At the Gym Pt. 01

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I awoke one Sunday morning at 6:00 AM; my wife Liz is asleep next to me. I wanted to stay in bed but needed to get up to go to the gym and work out. My wife and I sleep together in the same bed, but have not had sex in months ever since she revealed she had an affair with a guy at work. We have attended couple’s therapy but there has been no resolution. We have stayed together for the kids and I work off my sexual frustration by going to the gym.

I get up and get dressed to head to the gym instead of staying in the bed and getting frustrated. The gym is one of those 24 hour types that are not staffed on the weekend and you let yourself in with a key card. I get there and notice that there is only one other person in the place. A guy working out on the weight machines, I nod and acknowledge his presence and head off to do my own workout. After working out on the cardio equipment for an hour I decide to spend some time in the sauna to relax my muscles. I rinse off quickly in the shower and wrap a towel around my waist and head into the sauna. About 5 minutes later the door open and in walks the other guy who asks if it is okay for him to join me. I say sure there is plenty of room, he introduces himself as Jim and takes a seat on the other side of the sauna.

Jim and I start talking and his conversation eventually turns to his wife, Kimberly, who he describes as an attractive woman, who is a sexpot. He also mentions that she has been out of town for the last week and won’t be back until next week. While he was describing her I noticed he was starting to fidget around on the bench and a quick glance revealed that the towel he was wearing around his waist was starting to tent up. As he keeps talking about her and his missing her, the towel keeps getting higher; I can now see his balls and the base of his cock peeking out from under the edge of the towel. It was then and there that I decided to venture outside my comfort zone and take a chance.

I asked Jim if the heat was bothering him as I looked down at his growing situation. He stammered back that he is sorry but talking about Kimberly and not having any relief has made him respond. I say he can’t go out like that and get down off my bench and move over towards him and say we will have to see what we can do about it. I slide my hand under his towel and grab the base of his cock. He closes his eyes and moans, they snap back open and he says he has never had a man touch him sexually before. I respond by saying it is okay because I have never touched a man sexually before and we will see where it leads.

I begin to slide my hand up his shaft; he leans back and groans in response. I remove his towel and look at his cock; it is 10 inches long and so thick that I can barely get my hand around it. I start stroking it and it stiffens even more that it already is. I have had a lot of women give me blowjobs in the past and have wondered what it would be like to do it. As Jim moans I decide to go ahead and try it. I bend down and take the head of his cock into my mouth and slide my lips tightly across the skin of his cock. I have to adjust my jaw to accommodate the size of his shaft and take him deeper in my mouth. Jim is now moaning louder and pushing his hip forward for me to take more of his cock in my mouth, I try to go deeper on to his shaft. I reach about five inches when I start to feel a gag reflex; I remember girlfriends who would take me deep would relax their tongue and that would allow them to take more cock in. I try that and continue to slide his cock deeper into my mouth. Once past a certain point I casino şirketleri am able to keep sliding him deeper and deeper into my mouth until I have taken him all the way to where my lips are touching the skin of his groin. I can feel his cock in my throat, stretching it with his huge shaft. I begin to slide my mouth back up his shaft and he says that no one has ever been able to take all of him like that, not even his wife.

I continue sucking his cock in and out of my mouth, every few strokes taking him all the way into my throat. Jim begins to really groan and I feel his cock begin to throb, I know he is about to cum. I decide to go ahead and keep him in my mouth since I have gone this far I might as well taste his cum as well. As he reaches his orgasm I grab the bottom of his shaft and hold about 4 inches in my mouth. He grunts and I can feel him squirting into my mouth, jet after jet of cum shoot into my mouth and throat, I begin to swallow it and can taste it in my mouth, I find I like the taste and continue until he is done shooting. I then swallow what is left in my mouth and take my mouth off of his cock.

Jim is breathless from his orgasm and is shaking from pleasure. I still have his cock in my hand and then decide to take this encounter farther. I start working his cock again and it starts to respond by growing back to its full length. Jim is fully involve now and begins to thrust his shaft into my hand. Once he is fully erect I drop my towel and turn around and lean against the bench and use my hands to spread my ass cheeks. Jim quickly gets the clue and stands behind me and put the head of his cock against my asshole. He attempts to push into my ass but can’t get past the opening. He says hold on and opens the door and fills his hand full of liquid soap from the sink area outside the sauna. He lathers his cock up and rubs some against my asshole and repositions his cock against my opening. He begins to push his cock into my ass with steady pressure until he manages to get past the sphincter muscle and my ass opens up to accommodate his girth.

There is a little pain when he first enters my ass but it quick begins to subside as I get more and more use to the feel of him inside of me. He begins to stroke into my ass with ever deeper strokes until he is buried to the hilt in my ass. He grabs my hips and starts to fuck into me as if my ass were a pussy. It is my turn to groan and moan as the feeling of his cock inside of me is really turning me on. My cock begins to grow and Jim notices, he reaches around my waist and starts to stroke my cock with his still soapy hand. By now Jim is really fucking in and out of me with real gusto, he is thrusting all 10 inches as deep as he can. The feeling of him fucking me and his hand job are too much as my cock expands and I start to squirt my cum all over the bench. Jim feels my cock shooting and increases the rate of his stroking in my ass as my asshole contracts and squeezes his cock. Jim thrust his cock all the way in my ass and shoots his load deep inside of me.

I collapse onto the bench and can feel Jim’s cock slide out of my ass, it leaves an empty feeling once it is all the way out. I can feel his cum begin to ooze out of my hole and down my legs.

Once we catch our breath we clean up the mess and clean up in the showers and as we leave the gym we says that we will see each other next week.

Ever since my encounter with Jim a week ago, I have been apprehensive and nervous about seeing him at the gym again. I had decided that I liked what we did and would do it again if the opportunity casino firmaları arose, but was unsure how Jim would feel about it. I get up on Sunday at 6 and head to the gym; I have a nervous pit in my stomach as I wonder what is going to happen. I arrive at the gym and see Jim, but notice he is not alone. There is a beautiful woman with him, I assume she is Kimberly. She is about 5′ 5″ tall, with a rock hard body and huge boobs. I assume he has not said anything about last week to her and just go on to do my usual workout.

I finish my workout and head to the shower and sauna, sitting there reminds me of what happened last week and my cock starts to get hard as I think about it. I lift up my towel and start to stroke my cock, as I figure that this will be the only relief I get today. The door begins to open and I cover up as in walk Jim and the woman. She says, “Hi, my name is Kimberly,” and lets her towel drop to the floor. Her tits are exquisite, at least a 38DD that stand up nice and straight. Her nipples are a dark brown and already erect. Her pubic hair has been neatly trimmed into a heart shape and I can see her clit poking out from between the lips of her pussy.

Kimberly says, “Don’t freak out but Jim told me what happen last weekend and it made me so horny that I had to come this week. The idea of watching Jim have sex with another guy makes my pussy start to cream. Is it okay if I watch you and Jim?”

My cock immediately starts to get hard as I think about this beautiful woman watching me while I give Jim a blowjob and I say, “Sure you can join in if you want.” Kimberly says she wants to watch first and will decide later if she wants to be involved.

By this time Jim has taken off his towel and his cock is already rock hard, he sits on the bench and waits for me. I stand up and my towel fall off and my now hard cock stands out as I approach him. I reach for his cock and dip my head to take him into my mouth and begin to suck on his cock. Jim says “Take me deep, I want Kimberly to see you take all of me.” So I relax my tongue and slide his cock all the way into my throat, I let it sit there for a few seconds so that Kimberly can see that it is all the way in.

As I begin to slide back up his shaft Kimberly says, “That is so hot; you will have to show me how to take it all.” Kimberly meanwhile is working her clit with her fingers and her pussy is dripping wet. As I continue to suck on Jim’s cock she says that she can’t take it anymore and slides down between my legs and takes my cock into her mouth. Jim sees this and his cock gets even harder, he start to fuck my mouth with long strokes of his cock. He pushes his cock deep into my throat as I continue to suck on it.

Kimberly’s mouth feels like a hot inferno wrapped around my cock. The feeling is pure bliss and I know I will not last long. Jim begins to moan that he is about to cum and Kimberly tells me to not swallow, but to keep it in my mouth. Jim puts his hands on my head and pulls most of his cock out leaving just the last inch in my mouth and begins to shoot his cum into my mouth. I taste the flavor on my tongue and it is too much, I shoot my load into Kimberly’s mouth. I haven’t cum that hard in a long time, I shoot stream after stream into her mouth until I feel my balls empty.

I pull my mouth off of Jim’s cock and hold his cum in while I roll it around with my tongue. Kimberly takes her mouth off of my cock and stands up and kisses me, as she opens her mouth my cum flows into my mouth and mixes with Jim’s, she thrust her tongue into my mouth and licks at the mixed güvenilir casino seed. As she removes her lips she says to swallow the load and I allow both loads of cum to flow down my throat until it is gone. She kisses me again, but this time with passion and says it is her turn to get some of that.

Kimberly sits up on the bench and spreads her legs and says it time for me to lick her cunt. I move my head up to her already dripping pussy and smell her musky odor. I slide my tongue against her swollen lips and dip into her cunt hole as far as my tongue will go. She sighs with pleasure as I work my tongue in and out of her hole. I take my tongue out of her hole and move it up to her clit and start to lap at it like a lollypop. She shakes with excitement and screams out, “Yes, lick that clit.”

Jim, meanwhile, has gotten hard watching me lick his wife and pulls out a tube of lubricant. He slathers up his cock and pushes it into my asshole; he grabs my hips and starts to fuck away at my ass. Kimberly sees her husband’s cock sliding in and out of my ass and gets even more turned on. She starts to grab at her incredible tits with one hand and holds my head to her pussy with the other. She pleads, “Lick my cunt, and please lick my cunt.” I suck her clit between my lips and she screams a guttural scream and arches her back as she start to orgasm. Her orgasm is so intense that she starts to shoot liquid into my mouth and all over my face. She continues to spasms against my mouth until she finally starts to come down from her orgasm. Jim has been watching her and it is too much for him to watch. He shoved his cock all the way into my ass and let go with a huge load of cum deep into my butt.

As Jim and Kimberly are recovering from their orgasms she notices that my cock has recovered and is now hard. She says that she is not going to let that go to waste and has me sit down on the bench, straddles my hips and lowers her cunt on to my cock. I have not had a cunt surround my cock in a long time and scream out as her cunt squeezes around my hard shaft. As she starts to ride up and down on my cock I reach out and take a boob into each hand, I squeeze the nipples and bring one to my mouth to suck on. I nip and suck on each nipple as they get rock hard in my mouth.

Jim has stayed hard since cumming in my ass and Kimberly says for him to stick it in her ass so she can feel both of her holes filled. Jim moves behind her and starts to slide his cock into her ass. I can feel his cock rubbing against mine as it enters her butt. Once he is all the way into her ass, she starts to ride up and down on both cocks. She rides us for about fifteen minutes and I swear she has cum at least three times during her ride. Her juices are flowing out of her cunt and down my balls onto the bench.

Jim has had all he can take and says is going to cum, he starts to shoot into her ass and I can feel his cock throbbing against mine. I start to cum as I feel him cum and Kimberly says that she can feel both of us shooting inside of her. She collapses against me and shakes with pleasure and exhaustion, her breath is labored as she tries to recover her control. Jim pulls his cock out of her ass with a plop and his cum flows out of her onto my balls. My cock begins to shrink and slides out of her cunt and my cum flows out of her and mixes with the rest of our juices.

After we recover we clean up the mess in the sauna and head to shower where we clean each other up. After we are dressed, Kimberly comes up and kisses me and says she is looking forward to next week here at the gym. She also says that she is comfortable with me taking care of Jim’s needs when she has to be out of town for work. She gives my crotch a squeeze and heads out the door. I go home much more relaxed and feeling excitement for the next time I go to the gym.

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