Aunt Liz’s Fantasy Comes True

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I think it was my dreams that set the stage for what happened last night. I mean, what normal 40 year-old woman has erotic dreams about her just-turned-18-a-few-weeks-ago nephew? And I’m talking about reoccurring dreams. Intensely erotic dreams about him. The kind of dreams that leave you aching for the real thing. My only defense (is there one?) is that he started flirting with me first.

I’d never given the kid a second thought; he was just my husband’s nephew running in and out of the house with the other kids. Mine included. And then suddenly, at all the family birthday parties, graduations, whatever/whenever – he was hanging around me, talking my ear off. And joking with me, being silly, and I swear, flirting with me better than most of the guys my own age can. Emailing me, drawing my attention to him so often that I reevaluated him. Just as a guy, not as a sex partner. At least at first.

I’m a well-preserved 40. I run, play tennis and keep myself in pretty good shape. Natural white-blonde hair that draws attention and a great sense of humor that can keep that attention; I’ve had my share of male interest. Enough so that I didn’t much need that of a way-too-young relative.

So it was late last night when the phone started to ring. I’d just settled in on the couch to watch my favorite show, husband already snoring on his chair, and a glance at the clock showed that it was after 10:00pm.

“Huh?” Brian opened an eye and then both, blinking in the light.

“Got it.” I told him, heading into the kitchen to pick up the phone.

“Auntie Liz?” I didn’t recognize the voice at first, but there aren’t too many guys who call me that and after a second, I questioned, ‘Tyler?”

“Yeah. Can you come get me? I’m stuck without a car over at the McDonald’s.”

“Okay. I can come and get you but what’s going on?” I was puzzled that he wasn’t calling either of his parents, but they’ve been having some trouble over there so I wasn’t going to ask about that. Tyler didn’t sound too freaked out so I held back my own mommy-type questions about why he was calling me and not them.

“I’m just here without a car and the other guys already left. I need a ride home.” Plaintive, almost whining this time.

“Be there in a minute.” I told him and hung up the phone. Brian was snoring again in the living room so I considered for just a minute the jammies I was wearing. Blue lacy camisole and shorts ’cause it was summer and warm in the house as well as outside. The top was displaying some excellent cleavage, (I’d hoped that Brian would appreciate the view, but oh well) and the shorts showed my tanned, toned legs to an advantage. To my mind, perfectly acceptable attire to pick up my 18 year old nephew from the local McDonald’s.

When I’d picked my kids up from swimming lessons earlier, I had put the top down in my older Mustang GT convertible, enjoying the summer breeze. Although the temperature had dropped a bit, it was still warm enough to leave down now. Backing the car out of the driveway I had a moment of sanity and I wondered just why I was accommodating this kid. Call him back and tell him to just walk home, I thought, but in my head I’d already committed the deed, so what the heck. I’d been dreaming of a situation like this for a while now and I was feeling the excitement of actually participating in what had been just fantasy hours before.

Tyler was waiting outside the door and when I pulled up he came jogging over and hopped over the door and plopped down in the passenger seat. A buff kid, he was a wrestler and also ran cross country. Dark hair and blue eyes, my favorite combination. He brushed his longish hair out of his eyes and smiled at me. “Thanks for coming to get me Auntie Liz. It’s a long walk home.’

“No kidding.” I said as I let out the clutch and pulled out of the parking lot. “Given that you live about four miles away, I’d think that a runner like you would practically die before you get there. What would it take you, half an hour?”

“Probably less.” He was looking at me, studying the display of flesh and for a moment I felt self-conscious. Only for a minute though, I told you I liked male attention, didn’t I? He was quiet, still looking at me and I spoke again.

“What’s up with the car, didn’t you drive there or did your buddies ditch you?” My left hand rested easily on the steering wheel, the right hand stroking casino şirketleri a sore muscle on my thigh. I swear.

“Yeah, something like that.” He reached across the shifter and grabbed my right hand. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” I grinned, and kept stroking. In my head I replayed the dream that I’d had of him just that morning. The one where he gushed cum all over this very same cami. That was enough to ratchet up my own arousal and I wondered just what effect my stroking was having on him.

“Tell me about the car.” I asked again. Distracting him with my voice, although I wasn’t sure it was working since he kept looking at my leg.

“Only if we don’t go right to my house. Go somewhere else first. I don’t want to deal with them right now.” Meaning his parents.

He finally turned his attention from me and began to mess with the stereo. Our taste in music was vastly different so I didn’t figure that he would find too much that he liked. “Let’s play this.” I clicked on a CD of my own compilation, full of 80’s make-out songs.

“So why don’t you want to deal with your parents?” Getting the story out of this kid might just take all night. And that meant a night full of possibilities.

“Go to the park, will ya?” He asked and I nodded. The park, one of my favorite places to be after dark, even in a convertible.

We drove silently out of town towards our city park, only the sound of The Outfield singing on the CD. Technically it wasn’t open after dark, but I wasn’t worried. Our small town police force consisted of three cops and they wouldn’t bother us as long as we weren’t spraying graffiti or drinking. Neither of which I had on my agenda. And don’t ask exactly what was on the agenda, since I wasn’t sure.

We parked on a hill overlooking a baseball diamond and I turned to Tyler. “So tell me what’s up with your parents. And what it has to do with your car.” Now I was conscious of his eyes being drawn to the cleavage my cami displayed. I leaned back a bit on my seat, ostensibly stretching my back but really stretching the material across my 36C chest; and watching him watch me do it.

“They took the car. I’m grounded and not supposed to drive anywhere so they came and got the car while I was hanging with the band.” He slouched in his seat, typifying a discontented teenager.

While I considered his words, I stretched a hand over the seat to catch his jaw in my fingers. “And they knew that you could run home or get a ride from the guys so why did you call me?”

“Cause.” His eyes reflected the moonlight as he looked directly into my eyes. “I knew you’d come get me.”

“What the hell?” I asked, relaxing my fingers on his skin as his own hand came up to grab my wrist. “Do I have ‘sucker aunt’ written on my forehead or something?”

“Not like that. Just that I knew you’d come get me.” His thumb began stroking the inner part of my wrist. “And it’s not like you didn’t want to come get me.”

“I’m not sure why you think that.” I wasn’t sure what he meant and I wasn’t going to second guess him. “You’re Brian’s nephew and I would expect you to call if you needed help.” I twisted my wrist in a vain attempt to remove it from his hand but his grip was tight.

“Not just ’cause you’re my aunt. Cause you like me.” He teased, his voice lower than normal and realized that we were taking the same fork in the road.

“Of course I like you.” Unwilling to let him direct traffic just yet. “You’re Brian’s nephew. It was only a few years ago that I was changing your diapers.”

“I’m quite proficient with the potty these days. But lacking in some other areas.” His teeth gleamed as he smiled broadly at me. “Areas I’m sure you could help me out with.” As blatant a come-on as I’d ever heard. I fought to remind myself of my relationship as his aunt. Not a blood relationship but one that would be seriously complicated by his position as my husband’s nephew if we took this any further.

“Tyler, I’m just gonna take you home.” Having him voice the words I’d only heard in my dreams was making me hotter every moment that I sat in the car with him. And he was practically jailbait and family on top of that. The chicken in me was squawking so loudly I could hardly sit still.

“Don’t think so.” His voice was even deeper and he took the keys from the ignition before I could stop him. “I’m not ready to go just yet.” I grabbed the arm that casino firmaları held the keys and we wrestled for a short moment before he thrust them into his pocket. “Dare you to get ’em out.”

I was pissed, and I wrenched my hand away from him and climbed out of the car. The grass was soft under my feet and I wondered if I was truly pissed at him or myself for being so transparent. Dropping to my bottom, I sat on the grass and played with the blades of grass beneath my fingers.

“C’mon Liz.” He dropped the Aunt this time and I heard him open his door and come out onto the grass to join me. He shocked me further by sitting with his legs spread, his pelvis abutting my rear, legs on either side of mine. His fingers stroked the skin on my back from shoulder to shoulder and I could feel his arousal against my back. Shuddered at the contact of his skin on mine.

“This is not good.” Recalling his touch in the dreams that I’d had that week made me decide that fantasy was much less powerful than the real thing. And this was not going to be as easy to ignore. “C’mon Tyler.” Paraphrasing him. “Give me the keys, we’ll get back in the car and I’ll take you home.”

“No way.” His voice was in my ear, and then his tongue traced the soft skin of my earlobe. “I’m not done with you yet.”

“I’m your aunt, Tyler. We are SO done.” I turned to face him before I realized my mistake. All I’d done was given him access to my mouth from this position and he’d started kissing me before I could turn back.

Teenager kisses, short and fast; as though he needed to kiss me as many times as he could before I pushed him away. Leaning forward, he pinned my hands to my sides as he wrapped his arms around me. I tried to catch his mouth with mine to slow him down, but the position I was in was too awkward.

“You’re hurting me.” I told him at one point when he moved his mouth to my neck, sucking on it like a damn teenager. “Tyler, let go of me and we can talk about his.”

“Talk about what?” He joked, capturing both of my hands in one of his, leaving the other free to roam under my cami. The pleasure of having his hands touching my bare skin was enough to make me freak out.

“Tyler, I’m fucking serious.” I told him again. “Let go of me.”

“Whatever.” He stretched his hands to the sky, “See, I let go.” The grin on his face letting me know that he considered his behavior a game. A grin that was intoxicating to my already heightened senses.

Rolling to my knees, I leaned into his chest and bumped him with the palm of my hand. I was positioned between his knees still and he fell to the ground to avoid the pressure of my hands on his chest. “I give up.” He laughed, arms above his head as I loomed over him, aware that my breasts were pressing into his chest.

“That was so not nice of you, young Tyler. I think you need to say how sorry you are.” I teased him, comfortable now that I was in control of what happened between us.

“I’m so sorry. Punish me.” He was still laughing, and I made a face as I considered an appropriate punishment. His arousal was still evident and I felt it against my stomach.

“How about if I teach you a better way to go about seducing a woman instead?” I put an arm on either side of his head and lowered my face closer to his. My lips just inches from his. And I know that my actions were contrary to my thoughts, but what the hell. I was so darn horny myself that maybe I could get something out of this evening.

“Oh yeah, teach me anything. Teach me everything.” He breathed against me, his hips bucking gently.

“Kissing goes like this.” I placed a handful of kisses on his face, from his eyebrows to his chin, ignoring his lips. “It’s about teasing and pleasing, not hurting.” Touching his lips with mine, our eyes open and staring.

Facing his parents was going to be a bitch after this.

He met me eagerly and I reminded myself that he was a virgin (information courtesy of his mother, no less) – at the very least quite inexperienced with lovemaking. He’d broken up with his first girlfriend a short time ago and his mother confided that it was over sex. The girlfriend was younger and not interested in sex. Idiot.

My eyes closed and I enjoyed the jolt of arousal that shot through my body. Go easy, I repeated to myself. He’s a virgin and you’re old enough to be his mom. Banishing that ugly thought immediately.

Tyler güvenilir casino had jumped in with both feet and was following my lead quite enthusiastically. His arms came up around my back and he pressed me closer to him, breasts crushed against his chest.

“Hold up.” I pulled away for a moment, breathing heavily as though I’d run a marathon only seconds before. “The lesson ends when I say so. Got it?”

“‘kay.” He sounded unsure and I pictured him grimacing at the thought of entering his house with a massive erection.

“Trust me.” I looked into his eyes again and smiled. ‘I’ll take care of you.”

“‘kay.” This time he sounded as breathless as I was.

I sat back on my heels and said, ‘Take off the shirt.” Loving the confused and yet excited look on his face.

He pulled it off quickly and tossed it aside. “Now what?” He asked, face alight with anticipation.

“Now this.” I pushed him to the ground again and kissed his lips, chin and down his neck. Down the center of his chest and back up to his neck, tongue tracing his collarbone. Touching his lips again for a moment and back down to his neck.

“Fuck.” He said it reverently, obviously never having experienced this element of lovemaking before.

“Nah.” I returned to his lips and tugged gently on his tongue with my lips. Sucking gently, I pulled it into my mouth and let go, only to capture it again and suck it into my mouth once more. “No fucking. Not this time.”

“Aww…”His disappointment was obvious from his tone of voice and I raised my head to frown at him.

“Hush. If you want to complain about the curriculum, then you need to find another instructor.”

“No, I’m okay with it.” He smiled at me, eyes still alight with eagerness.

“Good.” I bent once more to his rock-hard abs, kissing the skin, outlining his ribs with my mouth and tongue, moving lower and lower until my mouth rested just above the button of his jeans.

I felt the shallowness of his breathing as he tried desperately to figure out what I had planned for my next move. The longing in his body was echoed in his voice as he said, ‘Oh please.” Begging, needing. I teased him further, moving my mouth along the erection that strained his pants. His stomach clenched in expectation as I lifted my head to stare at him.

“I know this isn’t quite the right time, but promise me that no word of this will ever reach your parents. Especially your mom.” My formidable sister-in-law. Who would kick my ass despite the fact that I had probably 30 pounds of muscle on her.

I watched as he opened his eyes slowly, taking a moment to focus on me. “No…. I mean, of course not.” He mumbled, and I reveled in the sexual haze that clouded his brain.

“Good answer.” I unsnapped his jeans and the sound echoed in my head. If I was half the good person I imagined myself to be, I would stop now and send him home – aroused but also untouched. Unfortunately the bad girl I had always longed to be had been gaining power all evening and she was in control and moving forward.

His arousal made removing his jeans difficult and I slid them carefully over his hips. Tyler flinched when his throbbing erection was exposed to the evening air and I caressed it with my hand, warming it gently before I leaned over to kiss him on the lips.

“Pay attention now, this is your final exam.” I moved back down to deposit a kiss against the side of his penis. Kissing him again, I ran my tongue along the length of him, teasing him before opening my mouth and taking him inside.

Inarticulate sounds emanated from Tyler’s mouth and he bucked wildly beneath my mouth.

“Slow down.” I cautioned him and he shook his head from side to side. “Not gonna happen.” He moaned. “I mean, it’s gonna happen.” This from a boy who knew his own body, who had been practicing for this moment for many years.

He thrust eagerly against my open mouth and I tasted the salty pre-cum on the tip of his penis. Knowing that he was right, I sucked him into my mouth again and again, coating his shaft with saliva. I shifted positions so that my lacey camisole was right in the firing line and I stroked him with my hand. “C’mon Tyler. FUCK me. Fuck ME.” I was seriously caught up in the moment, aware that I was going to cum right along with him. Seconds later he shot a powerful jet of cum onto my cami, following with a few weaker pumps and he collapsed down into the grass, moaning.

“Good boy. You get an A for sure.” I plopped down beside him on the damp grass and thought to myself that I would have to get on one hell of a game face the next time I saw his mother.

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