Asses and Pussies

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Like everything else I post here, this is real, and happened only a few mornings ago.

I awoke with my hips pressed against her perfect ass and her scent making my pussy throb.

It wasn’t really HER scent all over her…it was MY scent. Musk oil, and the wet result of the long, hard orgasm she’d given me last night that drenched her. I was covered in HER scent.

My pussy was hot and dripping right now. Easily excited from how she expertly sucked me last night, wanting more and more of me.

Breathing quicker, I slid my tongue from her shoulders, down the middle of her back, and slowed at her lower back to give her skin wet, sucking kisses. She awoke and squirmed, purring to me while she rolled onto her tummy and spread her legs for me, the woman who loves her so deeply…her total slut who thrives on giving her all the hard, wet orgasms her body can take.

My tongue slid down between her asscheeks, making her raise her ass and surrender it to me. Baby looked so pretty like this…so sweet, sexy and tongue-fuckable. Her burning hot skin around her opening felt so silky-smooth on my tongue and my wet lips.

My hunger for her…to take her and make her cum so intensely, was throbbing deep inside me. She whimpered, mixed with little squeals, begging me. I pressed my lips against her opening and growled loudly into her from bahis firmaları deep in my throat so her entire body could feel it.

She pressed her forehead on the mattress and growled back at me, pushing her ass harder at my face…I plunged my hot, wet tongue into her, filling her ass deeply…completely…

With both my hands holding her ass, an orgasm shot through me all on it’s own and I came like HELL!

Up on her knees with her face buried in the mattress, she growled like a wild animal in heat, “FUCK!! FUCK MY ASS, SUNNY!! GIMME YOUR FUCKING TONGUE!”

I drove my tongue deeply into her, fucking her mercilessly with it while she bucked back against my face each time…baby came hard, her ass muscles pulsing wonderfully around my tongue and her steaming hot ladycum dribbling down her beautiful inner thighs…

Before my perfect lady could fall on her tummy to the mattress, I rolled onto my back and had my face under her pussy…with her head still on the bed, I kept her on her knees and lapped all of her cum from her thighs, making her body tremble. When I sank my teeth in a muscle near her pussy, her hips fell down on my face and she screamed, “SUNNY! FUCK! MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!!”

I happily scooched down a little, leaned my head back and grabbed her enlarged clit with my lips. Growling at her again, I shook my head real kaçak iddaa hard, my lips holding her clit and my tongue flicking it to death. My arms were around her hips, my hands holding onto her ass…one long squeal coming from her mouth. Then her ass muscles tightened hard. Still crying out and shaking wildly, a rush of heat flew to her pussy and clit and she came so hard, I could barely hold onto her!

She wriggled and squirmed while her pussy sent her cum into my mouth…what a hot orgasm! She slid off me, onto her tummy on the mattress, whimpering and catching her breath.

I scooched my ass around and sat in front of her head. On her tummy, all she had to do was raise her head to see my pussy, but I was just out of her reach. I spread my legs real wide and leaned back and firmly spanked my dripping wet pussy so she could hear it.

That made her look at my pussy…she propped herself on her elbows and just watched me play with and spank my big outer lips. She said, “Fuck, I think I want to suck you.”

“I think I want to tease you, first. You know how hot that makes me.” With my feet against her shoulders holding her back, I smiled at her and slid my finger waaaaaaaay inside me. Leaning back on one hand, I raised my ass off the mattress and roughly fingerfucked my pussy, making her squirm and watch me.

She pushed her shoulders against kaçak bahis my feet and said sternly, “Give your pussy to me.”

I slid my finger from my pussy and brought it to her lips…she opened her mouth and took it, sucking my juices while watching my butterfly pussylips flutter for her. She slid my finger from her mouth and struggled against my feet to get to my pussy. I held her back and let my pussy ooze my juices while she watched, trying harder to get to me.

I lubed my finger again in my pussy, leaned way, way back and made her watch me slide that finger in my ass…I leaned my head back and squealed deliciously while pushing my finger in as far as it would go…

My feet slipped off her shoulders…

She squealed with joy and in a flash, she pushed my spread legs back, cris-crossed her legs between mine and hotly plopped her soaked pussy onto mine! She yelled, “Ha! I got you now! Sunnypussy belongs to me, and I’ll take it whenever I want it!”


My, my, did she ever…holding onto one of my legs in front of her and my other leg behind her, she firmly ground her pussy on mine…I raised my ass up as much as I could and she fucked and rubbed against me, our pussies making lots of sexy, wet sounds…we both came at once, absolutely soaking my tummy and down to my ass…

Baby fell over on top of me and we wrapped our bodies together, cuddling in a mass of wet kisses, gasping and whimperings.

“I love you sooooooooo MUCH, Blue.”

“I love YOU so much, Sunny.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32