any more trouble. Then when you’ve done that bring me my coffee and then seat yourself beside my feet.” Susan felt the policewoman remove her hold on her shoulders before pushing Susan forward slightly so that her bindings could be cut from around her wrists. Susan rubbed her wrists making an attempt to get the circulation back into her hands. She watched in awe as Denise walked towards Phoebe and after handing her a cup of coffee sat at her feet like a trained pet, as instructed.

“And why was this pendant so izmit sınırsız escort special? Why did you feel compelled to visit your daughter this time rather than write another of your insipid letters?” Phoebe asked.

Now that her hands were free Susan rubbed her head but it had no effect she really felt like she needed to be sleeping rather than playing questions and answers with this woman. “Because”, she continued, “Brenda told me it was special. But of course, it was you who wrote that letter so this”, Susan said moving her hand towards the jewelry “means nothing. Does it? So I could just as easily take it off.”

Susan’s right hand was bunched around the pendant ready to pull it from her neck ready to remove it. “STOP!” Susan responded to the command immediately and removed her hand. ‘Why did I do that?’, thought Susan. She moved her hand back to the pendant. “You like your pendant Susan and you want to keep it don’t you.” The question was rhetorical, but Susan was merely aware that she no longer wanted to remove the pendant from her neck. ‘Take it off. Oh Christ take it off. It’s the pendant. Take it off’. But Susan found that her body was not reacting to her mind’s request.

“What’s happening?”

“You’re getting what you want my dear. You’re getting closer to your daughter.”

At that moment there was a knock at the door. “Come in”, Phoebe directed. Daisy re-entered the living room and with him was a naked woman. Susan did not instantly recognize her daughter’s appearance. Her hair was longer and it had been bleached. Her body shape had changed as well since the last time that Susan had seen her. Brenda had been a good healthy shape in Susan’s mind, but the woman before her had a slight body, with narrow hips and lithe limbs and her breasts…………her breasts……….. Susan could not take her eyes off her daughter’s breasts. ‘Had her daughter’s breasts been that full before?’ They hung from her newly sculpted body so perfectly. Yes her daughter was perfect. And sexy. ‘No, no, this is Brenda she’s not sexy to me.’ ‘Oh but those breasts.’ “Oh what perfect timing I think that mummy is about to become yummy between the thighs.”

“Brenda?” inquired Susan. The naked woman followed the maid to stand before Phoebe, her head bowed she did not acknowledge Susan’s voice as she passed by her. “Brenda!”

Phoebe dismissed the maid and Brenda remained with her back to Susan facing Phoebe. “Brenda there’s someone here to see you. Turn around my dear.” Brenda turned around to face Susan but her head remained bowed. “You may look at the woman Brenda” Brenda raised her head and stared directly at Susan. Immediately Susan noticed the pendant around her daughter’s neck and she instinctively reached for the pendant around her own neck. She took in the sight of her daughter naked before her. Her glassy eyes, lithe body, full breasts and shaved mound. Susan began to feel a tingle between her thighs which filled her with a mixture of excitement and disgust.

“Brenda?” Brenda remained emotionless before her mother.

“She doesn’t seem to know who you are Susan. Oh dear”, Phoebe said mockingly. “But I think you will find that you no longer know your daughter either.”

“Is she drugged?”

“Oh my dear that’s far too base. No, your lovely pendants have certain, how should I put it, powers. It takes time but I think you have probably already become aware of some of its transforming effects since you crossed the threshold into my house. It reacts with some of the devices that I have around the house and gently manipulates your mind, breaking down your will and enabling a new sexual template of my choosing to be developed. I’ve been watching you since you arrived and the tell-tale signs have been noticeable.”

As she had listened to Phoebe Susan felt a warmness growing within her but as much as a part of her wanted to embrace that warmth there was enough fear of her situation that Susan was conscious of her need to escape but her fight or flight mode appeared disabled. “I’m stronger than you think. I’ll beat you.” Phoebe chuckled at Susan’s remark which made the trapped woman’s fear intensify.

“You would be the first to beat the pendant’s power. But my dear Susan you will not have that honour. No you’ve brought this upon yourself. If you had ceased your quest to be with your daughter then you would still be living your pitiful life. Now your life will be open to…..well, what does your mind tell you is awaiting you?”

Susan could only stare back at Phoebe passively. She could feel that her will to battle was ebbing away faster than she had thought likely. The emotions she was feeling were foreign to her and yet not unwelcome. ‘No, wrong, don’t welcome them. Fight!!!’ A warmth spread through her like she had never felt before. “I………I……”

“I guess that your sex life was not exactly………shall we say inspirational. A mother normally teaches her daughter about the facts of life and dear Brenda was sadly lacking in any real knowledge in that department when I first took her under my wing. That’s before I helped her discover what her body was truly for of course. Did your husband not explore your needs dear Susan? Did he not satisfy you as a woman should be satisfied?” Susan whimpered quietly as Phoebe teased her.

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