At Last, Free

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This story is totally fiction! If you like or dislike, please tell me anyways!! And, everyone is over 18! Enjoy!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~At last, Free~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I have no reason to ever believe that my life shall ever change. I like it the way it is, from dawn to dusk. The same rhythm that I do each and every day, only Sunday is a bit different; it is the day of rest you know.

On the week days I would be at work by nine in the morning, and off by seven in the evening. With working out, and everything in between, plus some time having to work on Saturday, there was no time to have fun!

Plus, who would want to date someone who has never even been kissed by a guy before, and has no taste for alcohol. My list is slim, yet I never mind it because who needs someone when I have my job, a job I have worked hard for.

I started my own photography business about five or so years ago, with an inheritance from my parents; I know rich kid thing right? Wrong! Only way I got it was to get a job, and being an entrepreneur did fall under that category.

Starting out was hard, finding the right click though was not. I just travel, get people to sign things and then I take the pictures. I did in the past few years add on some more staff from just three people to now twenty. Big jump from a single digit, but I can send more people to bigger assignments.

So as I was saying, my life is pretty busy. I don’t even own a pet, I want to yet I am never home enough to take care of the little thing. Some people call me sad and lonely, which at times is true, but you will never ever hear me say that out loud.

At work I hear my name every five mins, to the point I just want to scream, but I don’t and just push through it all praying that time flies so I can close and go home and do it all over again. All I do it work, I get home and go through the pictures casino şirketleri or files of the day and then eat and go to bed.

My fun is maybe catching up on whatever show is on, or listening to a song that I haven’t heard in a while. Living in a seven bedroom house is nice, I can do what and to where things go and everything is what I like. Yet, I yearn for the laughing of kids, my kids, to fill the house up.

I am an only child, no parents due to stupidity of their smoking habits, so I’m on my own all the time, and that I like! Well I do and do not, but hey what can I do when my only friend is married and never calls me back because I am too depressing that I am never with anyone.

My favorite room in my whole house has to be the back room, which is locked and unlocked by my special key that is a one-of-a-kind. The room is my safe haven, and I know it says I never have any ‘fun’, but I never said I never had fun people know about.

My second job is to take pictures of unusual things, and that has to do with the art of sex. I will never show anyone without permission, nor do I sell without permission. People who want to be photographed have to find me, for no one knows who I am outside that room, no one.

Now I might recognize a few here or there from places, but none know that they are in my house, and under my eyes. When coming to my house they come down the back and confusing pathway, and through a side door that if you do not know the correct path way, well you might be stuck for a while. I take any job seriously and professional, even if someone asks if I would like to join, I respectably decline.

But, when they leave, my body comes alive and my hands are shaking with pure excitement! I upload the pictures onto my huge screen in the conjoined room, sometimes people even ask me to record as well, but when I see the pictures casino firmaları come to life on the big screen, it could all most make you cry!

It sounds odd that I do this as a side job, but seriously who would advertise photo skills in a daily paper that has to do with sex? My guess, it has to be pretty slim! Well not slim it would not exist, yet to a train eye it could be, right? People who want to find me, easily do, yet never know it is me.

I love when they walk in the back way, with cash in hand of course (never do I take anything that can leave a trail), with eyes wide open and totally not prepared. Drinks of variety either chilling or there just in arms reach for their enjoyment, and any toy they may desire if they had not brought their own.

As I said before, I never join in with whatever they happen to be doing at that particular moment. At times I want to; to either try or to say yes I have done it at least once. But, the simple answer to why I never join in is that no one and I repeat no one has ever done anything with me!

Dates I have been on, never had any that fancy me exactly, yet many were into me. My mother taught me a long time ago that if I want respect, you do not give up your cookies until you are certain that the partner you are with is the one you shall be with forever more!

As time went by, things like going on dates to find ‘Mister Right’, just seemed completely pointless, and who would want to date someone who has seen it, but not yet lived it? That is how my ‘other job’ came into action! By helping other realize their dreams coming true, and having the proof that it has, and having my own copies. Now that is a definitely good bonus, with the permission of course.

My life seemed complete, nothing really to complain about. Yet, would I be telling you a boring story. I probably would, just as a little joke of güvenilir casino mine. Most say this is how my life started or how I learned to live. That is true in terms yes, but not with me exactly.

Owning two different jobs can be a bit hard at times, but well worth it. But, when a problem came up with one, I had to do something. That is how my life went upside down. I went to fix a problem and ended up flat on my back, tied down to a cold, metal table with a little vibrator on my clit.

Voices could be heard all over, the bright light made it hard for me to figure out who it was or where I was, but I knew they were there watching me. Hands every once came from all angles and where they touched, they made sure it hurt. Some would fondled where ever they touched, pinching, spanking, this list kind of goes on.

One person had to be in control of the little vibrator, because when no one was touching me it went on high, yet no one was touching me it went even higher. Heat washed across my face from how much I kept cumming, I never been touched by anyone but my own self and now a bunch of strangers were touching my chest and everywhere except my private parts.

Now, now this is not “She is sold to the highest bidder!” actually this is more of a, “You are now released!” Sounds odd do it not, that is how I felt. But, the person was right I felt different, to the point I went home, somewhat in a haze, and screwed myself some more.

I never knew who those people were, or how to ever thank them. But, when I do my other job now it’s a totally new perspective from what I was originally doing. This is where my life changed, where I finally met my ‘Mister Right!” My guy was in front of me the whole time, if you had not guessed it just yet, well put it this way. He loves to be in control, to the point of insanity.

My story goes on, and more shall be explain, but for now I need to rest. The next few days will be busy with so many meetings about who should do what and where the venues are like for each picture. But, I promise to right back as soon as possible!!

From, Midnight B. Rose

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