Asian Massage Parlor

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I had passed the place now and then. But today I was still sore from the 10K run over the weekend, a longer distance than I had run in quite a while. I keep trying to defy aging by pushing myself. After all, what is the alternative? I slowed down as I passed, and looked at the door of the Asian massage parlor. Shifting in the seat as I passed, the ache of muscles over-used made up my mind for me.

Some Asian massage parlors are disappointments. Unattractive, possibly even rude, staff. Perfunctory massage without much skill and little or no feeling on the part of the masseuse. No happy endings. Masturbation has its place, but the companionship of an attractive, willing woman, and the multiple delights she can provide, make masturbation, in comparison, a pale and unattractive alternative. But, regardless of the disappointments I might experience, I parked, approached the door, which was draped with curtains for privacy, and knocked. I could always leave.

“Hello” came a feminine voice from within, with a pleasant Asian accent “herro” it sounded like.

She opened the door and took my hand in hers to pull me in. She was petite, perhaps five feet tall. She was not very young, but had a very pretty face, a slim and athletic figure, with, for her size, full breasts, and slim thighs and legs. She wore a sheer top that revealed the darker circles around her nipples, and red short shorts.

America has the most wonderful diversity of femininity. All colors, shapes, heights, hair lengths and textures, an endless variety. I have seen beautiful women in Europe, Russia, Mexico and the Caribbean. You can find all of them here too, every different type. When you are old enough, you begin to sort out your favorites, among foods and drinks, places to be, movies, music. You name it. You have a personality, and part of what it expresses is what pleases you.

I love Asian women. I love that many Asian women are petite, that their skin is darker than mine, that their hair is shining black, and that their eyes are exotically oval. When Lilly opened the door for me, I began to want her.

“Massage?” she questioned. “Yes,” I responded. She smiled and nodded several times and led me back to a neat and clean room with dim lighting, and a massage table. The prices were posted on the wall, discreetly, $65 for an hour. I paid her, and she looked at and verified the amount, told me to undress, and went out.

I undressed and laid on the massage table, feeling so relaxed. I didn’t put the towel over me. I was thinking what might happen in addition to a therapeutic güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri massage.

Lilly came back, started some pleasant music at a low volume, and stood close at the end of massage table behind my head. Putting oil on her hands, she spread the oil over my chest, bending and stretching over me to reach as far down my body as she could. Her breasts caressed my face as she covered my chest and stomach with massage oil. Her touch was firm and so very pleasant. Simply to be touched in a loving way is a pleasure.

I wanted to see and touch her perfect breasts. I unfastened the buttons and parted her top to free them. She paused and looked down at me as I did that and smiled. I lifted my arms and put my hands on her back, and pressed her down to take her nipple into my mouth. She sighed and relaxed, laying her body down against me. I sucked and caressed her nipple with my tongue. It stiffened under the stimulation. She stopped moving to enjoy the sensations and moaned softly for several minutes.

Then she caressed me with her face, slowly pressing into me, licking my navel, nibbling my flesh. She climbed up on the table with me, kneeling over me. She lowered her body down onto my face and I breathed the fragrance of her pussy through the spaces between her thighs and her shorts. The scent of her was sweet and fresh and as she gently rocked her body over my face, the warm breath of her pussy covered me and made me harder and harder. She noticed my cock begging for her sweet attention, and with each of her rocking movements, her mouth began to touch me there. I could feel her breath, then her lips and tongue as she gave into temptation and took the head of me into her warm, wet mouth, circling me with the tip of her tongue.

The sensation was light and exquisite. She continued, taking me a little deeper each time she rocked forward. Now I heard her moaning, almost humming softly as she sucked me. I confess that I love women who are vocal in their pleasure.

I undid the waist of her shorts, and held them while she wriggled out of them, never stopping her slow rocking rhythm, circling me with her tongue when she rocked back, then swallowing me deeper and deeper each time she rocked forward.

She had the clearest skin. No blemish, not even a tiny freckle, anywhere I could see. I caressed her over the curves of her hips, and stroked her back. Her bare skin was warm and incredibly smooth, like the sheerest silk. She was simply delightful to touch.

Above me was her pussy, almost close enough to lick. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri The pink curled tender flesh glistened from the moisture of her excitement. The perfume of her dew of arousal was better and more exciting than any cosmetic fragrance. Like the rest of her, the lips of her pussy, coming together at the bud of her clit, were perfect. I tried for a moment, but I could not resist. I pulled her gently back until she was attached to my mouth, and began to lick and caress her with my tongue.

She moaned assent, and moved to the side a little to put my probing tongue in the very center of her, the opening of her from which her juices flowed. The pink flesh there opened as her labia swelled under the slow, gentle strokes of my tongue and the pleasure of the sensations overcame her. I wished I had a tongue that would reach up inside her to the very top, bringing the honey and wine of her down into my mouth where I could swallow her a sip at a time and make her part of me. I wanted more of her.

I touched the sensitive circle opening of her ass with the tip of my finger, enjoying the brief pulse of her reaction as it closed protectively, then relaxed and opened again. I lightly traced around the opening again, wetting my finger in my mouth first, and lightly stroking the sides, down, pressing at the center, feeling her opening. I wanted more of her.

Her sucking slowed as she focused on this new sensation I was giving her. I wondered if I could make her come by doing this. I wetted my finger in my mouth again, enjoying this different taste of another part of her. This time I entered her, just a little, delicately back and forth, feeling the opening relax and invite me deeper. I sucked the taste of her from my finger again. I wanted more.

I stroked her again, around the opening. She pushed her hips up, inviting me to enter her. And I did. Slowly. Feeling her open. Pushing my finger into her. Slowly curling the tip of my finger from side to side inside her. Her moaning got louder. She pushed her hips up, taking more of my finger into her.

I wanted more. I moved out from under her, and she understood what I was going to do. I knelt on the massage table behind her, between her legs. She raised her hips, and lowered her upper body, kneeling, and offered herself to me. I could not resist making love to her ass with my mouth, trying to enter her with my tongue. She wriggled and moaned and reached up behind me to pull my mouth against her harder and my tongue deeper. Again I wished for a longer tongue. I wanted güvenilir bahis şirketleri more of her.

When the opening to her anus was thoroughly wet from my licking and sucking, I straightened up, and brought the head of my rock hard cock to her anus, enjoying the sensation of her skin there. The head of my cock kissed her there, nuzzling against the darker skin around the opening. Then I placed myself at the center of her opening, and gently, insistently, pushed into her. She gasped as the head found the opening and entered, but immediately pushed her hips back toward me, pulling with her hands on my thighs, helping me enter her. I felt her sphincter relax as I stopped pressing in, stroking her back and breasts and wet cunt.

I pushed again, and felt myself slide further into her. She arched her back and her breath came more quickly. I felt halfway in and the sensation was so hot and tight that I had to calm myself to take it slow and gentle.

She rocked her hips slowly from side to side to prod me on. I pushed deeper, feeling her dilate as my cock explored the narrow passage. I stroked her, pulling back, just enough to give more sensation, then forward, just enough to give that sensation. She laid her head on her arms and gave herself up to the enjoyment. I wanted more of her.

But I was not fully in, and I wanted to possess her. I pushed more strongly, and slid in so the full length and thickness of my cock was inside her.

The sensation was incredible. We rocked from side to side, feeling the sensations envelop us. We were bonded together, and had become one body, so that we did not know where we ended and the other began. The pleasure we felt reflected back and forth between us, multiplying and growing with each iteration. I could feel her gripping my cock, tightening herself around me deep inside. And I responded by tightening the muscles controlling my cock, making it swell inside her.

She began to move her hips back and forward. I stayed still. She fucked herself with my hard cock, using me like a sex toy. She squeaked and moaned and cried out.

I could not stay still any longer. I matched her rhythmic stroking, penetrating her to her depths, then withdrawing to the lips of her anus, then driving forward again. Over and over, until she began a spastic shuddering after driving me deeper than I had gone before, and screamed out with pleasure. Hearing her, I came. It was electric and beyond anything I had felt before. My entire body seemed to condense onto the ecstatic pleasure of my cock.

Her legs gave way and she collapsed onto the massage table, breathing in gasps, as if she had just run a mile at top speed. I was still in her, feeling the diminishing ripples of her orgasm, but moved to the side to lay beside her, turned her body to the side, put my arm around her, and let the glow of the reverie take over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32