At 64 My First Gay Experience Ch. 05

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Chapter V: I take George to meet John and Cathy

I talked to John the other day and told him about my tryst with George and how he would like to have a party with us. I asked John if he had heard from Bill. It seems that Bill is still among the missing but that Cathy would enjoy joining us. I agreed and told him we would be over Wednesday if that was good for him; the date was set.

I picked George up at 10 AM and we headed to John’s house. When we pulled into the drive John was just getting out of his car. He greeted us and ushered us into the house. He called out to Cathy that we were there and would be in the den. As we entered the den Cathy came out of the kitchen; she was wearing her French Maid outfit and she looked real sexy. I introduced her to George. We then sat down as John went to get us a drink. The main reason for the drink was John and I had discovered that if you dissolved a couple Viagra in alcohol a four hour erection was possible.

When John returned he asked George if he was married and if his wife was aware of his bi-sexual activities. George answered yes he was married and that he had told his wife about having sex with me. George then looked at me and admitted he had lied about his wife having died; she was up north visiting her family. John then asked how she reacted to this. George explained that his wife had an affair with another woman so she understood his desire to have sex with a man.

We made small talk for about a half hour before John suggested we take off our cloths and suck some cock. It only took a second and we were nude; George was already with an erection so being the good and gracious host; John got on his knees and started sucking George’s cock. I watched them for a few minuets then suggested that George lay down so I could get involved also. George got on the floor and lay on his back so that John and I could both suck on his cock and balls.

It wasn’t long until we were strung out in a Daisy chain; I was sucking George as he sucked John who had my cock in his mouth. Cathy was fulfilling her duties as the photographer. John liked to present the new man a video tape of his first time with us.

I liked sucking George; his cock was a perfect size for oral stimulation and he had a unique taste that was very pleasant. He was leaking lots of precum and I could feel his balls getting tight so I knew he was about to flood my mouth with cum. I took him as deep in my mouth as I could and sucked on his rod; it had the effect I wanted as he released a torrent of cum that was more than I could swallow. I held his cock in my mouth as it slowly went soft and slipped from between my lips.

John still had my cock in his mouth and was doing a good job on it. He would suck and take the full length in and suck real hard then just have the head in as he used his tongue to stimulate it. I felt John shiver as he shot his load into George’s mouth; artemisbet yeni giriş it must have a strong orgasm as John started sucking me harder than he ever had and brought me off.

End of round one; we sat up and Cathy had us sit close together so she could get a shot of three old farts with flabby cocks and cum dripping off their chins.

For some reason as we were sitting there I got extremely horny; my cock went from flaccid to rock hard in a second [the Viagra had kicked in] I asked who wanted to be butt fucked. Cathy spoke first. John agreed that I should fuck Cathy’s ass.

She quickly stripped and got on her hands and knees exposing her fantastic ass to us. I got behind her and spread her ass cheeks; I leaned forward and started licking her anus trying to enter her with my tongue. I knew how much Cathy liked having her ass licked and how horny it made her. After I got her good and wet I put the head of my cock against her rear orifice and gently entered her.

After I was fully inside her I felt hands on my ass then a tongue probing my asshole. It only took George a minuet until I felt his balls slapping against mine. I looked behind me and saw John sliding his cock in George’s ass.

Since the first time I experienced having my ass fucked while I was fucking either an ass or pussy this was my favorite sex act. It took a few minuets before we were able to get the right rhythm but as soon as we did it was great. I was able to bend over Cathy’s back and bite her on the neck [another thing that sets Cathy into orbit]. At the same time George had managed to get my balls in his hand so he could squeeze them.

Fucking a woman’s ass is different than fucking a man’s because she doesn’t have a prostate. I actually prefer a man over a woman because of this but Cathy is the exception; she has such control over her anal muscle that she can tighten it so you can’t enter her at all or she can relax it and you could put your arm in. She also loves having her asshole licked and prefers being ass fucker to intercourse. A perfect mate for a gay or bi-sexual guy.

George was doing a nice job in my ass also; he was somehow massaging my prostate in such a manner as to cause me wanting to cum before too soon. I wiggled my ass enough to relieve the pressure he was putting on me; but I put a message in my head to have him do that maneuver again sometime. I heard John let out a groan which meant that he was ready to ejaculate; he pulled out of George’s ass and came around us and put his cock in Cathy’s mouth so she could ingest his semen. John liked having Cathy suck his cock after he fucked someone’s ass; Cathy sucked with all her might wanting to get all of his cum.

Cathy likes perverted, sick and kinky sex so sucking a cock fresh from an asshole is one of her favorite acts just like I enjoy eating a freshly fucked pussy. I heard John tell George not artemisbet giriş to cum in my ass but in his wife’s mouth. I was hoping George finished before I did so I could cum in her mouth too.

George pumped real fast for a couple of seconds then pulled out of my ass and came around so he could finish in Cathy’s mouth. He started Cumming as soon as he got past her lips; Cathy managed to pull him closer and took his full load. Now it was my turn; I slipped out of her ass and got us in the 69 position because I wanted to eat her pussy as she sucked the cum from my cock. Cathy’s cunt was dripping juices like a leaky faucet and I wanted to taste them. I remembered my last time with her and how good her pussy tasted now it was even better.

Cathy took my whole cock into her hot wet mouth and sucked! and sucked! and sucked!. She pulled such a vacuum on my pecker that I was afraid she was going to pull my balls thru the pee hole. I shot a load like I haven’t done in years; damn it felt good.

After we finished Cathy left the room; John suggested we go out to the pool and have a dip and maybe fuck around outside. He asked George if he had ever had a blowjob in a pool; and if not he could now. John had a cooler full of beer sitting on a table so we wouldn’t get thirsty. We all got in the pool, John and I started fondling George’s cock and ass to get things going. With the attention we were giving his cock it didn’t take long until he was hard. We were standing in the shallow end of the pool were the water came just below our ass.

I got on my knees behind George and started licking his ass while John got on his knees and took his cock in his mouth. Our both doing George at the same time was a first for him. I knew that he loved having his ass licked from our past encounters and to be honest I didn’t mind doing it. After I got hard I stood and put my little cock in George’s ass. Now I was fucking him as John sucked his cock.

George was getting weak in the knees because of the pleasure he was receiving from us. It wasn’t long before he filled John’s mouth with his cum. After he finished ejaculating he told me that he wanted my cock in his mouth so he could taste my cum. Naturally I agreed and pulled out of his ass and he took me in his mouth. George is a good cocksucker so it didn’t take him long to get me off. He took the full load and swallowed it.

We got out of the water and sat around the table and drank some beer. As we were want to do we decided that it was my time to suck both guy’s and drink their cum, which was fine with me. They flipped a coin to see who was first; George won. George liked to be blown standing up so I took a cushion off a chair and got on my knees.

George stepped in front of me and offered his still limp cock for me to get hard and suck his cum from. I used my tongue to maneuver his cock between my lips and soon had his soft pecker in artemisbet güvenilirmi my mouth. I used my lips and tongue to massage his cock and make it hard. I put my hands on the cheeks of his ass and pulled him closer thereby taking him partially down my throat. I had to fight a gag impulse so I could keep him deep in my mouth. I had been practicing this maneuver with a zucchini and found I could take 7 ½ inches before I chocked.

George was not quite 7 inches. I got him to start fucking my mouth by pushing and pulling on his ass cheeks. George was soon moaning and making funny little sounds then he pushed a massive load of cum down my throat. He was so deep in my throat that I didn’t even taste his cum. I held his cock in my mouth until he was soft again. George told me that this was the best blowjob he had ever experienced.

John asked what I had done to cause such a reaction; he had never seen anyone enjoy a blowjob that much before. I told him he was next. John has a cock that is 7 ¾ inches according to my tape so this was going to be my real test. I wanted real bad to take him totally in my mouth and deliver a throat job that he would always remember. Since John was one of the first men I ever sucked he was special. John’s favorite position for receiving a blowjob was flat on his back, so he was lying on an air mattress with his legs spread and his cock rock hard.

I positioned myself in a comfortable place and took his manhood into in my mouth for what I hoped would be his best blowjob ever. As I mentioned earlier John has almost 8 inches of hard cock; it is also about 2 ½ inches in diameter I started by licking his cock to get it wet and slippery; I slowly took it into my mouth. I was able to get about 6 or 6 ½ inches in my mouth when I realized that this might be impossible; I decided to try a different tactic.

I began a motion where I would back off until just the head of his cock was in my mouth; I would then move forward as fast as I could, taking more of him each time. This seemed to be working; after what seemed like hours I could take all of his cock into my mouth. Of coarse a lot of it was going down my throat so I couldn’t breathe. I managed to control myself and was able to keep him in my throat for a few seconds longer on each stroke.

It must have felt good to John; he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock as far down my throat as he could and deposited his cum down my gullet in several mighty spurts. I allowed him to hold me like that until I felt that I was going to gag; at that point I raised my head until his cock slipped from my mouth.

It took me a while to recuperate from this ordeal; but I was one proud old man. As we say in the South; I done it.

John was well satisfied, George was amazed and I had to go inside to pee. As I entered the house I saw Cathy standing by the window where she had been watching our activities. She followed me to the bathroom and watched as I emptied my bladder. As I finished Cathy asked me to teach her how to swallow John’s cock.

But that is another story.

George and I got dressed; said our good-bys and headed home; two well satisfied old cock suckers.

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