Arcaina Ch. 01

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Hope you enjoy my brain baby I started to plan almost over five years ago! ~~Tae PALLATON (remember to vote and comment!!)


There was a time when humans got along with the vampires; a time when they trusted and lived with their night-time companions. But that was years ago. All too long ago…

In the grand country of Crythesis, the kingdom of Vampires was diminishing, slowly dying off, one by one. Humans leaving their homes, their possessions, their pasts. They forget who protected them and took care of them. Brain washed by one of their own…

They leave and all go to Arcaina, letting all vampires die by starvation. Every human that leaves a few vampires die. After thousands of years of giving and taking, humans break the tradition and let a whole species become endangered. But, it wasn’t all that bad, the loyal Clan stayed. Taking care of the vampires, the Dai Clan has been around for as long as vampires had walked the ground. They alone have ensured that the vampires don’t vanish.

Arcaina and Crythesis, as different as night and day, life and death…Humans and vampires; they aren’t that different, but there are differences and those differences shine brighter than their similarities.

Crythesis, naturally chilly with constant rains, cobble stone roads and carriages with horses the lifestyle always prim and proper the vampires are cold. After living longer than humans they have gathered years of hate and became cut-throat, not afraid to drain those who oppose them of all their life. But there are those who do not fit that category…

Arcaina, a desert land with hot temperatures and boiling sands and unforgiving surroundings with unmerciful personalities, is just as cold as Crythesis. When most creatures spit on those beneath them, only few stand up and fight back, even when they know the fight with be a long, bloody fight.

These are the chronicles of the lives of two individuals and their lovers. Their story is neither glamorous nor well known, but it is their story that sets the stage for the lives of others. As you read, remember, there are always multiple truths to one story and the ending is written by the victor.



The sun was beating down on the sand stone pathway to the sand stone palace. Large open windows with large palms to create brief moments of shade were a blessing. People were slowly streaming in and out of the palace, varieties of people from bankers to dancers to priests and priestesses.

My first impression of the palace as a child was jealously. I wanted to be the crown prince; I wanted to sleep on a bed made of cotton, so wear clothes that fit, to eat full meals. But that was not possible, not for an orphan.

I was seven when I first visited the palace. I was with the Dancers from the Brothel carrying all their bags like a mule and being a child it was fitting for I couldn’t do anything else. I didn’t think that twenty years later I would walk these steps again, but as a Dancer and not a mule. I would say it was an honor, but that would be a lie. Being the best Dancer in the town had its downfalls as well.

Crown Prince Yasu was having a party for his twenty-fifth birthday and as it is tradition for a prince to get his first Dancer on his twentieth birthday it was long due for him. It was my personal goal to become his. As I grew older I realized that as much as I hated his luxury I knew that I didn’t actually hate him. When I saw him at his eighteenth birthday I couldn’t hold back my moan. He had grown into a beautiful man, if not a bit feminine. I was keenly interested in seeing what he was like now.

As I walked up the small incline to the gates of the palace I felt my blond hair tap the back of my knees, the throng tickle my ankles and brush against my beads. My gold bangles, necklaces, and blue beads jingled and many people stared at me in wonder. I had kohl lined around my eyes and my hair was tied in a decorative fashion, I knew I would have to be careful dancing to make sure it didn’t fall out. I was nervous, I wanted to show Prince Yasu that I wanted to be his, but the chances that he would want me were slim to none, though it was a gamble I was willing to participate in.

“Are you ready?” I looked beside me and the young girl carrying my water looked at me. She looked sad as we reached the guards, as if she were sad I could be leaving.

“If I were not ready, Anni, I would not be here. Do you have my fans?” I asked as I tilted my head so that I was taller than the men who looked down on me. I was a Dancer, but I was not filth. It was not hard for me to appear taller and stronger, at least 6’4″ with a build of a swords man I seemed to tower over the mediocre men.

“Of course, Shin.” I stepped through the gates of the palace and I knew there was no going back. I will not leave these gates without the love of my prince by my side.

The stone inside the palace was cooler to my feet than the harsh sand outside. I walked to the common ground bahis firmaları inside the palace’s largest courtyard. My brothel found a spot and we set up camp, waiting for my turn to please my prince. The sounds of feet thundering down the hallway sounded rushed and displeased and every Dancer turned to see who it was.

My jaw dropped when I saw him. I felt my nipples pucker despite the heat and my soft member slowly fill. He was beautiful, more so than any being I had ever met. His chestnut hair was resting on his slim shoulders, framing his angular face and bringing out the rose in his cheeks. His deep dark brown eyes showed how powerful he was even though his body may not be. He gracefully walked into the courtyard and found his seat, crossed one leg over the other and placed his chin on his hand as he waited.

His younger brother smiled as he patted his shoulders. Though his brother may be younger he did not appear so, being taller at 6′ with shorter darker hair and more muscles, he was also kind and caring to his elder brother.

“Welcome all, to my brother’s twenty-fifth birthday!” the crowd cheered, “I fear that my brother is in a sad mood today. I should hope that one lucky Dancer can brighten his day.”

Prince Yasu appeared to sigh in frustration and looked away from the main crowed. His head turned my way and caught my eyes; he stared at me for moments as I for him. It was as if no one else was there, so much so I could not even hear my owner as she told me to dance.

“Pardon?” I asked as I looked to the fat old hag who was my owner.

“I said that the Prince personally asked that you dance first, retard. Take your damn fans and dance, freaking whore…” She threw the fans at me and I caught them as she pushed me into the dance floor. I looked at the Prince again and smiled. I held two fans, both with blades poking out of them. I kneeled before the Prince and muttered my thanks.

“What shall you be dancing to?” Prince Kayden asked, looking hopefully between me and his elder brother.

“The traditional coming of age with metal fans,” I basically sang. The musicians tuned their instruments and voices as I positioned myself in the center of Prince Yasu’s field of vision. I slowly started to move my wrists, letting the fans swing around my hands, letting my arms dip down to my sides and I bowed. As I stood up again I let my hips slowly sway to the chant, letting a smirk rise across my face. With each word my hands move faster and faster, my hips moved in larger circles. As the last note was held I kneeled close to the ground. I then jumped to my feet and flipped in the air and landed on my feet as I twirled and spread my arms out wide, letting the fans creating the sounds of cutting the air. The music slowed again and I moved to the music, letting my arms and knees dip occasionally for effect, I did a small cartwheel and moved to a flip letting me move my hips so that I swayed right in front of my love, letting the belly ring shine on him. I finished with a fan behind me and one in front of my face, proud of what I accomplished.

The courtyard was silent as I caught my breath, then it erupted in applause. As Prince Kayden appeared to be amazed his brother seemed uninterested. As the sound drifted into stillness Kayden sat down again with a large smile on his face.

“That was amazing! Do you work with the sword? You appear to have a warrior’s body and practice,” Kayden smiled. I was not shocked that this was asked of me. Prince Kayden was well known for enjoying sword-play but not his reading, quite the opposite of his brother.

“Indeed I do. My specialty is twin sword dancing,” I kneeled as I spoke. I looked up just in time to see my Prince smile. He stood up and the whole yard went silent as he walked to me and touched my blond hair that was now resting on the grass next to me. The palace was one of few places that had grass and it was a privilege to dance on it.

“What is your name?” Yasu whispered to me, his smile reaching my ears without me having to look. His words were so quiet I feared that perhaps I imagined them.

“My name is Shin, Sire.”

“Shin, I want you,” He whispered to me. I felt my skin ripple in excitement. I looked up into his chocolate eyes with my own sapphire.


Yasu looked into the audience and smiled, it was the usual smile he had when he addressed the public because it was a sweet and caring smile that traveled to his voice.

“It is long due that I get my first Dancer, and today I choose Shin. Shin, do you want to live with me?” Yasu added the last bit quietly for my benefit. I nodded my head and smiled up at my Prince, waiting for his next words. “I request that the owner of Shin please see my brother. I seem to have business I need to attend to with my Dancer.”

He took my hand and guided me to my feet. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I grasped his hand, but it certainly wasn’t a soft hand of a writer. His fingers were long and slender, pale white and contrasted with my kaçak iddaa own deep tan. I gasped as his fingers tickled my wrist. I knew right then that there was no other way for me to fall in love with anyone else.


We walked through the archway into the palace; there were a few maids who bowed as we briskly walked past them. It almost seemed as if he were afraid of something because when we were out of sight of the audience he still kept walking at his fast pace. It didn’t bother me, being in better shape than he was. I barely had time to look around my new home because it seemed like every corner we turned there was a maid, and I felt strange looking when others were around, almost as if it were a taboo. We seemed to walk for quiet sometime before we made it to prince Yasu’s bed chambers.

I was amazed at the room, decorated in reds and gold it seemed perfect for my prince. His bed was large—could fit at least three people—and had a canopy over it with sheer curtains. The rugs that covered the stone floors were plush and cushioned my feet, almost as if I were on the grass again. The wall opposite of his bed there was an open door way that seemed to lead to his bath chambers and a smaller courtyard with grass and flowers. I couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped my mouth as I walked through my prince’s room.

“This is nothing, Shin. You should see my brother’s chambers if you want to luxury,” he chuckled as he sat on his bed. I ached to sit on it; it would have been my first time to sleep in a cotton filled bed. Normally I slept on straw. But then something occurred to me.

“My prince, why don’t you have the larger room?”

Yasu’s head snapped up from the carpet he was investigating from his bed. He looked at me with sad eyes, but a happy smile. I knew that whatever he was about to tell me was a lie.

“I had asked for it once I became Crown heir. I hope you don’t mind but we will have to share my room.” He said this with such sincerity and kindness it hurt for me. He didn’t ask for this room, in fact he seemed to hate the room. And then he goes and requests that a Dancer—a slave—share his room with him…Unacceptable! A Prince does not ask, he orders, nor does he share a room with a lowly slave! There was so much more to Yasu then I knew at the time. It was foolish of me to think that things in the palace were calm and sweet, and just being in the same room with my prince for the first time I could tell that things were certainly not what they seemed.

“Master, if you’d like I could—”

“Please, don’t call me that. I did not buy you because of your services, Shin. I want you to call me by my name, at least.” This confused me. From a young age I was taught that I was only allowed to call a person by their name if they were of my kind. But I was also taught to fallow the wishes of those more powerful than me.

“If this pleases you, Yasu,” I looked up meekly as I kneeled down. I was eye level to his pale feet, I could see every vine and I was amazed at how hairless they were. I gulped, I was not one for feet but his were breath taking.

I felt a hand on the back of my neck and I looked up to my new masters eyes. He was so beautiful and it was so much better being close to him. I stood up and looked down at him; I had just realized that I was at least a foot taller than him. I hugged him and shivered, it was as if he were made to fit with my body. When I pulled back his pale crème face was stained with the shade of a pink rose. It was so cute that I cupped his face in my hands and gave my first chaste kiss on my master’s lips. I slowly traced his lips with my tongue and waited for him to respond and when he didn’t I pulled back to see what was wrong.

“Yasu?” I asked, my hands never leaving his face.

“Why did you kiss me?” He asked, never looking into my eyes, or even at my face.

“Because that is why you bought me. Why else would I be here?” I was genuinely confused; he bought me to pleasure him, not because of my fantasy of being his lover. I was just his slave.

My prince pushed me away and sat on his bed again. He looked hurt but seemed to try and mask it. “I do not know why I bought you, Shin.” As confusing as the statement was I had no time to ask him any more questions.

Through the thick wooden door came a loud scream of anger. I jumped back and pulled my dagger from its sheath around my thigh. I crouched in front of my prince and pointed my dagger to the monstrous noise. I would not let that thing come in and harm my loved one.

As soon the door handle was twisted I was prepared to fight whatever it was that thought it could hurt Yasu but I was thankful I waited to see who it was first. The king stormed into his sons’ room and started screaming. I had no idea what he was saying because all I could hear was the beat of my heart in my ears.

When I looked at the king and then my prince there was no resemblance. It was interesting and I was truly shocked to see it in person because from town square kaçak bahis they looked similar enough. But at that very moment, watching the kings fat face splotched with red and sweat screaming at his son and then his son standing still and calm, almost cool and unforgiving I could tell they were not the same.

Then I could hear them.

“You brought a WHORE into your bed chambers? And a MALE WHORE at that? Who do you think you are?” The man screamed, if he screamed anymore I feared his head would pop off.

“You told me to uphold tradition and find a Dancer. I found a Dancer.”

“It’s a male dancer! You’re giving the royal family a bad face!” The fat man spat.

“You did not specify what gender I was to buy. So I bought what I liked and I liked him. Now I advise that you leave before my Dancer slices your throat with his dagger.”

As I glanced down to my hand I realized that I was grasping the dagger as if it were my only life source and killing this man would save me. My hand was trembling.

“He had better not touch me with his filthy fucking whore hands.” He huffed as he walked away in a fury of fat and anger.

As soon as the King had left Yasu fell to the floor and shuddered. “Fucking ass hole, having a personal brothel gives the royalty a bad face.” He wrapped his arms over his torso and rocked gently. Tears silently streamed down his face.

“My prince, are you okay?” I asked, hoping that perhaps I could help him. I sat on my knees and rubbed his back. I could feel the heat of his skin seep through the thin white fabric that covered his back.

“You were going to harm him for me.” It wasn’t a question but rather a statement.

“No, he frightened me and I was only going to maim but I would kill for you,” I said. I would fight for myself but I would kill if my prince asked me to. My passion and loyalty came from years of lusting and loving the prince from afar. His watery chocolate brown eyes finally looked into mine. Instead of kissing me like I thought he would have, he laid his head on my lap and took a nap. It was the most civil thing I had ever down with another person. It was as if we were on equal grounds, both of us on the floor, him in my lap and me brushing his long brown hair. It was a moment I wasn’t about to forget.


When I woke up we were still on the floor, Yasu’s head was on my chest and he was still peacefully sleeping. I had woken up because I heard the door open, I had my dagger in my hand and I searched the dark room for the intruder.

“Who is it?” I asked loud enough for the intruder to hear but quiet enough for Yasu to stay asleep. A candle was lit and I could see the younger prince and a maid at the door. Prince Kayden looked extremely happy and instructed the maid to leave whatever she was carrying on the floor and leave.

“How are you finding your stay so far,” asked the prince.

“Fine, thank you. I would bow but I am a tad busy, I must apologize,” I whispered, brushing my prince’s hair with my lean fingers.

Kayden smiled and gave me a small chuckle. “I do not expect you to bow to me. It seems my brother is finally getting the sleep he needed. Thank you for taking care of him.” Kayden gave me a small wink.

I smiled, “I have no made love to your brother if that is what you think.”

“Then he must trust you,” he smiled, “that was much faster than I thought. I had the maid bring your twin swords and fans as well as all your belongings from your brothel. If you need anything don’t be afraid to as my brother or I.”

“Thank you, Prince Kayden.”

“There is no need to thank me. I am only caring for my brother,” he smiled as he left the room.

“I hope you will be willing to help me.”


The light was streaming in through the court yard and splashes of light were seeping into Yasu’s bed room. He stirred then opened his eyes and smiled at me. At some point he decided that in his sleep it would be best if he wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his head against my chest, and he hadn’t moved until he woke.

“Good morning,” I said quietly in his ear. This morning his eyes shone brightly and he hugged me.

“Morning,” he whispered. I could feel his morning scruff against my nipple and I shivered.

“How was your sleep, my prince?” I asked, kissing the top of his head. He sat up next to me, letting me move my body so that I could wake up my body parts that had also fallen asleep.

“It was fine. My body is sore this morning from sleeping on the floor. I think we should sleep on the bed this night, what do you think Shin?” He smiled as he stood up and stretched his sore muscles. I watched as his tight skin moved over his slim body, his white tunic doing nothing to conceal his sweet pink nipples. He was absolutely gorgeous and I was so lucky to have him as my master.

“That’s a fine idea,” I smiled as I stood to stretch as well. As I stretched my body I watched as Yasu’s face changed, though he did his best to hide it. His face went from shock, to lust, to embarrassment in just a few short seconds. It took me a moment to realize that my dancer skirt was falling off my hips. I chuckles as I tied it again and walked into his bath chambers.

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