Ashley Spanked for Poor Performance

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Ashley was a college sophomore with a rough life. She had been kicked out of her parents house when she turned 18, and quickly discovered that life on her own was difficult. She enrolled in a local community college to start getting up onto her feet, and got a job at a local dog kennel.

The kennel was owned by an older gentleman, in his mid-50s, called Jerry. Jerry was a strange man – he’d never married and did not have many friends. What Jerry did have, however, was a successful business. Jerry operated a dog kennel not far from his home, which had grown over the years into quite the business. The business was in a remodeled, single-story home, with a reception area on the first floor for customers to bring their dogs in, and office, and a play area for the dogs where the houses’ kitchen used to be.

The first floor also had Jerry’s bedroom, which he used on occasion if he felt he needed to spend the night with the dogs. Sometimes he had workers scheduled overnight, and they would take care of things, but if he couldn’t get someone on the schedule, he’d spend the night there himself.

In the basement of the home-turned-kennel were the crates for the dogs. Jerry could keep as many as 20 dogs overnight, for customers on vacation. The backyard was fenced in and provided an excellent place for the dogs to play, whether they were there for the day or an overnight stay. Jerry cared very much for animals and treated the dogs very well. He acquired a good reputation for this reason, in spite of the awkwardness of his personality.

Ashley, in contrast, was a friendly and bubbly young woman. She graduated in the middle of her class, as a smart girl who didn’t apply herself as much as she should have. She also excelled in sports, including both volleyball and track, in high school.

For college, Ashley attended a nearby community college and had managed to get a cheap apartment for herself. She had no idea what she wanted to specialize in, and was taking general education credits for the time period. She was now in her second year.

She had worked in restaurants and retail, but when she discovered Jerry was hiring, she jumped at the opportunity. Ashley grew up with dogs and loved working with animals. Besides, this job would require less customer interaction than she was used to, which was a big plus for her. Ashley had bad experiences as a waitress, in part because she was often crudely propositioned by patrons, or smacked on the rear by the line cooks in the back. She welcomed the opportunity to work mostly by herself, with animals.

Jerry had hired her right away, taken by her beauty, confidence, and kind demeanor. It is worth discussing Ashley’s physical appearance in detail. Ashley was about average height, with platinum blonde hair that she tended to keep in a bun, or let down in a beautiful wavy fashion from time to time. She had a pretty face with an “all-American” look, adorned by piercing blue eyes. Her chest was perfect, with B cup breasts that perfectly matched her personality. From her years in track and volleyball, Ashley also boasted finely toned legs and a pert, round, bubble butt. For her interview, she had dressed nicely, but her day-to-day work uniform consisted of blue jeans or jean shorts with a bright blue T-shirt with the company’s name and logo on it.

Ashley liked the job a lot, and over time, grew more and more comfortable with it. She liked interacting with customers, as people tended to be much nicer to her than at her previous jobs. She also enjoyed playing with dogs. Most of all, she enjoyed Jerry’s hands off approach to management. After teaching her the responsibilities of the job, he pretty much let her do her thing for most of the shift with minimal input from him.

After about three months of working there, Ashley began to slack off in some ways. She neglected to clean the floor in the indoor play-area as was expected before leaving for the day, and she even made customers wait at the door so that she could finish eating lunch or scrolling through her phone. Simply put, she became too comfortable and slipped into her bad habits. She was even late for work a few times.

Jerry had become increasingly irritated with her, but one fateful day, he snapped. Ashley had irritated a customer by making him wait to retrieve his dog for almost 10 minutes. The customer complained and was told to wait outside the office while Jerry gave Ashley a “stern talking to”. Jerry then brought a startled and indignant Ashley into his office.

“Miss, do you think they way you’ve been acting is appropriate?” he boomed. “I have had it with your attitude and lack of respect for this job. You don’t clean up correctly, you show up work, and now customers are complaining about your laziness. This is unacceptable!”

Ashley stood, shocked by Jerry’s sudden interest in her work performance. She meekly said “I’m sorry, I promise I will do better from now on!”

This was not enough for Jerry. “You’re damn right ostim escort you will, because I’m going to fire your ass if you get another complaint!” He was yelling loud enough for the customer outside to hear, but quieted down for the next part. “Now young lady, I pride myself on great customer service here, and I won’t have the gentleman you were rude to go home unsatisfied with your performance.” He paused for a second, and Ashley looked at him inquisitively, hoping for an opportunity to rectify her mistake and get back in her boss’s good graces.

“Now, young lady, where I come from, if you can’t keep up with your responsibilities, you get punished!” Ashley did not like where this was going. “If you take your punishment, we can forget this ever happened and go back to normal. If you don’t agree to be punished, I’ll have to fire you on the spot, so the gentleman outside knows I take these matters seriously.” Ashley felt her heart would beat out of her chest. “What is my punishment?” She asked innocently, still not anticipating how the situation would escalate.

“Simple”, he replied, “We are going to give that cute little bum of yours a good spanking!” Ashley was shocked. “You have no right!” she pleaded. “I am a grown woman, you can’t just spank me like a child, you’re a grown man with no right to touch my bottom!”. Jerry sat, unfazed, at his desk. “You are certainly entitled to that opinion, and I won’t do it against your will. But if you do not agree to the punishment, I will have to fire you.” he said calmly, in a stark change from his angry outburst minutes earlier. “Besides,” he said quietly “you are wearing blue jeans, so it’s not like it would hurt that much. It would show the customer that I care about my employees’ behavior, though.”

Ashley considered the proposal. She didn’t like the idea of her boss slapping her bottom, even in jeans, but she didn’t want to lose her job either. It was a much better job than she could get otherwise. Besides, she had been slacking off, and it wouldn’t be the first time her butt was smacked at work – only this time, she’d earned it.

“Okay, fine.” Ashley resigned herself to her fate. “I’ll take the spanking, but only in here, where nobody can see!”. Jerry was pleased. “That’s fine, Ashley, but I will invite the customer in here to witness your punishment, and give you a few smacks himself.” Ashley gulped, knowing she had little choice. “Okay, fine”. She was thankful at least that the spanking would take place in the office, where no other customer would walk in.

“Okay,” quipped Jerry, “Go on out there and invite the customer in to help with your punishment.” Ashley shyly stood up and started walking out to the main area. The irate customer was still standing in the reception area without his dog. To Ashley’s best guess, he was in his late 30s or early 40s, certainly younger than Jerry, but much older than herself. He appeared to still be angry.

“Sir, I’m very sorry my service wasn’t up to your expectations. My boss wants to invite you into his office to participate in my punishment for carelessness.” Ashley couldn’t believe what she was saying, but resigned herself to just endure the next few minutes. “What am I supposed to do to participate?” the man responded, obviously not suspecting the treat he was about to enjoy. “Well, um,” Ashley answered, hesitantly, “my boss says that I should be spanked as punishment.”

Ugh, Ashley thought to herself, this is more humiliating than I expected. Here she was, an adult woman, inviting a complete stranger to come spank her with her boss. The customer, for his part, looked elated. A sly smile crept across his face, as he could barely contain his glee for how the situation was turning out. As annoyed as he had been with her service, the customer enjoyed when Ashley was working because of her beauty. He was impressed not only by the way her blonde hair fell upon her shoulders, but also by how plump her butt looked in blue jeans. The opportunity to see her raise it to be spanked, and possible even spank her himself, seemed almost too good to be true. Yet the look on her face told him that it was in fact actually going to happen.

The two then walked into Jerry’s office, with the customer shutting the door and sitting down in a chair on the other side of Jerry’s desk. Ashley stood awkwardly off to the side, though she knew she would soon be center stage.

“Welcome,” Jerry spoke first. “I pride myself on good service here, and it is clear to me that Ashley has not been providing the level of service I require of my employees.” He continued “This is not her first offense, and she knows better. I intended to fire her, but though it might be appropriate to give her another chance after proper punishment.” He paused for a moment, as if considering whether he wanted to say something else, then continued. “I would not provide this opportunity to a male employee, or to many of my other female employees. Ashley here has the perfect ankara otele gelen escort bottom for a spanking, as I’m sure she’s aware.”

Ashley’s face turned a deep red from embarrassment. It was bad enough that she was going to be spanked, but now it was even more humiliating. She had considered that Jerry was looking for an excuse to touch her butt. After all, she wore tight blue jeans and cute shorts to work, and was proud of how fit she was. Yet, she had told herself that Jerry was simply and old-fashioned man, to whom spanking an employee would not be seen as strange. Now, instead, it was confirmed that his true motive was to get a chance to put his hands on her pert bottom.

Her embarrassment continued as the customer spoke up. “I have been very dissatisfied with my service here. A proper spanking probably wouldn’t even cut it for me to bring my dog back here under normal circumstances.” Ashley gulped – was he going to suggest something worse? She was embarrassed but relieved when the customer continued. “However, I do have eyes, and Miss Ashley here does have a really cute butt. I’d say the opportunity to give her a proper spanking would be worth coming back here again.”

Ashley’s face couldn’t get more red than it already was. They were talking about her as if she wasn’t standing there in the room. However, there was a tiny feeling of pride inside her as well. It seemed clear to her that she was only going to get away with her behavior because, according to these men, she had an irresistible butt.

Jerry broke the momentary silence. “Well, I hope that we can make it up to you. Ashley, please come stand here and bend over the desk.” Ashley walked over to her boss’s desk and leaned over. Jerry stood behind her and pulled her T-shirt up to her waist, so that only her jean-clad rear end was visible. “Okay”, her boss continued, “I’m going to spank you for about 5 minutes, and then this gentleman will spank you for 5 minutes. Then we’ll determine if you’ve been punished well enough, and when we’re done, you will thank us for the punishment and retrieve his dog.”

“Arch your back, miss, so we have a better angle.” She did as she was told. The customer then remarked “Wow, she really does have a great butt.” Ashley was mortified, but again, she felt a small sense of pride at the crude compliment.

*Smack* Her thoughts were interrupted by the beginning of her spanking. Her boss smacked her with an open hand, alternating but cheeks. With her jeans on, Ashley barely felt the spanking, and her boss wasn’t really hitting her that hard to begin with. She thought to herself, ‘it really must have been about getting to touch my butt, this is barely any punishment at all!’ After his five minutes were up, her boss ran his hand gently across her butt, sneaking the feel he’d wanted for ages. He then turned to the previously-irate customer. “Okay, it is your turn. She’s got a great bum for spanking.”

The two switched places. The customer asked her “How does your butt feel, Miss? Are you learning anything?” She responded “Yes, sir, it stings some. I’ll be much faster for you next time!”

“You’d better be, miss!” And with that, he started his spanking. The customer spanked a little harder than her boss had, but it still did not hurt much on account of the thick layer of denim covering her butt. The customer was more brazen, however, than her boss had been about caressing her butt cheeks. Every couple of smacks, he would stop to caress each cheek, as if admiring his handiwork. Finally, the five minutes were up, and her ordeal was over – or so she thought.

“Alright, sir, your five minutes are up!” Jerry signaled the end of the spanking. The customer responded “I think she’s been punished, but it is really hard to tell with the jeans she’s wearing. What do you think?” Her boss agreed. “It is hard to tell if a spanking has had its intended effect when a girl is wearing thick jeans. Ashley, would you mind slipping them down for us, so we can see if you’ve been punished thoroughly enough?”

Ashley was humiliated. She had already gone this far, and been spanked and groped for 5 minutes each by these two older men. Now they wanted her to drop her jeans and show them her butt in panties! Ashley hesitated, considering her options. If she dropped them, they’d certainly enjoy the show, and might spank her a bit more. If she refused, they might continue spanking her or her boss would threaten to fire her anyways, and the whole ordeal would have been for nothing. Ashley also recalled that she’d chosen a cute pair of lacy panties that morning, a pair which covered most of her butt while also looking sexy and put-together. The panties, an adorable blue pair, were in fact one of her favorites to wear on dates if she expected to be seen with them on.

“Okay, that’s fine.” She said confidently, perhaps more confidently than either of the men in the room were expecting. They gave each other a gleeful glance before ankara rus escort her boss gave the order. “Go ahead then, slide them down to your knees so we can get a good look at your bottom.”

Ashley stood up and slowly unbuckled her jeans. For her size, her butt was quite large, which made finding jeans that fit well difficult. This meant she had to squeeze out of her jeans in an adorable way, wriggling her butt back and forth to slowly wrest the cheeks from the denim which had confined them.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity for all parties, her jeans were at her knees, and she had bent back over the desk. The men could hardly believe the view. Her butt looked even better out of the jeans, in an adorable pair of silky blue panties framed with lace. It was just as round and toned as they had assumed it would be, with just the slightest hint of redness from her spanking.

Her boss spoke first. “Well, Ashley, I must say you have a really, really nice bottom.” Ashley knew full well the effect this view would have on the men, and looked back somewhat provocatively. “Thank you, now that you’ve made me show it to you, I hope you’re satisfied with the punishment?” She hoped to end the whole episode quickly.

“Well,” the customer spoke up. “I don’t think you’ve been punished enough. Your cheeks show barely any redness.” Once again, her boss agreed. “I think she needs a little bit more too. Perhaps she could use a paddling?” Ashley was shocked. She’d been spanked by boyfriends before, but never paddled. She wasn’t even aware that Jerry had a paddle in his office. As it turned out, he didn’t. “Wait here” he said to the customer. “I will go get a hairbrush from my bedroom. That will let us finish her punishment!” The customer readily agreed.

For the next few moments, Ashley stood with her butt bent over the desk as the customer undoubtedly drank in the view. When her boss returned with the hairbrush, she looked back to see what it looked like. It was a small wooden hairbrush, meant for men. She reasoned that it probably wouldn’t hurt too bad.

“Okay, Ashley” Jerry explained the next part of the punishment. “We’re each going to give you 10 swats with the hairbrush. 5 on each cheek. That should be enough for now, since this is your first punishment.” Ashley cringed internally. What did he mean by “first”? Hopefully he did not intend to subject her to this again.

With little fanfare, her boss stood behind her and began swatting her with the hairbrush. She winced after each smack, the loud clapping of wood on panty-covered butt cheeks filling the air in the room. When he was done, he passed the brush to the customer, who muttered something crude about how much better her butt looked with the red marks before giving her the 10 swats he was due. Finally, it was over.

“Well, I think that looks like a well-punished bottom.” Jerry announced to the room. The customer agreed, saying “yes, I’m satisfied with that. An adorable little butt as well. I wouldn’t be upset if she messed up the next time I bring my dog in!” He chuckled at his own joke. ‘What a jerk’ Ashley thought to herself.

“There’s only one thing left now to finish the punishment. Ashley, please thank us for punishing you and then go stand in the corner facing the wall with your jeans around your ankles. Nothing finishes off a good spanking like some corner time!”

Ashley rolled her eyes. At least they wouldn’t be touching her anymore. “What about his dog? We shouldn’t make him wait any longer!” Ashley asked. “I can wait 10 more minutes” the customer responded. Her boss agreed. “I can go man the shop for the next 10 minutes, you watch her and make sure she doesn’t budge from the corner. But first, Ashley, say thank you to both of us!”

Ashley thanked each man, shaking the customer’s hand with her jeans now down around her ankles. The whole situation was so embarrassing, but at least she kept her job and didn’t have to do anything more sexual than just a spanking with her panties still on.

Ashley went to stand in the corner. She was quite the sight there, with her pert bubble butt sticking out, covered in just her blue panties, with a tinge of red on each cheek. She heard her boss leave to man the shop, and stood in silence while the customer admired the view. Unknown to her, he also took a few photos on his phone.

When her boss finally returned, she was told to pull her jeans up and get back to work. Both men enjoyed watching her squeeze back into her jeans as much as they’d enjoyed watching her take them off. Jerry had already retrieved the man’s dog, so the customer thanked him and went on his way. After he had left, Jerry said to Ashley: “I don’t want to hear any more complaints from customers. From now on, if there’s a complaint or if you’re late for work, you will be spanked.” She nodded, indicating that she understood the new rules.

“Oh, and one last thing Ashley before you go back to work,” he said, lowering his voice some. “You have a really nice body, and a really cute butt. You’re smart too, even though you slack off. Don’t let any man treat you less than what you’re worth. You’re a great catch.” Ashley smiled, taking the compliment for what it was worth. “Thanks, Jerry.” She said, before bowing out of the room.

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